[Update: Nomination Period Ends Today!] JetBlue Finally Extends Mosaic Status! Plus Gift Mosaic Status, Double Points On Flights And Spending, And More!

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Update: Today is the last day for Mosaic members to nominate someone else to have Mosaic status from 6/15/20-6/15/21. Have an extra nomination? Offer it to another reader in the comments!

Originally posted on 5/14:

JetBlue finally announced that they too will extend Mosaic elite status.

It comes weeks after airlines like Alaska, American, DeltaUnited, and Air Canada as well as hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott made similar announcements.

  • Mosaic Status Extended Through 12/31/21
    • All Mosaic customers, whether status was obtained through travel or with $50K spend on the JetBlue Plus Card, will have their status extended through 12/31/21.
  • Give the Gift of Mosaic Status
    • All current Mosaic members can gift Mosaic status to someone else by clicking here. Benefits include no change or cancel fees, first and second bag free, early boarding, a complimentary alcoholic beverage onboard and more. The nomination must be submitted by 6/1/20. Nominated status will be in effect from 6/15/20-6/15/21.
    • This is a great perk, but those benefits are worth somewhat less this year as everyone can currently get free changes and cancellations on JetBlue flights due to COVID-19.
    • “The sale or barter of the gift of Mosaic status is expressly prohibited.”
    • Dan’s Note: Shout out to reader Mordechai Stricks for the nomination! Thanks!  If any readers want to send me a nomination I’d certainly appreciate it!
  • Reduced Qualification Threshold in 2020
    • JetBlue is reducing the qualifying points and segment minimums by 50 percent for Mosaic level qualification. Mosaic customers will continue to receive an award of 15,000 bonus TrueBlue points upon qualification. Note that the spending requirement for Mosaic status of $50,000 on the JetBlue Plus card remains unchanged.
    • Reduced thresholds for flying: 7,500 qualifying points (vs. 15,000 points for the calendar year) or 6,000 qualifying points and 15 segments (vs. 12,000 points and 30 segments)
  • Double TrueBlue Points for New Bookings
    • Book by travel from 5/14-6/15 for travel from now through 1/4/21 and JetBlue will double the TrueBlue base point award on all reservations. For Blue Basic fares, that’s two points per $1 and for other fares that’s six points per $1.
  • Double points on All JetBlue Mastercard Purchases
    • From 5/14/20-6/15/20, cardmembers will earn 2 points per dollar everywhere.

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Can I gift my Mosaic to someone else and once they have it, give it to someone else?


Thanks. Their website is already updated. I am now only 700 points away from Mosaic…granted not sure how much I will use it and when later this year I will qualify.


They did the right thing. And the gifting is easy. They needed to look rosy after looking thorny.


Who’s willing to gift me? 🙂


The famous saying goes “Save the best for last”


Anyone want to be my friend and gift to me 🙂


so, no point of re-qualifying now if I already have it?


great i still had 38k spend to reach mossaic, no need now


free change is still good since you dont pay fare difference


Keep in mind that no free changes on blue basic (I think)
That used to be my single most valuable asset of Mosaic. Free same day changes, and cancellations


I already earned mosaic status through 12/2021. Do I also get a year extension, which would give me status through 2022?


Anyone here that already qualified for 2021 that got anything else from them? I already qualified for 2021 so no extension for me 🙂


Nice! If anyone wants a BFF it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to be gifted Mosaic Status. 🙂



Will any other airlines status match, once I have Mosaic?

not dan

they should


This is insanity. Doubling the number of elites overnight? Were they taking a cue from Delta or Alaska gifting programs? It’s not the same when you have only one elite tier. They should have gone with a challenge.

Voice of Reason

I agree. But this was a business decision. A way to potentially make elites out of non elites. Poach flyers from other airlines to become loyal JetBlue customers. Makes sense. It just sucks for all of us who actually put in the work to earn the status. They should have made a platinum and gold tier of mosaic.


When will we see mosaic in our account? June 15th?


Can anyone give me the gift of mosaic?


Do you have to pay to gift it to someone?



Beni J

I’m not sure if this is considered bartering, but whoever wants to gift me mosaic status I will make a small donation to the charity of there choice.

Mia Flyer

anyone able to gift my son mosaic ? will barter for levy’s famous babka


My MasterCard statement did not show doubling of points for purchases. If anybody wants to, they can gift me Mosaic status. I would sure appreciate it.


does gifting mosaic to someone remove the original persons mosaic status?



Beni J

Do I get the 15k bonus pointed if I’m gifted mosaic status? Also, what’s the limit in the number of people on my itinerary that can get the free checked bags?


No. Gifting mosaic does not make u lose it. It just gives it to a friend also. Maybe have me in mind? Lol!


Good to know! My dad just gifted it to me, sorry!


I would appreciate a mosaic nomination, if someone has one to spare.


I would appreciate a nomination if someone has one to spare!


I would appreciate a nomination if someone has one to spare!


My daughter is pregnant in California and I would appreciate it if someone could gift me Mosaic so I would be more comfortable visiting our grandchildren on those long transcon trips from JFK


If anyone has an extra, would be much appreciated.


any other airlines who match jetblue mossaic status ?

Status Match

Will Mosaic obtained through this promotion be eligible for status matches to other airlines?


Can someone PLEASE gift me Mosaic status?


Single, and looking for a mosaic status nomination.


Is Delta doing the same thing by matching status


Was gifted the status before the deadline but am not seeing it in my account. Did anyone get this yet?

Larry cohen

Know anyone that can nominate me for Mosaic Status?