Congrats To Davidthebest: 500 Hat Tips!

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Over at DDF (the DansDeals Forums), there’s a wonderful community of 24,960 members who share deals, travel tips, trip reports, with get-togethers held around the world. The forums have been around since May 2008 and it’s a great place to hang out.

When a member posts a deal on the forum that is later featured on they receive a hat tip, thanking them for their contribution. That’s the “HT” you might notice at the bottom of a post.

4 years ago, I treated some of the folks with the most hat tips to a dinner at Mike’s Bistro.

I did the same 2 months ago at Izzy’s in Crown Heights.

3 years ago, DDF member Marco Polo was the first to reach 100 hat tips and he won a $1,000 Amazon gift card!

2 years ago, DDF member davidmal became the 2nd to join that club.

There are now 10 DDF members with 100 hat tips, each of whom has received a prize for doing so.

DDF member Davidthebest is the first to hit 500 hat tips and just got his own prize package:


I’ve been blogging here for nearly 14 years and enjoying DDF for more than decade. It’s all made possible by DDF members and readers like you. Thanks!

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Congratulations!!! Ad 10000+ 😀


@mileagejunkie bruchim thiya.. thanks


Congrats David!!!
You’re simply “thebest”


Wow! Congratulations 🙂


Congrats @davidthebest!


how do I get you hat tips? i am not good at it i can never find anything worthwhile to save a life in the beginning you feel tichtig that you figured out the cc thing , but then after awhile you start feeling like a taker



Flying Jew

I tip my hat….


And many more!!! Mazel tov!!


Wow thanks Dan! and thanks all!


Does it make sense for a company to publish a sale before it is available to the public? I had this experience with Six Flags. They published sales on the 2019 seasons passes but it was impossible to buy it on the website so I called them and they said it is not available until August 31st.
Heads up great prices will be available August 31st at


Congratulations !


Congrats and thank you to Davidthebest. And, as always, kol hacavod to Dan — how generous!


dTb definitely deserves a HT for this post too. 501 please.


You rok!


מזל טוב! עד ‘אלף’ . מזל טוב




I’m gonna start now. How do I open a DDF mileage account?
And, when I get to 500, can I get a bourbon instead of scotch?