Don’t Miss This! Last Chance To Buy El Al Vouchers And Earn Elite Status, Delta Reciprocal Status, Get IDF Soldiers Tefillin, Free Gifts, And More!

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Update, 12/19: This promotion now ends 11:59pm ET tonight!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

We have worked out a deal with El Al and the FIDF that we will be able to choose where the FIDF sends the 10% donation from all vouchers sold via this program via DansDeals! We will send 100% of the proceeds of vouchers that are sold via this link to the tefillin campaign for IDF soldiers!

Plus starting 1/15/24, Matmid elite status members get 2 free bags on all Delta flights and Gold or higher members receive Delta lounge access, priority checkin, priority seating, and more benefits on all Delta flights!

Have you earned elite status while helping support El Al and IDF soldiers by taking advantage of this promotion yet?

Want to donate tefillin directly? Donate to civilians here or to soldiers here!

Update: El Al confirms to DansDeals that travel agents will receive their regular commissions when travelers use these vouchers.

El Al tells DansDeals that they are launching a new voucher campaign in the US in an effort support Israel during this difficult time.

“EL AL will offer its customers and any supporters of Israel in the US to purchase vouchers for future flight tickets. The vouchers are valid through the end of 2025 for flights until November 30, 2026. As part of EL AL’s initiative, 10% of the value of the purchased vouchers will be donated to charitable organizations that support a variety of causes such as assisting IDF soldiers, helping communities evacuated due to the war, and other related activities.”



If you purchase $1,000 in vouchers you will receive a postcard printed in Kibbutz Be’eri and an “I stand with Israel” pin.

For purchases of $10K and higher, you will receive El Al elite status, with all status levels available, up to Top Platinum!

Those vouchers can be used by anyone, making this a unique path to earning status. While United also offers status for purchasing vouchers via its PassPlus program, those vouchers have to be used by the purchaser or their travel companions.

You can read more here about status benefits, which include extra free baggage, upgrades, lounge access, and more.



Status will last for 12 months, but can be renewed by meeting the requirements for spending, which can be done by flying on flights purchased with the vouchers. With the validity of the vouchers extending into flights for 2026, that means you can renew status for several years. You can read more about those requirements in our post on the new Matmid program here.

If you purchased a voucher credit that entitles you to the tier you are currently in or one tier below your current status, you will be upgraded to the next higher tier, with Platinum being the highest possible upgraded level for current status holders purchasing any level lower than Top Platinum.

Platinum tier customers will not be entitled to issue platinum tier to their spouses.

Vouchers will be emailed to you within 24 hours. They can be used to purchase flight tickets, as well as ancillary products, such as payment for choosing a seat in advance, making a payment for baggage, and upgrading a cabin until the funds are exhausted.

The vouchers can be redeemed on the El Al website, call center, or via travel agents.

Pins and postcards will be sent within one month, and aircraft models will be sent within 3 months.

This program will expire on 12/1/23.

“The campaign aims to promote future tourism to Israel and support the local economy. With approximately 200,000 employees in the tourism sector and its related industries, such as restaurants, entertainment, and hospitality, this effort holds tremendous value to Israel and all of it citizens.

The initial phase of the campaign will last for 18 days in the US, carrying the slogan: “When times are tough, the tough keep flying. Support Israel. Fly Israel.”

EL AL will donate 10% of the value of the purchased vouchers to: the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), a non-political, non-military organization founded in 1981 that provides for the wellbeing of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), veterans and family members, and to the Shoresh Fund (formerly known as Kumzitz), focused on assisting civilians impacted by the October 7th terror attacks by Hamas. The fund provides humanitarian support to those displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict, amongst other relief efforts.

Dina Ben-Tal Ganancia, CEO of EL AL, emphasized the importance of this campaign: “now is the time to strengthen the Israeli economy and purchase “Blue and White” (“Kachol-Lavan”). We see the heartfelt solidarity from overseas, especially from the Jewish communities, and their donations of equipment and supplies to Israeli soldiers and affected communities, much of which we have transported to Israel on EL AL flights. We call upon everyone to continue supporting the Israeli economy and plan their future visits to Israel.”

Customers purchasing the vouchers will receive special postcards printed at the Kibbutz Be’eri printing house, one of the kibbutzim that was brutally attacked on Oct 7th. Additionally, EL AL will provide benefits from the Frequent Flyer Program in accordance with the voucher value and the terms of the Program. For more information on the program, including terms and conditions, please see here.

Will you buy a voucher with this program? Post a link in the comments for other Israeli businesses that need our support!

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Very cool! Why don’t they open award space on qantas so we can book solidarity trips?


Can these vouchers be sold according to TOS? Wondering if this can be good for reaching credit card bonus spending.


Dan – I see the quote says this is offered to anyone in the US, but i don’t see anything limiting it as such by clicking on the link. Any idea if an Israeli resident would not receive the status upgrade?


Just to clarify, I currently have platinum Tier. If I spend $10,000 on vouchers will I still not be upgraded to Top platinum?


Are they commissionable?


if they will not be commissionable, they might just be shooting them selves in the foot, AS TA’s won’t accept them without adding some 5-10% to the price, while their own customer service might not be set up in a way to be able to handle all that volume..


most people book online not thru a TA


Will this work through the Amex platinum points option of buying a business class ticket and turning that into a voucher?

