After Feedback And Lack Of Competitor Matching, Delta Walks Back Harshest Club Access Changes

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With air travel numbers skyrocketing and planes filling up despite record high airfares, airport resources are once again being strained.

Last week, Delta announced major restrictions to its SkyClub access rules starting June 1st:

  • You will only be able to access clubs up to 3 hours before departure.
  • You won’t be able to access clubs upon arrival.

Delta 360 members and AMEX Centurion cardholders were exempted from the changes.

You are still able to use the club during your entire connection and you can use the club more than 3 hours before departure if you are standing by for an earlier flight.

But using clubs upon arrival to freshen up is a key benefit of club membership, and Delta club members let the airline know exactly how they felt about that change.

American and United also did not match Delta’s changes, as they are sometimes apt to quickly copy.

Today, Delta announced that they have listened to feedback and will not restrict club access upon arrival. That just leaves the restriction against using the club more than 3 hours before departure. That’s fair enough, but one has to wonder how many people can possibly be doing that and if the new rule will actually ease overcrowding at all?

Delta also announced that they will open business class lounges in JFK in 2023 and in Los Angeles in 2024.

Kudos to Delta for listening to customer feedback!

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Ste en

delta is preety mid @yudi

Ed Travel

The one I would really love for them to walk back is the destruction of the global upgrades certificates now they just upgrade you to the rinky dinky premium economy instead of upgrade you all the way to the business class plus if you don’t want them they give you literal peanuts for them that’s what it’s making me maybe switch to another frequent flyer program….


Dan how about our legendary MJF last night? Amazing!


Can you use priority pass lounges upon arrival?


Yes. I’ve used on arrival in UK and in US.


Presumably they know exactly how many people are using the lounge more than 3 hours before departure based on scanned boarding passes/lounge entry data?


Dan ill be traveling AA busy to TLV. do I have access to a lounge in tlv to freshen up ? I’m not an elite member .


Was at LGA Skyclub last week.
It was awfully crowded.
I had look for an empty seat.


Would love them to open up Delta Companion passes for Economy so they can be used before they expire next year……..they extended expiration during but then make them nearly impossible to use post COVID flying.


One way to alleviate crowding is to deny entry and another way is to expand clubs. Which one benefits customers and which one benefits Delta?