Etihad Is Currently Flying The First Ever Flight Between The UAE And Israel; Will We Ever See Commercial Flights?

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Israel and the UAE have no diplomatic relationship and there have never been flights between the 2 countries.

But for the first time ever, an Etihad plane is flying from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv. It will carry medical supplies to Palestinians dealing with coronavirus.

You can track the flight here.

It’s a sign of the warming relationships between Israel and their Arab neighbors in the region, as political alliances shift to fight back against Iran.

I wrote a trip report about my experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2017 here.

Etihad is no stranger to Israel. The IDF thwarted an ISIS attack on an Etihad A380 in 2017 from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

I’d love to see commercial flights between the UAE and Israel. Emirates and Etihad offer a level of service that’s offered by no airlines that fly to Israel.

Until then, there’s always the Avi Liberman method of flying to Israel on Etihad:


Do you think we’ll see commercial flights between the UAE and Israel anytime soon?

HT: Tzvi Eleff and chff

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33 Comments On "Etihad Is Currently Flying The First Ever Flight Between The UAE And Israel; Will We Ever See Commercial Flights?"

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A Sooper

Israel does not recommend traveling within Jordan. I don’t think it is responsible to promote this Avi Leberman mode of transport.


Mr Sooper you may not want to take this route but if you open up a taxi service next to the border you’ll probably strike it rich from the hundreds of thousands of Dan’s followers that are going to be turning up there in the next few days because of the post

Dan\'s the Man

There are taxis at the allenby bridge. There’s even an arab sheurit to Shaar Sechem (Damascus Gate) for only 40 NIS


Yes, we will


The flight stats ID doesn’t even show the arrival airport.


Actually many NON us flights do not always show where they are flying to while they are airborne. This is especially true with many EU carriers.


They white washed the plane. Not exactly a public change of policy

Very interesting post!

blue collar

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Very sketchy, this could be a terrible security breach.


No, we likely won’t. Notice that they are delivering medical supplies for Palestinians. They aren’t delivering supplies for Israelis, Palestinians & Israelis, or just simply ‘human beings in need’. Until that tune changes, I wouldn’t expect anything from UAE. Maybe next time they can use a different airport than Tel Aviv; such chutzpah.

Dan\'s the Man

GZA airport had it’s runway blown up during the 2nd intifada


That’s their problem. Maybe next time offer supplies for everyone, not just Palestinians


Actually, just the opposite, this may be part of a bigger agreement


Why such a circuitous flight path?


An unmarked cargo plane from Etihad. Yeah, there is as much of a chance of commercial flights initiating as there is that their next delivery of medical supplies will be for Israelis.


Yet, still no Etihad TR by Dan… =)


No matter how much you like to trash ElAl, I’d rather fly proudly on a plane with an Israeli flag, than give my hard earned dollars to a company that boycotts the Jewish State. I don’t care how nice their first class is.
(And yes, I’m still waiting on an elal refund for a cancelled flight).


Anyone know why part of the flight path is grey and a straight line? It looks like the green part is the actual flight path and the grey is something else


Is this also valid leaving from TLV?

More bang for your buck

Yes. If they weren’t interested in “normalizing” relations they would of flown into Cairo or a diff Egyptian Airport


cairo is a lot further than TLV from Gaza

Es Travel

That’s great. it’s time to make peace with our cousins. Let’s trade and make peace instead of war. It’s a win-win for both sides. More hate just brings more hate.


Flight path over Cyprus is weird. Almost like they realized last minute they can’t overfly British Territory and made that weird turn.


I’m so old I can remember when flights from New York to Moscow, and Moscow to Beijing, were unthinkable. In time, all things will come to pass.


Are flying to Tlv today again?