Dan Fan

I got a voucher for giving up my present ticket, which I bought through a travel agent. When I tried using my voucher with my travel agent for an upcoming date, they charged me $100 more than the posted fare!
What’s the way around this?


they cant claim commission on cancelled tickets so they need to charge more


Will redeem 8m AC points for Top Platinum


TP is not that valuable


if you don’t book through a travel agent and need to make any changes it will take you unlimited hours to try to contact anyone that can help at El Al. Try to get a human to help you at EL Al is like winning the lottery. If buying any ticket on them you must use a travel agent.


I think it’s a nice initiative for those sure to fly El Al in the future. I want to suggest that Israel Bonds is another excellent way to help Israel with the huge expenses this situation is causing. Yachad Yinatzeiyach!

ben ish chai

you ment Yachad Nenatzeiyach! יחד ננצח meaning together we will win.


If my wife has silver, how much does she need to purchase in vouchers to get gold?
To get platinum?
Thank you


If El Al goes bankrupt these vouchers will be worthless. This war is not much different than the pandemic. After all the emergency exits and returns, passenger traffic is down dramatically Something to keep in mind…


Israel will not let El Al go bankrupt. No need to worry about that.


Was reviewing the fly card and earning diamonds for status. Wanted to confirm that i can charge anything (other then elal items) on the card and earn up to 12000 diamonds a year. That would give me gold status each year. Am i missing something? At least thats what i understood

Shop and Earn!

Earn Diamonds on your FLY CARD Premium purchases!
You can earn up to 12,000 Diamonds for purchases made within the last 12 months.


would this purchase trigger the 5 points for amex personal platinu?? as if its a airline charge?

Albert konig

Dan what would be the best card to pay for the vouchers ?


Is this only for vouchers directly or can paid flights be exchanged for same vouchers?


Is it worth buying this with Chase points, or is the Sapphire Preferred 1.5 per point a better deal?
Or is there a way to get those points transferred at a similar value, to make this offer a worthwhile?


When does the status upgrade become effective? Bought voucher Thursday, hasn’t happened yet…


I also bought on Thursday. I have not yet seen the voucher or the upgrade. Did you at least get the voucher by email??


Would this work for the chase sapphire $200 travel credit?

David W

Thanks as always Dan!
I’m trying to understand something you wrote in the post…if I buy the $10k in vouchers now to bump my status from Gold to Platinum, then when I actually use the voucher in 2024 to buy tickets, do I earn Diamonds for each dollar, towards keeping status? Or, do I only earn the flight segments? How does the voucher usage work with Diamonds?

Thank you!


You will earn all benefits exactly as if you where paying with any other form of payment.


Maybe you want to add that the offer has been extended up to 12/19 as they now state in their terms:

“The purchase of the vouchers as detailed on this page will be valid until December 19, 2023, or any other later date upon EL AL’s choice”


so if i but 18,000 and get gold, and then spend 10,000 i will get bumped to platinum?




Can I buy tickets for other family members and friends? Or does the voucher purchaser need to be flying?

Yitz H

if I need to fly one more flight to get the silver status if I buy now a 10000 voucher and get silver status will I get gold status if I fly one more flight?


They should keep the option to buy vouchers open. Why do they care? Similar to the UA travel bank




Hi Dan, can you confirm this? I got an email after donating for tefillin that says that the cause is through something called City of Refuge, and that the tax ID is 34-1337184. When I looked up that ID nothing came up; when I looked up City of Refuge I found a bunch of Christian charities but nothing that even vaguely looked like it would be distributing tefillin to soldiers in Eretz Yisroel.
Can you advise on what’s going on with this?


By me it said it goes to shoresh..
Nothing about Dan’s fund. Is it over?


Ouch, just purchased from the regular link

Anyway you can allocate the donated funds to your Tefillin campaign?


I’m a gold member
So if I buy $10k do I become platinum or need to spend more?? Asap


The UK version was extended up to 12/31 will the US version be extended once again as well?


In an annoying predicament, tried buying $18k voucher last week . I got some error but the charge is still pending on my card and now I don’t have enough credit line to try again.
Stuck and it’s last day today :/

nachum l katlowitz

I Click on the link ,but it does not show me How to buy a voucher


The link I’d not working???


Link takes me to the El Al home page, is it still working?


Keep trying . It works eventually


Why do I keep getting rejected, my credit card is approving from their end… What could be the issue?


Never mind. Figured it out


can i buy say 59K on one CC and 50K on another CC to become top platinum?
my credit limit is 50K

nachum l katlowitz

Worked finally thanks dan


Link still works now after the zman…


Wow I already got the voucher within 6 hours..


I’ve used the link and used the second option to send them a memo that I am willing to do 100K but with 2 ccs, Hope they get back to me and process it, How can I make sure the 10K goes to the great Tefillin campaign?

moshe z

tried a few times to purchase 18k vie the uk link , didnt go thru


Seems like Citi prestige only giving 1 point per dollar :/


same as Chase Reserve.. Is it worth calling in?


same with capital one – i called them and they said it’s because ELAL is categorizing these purchases under marketing – so you only get 1 point per dollar – and it’s categorized on the credit card as “other” instead of “travel”. If i had known this ahead of time, I would have used my citi card for the purchase – since that is 2% cash back.