Looking Back On A Month Of War In Israel, News Roundup: Part 3 [Use Android Or Desktop To Open These Posts]

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This is part 3 of a 3 part series that I wrote before Tuesday’s truly incredible rally in DC.

You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

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Hamas exists to sell itself, you silly girl

Hamas may be the elected government of Gaza, but they don’t pretend that they’re there to serve the people.




They’re there to protect themselves and sell their propaganda to the world, even if it means sacrificing their own nation. On the contrary, sacrificing their own and using them as human shields is part of their modus operandi.





The case against Hamas in 21 points




Both sides

Why is it that it was considered offensive to mix in any other hate when Black Lives Matter came to prominence after George Floyd was murdered, but for some reason, people seem incapable of condemning anti-semitism on its own?





On condemning Hamas

Congress stands with Israel…most of them at least.



This was worse than Israel’s 9/11

These are compelling arguments for why the attack was so much worse than 9/11.

France called for an international force to defeat Hamas, as the world did against ISIS. Of course given the millions of civilian post 9/11 deaths from wars fought in the Middle East, perhaps Israel would decline on the basis of the civilian death toll being too high…

The double standard is strong:


Somehow the world was OK with millions of collateral civilian deaths during WW2 and after 9/11, and didn’t say a word when it came to thousands of Muslims killed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, but when it comes to Israel, they speak up.

And on the topic of 9/11…


The Dagestan, Russia Airport Pogrom

A mob stormed the airport in Dagestan, Russia when word got out that a flight from Tel Aviv landed there.

The videos are terrifying.

They weren’t asking for the Israelis. They were asking, “Where are the Jews.”








Another deal bites the dust…





Apparently, Putin tried to Denazify the wrong state?


Russia says Israel should not be allowed to defend itself

Russia tells the UN that Israel doesn’t have the right to self-defense in its war against Hamas.

Obviously all Russia cares about is diverting attention from its own war crimes, but hey, if Russia was supporting Israel, we’d have to question if we were on the right side of this!

Russia also plans on supplying Hezbollah with an air defense system.


So, which part of Hamas do you stand for?



Over $800,000 has been raised from DansDeals readers for our Tefilin campaigns!

Here are some updates since we started the Tefillin campaign three weeks ago:

  • 3,316 Civilian Men committed to start wearing tefillin every day.
  • 3,818 IDF soldiers signed up to receive a pair of tefillin and start wearing them daily.
  • 504 pairs of tefillin have already been distributed.
  • 250 pairs were distributed at the Annual Kinus Hashluchim this weekend and are being brought back to Men who signed up.
  • 1 dedicated tefillin shop in Israel to work full time, checking, and assembling tefillin to support this campaign, allowing us direct control and oversight of the kashrus.
  • 20+ member team spread across the world have been set up to verify the list of signups.
  • 2 Campaigns currently raising money.


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This guy is everywhere! 😀










Teslas save lives:

Not only is Tesla’s insane acceleration exhilarating, it also saved lives, helping to dodge Hamas’ bullets:



And this was a class act:


Turkish Airlines’ martyr discount?

Dozens of readers asked me if Turkish Airlines is indeed offering a discount for martyrs:


Apparently, the word used in Turkish doesn’t have the same meaning:

Japan ❤️ Israel

I’ve spent Shabbos in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe and adore Japan. It’s good to know that they adore Israel as well.





Southwest ❤️ Israel


United learned to speak Hebrew:



Four Seasons Qatar

The Four Seasons Qatar would like you to know that Hamas is not holed up there…


Good question!


The mailboxes of Niz Oz

Houthis enter the war, Saudi Arabia defends Israel

Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile sent from Yemen’s Houthis to Israel. These are interesting times indeed.

Here’s how Israel shot down a ballistic missile in space for the first time.

El Al packs the planes


Despite the challenging flying conditions, Israeli airlines have risen to the challenge.


Well that’s one way to hijack a chant


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Washington Post’s deleted cartoon

The Washington Post ran this cartoon:


Its readers were not happy.

