Hyatt Is Quietly Extending And Giving Points For Expiring Certificates!

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HiltonMarriott, and IHG all extended elite status and certificates and point expiration dates yet again, while Hyatt took the bold strategy of doing nothing.

How did it pay off for them?

Well, Hyatt is now partially folding.

If you have Hyatt status and expiring nights, club awards, or suite upgrades you can call or chat with Hyatt on their website or app to ask for date extensions and bonus points.

The first chat agent offered me 500 points for each of my 4 club awards that were expiring on 12/31, 10,000 points for my category-1 4 night expiring on 12/31, and an extension of the suite upgrade awards expiring on 12/31/21 through 2/28/23!

My confirmed suite night awards are from 2019 and originally were set to expire on 2/28/21, before being extended to 12/31/21 and now 2/28/23.

People with expiring category 1-7 nights have been getting 20K points as compensation.

Some people even got 3,000 points for each of their club awards, so I chatted again and asked for that offer that a friend received, but was denied as “different accounts get different offers and they can’t discuss those offers.”

But, what’s life without some HUCA? (Hang up and chat again!)

This time when I asked for 3,000 points for each of my expiring club awards the agent was happy to do so. Score!

The expiring suite nights, club awards, and free night remain active in my account as expiring on 12/31/21, even after the compensation and a new set of suite nights expiring 2/28/23 appeared in my account!

Hyatt will often grant 10K points for expired category 1-4 nights and 20K points for expired category 1-7 nights, but they won’t typically do that for nights issued by Chase and they won’t do so until after they’re actually expired.

Hyatt is also running a Bonus Journeys promo with additional bonus points if you also have a Chase World of Hyatt card or World Of Hyatt Business Card. You can read more about the business card here and the consumer card here.

Clearly, Hyatt is looking to engage members and increase breakage with this on request only extension. But I’m OK with that, kudos to Hyatt for offering compensation and extensions to members who ask!

Post what offers you get for expiring Hyatt certificates and awards!

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I received 15k for my category 1-4 night award. Was a very kind agent.

Why are you making this so difficult Hyatt?

How do I find this agent? I was denied extension or any compensation for my category 1-4 night award. Very disappointing.


I had the same experience. I was told that if I let my cat 1-4 nights expire, I can call in and ask for points and the agent MAY give me points.


Thats nice.
I’m a globalist and they only offered me 20k for the 1-7 and 10k for 1-4. Told me this is the standard what they offer.


Does a credit card statement have to “close” in December to receive 2 night crests for spending $5k to be credited for the 2021 year, or as long as the spending was done in 2021 and the statement closes in 2022 you’ll still get the night credits for the 2021 year?


Curious about this too. .

I’m actually at 66 nights but I was thinking I might get it to 70 nights with spending


it needs to be statement close. My nights and points associated with credit card spend post 2-3 days after statement close.


Thanks for the notice, Dan. Glad to hear this. I will also HUCA


I just called hyatt & they were able to convert my accounts 2 chase nights into 20k points (10k each). For my third promotion night, they said I have to wait until it expires before I can convert it.

I tried calling again for my wife’s account and another rep told me that I am unable to convert the 3 chase nights cause I am required to have 10 qualifying nights to convert into points (?????). My own hyatt had 5 whereas my wife had 7. Is this some policy that chase actually has or is this one completely made up by the CSR cause they’re busy? Hyatt estimated wait time at the moment is 15 min+.


12k for those expiring 12/31. Told to call back next year for those expiring 2/28/22. I owe you a drink. When are we going to Milt’s?

Brian G

Has anyone had any luck with an IHG certificate set to expire on 12/31/21?


Got 10k for 1 night, club access and upgrades are not getting any consideration..


I was on chat hold for a really long time, then my awards suddenly updated from 12/31/21 expiry to 2/28/2023! The agent said they were expressly told they can’t do anything with anything not currently expiring (but gave me 5k for my inconvenience!)


What is worth more an Anniversary night or 10,000 points?


Depends. 10k has flexibility…a certificate can be worth up to 15k pts


If I have Hyatt points that are due to expire for no activity is there any update on getting the points expiry date extended?


I transferred 1000 points to my wife’s account.


Danggg I was told by a phone rep and a app chat – no can do 🙁

Trying twitter as a last try


Unfortunately, I cannot provide any compensation for your free night award at this time. I recommend if you are not able to use it by the expiration possibly gift it to a friend/family member. I do also recommend checking back sometime next week to see if anything has changed in regards to providing compensation.


did you have Jenifer? she told me the same thing


Both phone and chat agents said that they are currently only offering points/extension for 12/31 expirations. Mine expire 1/9.


