After Successful Testing, Delta Will Introduce Priority SkyClub Lanes At More Airports

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Ever since travel demand picked up post-COVID, Delta’s SkyClubs have been plagued by shockingly long entry lines and overcrowding.

In part, that’s because the food offerings in Delta’s clubs are significantly better that their competition. In fact, Delta even has kosher meals available upon request in all of their hub airport lounges.

It’s also due to the fact that American and United have dedicated business class lounges. Delta plans to create dedicated business class lounges, but for now, they only have SkyClubs.

But it’s also because there are more ways to access Delta’s Clubs than their competition.

That’s because if you’re not a club member, you need to have a Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard to access AA lounges, a Chase United Club Infinite Card to access United lounges, or a Delta Reserve card to access Delta lounges.

However, Delta clubs can also be accessed by the very popular AMEX Consumer Platinum or AMEX Business Platinum Cards, which have benefits that exceed the cost of their annual fees before counting Delta and Centurion lounge access.

Delta has tried making changes, such as only allowing lounge access within 3 hours of a flight, but that hasn’t helped with overcrowding.

The airline is locked into a long term and lucrative contract to allow AMEX Platinum cardholder access, so it’s using a band-aid by allowing priority access to clubs for specific customers to bypass the regular line to access SkyClubs, namely:

  • Delta One business class passengers.
  • Delta 360 and Diamond elites.
  • Delta domestic first class passengers who also have SkyClub access.

A Delta spokesperson tells DansDeals that,

“Following a successful operational test in Atlanta, Delta Sky Club will roll out dedicated entry lanes in a phased approach at select airports. These entry lanes are just one of a continual range of enhancements designed to ensure our most frequent fliers and Delta Sky Club guests have a great experience on the ground and in the air.”

It does seem odd that domestic first class passengers have priority over Platinum elites, but I guess you need to draw the line somewhere?

What do you think of a priority line to enter an airport lounge? Would you wait in a line to use a lounge?

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My experience with lounges – My flight is in the wrong terminal, lounge is full, I do get in and it’s crowded and all I can get kosher is a drink – overrated for me


No definitely would never wait in line for a lounge. I’d also be very mad if I paid for the membership and saw a line like that to get in.


It does not seem odd to me that domestic first class passengers have priority over Platinum elites. Delta was a “leader” in the customer-unfriendly game of “you are your fare this time”.


Meanwhile, there’s plenty of chairs available at the boarding gate….


Once you’re used to lounges, there is no going back


I am in JFK a few times a month. I have access to Delta, Virgin, Amex Centurion, and Priority Pass lounges.
Best overall option in my opinion is Virgin. Best kosher meals, smaller than Delta (in a good way), with best service. Good showers with almost no lines. Far from gates if you’re not flying ElAl or Virgin.
Amex Centurion: Cool experience but no kosher food. Great bar (lower floor hidden way in the back), awesome yoga room/massage chair/decompression area on top floor. Great showers.
After that is Delta Sky Club. Very nice, but kosher food not great. Good overall vibe, but definitely very crowded in the past year or so. Status on Delta now gets you into Virgin as well. Good showers as well.
Priority Pass Wingtips lounge is also a good option. Wingtips just renovated and it a really nice lounge with good drinks and kosher snacks, but no kosher hot meals and no showers.


this explains why there was a special agent in the MIA concourse H denying people from entering unless they are elites only or biz class pax, was disappointing but just went right across to Turkish airline lounge was very nice not crazy packed like centurion and Delta


Fortunately I’ve never had a problem getting in.

Shmuli’s neighbor

I am in MSP weekly. How do I request kosher food?

Shmuli’s neighbor

Just asked at the delta lounge in msp and they said they do not have kosher food.


If. I ever arrived early enough, I might pay attention.