[United Declines To Comment On Pilot’s Current Status] United Pilot Maintains A Social Media Page Justifying The Hamas Massacre, Kidnapping Babies, And Lies About The War

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Update, 12/12: United has failed to respond to multiple requests from DansDeals over the past 3 weeks on whether Mr. Mossallam is currently flying United aircraft or employed by United.

That’s pretty unimpressive compared to Air Canada, which quickly fired a pilot expressing extreme anti-Israel views.

You can reach out to United here.

You can also quote retweet, retweet, and like this post to let United know your thoughts on Mr. Mossallam potentially being your pilot on a future flight:


Would you feel safe with Mr. Mossallam as your pilot?

Update, 11/20 at 7:46pm: United has responded to DansDeals saying, “This pilot has been removed from service, with pay, while we look into this matter.”

Originally posted on 11/20 at 6:30pm:

Last month, Air Canada suspended and then fired a 787 pilot with extreme anti-Israel social media posts.

Today, @StopAntisemites shared that United pilot Ibrahim R Mossallam has even worse posts on his facebook account.

On October 7th he justified Hamas’ massacre of Jews and kidnapping of babies and Holocaust survivors as “resistance by brave people.”


Mr. Mossallam was appointed as CAIR-NY’s (The New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations) Board Chairman in 2021. The CAIR-NY website lists him as currently serving as board vice president.

In a January 2012 article, The Brooklyn Ink identifies him as being a 33 year old Palestinian American. It goes on to quote him as saying,

“But in the wake of relentless scrutiny after 9/11, he says, Muslims in America were forced to evaluate their faith and identity. “Muslims wanted to find out ‘Where in the Koran does it say you can attack civilians? What could they have possibly taken and twisted to fit their thinking?” he said. “The more I read about Islam the more I realized half the stuff I knew was false.”

The younger generation of Muslims, he continues, is much better educated and is more likely to practice the true version of the religion. His parent’s generation practices a more cultural version of the faith, depending on where they immigrated from. The result is a new generation of Muslims who are much more open about their beliefs, not particularly inclined to assimilate and more likely to react to perceived prejudice.”

His Facebook page confirms that he’s a pilot for United and is chock full of hateful and false information about the war.

Among hundreds of highly problematic posts, he posts this as the reason for US support for Israel. Apparently, government officials like Antony Blinken’s ethnic group is the Israeli flag?


He claims that Israel kills journalists who expose “Israel’s crimes” and bribes journalists that cover for them.


If Mr. Mossallam feels that the rape, torture, and kidnapping of Jews is justifiable and that all Jews are Israelis, how can he be trusted to fly any Jew safely?

DansDeals reached out to United for comment earlier today, but haven’t yet received a response. This post will be updated if United does comment on Mr. Mossallam.

Will you avoid flying United for as long as Mr. Mossallam could be your pilot? Be sure to Tweet to @United and contact United to let them know.

You can also like and Retweet this post:

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Is there any way to find out what route he flies? Would definitely avoid it at all costs!
Shame on United for employing a clear anti Semite and someone so full of false, baseless hate!!


Why are all of his lies not censored on Facebook, while scores of truthful posts by Jews and conservatives are routinely censored on Facebook?


Can we see his schedule to avoid flying on his routes?

C. Mucius

If these accounts are accurate and if it is the same person, the concern goes much farther. Someone with these views should not have a pilot’s access to the airport and planes and the potential to assist people targeting other flights that he’s not flying.


Thanks, Dan, for bringing this to our attn. I’m passing this around and letting United know I won’t risk my safety or that of my family by this pilot possibly being at the controls of the plane.


Do you know the email to contact United?

Deal Guy

I think I’ll fly American on my upcoming trip that I am about to book this week.
In fact, I’ll even rather fly Spirit, before taking the chance to fly with a radical. Never forget 9/11.


For all you know, there can be antisemitic lunatics working at any airline.
H yishmor.


Just sent an email to the global services customer service support. Will be asking who the pilot is on my flight tomorrow….


Let us know if they respond pls


Do you have email address?


I have a United flight this week, will call and let them know that I don’t feel safe flying united while this pilot works there.

Deal Guy

1. Go to united.com/customercare.
2. Sign in to your account if you have one, or simply click Continue as a guest.
3. Fill out the required field up until step 6 for your best email address to get back to you once your concern has been sorted out.
4. Finally, hit submit.


Terrifying hundreds of people per day put their lives in the hands of this lunatic.

David Ramsey

He’s not a lunatic just because he chose a side you don’t believe in with this war. For all we know you could’ve flew with the one of many criminals which come from Israel and they could spew hate against Palestine and I guarantee you’d still feel safe with that menace. It’s because you only know to hate Islam which is not right. It’s one of the true religions of many Americans who helped build our country


Islam is a true religion. Jews respect all religions. However every scene human being should feel threatened by someone who says it’s okay to torture and kill babies.


