Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals Through At Least March 1st

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel has extended its ban on foreign nationals who don’t have special permission to enter the country through at least 9:59pm on March 1st according to this NOTAM published today:


Israel closed their borders to foreign nationals back on 3/18/20 and they have extended the ban on a monthly basis since then.

Israel closed Ben Gurion Airport to nearly all commercial traffic from Tuesday through Sunday and that closure is likely to be extended.

In a poll last June, some 68% of DansDeals readers thought Israel would open their borders to Americans in 2020:


But with Israel hoping to vaccinate its population by March, perhaps there is more reason to be optimistic about borders opening in the near future? Share your thoughts in the poll below.

When do you think Israel will open their borders to Americans?

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25 Comments On "Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals Through At Least March 1st"

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People with Student visas are included in this ban as well or does not include people with student visas?


Includes any foreign national who does not receive special permission. That means it includes Student visa holders who don’t receive special permission.

This ban only has meaning if they open the airport…otherwise everyone even israelis are banned.

I’m not convinced that they’re going to open the borders so fast…
I wouldn’t risk my money betting on an opening before Pesach, though it may be before then.


What about citizens of Israel who aren’t residents?


Purim is shot. Very good chance that Pesach will be closed for visitors.

mister bee

i think u can change the title to israel wont open its borders till moshiach comes (-:


Even then not. It just won’t be relevant anymore as they won’t be in charge.


Pesach, may create a way to quarantine hopefully is my guess


This is absurd.


The Israeli Government is doing their best, actually getting credit even on Anti Jew sites.
I hope you are not using the term absurd in a critical way. In many ways they are leading the curve in the free world. That excludes certain Countries.

Reporting Live From Israel

@BC I guess you don’t know what’s going on Israel. The gov’t is not doing a good job flattening the curve. JLM hospitals are all at almost 130% capacity in the corona wards. The redundancy in the newspapers here are moronic. In one paper today “The lockdown isn’t helping as cases are still on the rise” and then the next page says “Gov’t is extending the lockdown to try and flatten the curve”


I have enough Delta miles right now to book roundtrip flights JFK – TLV for my wife & I.
She already got both shots.
I can’t imagine that by the Fall, things won’t be back to semi-normal over there, but idk if I’m just living in denial or not.


I need some help here. My grandmother (fathers mother) isn’t doing so well, in Israel. She is in the hospital critical condition (unrelated to covid). My father wants to travel to israel to be there in case anything happens. He is an Israeli citizen, however, he has expired israeli passport but valid US passport. Is there anything he can do to get to israel? Is there any travel right now? When/Will he be able to travel there at all? I’m having a lot of trouble finding information for how he can get into israel. Its really urgent


Did you try Israeli consulate in USA?

Dave Black

Contact Amudim


Chaim V’Chessed is a good place to start, they were very helpful in my case, and I’ve been in and out twice in the last few months. Granted before the current airport closure.


The way I look at it is the question is how Israel is going to accept International medical records


Hey dan can u explain why on flightradar24 the united and delta flights are still running but on a different flight number if there airport is officialy closed?


Im confused…are they issuing permits that they were issuing before? like for births, simchas, funeral (lo alainu), etc? or only Israeli Citizens can get in?


Dan, what about Americans (who live in Israel , or went to Israel with a permit) wanting to return home to USA?

D Cohen

Airport is closed. Period. Exceptions are very rarely given.


You don’t have to keep writing new articles about this topic. Just repost the old one, and write “Update: alive again!”


Does anyone know if the yeshiva boys coming back home to the US for Pesach will require vaccines to board the plane? My son is telling me all the boys are busy trying to get vaccinated, but my travel agent never heard of it.