Delta-El Al Partnership Now Live With Reciprocal Mileage, Lounge, And Elite Status Benefits; El Al Will Terminate Alaska And American Partnerships

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Delta partnership goes live:

We reported last June that Delta and El Al were going to launch a full partnership and that El Al was on a path to join SkyTeam. I speculated back then that relationships with Alaska, American, and JetBlue would end when legally possible.

That partnership is now live, for flights starting on 1/1/24. Codeshares are bookable for both airlines with El Al tickets and Delta tickets, and you can book nonstop or connecting travel between both airlines, with luggage transferring seamlessly between the airlines.

You can find more information here.

AA and Alaska partnerships ending:

As predicted, El Al will end their relationship with American on 3/30/24 and with Alaska on 6/30/24. That’s a real shame, as using Alaska miles for El Al flights has been a great redemption option, and one that will become downright lucrative in March 2024. At least we should have a few months to enjoy that redemption option.

Delta codeshare:

You will be able to add your El Al Matmid frequent flyer number to Delta flights via the El Al or Delta site.

The codeshare includes all of Delta’s and El Al’s nonstop routes to North America, including Delta’s Atlanta, Boston, and JFK routes and El Al’s Boston, Fort Lauderdale, JFK, Los Angeles, Miami, and Newark routes with connections to Delta’s flights throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The launch of this partnership is marred by the current war in Israel. Delta just cancelled all of their flights to Israel through 3/29. However, you can still fly El Al between North America and Israel and connect to Delta flights, or book travel on El Al via Delta codeshares.

El Al vouchers:

You will be able to use El Al vouchers on Delta flights sold under an El Al codeshare. You can buy El Al vouchers and earn elite status through 12/19!

Points and elite status diamonds earning:

You can earn and redeem miles between both airlines and have reciprocal elite benefits.

If you fly on a Delta flight sold by El Al under an El Al codeshare from 1/1/24-2/29/24, you’ll earn 50% bonus Matmid points. After the launch promotion, you’ll earn the regular codeshare rates as found here.

You will earn regular elite diamonds for Delta flights sold by El Al, or diamonds based on booking class for Delta flights sold by Delta.

You can read more about El Al’s new Madmid program here.

You can earn Matmid points and Delta diamonds for any non-codeshare Delta flight, as follows:


Reciprocal elite status benefits:

  • Matmid Frequent Flyer members with Gold, Platinum, and Top Platinum status who fly with Delta are eligible for the following status benefits on Delta as of 1/15/24. Benefits don’t apply to lite/basic fares. El Al states that these benefits are available on all Delta flights with a Delta code or El Al code.
    • Entry to Delta Air Lines lounges, for the member + 1 companion, entry to Delta Air Lines lounges is subject solely to Delta Air Lines’ policy
    • Free priority seat selection (seats at the front of the aircraft, window and aisle seats, and emergency exit seats) in accordance with seat availability on Delta flights.
    • Priority check-in in designated counters
    • Extra baggage (this benefit applies for Silver members as well) – a total of 2 suitcases weighing up to 23 kg (not applicable for BASIC Economy/LITE tickets) – check-in counters will be aware of the client’s eligibility
    • Priority baggage tags
    • Priority boarding
    • Quick passage through security in US airports subject to availability at airport
  • Delta Gold, Platinum, and Diamond elites will have the following benefits on all El Al flights as of 1/15. Benefits don’t apply to lite/basic fares.
    • Entry to El Al lounges, for the member + 1 companion.
    • Free Preferred seat selection at the time of booking.
    • Priority check-in in designated counters
    • Extra baggage (this benefit applies for Silver members as well) – a total of 2 suitcases weighing up to 23 kg (not applicable for BASIC Economy/LITE tickets) – check-in counters will be aware of the client’s eligibility
    • Priority baggage tags
    • Priority boarding
    • Pre check-in security line

Redeem Matmid points for Delta flights:

You can redeem Matmid points for Delta flights with rates from the following chart, based on flight distance. Unfortunately, you’ll need to call El Al to book these awards.

You can also redeem for one-way travel at half the price of the chart. In other words, a one-way flight from NYC-Pittsburgh will cost 8K Matmid points and a flight from NYC-Miami will cost 11.5K Matmid points:


Delta does not have award charts, so I would expect variable pricing on El Al and for pricing to be significantly more than what Alaska charges. I am not yet seeing any El Al award flights for sale on

I have reached out to Delta for more mileage-earning information from their end, and will update that information when it’s available.

What do you think of this new partnership?

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What about Etihad, is that partnership still in place?


So i am flying dec 24 return jan 2…can i use dell freq fly number?

Joe Pavel

Hi Dan,

Will this affect the Qantas relationship with El Al as well?


Do all DL tiers get the same benefits on LY or does DL top tier get similar treatment to LY top tier.


How do I add my Delta Skymiles number/status to an existing El Al booking?