Um if he’s supporting a terrorist group he’s a lunatic. But more concerning for people flying with him is this quote from the post: “But in the wake of relentless scrutiny after 9/11, he says, Muslims in America were forced to evaluate their faith and identity. “Muslims wanted to find out ‘Where in the Koran does it say you can attack civilians? What could they have possibly taken and twisted to fit their thinking?” he said. “The more I read about Islam the more I realized half the stuff I knew was false.”
He sounds like he’s saying the Koran might actually justify 9/11, that’s not a person I’d want flying any airplane and I would definitely brand a lunatic.


Can you really be devoted to Islam and be ok with the “sins” Hamas Members committed Oct 7th???

Fan Feels

Chat agent : In regards of that news, you may reach out to our Customer Care Team.


Somebody who thought 9/11 can’t happen again on tall buildings


When you take an Uber, you run the same risk. Or ride a bus.


And you are still advertising for United – I guess it’s all about the $$$$


Dan is 2-0 on social justice via Airlines


Sent a pretty strong letter. And I sure hope that others will do too until he is officially removed and have his license revoked. Can’t have such a person working on a job requiring such high level of security clearance. This guy is ticking bomb waiting for his time or waiting to trigger others. It is ainly a matter of time.


Can DansDeals please use its huge following and media presence to address the fact that Amazon is selling violence-inciting, hate mongering, antisemitic “From the river to the sea” merchandise? They’ve got everything from books to DVD s s, face masks, decorative pillows, wall hanging, etc.


Being sold by jews. The money goes For gear for the idf


@Dan your one of those people who use your powerful voice for the good.

We appreciate you!!


Thanks Dan for bringing light and taking action on this (these) very important matter(s).
CLEARLY you are not all about money.


Dans Deals IS ALL about the money…
SAVING us the money!


One of his older FB profile pictures is of the 9/11 memorial, outrageous

C Friedman

Thanks Dan! I was just going to book a flight on united and I didn’t! Now that I see he was suspended I think I will to show them support!


Please boycott United!


Great he’s suspended, but not enough. What’s their screening process? How did he make it there? Who else among their or other airlines’ pilots holds similar views? A broad investigation is needed.

David Ramsey

And how do you expect them to conduct this? The guy just said he stands with Palestine during all the hardships they had to follow. That’s like asking people if they support trump or not during every interview. You sound like a child. Please…much more dangerous people in our country have access to guns. This guy just had a view which you are against. Doesn’t mean he’s a terrorist. Supporting Israel should be the same thing. Literally everyone talks about eliminating Gaza which is where all of the Palestinian people reside. How do Israelis even feel about helping the defenseless Palestinians? Israeli supporters are sadly just seeing all Palestinians as terrorist when they’re the ones conducting the terror on them


I don’t know the last time a Israel supported rammed his plane into a skyscraper…


I may sound like a child, but I definitely hope you too are not employed as a pilot in any plane I’m boarding.


Clearly you aren’t the Dave Ramsey because he uses intelligence when making arguments.
You are just spewing made up trash.
There’s no point in responding to any of your points. You bring no sources for any of your claims. Go to Israel and see the facts for yourself.


If you want to compare to American politics, imagine if someone said to you that if they were to redo January 6th 2020, they would do it all over again the exact same way. Could that be a possible reason not to hire someone?


Jan 6th may have been a bad thing, but it wasn’t rape, kidnapping, torture and murder.

If you want to compare to American politics, look at what the US did to Japan in WW2.


Thanks for posting this @dan


How can we let United know we will not stand for this? How can we reach out to them and voice our concerns?

Deal Guy

How will we know that he is indeed still suspended? Is there a way to track that?
Due to the quickness of the (possible) suspension, it will prevent this story from coming to light, and holding them accountable to make sure he has no access to a cockpit going forward.

Revoke His Pilot License


How can we file a complaint with the FAA, FBI, or any other relevant agency to have this person’s flying license revoked?

If you are aware of how this can be done then please let us know so that we can have everyone help out with the effort.

This man has no business having a commercial pilots license here in the US. He is clearly a potential domestic terror threat.

Revoke His Pilot License


Here is an FBI tips link where this pilot can likely be reported. I think at this point it would be difficult to file it under “terrorism”. But certainly it can be filed under “radicalization”


This seems to be a mainstream attitude of many Arab Muslim professionals who post on social media—imagine how many
don’t post! And the viewpoint is now the hip, cool one for all Leftist morons everywhere, who are increasingly radicalized and violent. I propose a new movement, called EFD—Expel, Fire, Deport!

David Ramsey

Wow, after reading this comment, it sounds like you’re the terrorist…


What is “terrorist” about not wanting radicals who don’t share Western values in our country? I’m not saying we can or should deport US citizens but I don’t think we should let in immigrants with the types of views held by the perpetrators of 9/11 for pretty obvious reasons.

Rachel israel

I won’t just avoid his flights. If United retains him, who knows how many others are in their employ?


There are pilots who are anti-Jew, anti-Black, anti-Gay, etc. etc. etc. There are police officers and politicians with the same anti-_____ ideology. Stop triggering people to think a corporation can monitor or filter all the activities or ideology of each employee, as the only guarantee you have which I don’t see posted is why would anyone ow na Telsa or any product associated with E. Musk?