I got 10k for my free nights and 3k for my club awards. Can I still use the free nights b4 the end of the year ?


Try and let us know


I did. Two free nights (expiring) were redeemed. I guess I’ll just see if I get to keep my 10k 🙂


I tried twice – today and last week on hyatt chat and they said both times, no I have the Hyatt chase Card as well – they said only some accounts they can do that for, anyone else try a few times and get the big ‘no’ exchange for points? I have 1 award night 1-4 category expiring 31st this year. and they said no booking for a date past this year either (like you can do w/Amex $200 credit).


Oh wow thank you so much Dan I chatted with them and told them that I saw they were offering 3,000 points for compass that’s expiring and then they gave me 12,000 points for my expiring passes which is incredible since I anyways have another four passes that are not expiring and I never used them


They said I need something like 10 qualifying nights to be eligible for points exchange…


2 reps…not budging. no conversion


None of our agents will be able to transfer your award to points whether you contact us via chat or over the phone. The system literally will not allow it. There is not another supervisor that I can transfer you to. You can definitely email our customer service team if you would like at

Matt B

No luck for me either. “I’m sorry you do not meet the qualifications to be compensated with points. You can voice your concerns about your expiring awards, and the circumstances to . Is there anything else I can assist with today? “


I was in a chat. Was offered 500/upgrade. I had said “OK” and then said, “just leave them for now”, and was told, “I already gave you 500 for each and can’t undo it”.


Was going to chat for my club passes but I see now that they updated the expiration to 2/28/23 so they aren’t going to give me anything for those.

Don Diego

How are you even getting to online chat with Hyatt? I’m not seeing that option anywhere.

Don Diego
is supposed to be the chat URL but it seems to be offline


I’m a globalist and did 40 nights this year to maintain the status I’ve had. My concierge offered me suite night extensions, 20,000 for 1-7 certificate expiring now and 500 points for each club award, which I really don’t need as a globalist. That was yesterday. Then today I read dans post on 3000 points instead, and I decided just to call world of Hyatt Glibalust line direct myself, and asked the rep to offer me the 3000 points instead, and she just did it! I didn’t even bother to write back to my concierge, as generally I can do better than them. So thank you Dan, that is two free 5000 point nights for the extra points which equals $230 at the hotel I will use them at. I think a globalist, who has been globalist at least a few years and stayed 40 nights this year gets attention and the matter handled.


How do you get past the waiting? Been saying 5 people in the queue for 5 hours. Mine still shows 12/31/21.

There are currently more than 5 people in the queue.

Thank you for holding. Your chat will be answered by the next available colleague.


I chatted with ihg trying to extend my free night certificate (expiring 12/31/21) but got a hard cold no

Don Diego

I have been unable to get more than a 500 point offer on the Club Access awards.


I am showing I can offered 10,000 points for the free night award you earned from the Brand explorer.

1500 points for each Club Access award (6,000 total) (500 we offer and another 500 for being a credit card holder and 500 for explorist.) Pleas e note 3000 points is reserved for those who are Globalist and have stayed more than 10 nights this calendar year

Regretfully, we cannot offer any compensation for the free night award earned from the Chase credit card as Chase is currently requiring members to have stayed 10 nights within the past year to qualify


Huca said the same, but then I asked for points at the rep’s discretion, and she gave 10k points for the annual award night

Don Diego

Success on chat #3, which I did during regular business hours instead of my last ones at night. Maybe the regular business hours reps have greater authority to adjust?

Longer status seems to help, given the exception was for a long history with Hyatt:
“The standard for the exchange of club access awards is 500 points, and since we evaluate each account by a case by case basis. I can see that you have been with Hyatt for 14 years I can exchange them for 3000 points each. Should I continue with the exchange? ”

Good luck everyone else & thanks for the data points!


no luck on my first call. HUCA with an hour wait doesn’t sound too tempting, and chat also takes forever and I keep on getting logged out of my account while waiting


@Dan you should’ve been more clear – you need to be at the very least an explorist to get any compensation…globalist is obviously getting top tier reimbursements.


I called December 29th and was told that for nights expiring December 31st, I would have to call on January 1st or later. That was after being on hold for over an hour due to large call volume. I called this morning (January 2nd), was on hold for less than 30 seconds, and got 10,000 points for each night that expired. Thank you!


i called for 2 chase expired night certs and was told I needed to have 10 nights plus have the Hyatt card open. supervisor gave me 15K points as a curtesy


Was told I needed 10 tier nights. Given nothing for my expired Chase cat 1-4 night. 🙁


so Discoverist with 5 night is unlikely to get points for the Chase award?