Don’t Miss Out On Black Friday And Cyber Monday Offers: Signup For Deal Alerts! Share Deal Tips On DDF And Earn Sweet Rewards!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are well underway and deals will be rolling in from now through next week.

Not long ago you had to shlep or camp out to get the best deals, but these days you can find the best deals from the comfort of your home.

The catch is that many deals will only last for a very short period of time, so you’ll want to get alerted about the deals.

Here are a few options to do so.

1. Use Twitter to enable instant SMS alerts:

Step 1: Signup for a free Twitter account. (Once you setup this quick process there will be no need to visit Twitter if you don’t want to.)

Step 2: Click here to add your phone number to Twitter.
You’ll need to verify your cell phone number.

Step 3: Click here to go to the @DansDeals page. Click on the follow button and then click on the bell icon next to the follow button:


Step 4: Click here to go to the SMS notifications page. Scroll down and click on the box next to Tweets as shown below. You will now receive instant SMS notifications of deals! You can click on “View users” to see which Twitter accounts you are receiving SMS notifications from.



You can always turn off SMS notifications in the future by unchecking that box.

If you change cell phone providers you will need to undo this process and do it again from scratch to re-enable text message alerts.

There are over 95,000 DansDeals followers on Twitter, so be sure to take advantage of the best deals as soon as you get the alert!

Post will be made at all hours of the day through Cyber Monday, so be sure to set your phone to silent at night if you don’t want to be disturbed 😀

2. Twitter app push notifications:

Step 1: Download the Twitter app for iOS or Android and signup or login to your Twitter account.

Step 2: Search for DansDeals and click on follow.

Step 3: Click on the notification icon next to the follow button and enable notifications for “All Tweets” from @DansDeals.

Step 4: From the home page, click on your own profile image to get to the drop down settings menu and then on “settings and privacy.”

Step 4: Click on “Notifications” and then on “push notifications.”

Step 5: Enable push notifications for Tweets from people you follow. DansDeals should now should up in this section.

3. In-browser push notifications.

When you first visit you should have the option to be notified of new posts. If you said “No thanks” you can still turn them on by clicking on the notification bell icon on the bottom left of the site:


Alternatively you can click on the secure icon in your browser’s URL bar and then editing the notifications settings to allow or block notifications in order to turn them on or off:

4. Telegram notifications:

Step 1: Download Telegram for iOS or Android. You can also use Telegram on the web.

Step 2: Follow the @DansDeals channel and enable notifications.

Have a deal tip? Post it on the DansDeals Forum’s Amazon & Walmart Deals Board or the regular Deals/Deal Requests Board for deals that aren’t related to Amazon or Walmart. If your deals are featured on DansDeals you’ll earn hat tips that can earn you rewards. Past rewards have included an all-expenses paid DDF DO dinner at Mike’s Bistro for people with at least 10 hat tips, an all-expenses paid DDF DO dinner at Izzy’s BBQ Addiction for people with at least 10 hat tips (fiiiiiiiiiiiina schoira!) a $1,500 Amazon gift card with a bottle of Blue Label and 21 year old Glenlivet, $1,000 Amazon gift card, a bottle of 40 year old single malt scotch with a $500 Amazon gift card and a set of United’s hub city collectible amenity kits, and many other prizes for contributors. You can view who has the most hat tips here.



You can also email deal tips to us at or, but please note that we’re unable to answer personal emails.

Happy deal hunting! What is your preferred method to receive deal alerts?

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You dont have the notification bar option when you you sign in or twitter from the mobile site it must be done thru a desktop or the app


Is there a way to only be notified when certain deals are posted? For example, to only be notified when a deal containing “smoking hot” or “price mistake” are posted? Thanks!

Big joe

You could try using the IFTTT app for that and set up a trigger and a response


Is there a option to get just a txt message when a deal is posted?


Dan, what’s with WhatsApp? I know it was transitioned into groups but when will you start sending deals on those groups?


Any way to get sms alerts on an Israeli phone


How can we receive alerts on DDF of new topics posted in Deals/Amazon Deals forums


for some reason twitter isn’t allowing me to receive sms, is anyone else having that issue?


Website notifications don’t stay on for me, last for a few hours or days, then they stop until press subscribe again. Any tips?


im new to dans deals, any more info & details pls whats that DDF? (DansDeals F?) & how it works? thanks


I wish notifications on chrome browser on android phone would stay all notifications not just the last notification


Step 3: Click here to go to the @DansDeals page. Click on the follow button and then click on the bell icon next to the follow button:

Do I need to click on the bell icon to receive SMS alerts? Because then I’m getting on my desktop twice each deal, from Twitter and from DansDeals it self, any idea?

Kollel Yingerman

I followed all your instructions still not getting sms messages. I have a basic phone with sprint network. Any ideas?


Twitter has disabled the sms option for new users only ppl who were using it before can continue


I am not getting WhatsApps anymore or text notifications from you even though I followed instructions and I didnt change carriers?


same here. I stopped getting the sms’s. I followed the instructions to unfollow and delete my number etc. When I restarted I got one text that I am following and that is it. I checked push notifications are on off. Any other ideas? Can i be a g3 verizon issue?