After DansDeals Tweet About Anti-Semitic Driver, Uber Takes Quick Action

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DDF Member yuds70 shared an anti-Semitic experience that a family member had with an Uber Eats delivery. Uber support is pretty much non-existent and issued a boilerplate response.

We shared that experience on X/Twitter a few hours ago so that it would get more exposure and reach higher-ups in Uber:

Subsequently, an Uber employee who is also a DansDeals follower, reached out to us to get the specific details of this order and to escalate the case.

Shortly after that, Uber Support commented on our Tweet that they immediately removed the anti-Semitic driver from their platform:

Kudos to Uber for acting quickly to keep Anti-Semites off their platform!

Of course, Jews experience hate in many forms daily. Incredibly, that has become so much worse in the wake of the October 7th attacks. But we believe, especially in a case like this, that it’s important to speak out and let companies know what is going on. Never again is now.

As we shared about Ibrahim R Mossallam, United’s Anti-Semitic pilot who repeatedly celebrated the October 7th massacre on social media, would you feel safe with an open anti-Semite as your pilot or your food delivery person?

Of course, Uber has an easier path than United, as Uber drivers are independent contractors. There is no union or any employment terms to deal with, but Air Canada managed to quickly fire their Anti-Semitic pilot, which is more than United can say.

Do you believe we should speak out when readers experience antisemitism?

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Yay dans deals using its power to destroy people much like the genocide that is occuring.


Call it genocide or pesticide, as long it eradicates the bad weeds in form of terrorists / antisemites then it’s a win for the world. Wokes aren’t happy? They can move to Mars.


That’s a very appropriate comparison. DD isn’t destroying anyone just like there is no genocide occurring. DD and Israel are taking ugly humans to task for antisemitic actions. FAFO isn’t just a bad Palywood actor.


Self burn.


Why are you here?


The one against the Jews?


The only attempted genocide was committed by the sub species that came into Israel on October 7th. The human mind have not yet been able to come up with a proper punishment for the atrocities committed by these savages. Now they are committing genocide of their own people by not releasing the innocent hostages and surrendering.


Two false negatives equal a positive?

Johnny, CPA

After 10/7, my niece’s friend was in an Uber. The driver asked her if she is Jewish.
She said no (she is).
He said, “Good, because if you were, I would have crashed the car.”


Well I hoped she complained and got him fired.

Liam K. Nuj

Keeping silent makes you complicit in that offender’s next, more serious act of antisemitism.


I have used uber eats, uberz or lyft many times in heavily populated Jewish areas (think Brooklyn and Miami, so I’m guessing the driver automatically assumes I’m Jewish) and b”h not once have I had an issue with any of them although I did hear several terrible stories, this being the latest one. I just don’t have a real choice and would be punishing myself by stopping to use these platforms because of the horrible behavior of some of these drivers or delivery ppl. Those should be kicked off the platform immediately.


I love it when people claim that something isn’t a big enough deal to complain about, meanwhile famous people on television all the way to the smallest person will be cancelled and ruined if they misspeak about something totally mundane. Or worse, they will riot. But if someone says something about Jews, then we have to pick and choose and it’s not that bad.
bug off I say to them. Like the loser in the comments here claiming that if Uber enforces their TOS is a “genocide”. Gimme a break brah.


Hear me out.
What did this accomplish? Now we have an anti Semite who has more time on his hands r”l and hates Jews more.
Have we forgotten we live in golus??

I’m not saying we need to shut up and absorb the punch, but what did this accomplish long term?

So we will have other antisemitic uber drivers who don’t openly flaunt they’re antisemitism over fear of retribution, but without solving the underlying problem.


There is no solution to the underlying problem (esav sonei es yaakov)… Daven and be a good Jew is all you can do.


I hear you. On the other hand, if you let people get away with things like this, you normalize antisemitism in the mainstream, and then it becomes a matter of moving goalposts. If someone can get away with this today, what can they get away with tomorrow? Where do we draw the line and say, “This is not ok?”

The danger you’re worried about is people keeping their antisemitism to themselves. To that I say, “No problem. You don’t need to like me, but keep it to yourself.” The danger I’m worried about is people *not* keeping their antisemitism to themselves. When it becomes ok to act on hate and incite others to hate, we are in real danger.


I agree with Yep. If you don’t complain about the smaller incidents people with do bigger, worse things.


Indeed, and much the same goes for Islamophobia, anti-Arab or anti-Palestinian racism. Minorities, like other marginalized persons, in a region end up at increased risk of real danger as bigotry against a group becomes a more widely accepted narrative in the region and elsewhere.


Um yes, making other antisemitic drivers scared to act out their hate is a very big accomplishment. You don’t need to change people’s minds. Just let them shut up, do their jobs, and leave their politics at home.


