Air Canada Fires Dreamliner Pilot With Extreme Anti-Israel Social Media Posts

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Update, 10/11: Air Canada now confirms that Mostafa Ezzo no longer works for Air Canada.

Originally posted on 10/10:

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Mostafa Ezzo is an Air Canada 787 first officer and a class 1 flight instructor. The airline flies the 787 Dreamliner between Montreal and Tel Aviv as well as seasonally between Toronto and Tel Aviv.

Air Canada has not flown to Israel since last week.

Mr. Ezzo was previously an Embraer and Bombardier captain for Air Canada.

The StopAntisemitism account shared on X/Twitter some horrific social media posts from the pilot made in the aftermath of the Hamas massacre/pogrom against Jews in Israel:


Earlier, I reached out to Air Canada for comment, though they did not respond.

Mr. Ezzo deleted his social media accounts and there’s not much information about him online, but I did find this article from 2016 about him. His friend was the pilot on EgyptAir flight 804 from Paris to Cairo that fell into the Mediterranean, killing everyone onboard. Mr. Ezzo was quoted as searching for answers about what happened to the flight. It was originally suspected of being caused by terrorism, though no terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the crash. Last year, the French BEA said it was likely caused by a pilot’s cigarette.

However, the airline has now posted on X/Twitter that, We are aware of the unacceptable posts made by an Air Canada pilot. We are taking this matter very seriously, and he was taken out of service on Mon, Oct. 9. We firmly denounce violence in all forms.”


No word from Air Canada on just how long he will be “out of service”.

Would a Pilot’s postings and beliefs influence your trust in their ability to fly you safely to your destination?

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Absolutely vile. I wouldn’t want to get on a plane with a Hamas sympathizer. Would anyone?


That’s why I would never fly on Turkish air or the likes because chances are the pilot is just that


Investigation should be reopened regarding his friend’s flight.


LeHavdil, you say something derogatory about blacks, LGBTQ, or women and you can get terminated from nearly any job in any industry today. He should be terminated from his company, evaluated for his psychological well being, and undergo an updated criminal background check.


Agreed. It’s not about anti-semitism, but rather about his heated emotions against another human being which could lead to poor judgement while flying.



Donna Lazaros

No it’s pure hatred against Jews and outright antisemitism!! Let’s not mitigate his despicable words


I remember an answer to the question, why do we trust pilots unquestionably but research Doctors thoroughly, We are trusting both with our lives?
Answer: the pilot is flying with you so his life is at stake too.

With this guy even that thought isn’t enough to feel safe.


Right on


cancel culture???? i dont understand why he cant post his sheeta even if hes horibly wrong


There’s a difference between hate speech and speech you disagree with. Hate speech is defined as incitement to violence, and is not protected by the first ammendment (in the USA, not sure what the laws in Canada are). Cancel Culture is about cancelling people you just disagree with who aren’t inciting any violence with their speech.

reb yid

That’s not the definition of hate speech.


That’s the definition of hate speech which doesn’t fall under First Ammendment protections. See the Supreme Court ruling in Beauharnais v. Illinois for example.


Superseded by Sullivan and Brandenburg. “death to the jews” is protected speech. “go kill those jews down the street” would not be protected.
V’chol Oivei amcha meheira Yikaresu


Incitement to violence is obviously dependant on the context of the speech, hence “death to the Jews” directed at someone wielding a weapon, in front of a bunch of Jews, wouldn’t be protected.


“Cancel culture” is irrelevant. He is encouraging violence and terror. He should absolutely be banned.


People should write and call Air Canada demanding his termination.


Horrible!! To answer your question, Yes, I would absolutely not trust him to fly me safely 🙁


People here make anti-Christian remarks all the time. Should I be afraid to fly with a pilot who does the same and is Jewish? Many here simply do not see it both ways. Hate is bad in any form no matter where you stand, please realize that!


{{Citation needed}}


Jesus was Jewish, so it’s like self hating to talk bad about Christianity… that was sarcasm. I agree though need to be careful how we treat each other, both in speech and action. This is going to be a tricky time as Israel deals with their enemies and Jews all over the world have to deal with rise in (further) antisemitism.


Um… can you name one? Seriously, I’ve actually never seen one, and was it anywhere nearly as vitriolic?


I post on this here and there. It happens all the time in thus forum. Nobody willi ever admit it, and usually refer to history to make their case. Please know, this happens frequently here even though I fully support your side. To ask for a citation or reference is simply ridiculous and obviously a stupid point. Seriously?!!! The point is, please don’t act like hate only is a one way street.


And we’re still waiting for an example…


I have been an active member of the forum for about a decade (and an observer well before). I literally cannot think of even a single instance of anti-Christian rhetoric or hate speech on the forum. And if you can’t show us a citation, then obviously you cannot either.


Did you hear anyone refering to killing christians?


Ridiculous as usual here.


Quote “All Amazon commission earned on Prime Big Deals Days will be donated to the charities supporting Israel listed here. “
kudus to you Dan


Mrs Weschler should have to respond she is Jewish!!!!!


When people dislike Xi, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re against Asians. When people distrust Putin, that doesn’t make them anti-Russian. If someone dislikes Trump, or Biden, I don’t take it personally or call them anti-American. Why can’t the pilot dislike the govt of Israel without us calling him an anti-semite?