Nuch a Yid

Like the SpaceX rocket in my backyard? Or a X account?


From the CAIR website– They are asking to protect Muslim students when in reality it is the Jewish students that are being harassed and need protection.

Dear ___________________,

We are the parents of [ ] who is a student currently enrolled at [ ] School. When we enrolled our child in our town’s public school system, we did so with the expectation that our heritage and race would be treated with inclusivity and mutual respect.
It is not the place of a school to express political positions, especially where those politics put students who are perceived to be on the “other side” at severe risk for both their physical and psychological safety.
Recently, following the events that are unfolding in the Middle East, the school defied those expectations of inclusivity and protection. Children should not be made to feel alienation, dismissal, and othering, as they sit through speeches that expressly endorse political views on one of the most divisive issues in the country.1 We are also in receipt of a school-wide email, circulated by [ ], that equally expresses support of one side of a contentious political event with deep-rooted implications on race, religion, and an entire, core demographic of the school.
This is irresponsible, at best, and at worst, exacerbates a persistent anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bias that our community has faced for decades. For the school’s administration and/or faculty to come out in expressing solidarity for “one side” recklessly incites hostility towards students who may be perceived to be on the “other” side.
Teachers and administration alike have the right to their personal beliefs. However, the broadcasting of political opinions in official capacity is a breach of their duty as educators to be inclusive of students from all backgrounds. This type of conduct risks the very bedrock of the system–the students’ trust in their advisors.
The actions taken by the school will have an inevitable impact on the treatment of our children and subsequently on their ability to engage in their classrooms with safety and ease. Given the near irreparable harm the school’s position will have on children from Arab and/or Muslim backgrounds, we urge you to correct this massive oversight. We invite you to make a statement clarifying your position and reaffirm the school’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment that upholds values of equality, fairness and respect for students of all backgrounds and lived experiences.
Please consider the influence your authority has on the impressionable students who are under your care.
We look forward to a prompt response to our letter.

David Ramsey

Muslims also have the right to feel protected because you very much know people who are triggered against Palestine right now are taking their anger, hate, and frustration against all Muslims as well. This is especially coming from Americans who were already islamaphobic from the beginning and they just needed this excuse to act on their hate. We must admit our country’s faults and improve upon them and cherish each one of our citizens as they’re all important in creating our beautiful country together.


Yeah! Totally!
By the rally for Israel there was tons of death and destruction from the unruly mob!
Those Israel supporters attack innocent Muslims left and right!
We’ve got to protect the poor people!


I encourage readers to search for more inputs by this person on the site just to have an idea about his views.


Jewish students in the country have being harassed, intimidated and even assaulted by bigots who have targeted them because they are perceived as Jewish and/or as supporters of Israel. And perceived Muslim students in the country have also been harassed, intimidated and even assaulted by bigots for merely existing and being perceived as being Muslim, Arab or both.

The fall of 2023 has unleashed a fall in civilization standards with both a terrible wave of antisemitic and Islamophobic bigotry in the country that is much, much worse now than it was even immediately after 9/11 or at any point since the creation of the state of Israel.


Not sure what the stats are elsewhere but police in London reported a 1353% rise in antisemitic offenses and a 140% increase in Islamophobic incidents. That seems a bit less balanced than you’re attempting to present it as. Also, please find me a single rally with Jews attacking police or chanting death to somebody, it’s not that hard to find a pro-Palestinian rally doing those things…


Do you think they are just telling us they are investigating? just to avoid a headache? keep us posted and keep up the good work


Wow you people are sick. Don’t bother responding to this comment as I won’t check this site again.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I wont fly United Bli Neder.


Until the tickets are cheaper


I won’t fly United Bli Neder. I have been trying to fly only ElAl for the last few years even when others were cheaper, Who should fly ElAl if not us Jews?! And especially nowadays, when all stopped flying to Israel only ElAl continued!! WE gotta support those who support us! On a side note: Al Pi Halacha when you have Jew and non-Jew, you must support the Jew.


Declining to comment is a pretty clear comment to me. I used to always fly United, not anymore. Just booked several Delta flights instead.


More likely than not the majority here will be outraged but simply cannot stop flying United and give up all the miles and status including Dan. It will be business as usual as long as flights and status work and the price is right. Continue to shout your outrage but let’s see you actually follow through. So hypocritical!


Do any of you realy think that pushing entities in public to fire or suspend employees will do good to lower antisemitism over the world??


The preference ought to be to counsel and counter rather than to drive underground unwelcome thinking with which we disagree.

I have no doubt that there are too many airline employees who hold views with which I disagree or which I may even find to be a threat to the chances of my family, friends, and others being treated equally and feeling or even being safe in public, but I don’t see how it’s going to help to destroy such peoples’ economic situation and risk driving them more underground, more desperate, and with less to lose. Better to try to educate them (and others) and to otherwise counter the hostile, inhumane and ignorant thinking that remains out there and goes far beyond just this sideline UA pilot.


Thank you! Dan.


I can’t submit the complaint without selecting a flight. What do I select?