[El Al To Work Towards Joining SkyTeam And Potentially End Other US Airline Partnerships] BREAKING: El Al And Delta To Launch Mileage And Codeshare Partnership!

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Update: El Al confirms via a financial filing in Hebrew that Delta has committed to “make reasonable efforts to assist the company” in joining SkyTeam.


“The parties agreed to commit to the agreement for a period not less than five years from the date of implementation of the code sharing agreement or the club sharing agreement, whichever is later, after which each party will have the option of terminating with a 6-month advance notice (for any reason).

The agreement establishes common principles that will apply to the relationship between the airlines in the commercial arrangements, as well as limitations on the company from being associated with similar arrangements with airlines based in the United States, all in accordance with the terms and deadlines that were agreed upon.

That sounds like agreements with Alaska, American, and JetBlue may end when legally possible.

El Al and Delta announced they will launch a codeshare and mileage partnership.

That will include the ability to book connecting flights and have bags checked through to the final destination with Delta and El Al.

You will be able to earn and redeem Delta miles for El Al flights and El Al points for Delta flights. Unfortunately neither carrier is known for generous redemptions, so this is a worst case scenario for US partnerships as both American and United offer far more affordable partner redemption rates than Delta.

El Al’s partnerships will span across airlines from all 3 major airline alliances, including OneWorld’s Alaska and Qantas, Skyteam’s Delta, and Star Alliance’s ANA.

Frankly, I’m surprised that this happened with Delta over American. Delta has been rapidly growing in the Israeli market and is a strong competitor to El Al. They both offer service to Boston and JFK, though Delta also offers Atlanta service. Delta mentions being able to take advantage of connections to Atlanta, Boston, and JFK, though it’s always easier to stay on one airline for the entire journey when possible. The Atlanta flight has been very successful, but I’m not sure how Delta’s Atlanta connectivity is relevant here at all?

El Al also offers service to Miami and Newark, but Delta offers little connectivity there. El Al’s Los Angeles flight will gain some US connectivity thanks to Delta though.

On the other hand American has been weak in the Israeli market and had to cut back on their Miami-Tel Aviv flights. I figured that rejoining American would make sense as El Al would have access to connecting passengers in Boston, Los Angeles, and Miami. That would have also likely meant joining the OneWorld alliance, which is far stronger than SkyTeam. Alas, that seems impossible now and joining SkyTeam seems like it will be the path forward for El Al.

But Delta runs a very good operation and has many loyalists. My only question is how many of those people are looking to connect from a Delta flight to an El Al flight?

I’ve long said that El Al should enable secure connections in Tel Aviv and maybe that will be part of the play here?

What do you think of this new partnership?

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I’m not looking to start a bashing thread. Please be respectful when answering: Delta vs united, which has wider seating in regular economy and better food? I likes delta seating more than elal but elal has better food. But never flew united so I can’t compare. Anyone know? Thank you.


Delta is the only airline offering 18″ wide seats on economy in non-stop flights from North America to Israel.

Maier A

I’ve found that almost all airlines serve the same (horrible) meals out of TLV – at least the glatt meals.


Dan, around how many delta sky pesos you think for mia-tlv on elal?


Love it. Have status with both so this is a good moment.


Prove it.


will I get an upgrade on a elal flight if I am a diamond by Delta? and booked through Delta?


we don’t know any details yet


You don’t get an upgrade on an int’l DL flight so why would it be any different on LY?


Not the biggest fan of how El Al conducts its business but as a Delta Medallion this is great. I hope the earning rate with El Al will be similar to KLM/Air France. I don’t, however, see a world where people will use TLV as a connecting hub. I can’t even imagine how it will work.


American has been flagging ever since the pandemic; even here in MIA Delta has built a stronger presence with their new partnership w/LATAM and now El Al.

I’ve been mulling shifting my spend away from AA and towards Delta. This adds more compelling ammunition.


problem is delta sky miles are worthless, AA is much better value… otherwise would agree with AA assessment in mia, very disappointing they cancelled mia-tlv


They’re actually more valuable if you use them to book partner codeshare fligths (vs Delta metal). I recently booked two RT main cabin flights on LATAM long-haul to Brazil for 106k (58k each); even on AA it’s hard to redeem for less than 60k.


Exciting, when will this take effect?


And delta flies to bwi!

Harley Kesselman

My wife is flying El Al next week. Can she apply her skymiles number to get credit for this flight or is it too soon? Thanks as always for the great info!

