Watch What Major General Gershon Hakohen Told Me About The IDF!

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Tefillin for our Troops!


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Update 11/11: IDF Major General Gershon Hakohen spoke to me about our campaign and wanted people to understand how special tefillin are to soldiers in the IDF. He himself received a pair of tefillin during the Yom Kippur War, and it’s a gesture he’ll never forget. He told me that our campaign has his full support!

I am very excited to offer this campaign exlcusively for IDF soldiers. Here are some updates since we started the Tefillin campaign three weeks ago:

  • 3,316 Civilian Men committed to start wearing tefillin every day.
  • 3,818 IDF soldiers signed up to receive a pair of tefillin and start wearing them daily.
  • 504 pairs of tefillin have already been distributed.
  • 250 pairs were distributed at the Annual Kinus Hashluchim this weekend and are being brought back to Men who signed up.
  • 1 dedicated tefillin shop in Israel to work full time, checking, and assembling tefillin to support this campaign, allowing us direct control and oversight of the kashrus.
  • 20+ member team spread across the world have been set up to verify the list of signups.
  • 2 Campaigns currently raising money.

Sponsor A Pair Of Tefillin For An IDF Soldier For Just $300 After A $100,000 Matching Grant!

Since launching our Tefillin campaign, we have received thousands of requests.

Thanks to your support, we have already distributed over 500 pairs of tefilin and are delivering another 200 this week.

While working on this project, we were contacted by people from the IDF requesting help to source tefillin.

We currently have a list of 3,500+ IDF soldiers who signed up to receive tefillin. They want to start wrapping daily.

As one mother put it:

“My son in Tzanchanim 890 mentioned to me last night that every single boy in his unit has begun wearing tzitzit every day (even the most secular boys)… Being that they’ve all experienced deep tragedy, but also seen great miracles, they’re inspired, they’re lit up, and…they’re also scared. It’s an emotional time, and they are turning to Hashem. My son also mentioned nonchalantly that there’s a long line every morning to borrow his tefillin. He is one of only a handful of boys (out of 65) who owns tefillin. They want tefillin now more than cookies, cigarettes, and hot food.

I made sure her son’s unit received extra pairs and we have given out over 200 pairs to soldiers, but we need to do more, and this is why I am starting a new campaign exclusively for IDF soldiers who commit to wearing tefillin daily.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the legendary Mivtza Tefillin distributors, The Ichikowitz Family International Tefillin Bank! Teaming up with their experience & resources has allowed us to launch a dedicated campaign to support the IDF: a worldwide appeal to get our soldiers tefillin.

Soldiers require Gasus Batim, which are stronger and more durable tefillin and are available directly from Sofrim at a cost of $600 per pair.

With their partnership and your help the first $100,000 donated will be 2x what it was before, which means every $300 donation will now enable us to send out one pair of Tefillin. If you can give $600 we can send out 2 pairs, etc!

So please, if you can, go here to sponsor a pair or two or three right now!

You can follow along as we distribute these Tefillin on Instagram @TefillinConnection.

If you would like to join as a partner in this campaign or donate via DAF please email

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Mi kiamcha!


Gave a pair. Tizku lmitzvot!


Amazing! Moshiach Now!!

Proud Jew

We are closer to Moshiach than ever !!! Keep pumping out those mitzvot !!!


Amazing. Just to mention that it might be a good idea for the first word of the title to be sponsor as people automatically may skip over it thinking its a sponsored post


Thank you! What an amazing opportunity! I just gave a pair of Teffilin. Readers and beneficiaries of Dansdeals deals and sage advice: Please take advantage of this opportunity and sponsor pairs of Teffilin. We need your merits. We can do it! #TeamDansDeals


Let’s put this in DansDeals terms: Sponsor a pair of tefillin, now 25% off the original sponsorship price!

Truly a beautiful campaign! Shkoyach Dan!


How can i give through the Jewish Communal fund
What is the tax ID for the organization 501C


“If you would like to join as a partner in this campaign or donate via DAF please email”


I have a pair of parshious only that I am willing to donate. How can I do that?


Have Tefflin to donate traveling to Israel tommorrowm where can I drop them off ???


Might wanna link from here to The Hug Felt Around the World related post


There is a powerful lesson to be drawn from this campaign. I know with confidence Dan had no clue this would snowball where it did! Remember he started with goal of 30 pairs!! But we see from here, just because he knew he couldnt get thousands doesnt mean you do nothing. You have to start in life from SOMEWHERE . This is why this story captures the imaginantion of your fans. Look what one small step forward can accomplish!!!! Kol Hakovod to Dan and JJ!


Thanks Dan & JJ for giving us the zechus to be a part of this huge mitzvah. I donated a pair bh. I wish I can know who my tefillin went to and can then daven for that soldier etc.


In for a pair. Thanks @JJ!


Whp writes the tfilin? Are they checked?

Steve Klein

If I donate, will my receipt show that the money was used for tefillin?