Are you serious or a bot?


you tell me first


Is that a joke?!? Look at the actions of the terrorists from Gaza over the weekend and the reactions of all those who just “dislike the government of Israel” and see if you can figure that out yourself. In case you can’t, when people dislike Xi it’s because they have a problem with the way China is currently run, not because they believe China doesn’t have a right to exist as a state for the Chinese people. The same goes for Putin in Russia, and Trump or Biden in the US. Haters of Israel don’t care who’s in the government, they just don’t believe Israel has a right to exist as a state for the Jewish people, and that’s why they can cheer the slaughter of innocent civilian men, women, and children, because they’re anti-semites.


Most of his comments were not addressed to the govt. Read them again


the part about terrorist state seems related to the govt, no? the flag relates to the country, no?


Terrorist state refers to the whole country and all of its citizens and was the justification the animals knows as Hamas used for slaughtering innocent civilians. But you are correct that the flag relates to the country… the whole country, not just its government


Don’t we think of the Hamas govt as a terrorist pseudo-state? Why does speaking the truth about that government dehumanize the people who live there? Some might wish to kill enemies indiscriminately (I hope you are not among them) but even if I think Hamas needs to be eliminated, and even if that will sadly mean loss of life by good people and bad, that’s different than intending loss of innocent life.

Re the flag – by your logic, if I stamp on a swastika flag, that reflects my views of the whole country of Germany and all Germans, rather than an evil regime that is long past. You do realize how crazy that sounds? (Of course I do think many ordinary Germans were guilty of collaborating, but that’s another thing). Stamping on that flag would represent hatred of evil, not of the country or of its people. Stamping on an Iranian flag would represent what I think of that regime, not hatred of the country or the people. I don’t see why other people stamping on the flag of Israel should mean anything more or different.

There are haters out there, who cannot or choose not to distinguish between what they dislike about the government of Israel and the country or the people. But that’s no reason to lump things together. I would rather not assume the worst, even of my enemies, just as I would rather not have them assume the worst of me. Being strong does not mean being unjust.


No. We refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization which also happens to be in control of the Gaza strip. But you are correct that that doesn’t mandate the killing of Gazan civilians, but that is an unfortunate byproduct of how embedded Hamas is in civilian territory. That being said, when Mostafa Ezzo and others say “trash Israel”, they are referring to the State and its inhabitants existence, not regime change, and to delude yourself in to thinking otherwise is just laughable.

Your flag parable is trying to compare apples and oranges because you’re ignoring the context. If you stamp on an American flag after the US Air Force bombs something in Afghanistan, that sends a very different message about your views than if you stamped on an American flag after 9/11 (which many people did by the way). Mostafa Ezzo shared his social media posts after hundreds of innocent civilians were brutally murdered in cold blood, that speaks volumes about his views.

Save your favorable judgement for those who deserve it.


pull his pilot’s license. Boycott Air Canada until he is FIRED! How can you feel safe on one of their planes?


being anti Isreal is not being anti-semitic and to conflate the two is wrong and diluting when an actual act of anti-semitism takes place, isreal is a country not our religion


Yes pure coincidence that Israel is a Jewish country full of Jews. All the Israel haters who don’t want the Jewish people to have a country in their ancient homeland and want Israel to be “wiped off the map” obviously have motives other than anti-semitism.


Your only partially right.
I am personally anti-Zionist, but in general when a non-jew hates Zionists, he is an anti-semite. (Rumor says that Satmer Rav ZT”L said this, but I’m not sure it’s true)


Trust me Abe, these people don’t have the cheshbonos of the Satmar Rebbe or any other Gedolim who had hashkafic issues with the Medinah. Anti-Zionists like yourself account for maybe 0.01% of the Anti-Israel population, so that makes me over 99.99% right in equating Anti-Israel with anti-semitism.
To paraphrase, “being Anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Zionist, and to conflate the two is wrong and diluting when an actual act of anti-Israelism (and hence anti-semitism) takes place”


Read my post.

That’s what I wrote ”when a non-Jew hates Zionists, he is an anti-semite.”


I guess they hate country Israel because they read al hageula Val hetemurah right?


Let’s not kid ourselves!
This is an attack against the Jewish people!
Statements of this kind are clearly supporting the terrorists and against the land of Israel and the people of Israel (world over), as the world sees and knows they’re one and the same.
Imach shmam vezichrom of all terrorists and the open or covered-up antisemites.
ה’ הושיעה המלך יעננו ביום קראינו.




Title a bit confusing. I read it Air Canada Fires Dreamliner Pilot – With Extreme Anti-Israel Social Media Posts

As in AC made the posts when firing a pilot


Not seen in the comments but key to what happened: He did this WHILE IN UNIFORM. Doesn’t matter if you are pro-Palestinian, Israeli, Rastafarian, Vegetarian, or whatever, if you tarnish your company like this it is very much grounds for dismissal. Anybody at a big corporation knows this, except this gentleman apparently. If he had skipped the picture in uniform, he would still have the same job.

Nikki Sixx

Unfortunately he’ll be hailed as a hero in middle eastern circles and flying passengers once again for some airline in that part of the world in no time.