Apparently, that’s all it takes to get a newspaper to delete something these days.


Israeli hotels chip in, with some exceptions

With hundreds of thousands of displaced Israelis needing living space, hotels from Hilton, Fattal, Isrotel, and even the Carmel Forest and Beresheet have opened up their hotels to help with the war effort.

2 notable exceptions are Jerusalem’s David Citadel and Mamilla, which have refused to do so. They said that was due to not being able to find security staffing, though they turned down the government’s offer to help with recruiting.


Cowboys and Firefighters to the rescue

With hundreds of thousands of reservists called up, Palestinians blocked from entering Israel, and foreign nationals going home, there is a severe labor shortage in Israel.

But there are cowboys from Arkansas, Montana, Wyoming, and Texas to the rescue!

And there are firefighters from Miami that watched Israelis help with the Surfside collapse who volunteered to work in Israel as well.




Rabbi Y.Y. on Hamas

Well said.


Sad, but true

US gives humanitarian aid to Gaza, Hamas steals aid to build rockets and rocket launchers, US resupplies iron down missiles. Tragic cycle repeats itself ad infinitum.


Israeli singers raise the nation’s spirits





How Jews protest:


Senator Fetterman

I admit, I was surprised when Pennsylvania voted in John Fetterman.

But this is a man who has his moral compass on straight and doesn’t give in to pressure!







Some Gazans do speak their mind to the media…




Hope they’re still doing OK!


Going kosher to support the cause

St. Charles, MO restaurant Novellus decided to go kosher for a night in support of Israel. They had to close for 2 days to prepare the kitchen for that process.

The owners matched donations to Israel at a dollar for dollar, up to $50,000 matched.

What an awesome show of support!



My awesome mail carrier

We love Aaron!

Tanya in Gaza:

We printed a Tanya in the Falkland Islands on our cruise to Antarctica, but Gaza? That’s amazing!

Gaza: We’re not Detroit!

Pray for Detroit?




Can Nasrallah ever recover from these burns?

You know things are bad in the west when Nasrallah sounded more moderate than most US college professors!

A Hilton in the Domincan goes full anti-semitic:


What in the world were they thinking?


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Family in Israel?

Thanks Hamas…

Thank you to this pilot

This is one awesome flight!


Don’t forget the Stapler!


Coming soon to Gaza…

After all, Chabad has already brought a laundromat, charging center, and BBQ to Gaza to support the IDF!


Will Israel listen to the Rebbe’s advice this time

Matisyahu singing Jerusalem to a BDS crowd

I’ll leave off with Matisyahu’s 2015 performance of Jerusalem in Spain at a festival that tried to cancel him when he wouldn’t denounce Israel.

While the crowd waives flags against him, he stands proud and sings his heart out in the face of hate.


3,000 years with no place to be/And they want me to give up my milk and honey/Don’t you see? It’s not about the land or the sea/Not the country, but the dwelling of his majesty/

In the meantime, will he return to the Matisyahu from the days of old?



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Curious if general Gershon Hacohen has ever apologized to the families of Gush Katif for literally being the commander of the girush?


He’s openly very right wing. He doesn’t even believe in a 2 state solution.


Wow this is an amazing roundup.

Very scary to see where the world is heading.

Any chance things will ever go back to “normal”?

Or do you tuink we should just get used to this craziness (unbridled antisemitism)


Great (3) post!


Wow! Dan that was great! just curious if you think Elon Musk still deserves a shoutout given his clearly anti Semitic tweet today..


John Fetterman being an outspoken champion of Israel’s fight against Hamas in the Senate was not something I had on my politician Bingo card.

Not that I necessarily expected him to align with the Hamas caucus, but for all the issues he could’ve made his hill to die on, I am shocked it is this.

And even though it shouldn’t be surprising at this point, you can never be grateful enough for Richie Torres. It’s easy (though no less welcome) for a politician from Florida or South Carolina to stand strongly for Israel, but he represents a far left district, and has been made public enemy number one for the far left thug organizations.


Fetterman is a Jewish name. I have a strong feeling that John is Jewish.