What we got out of it is we prevented this driver from delivering food to Jews, at least through the Uber platform. We also taught this driver that actions have consequences.

Eli Willner

It’s true that there is no solving the underlying problem in galus but I, for one, will be content if my Uber driver keeps his filthy anti-Semitism to himself, and he is more likely to do that if he knows that he may very well lose his job if he vents it openly.

Agree with Nathan

Strongly agree with you on this. Unfortunately, the disillusion pattern is hope no one has hate. More specific against your group or they should be fired or can’t have their opinion. Yet, radio silence or gaslight if your group propagates hate against others. The facts = this war and continue military onslaught will continue to erupt emotions and hate against and resulting in more hate. This is the human reaction and result of any and every war whereas one group is considered aggressor and the opponent is considered the underdog victim of that aggression. Add to this point the propaganda and media brainwash to sway public opinion. Sometimes the initial victim can evolve into the aggressor in public perception. Parallel – USA after 09/11 didn’t have favorable thoughts of 2nd largest religion globally. Maybe a better solution – enact the conversation as doubtful the driver or pilot has heard a face to face counterpoint – there are 15 million Jews worldwide and based on protest footage all don’t have identical thoughts or philosophy.


It accomplishes the goal of demonstrating that a company doesn’t tolerate bigotry directed at its customers. Also, bigotry directed against customer can cost the company customers in some areas, so there is also a revenue dimension to the company doing the right thing by its customers and society at large.




Leave los angeles
California is a cesspool if socialism, anti semitism and hate crimes. It’s run by a corrupt government which despises America.

You don’t hear about these problems and others in Florida.

tom bradley

soon desantis will ban gemara
better off in la


Anti semitism is a hate crime. Did you forget that fascists also commit hate crimes?


Yes, Dan, you did the right thing. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. Kol HaKavod.


The first amendment includes precisely that, which is why the us Supreme Court has ruled against criminalizing hate speech since it would be a violation pf the guarantee to freedom of speech which is included the first amendment.


Not sure if you’re disagreeing with me or what. There’s a difference between facing criminal charges for hate speech and being fired from a job for hate speech. That’s what I mean by, “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.” While I would not suggest this Uber driver be arrested for what he wrote, Uber did the right thing in firing him – because speech and actions have consequences.


What about the one star rating I got right after Oct 7? There’s no way to prove that a driver is an antisemite, but the Uber rating system is designed in a way that allows drivers to discriminate against riders and there’s nothing we can do to prove it.

And for all the smart people who want to comment. I basically had a perfect rating before this.


It’s important to mention the good actors as well – took an Uber on Friday 2 weeks ago very close to shabbos within Brooklyn, was getting too close to shabbos so I had to get of the car and walk. Had a bag which i could not carry. The Uber driver drove it to the apartment building where I was headed ended the ride, waited 15 min for me to arrive than carried the bag in for me.


There’s no place for antisemites anywhere BUT there should also be no place for non tippers. Uber drivers make $2 (before tips) per delivery in most markets. Even if you’re a cheapskate, if you don’t tip, you’ll probably have to wait a long time to get your food delivered (unless of course some migrant who’s desperate for some cash decides to accept your order). Anyway, by then your food will be cold.


I’ve always been against relying on tips and tipping out of fear that you’ll be looked down on as a bad person.
If a job doesn’t pay a decent salary then you shouldn’t take it.
I’m not here to support the worker. That’s the boss’s job.


Workers made dependent on tipping to try to accrue earnings amounting to a living wage sets up workers to tolerate abuse and to otherwise be treated unfairly in the work environment. And you can be pretty sure that tipping patterns and the better shifts for the tip-dependent also have a racism angle that unfortunately comes into play too at times.

It’s lunacy that we are now up to 18-20% tips being considered standard just because business owners are not willing to right price their wages and menu pricing to eliminate tipping. It’s time we get rid of laws allowing for “tipped” job workers to be paid sub-minimum wages based on the expectation of tips. And please spare us the lunacy talk of $50 hourly minimum wages as that is not what comes from banning exemptions to minimum wage laws.


Well for beginners, I don’t tip, for the simple reason, that uber eats is extremely expensive, the food is more expensive than at the store, and then you have a service fee, delivery fee etc.


The obnoxious racist talk from the since-terminated Uber driver didn’t help increase the gig worker’s income from tips for driving.

Also, it’s unfortunate if Uber drivers in the aggregate are increasingly reliant upon tips to make an average hourly wage, but that’s all the more reason why it would be better if we worked toward ending the culture of tip expectations.


Forgive my ignorance, but how did the driver know, the person ordering the food is a Jewish guy? FWIW, I am not a Jew.


Of course bigotry should be called out and confronted. Otherwise it becomes increasingly tolerated and spreads and morphs like a virus that damages society and leads to the institutions of the state being less likely to treat all free persons as equals under the law.