Tirza Swift

This is fantastic


What happened to JetBlue-elal code share?


I have Diamond status on Delta and Platinum with ElAl. I fly the JFK-TLV flight a few times a month. Will this give me ability to transfer between ElAl and Delta flights freely?


@Dan, why would Oneworld be better for El Al?
At least to North America, SkyTeam has more carriers with connections to offer.
KLM, AF, VS and AZ vs BA and IB (Finnair rarely has normal connections)


I don’t see this as a competitive route strategy or a benefit to stand out in an airline market.

All I see is an opportunity to update stability, status, prestige and maybe even a hint of “I’d like to be thought of as too proud to actually be mileage conscious as we’re such a quality airline” fable.

This isn’t rocket science to know, but welcome to Israel where were smarter at selling lokshen.


I don’t see this as a “good thing for the Jews.” Isn’t this just going to ensure that direct flights from US to Israel Will continue to get more expensive?


I don’t know SkyTeam well. Would this be in scope for the monthly flying blue promotions?


Will medallion members get access now to Elal lounge in TLV?


How does this overlap with Flying Blue which I thought was a Delta partner and had great redemption rates?


Dan, sounds like there’s some unsaid big news: Saudia won’t be blocking El Al’s entry to the alliance! Surely Delta and El Al already have received assurance from Saudia OK’ing this?!?!


Maybe a silly question. Assuming DL matches my LY status…
DL status doesn’t grant access to DL lounges right??

Brooklyn style

We are living in the age of AI and universal code sharing (at least for baggage) is not a thing yet?


Oh the irony of ‘Every Landing Always Late partnering with ‘Americas most on time Airline’


One benefit that I can see is the ability to select Delta as the preferred airline for Amex Platinum, and book a codeshared El Al flight (El Al is not an option for preferred airline).


will elal tickets be bookable through flying blue? 29k?


I like it for the potential connections from BWI.


@dan I am surprised you havent covered “EL AL Owner Accused Of Defrauding Nursing Homes To Buy Airline” – I’d be curious to read your take as insider of sorts.


as plat member get comfort extra at no charge
what seating benefits would accrue on elal at various medallion levels


Wasn’t their an update recently about TLV starting to allow airside connections?


Can we transfer Marriott points to Delta to then use for a flight on ELAL airlines ? Or Chase points? Or Citi points? Dan, hopefully you will discuss all of the above options. Thanks.


Why did you put up a banner with a Delta aircraft, when this is all about El Al? I almost skipped this post seeing that Delta logo


from a points and miles
Is there any gain?


LY flights to non US destinations could potentially still be a good deal thru skymiles, as that’s where delta pricing has largely been untouched.


Probably more to do with codeshare between air france and KLM. that would be huge for elal.

Maier A

It seems that the agreement between AA & LY was spotty and weak. I once flew (on an AA ticket) TLV – LHR – JFK, where TLV – LHR was booked on LY (from the AA sight). I was just on the edge of losing my Platinum Status on AA at the time. Guess what, lost it. AA claimed I didn’t get the points from the LY flight. Of course I protested again and again and got nowhere. A letter of complaint – and got back my status. Stated that they should’ve stated on the site (like DL does) that I wasn’t going to get the points. Never figured out why LY flights were all over the sight if the weren’t really code sharing.


What is an enable secure connections in TLV mean?


Sigh. If only DL and El Al would’ve merged a year ago… I’ve been chasing Delta for over 3 months for scamming me out of $7,600 and they claim it was El Al’s fault.. Booked with DL, was denied boarding with wife and 2 little ones. Flight was for a Thursday night so I was forced to go back to our food bare apartment for Shabbos. I was okay at the time because they gave us $4k in DBC. But guess what? We lost it all. Bc they re-booked us MotzSH on an El Al Flight. We get there, hand El Al our Delta printed E-tickets. El Al scans them and says, these tickets aren’t valid you gotta talk to Delta. I frantically searched for a DL Rep. There are none bc it was the El Al 1am and DL’s last flight is 11. At this point they’re boarding in minutes. Call DL? No time. Stay behind with wife and little ones for a 3rd unplanned day? Not happening. I paid for 4 fresh one-way tickets TLV-LAX. $7,676 ECONOMY. After waiting for over 3 months (March 30-July 2nd a blatant breach of DL’s COC which states substantive response within 60 days) I get the reply. Pretty much “Not our problem. But here’s $1000 DL bucks in goodwill gesture. have a nice life.”


Do we know when this will start?