El Capitan

Wondering when we’ll hear about the ANA el al deal


Hi. I have miles on Delta and did not see any of the EL AL flights from JFK-TLV on Delta’s site but did see Delta’s non stop flights on EL AL’s site for May 2024

Barry Graham

I noticed that too.


Delta site does have EL AL flight now for money, not Delta miles


Can elal biz class passengers use delta one lounge?


If you fly on Elal will you get delta points? MQDs etc…?

Dr. Eli

It does not appear that EL AL is allowing for the use of Delta global upgrade certificates.


Thank you for the information (always!). Might you know if delta global upgrade certs (diamond med perk) will be honored on elal flights?

U.S. based travelers

Is it worth crediting my LY flights to delta?
Will it help me earn delta Status?


So can I use Delta miles to purchase ElAl flights from NY to TLV? What about EWR ti TLV?


Does this give a higher chance for DL to rebook cancelled flights on LY?


If I book a Delta flight through El-Al for April and they don’t end up flying to TLV, then will they rebook me on an El-Al flight?
And/Or can I request an El-Al voucher for a Delta flight?


If I book a Delta flight through El Al from TLV-NYC and the flight gets cancelled due to the war, will El Al rebook me or just refund?


Can I book now elal on amex 35% via delta airlines??


Is delta not flying to Tlv till at least march because they don’t see it worth it because of this new partnership?


I have both Matmid Gold and Medallion Gold

Which is better to use for both Elal and Delta flights?


Can I credit my recent LY flights retroactively to Delta?


Delta is currently not allowed to fly to Israel because of the war. The only Airline that is allowed to fly in and out of Israel is El Al.

Zvi Weissman

“and one that will become downright lucrative in March 2024” Why not in Jan 2024?

tom bradley

Is ly/dlcodeshare for cdg/lhr too?


will it work with virgin to?


If you have separate Delta and El Al flights can you send your bag through with Delta and have it transferred to the connecting EL Al flight without having to pick it up?


Dan, we are Platinum Delta.
In view of the new code share benefits do you think still worthwhile to go for the $10k El Al credit deal?


Alaska partnership ending 6/30 means no bookings can be made after that date or no Elal flights using Alaska miles after that date? Thank you

Barry Graham

I love the club access. It’s always been a sore point as a Sky Club member that I can’t have club access in Tel Aviv without flying First Class or Premium Select – unless that will still be the case even for Diamond members.

Young Explorer

@Dan Just booked on Amex, Elal with delta ewr to tlv
seems like Elal is available now on delta and amex!


I don’t see the delta coded Elal flights from MIA when searching on Amex – waiting to see the flights showing up before I switch to Delta as my prefered (35% off points) airline.


Am I understanding this correctly?
I will earn points/miles on BOTH ElAl and Delta with the code share?


No it’s one or the other

Roya Samuels

Hi Dan,
Do you know if I can use my Delta ecredit towards an El Al flight in January?


Can I use delta points for elal ticket, it doesn’t show?


Am I understanding this right that Delta Gold and higher can access King David Lounge when flying any El Al flight – even to Europe?


As a Delta Gold member I just hung up with ElAl Israel base support and they wont issue EL AL space seats for flights after 1/15 until 1/15. It seems as if the agents know very little about this codehsare and most of what they know isnt helpful.


I’m struggling to even get them to add the number onto any reservation


Will this impact flights on virgin?

Into the air

If I am flying el al business, like from Boston, where El al has an agreement with the weak Air France lounge, will I now be able to use the superior Delta lounge?


Hi I am diamond medallion and have a elal flight booked for jan 21. Any idea how I can merge my delta and matmid accounts so i can get 2 free bags?


You can’t merge them. You can choose to credit to Delta and include your SkyMiles number on the reservation, which would then give you the benefits and miles/MQD.


Hi Dan,
I was wondering whats the best cc to get if I’m a frequent El Al flyer? Are Delta points going to get me good deals on El Al?


Unfortunately the pricing and availability for LY flights through SkyMiles look kinda sad at the moment (more expensive than DL metal, no 15% discount for holding a Delta card)

Delta Platinum

I have delta staus Does the Ticket have to be booked via delta to have benifets or even if i book via elal i still get the benifets


You get benefits either way but if you book via El Al, you earn based on Delta’s LY partner chart which is generally pretty depressing


Just checked in to Elal as a DL Gold member. Got an extra piece of luggage for free. Both luggage at 32kg. Automatically in the system with my Skymiles number.

However, at JFK I was barred entry from the Delta SkyClub with my Reserve card despite flying a Delta marketed (LY operated) flight. According to the lounge agent Elal and Delta are still negotiating lounge rules.


How did You add your Skymiles to the ELAL Booking
I cant figure it out


I called Elal and had them put it in manually

Delta Platinum

Anybody know about the SAS lounge in Newark


Just booked an elal flight.. it automatically put in my matmid number. Giving me an error when I try to change it to my delta number. Any ideas?


have the same issue


Which airline will match el al matmid status and under which conditions?


elal telling me that there are no baggage benefits if i fly on elal with delta diamond. can anyone confirm if this is true?