Small Bites: New American Snacks, Kosher Meals At All Delta Hub Lounges, United Single Malt Scotch Availability

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American is launching new complimentary snacks in coach and unlike the current Biscoffs, they’re almost all kosher:


From searching on Amazon, OU-parve options should include the Whoa Dough Cookie Dough Bars, Love Corn, Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn, and Deep River Kettle Chips. The Seneca Apple Chips should be Kof-K parve. The Cooper Street Orange Cranberry Biscotti Cookies should be CRC-DE. The only item that doesn’t appear to be kosher certified is the Wildway Banana Nut Granola. Of course be sure to check the packaging onboard.

Kudos to American to having all of those kosher parve treats!


Meanwhile Delta continues their dominance of kosher food availability at airport lounges.

American also offers kosher meals, but only for flagship dining and not at regular Admirals Clubs. United used to offer kosher meals in some Polaris Lounges pre-COVID, but those have been discontinued. AMEX used to offer kosher meals in some Centurion lounges, but those too have been discontinued.

Virgin Atlantic’s JFK Clubhouse, accessible via AMEX Platinum and Capital One, does offer kosher food and wine:


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Aside from American, Delta, and Virgin lounges, the only substantial kosher food you’ll find in any US airports are the Fresko sandwiches which are only sold in JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark:


If you do enjoy a kosher meal served in a lounge, or if you want to see them added, be sure to write to the airline about it.

Delta tells me that they now have kosher meals upon request available at clubs in all of their hub airports, including Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, JFK, LaGuardia, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

DDF member Yaalili shares his meal from the Delta Sky Club in JFK:


DDF member cgr notes that at the new Delta LaGuardia club they offered her a choice of 2 beef meals for breakfast, which she passed on.

Rabbi Mendel Goldberg of Chabad of Playa writes to me that he had the option of fish, chicken, or beef at Delta Sky Clubs in JFK and LaGuardia and that agents were very accommodating about it. When he spoke to the agents at the club about breakfast options, they said they are looking into adding Cholov Yisroel milk, based on numerous customer requests. It’s certainly something worth politely requesting in-person or via email!

You can access Delta clubs if you have the Delta Reserve, Delta Business Reserve, AMEX Platinum, or AMEX Business Platinum card.

Over at United, first class passengers or 1K/GS elites in coach can select a free snack, including their Tapas box, which has these kosher parve items in it. Otherwise the box costs $10 or $7.50 with a United card. You can also use the airline credit from AMEX Platinum or AMEX Business Platinum card to pay for incidentals like these:


In July I flew to Boston with several friends to catch the Tribe play in Fenway Park and from there we flew to Chicago to catch a game in Wrigley before flying home that night.

The kosher vending machines in Fenway offering items like hot dogs and pizza are certainly much improved from what they were in the past and the Romanian sausages and hot dogs with fried onions in Wrigley are just awesome.

But notably missing on the United flights was the Glenfarclas 12 year old single malt scotch. United is one of the few airlines offering a single malt like that and the flight attendants told me that is was replaced with Cutty Sark scotch. They also offered Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

While Glenfarclas isn’t recommended by the CRC, the COR says that all single malt scotch is kosher lechatchila. That makes sense as I received a similar answer from Rav Dovid Schochet, executive at the COR, when he tested me for smicha. But as always, ask your Rabbi for advice.

Drinks are also free in first class and for 1K/GS elites in coach, so I have an absurdly large collection of these miniatures back home…


Was this a Kirby Kutback?

Fear not, United writes to me that they are in fact not being replaced by Cutty Sark. Rather they are experiencing supply chain shortages which they anticipate will continue for the remainder of the month. The Cutty Sark is just a placeholder until that point.

Now, if we could only get Hermolis to cater kosher meals worldwide…

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Non-certified biscoff is the same product as kosher


Just confirmed the same kosher meals as available in SkyClub SLC


Glenfarclas is very underrated. Better then the other glens except for glendronach. The 18 is unbelievable.

Buffalo Trace- AYLOR


I was offered two options of kosher meals at the ORD flagship lounge this week.
My wife took one and I took the other, to be honest, the fish tasted awful, and we didn’t end up trying the roasted turkey. I did discreetly put it into the garbage, so that the manager that brought it to me wouldn’t feel insulted.


Hermolis are the best!


I just flew VS from London to TLV and was very excited they switched from Food Story to Hermolis.


Which first class has the best single malt scotch?


You forgot to mention the Virgin Club House at JFK that serves kosher meals as well as Mevushal wines. The London Virgin Club House has even better meals than JFK!!


Will the AA snacks be similar to jet blue in that it’s unlimited free? Or similar to today were it’s 1 per person (and asking for another is deemed insane)?

Also, I’d note per the rabbanut of Amsterdam, all lotus biscuits are approved.


Dan does that mean AA won’t be your last choice anymore


Buffalo trace/sazerac is also not recommended.


I was in American lounge in JFK they bought me out a few options


Do any lounges in international Laotians have kosher meals?


Exciting news. Exactly a month ago (July 12) I flew thru BOS and went to sky club and mentioned to the manager about sourcing kosher meals and she liked the idea and said she would pass it along because they get requests all the time and I also submitted it to Delta on the website and they wrote back “We work hard to keep all passengers satisfied and happy when they come out of the Sky Lounge. Thank you for sharing your suggestion. We take these feedbacks and suggestions into consideration. Rest assured that this will be shared with our Airport Customer Service Leadership team for internal review. Your experience will help us to improve our processes and ensure that your comments are addressed.”


Add to the kosher food in US lounges
VS at JFK and of course EY


Is that new that priority pass gives access to VS lounge?


Priority pass doesn’t give access. Cap1 VenX and Amex Plat do tho


In the original post it said that you can access with priority pass


When does AA start this?

Delta Kosher

Would you recommend calling ahead to Delta sky club so they can stock a kosher meal ( like on an airplane flight ) or is it unnecessary since they have the kosher meals stocked at their hub airports ?

Second Question : Are kosher meals stocked at all Hub Lounges or only the Flagship lounges like Atlanta Terminal B ?


I had a Fresko chicken salad at newark, was really great actually. Just a little pricey at $13


My colleagues report paying that and more for non kosher sandwiches so we can’t complain much. Remember that one of the airports was selling beer for 25 dollars !


Going to be in jfk phx and lax and also Amsterdam in the next few days any lounge recommendations?


If you have a venture x card can you access Virgin Atlantic clubhouse only if you’re flying delta or Virgin Atlantic? Or any airline?
Also how many guests may you bring?

Rebecca Simon

Is one required to reserve a kosher meal at Delta SkyClub in advance?


Glenfarclas is back on my last United flight