Looking Back On A Month Of War In Israel, News Roundup: Part 2 [Use Android Or Desktop To Open These Posts]

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This is part 2 of a 3 part series that I wrote before Tuesday’s truly incredible rally in DC.

You can find part 1 here and part 3 here.

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While Trump feuded with Bibi, Nikki Haley has strongly defended Israel

Donald Trump was quick out of the gate to lash out against Prime Minister Netanyahu, blaming him for past issues, when the real issue is that he was among the first to congratulate Joe Biden on his win.

Trump also praised Hezbollah terrorists as being “very smart.”

On the other hand, Nikki Haley has been a strong defender of Israel in the media and debates.


Her performance in the debates and experience with world affairs is propelling her ahead of other GOP candidates to be Trump’s primary challenger.


On “Proportionality” 

Can there be a proportionate response to terror, to living in fear? Does the world want Israel to indiscriminately and viciously kill and kidnap to keep things proportional?




How Israel checks the aid entering Gaza

Wondering how Israel checks the aid that goes into Gaza?

Israel discovered oxygen concentrators meant to aerate Hamas’ tunnels that were attempted to be smuggled in among boxes of cookies.

The article says that, “The trucks first enter Egypt where they undergo an initial round of inspections. They then are driven into Israel through the Nitzana crossing where they are inspected by Israel’s COGAT military liaison before being sent back to Egypt and driven into Gaza through the Rafah crossing, a second Israeli official tells The Times of Israel, saying the format was agreed upon after extensive talks between Israel, Egypt and the United States.”


Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper have been very fair

While it seems like much of mainstream video has moved on from the 10/7 attack, CNN’s Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper have been fair in reminding viewers how this conflict started, showing compassion for the victims, and telling viewers why this is a just war.


Ron Dermer pulls no punches



Why won’t Arab countries accept refugees?

In every other Middle East war, countless refugees have fled to safety.

Is there a reason that no Arab country has offered a home to Gazans?

In a word, yes.



Portugal’s President: “You shouldn’t have started it”



Delayed invasion

Israel’s invasion into Gaza was delayed by precious weeks.

That was in part dictated by President Biden, who wanted to negotiate for Americans to leave Gaza, to get America ready for a potential larger conflict, and for other various reasons.

In hindsight, it’s unclear if it was worth waiting for as long as Israel did, but that will be investigated along with the explanation of the failures that led to the 10/7 attack.

Haaretz Reporter on the day that Hamas came to kill his family

Left-wing reporter Amir Tibon writes about the attack on his family and Kibbutz Nahal Oz last month. It’s worth clicking through to read the full 22-part story and the lessons he took from it.

Indeed, the vast majority of those attacked were peaceniks who helped Gazans whenever they could, but in the end, those same Gazans mapped out their deaths for Hamas.

BBC and the NYT

The BBC ran with Hamas’ story that an Israeli airstrike targeted the al-Ahli Arab Hospital. They weren’t as generous with Israeli’s refutations, which turned out to be correct.






The New York Times was also guilty of relying on Hamas for intel, which led to an Editor’s Note. However, the note doesn’t even acknowledge that they published a picture of a different destroyed building with the headline about the hospital being destroyed.

Naturally it turned out the hospital wasn’t even destroyed, in the end it was merely a parking lot that was mildly damaged.

And yet, Hamas managed to count 500 dead almost immediately. It has taken Israel weeks to get a firm death count on the attacks in Israel, but the media believed Hamas’ instant death count?

It’s almost too shocking to believe, but clearly the media was hungry for a story like this, and they bought it uncritically.

That caused an eruption of violence across the Middle East, with people killed in Lebanon and other countries. To call the media reckless and irresponsible is an understatement.



This thread documents the media outlets that ran with the Hamas story:


In the end, the New York Times admitted Hamas had lied. But they trusted them over Israel anyway.

It was a modern day blood libel.


Former Times reporter Bari Weiss demonstrates that the problems run far deeper at the New York Times:




Meanwhile, freelance journalists were found to have embedded in the original attacks:





Life imitating art, from a 2021 Tweet:



Disclaimers about the source of the news should be stated before the news, or else the FCC should get involved.

The State Department notes that the “Palestinian Health Ministry” has a track record of inflating death toll numbers.

Now that’s a proper response:


The media should take some notes:


Twitter’s community notes has done a good job calling out some of the terrible media headlines:


Mosab Hassan Yousef tells it like it is

The eldest son of a Hamas co-founder, who spent years in Israeli prison before becoming an Israeli spy, opens up with the real story:


Israel was forced to screen what happened 

It took years for people to deny the holocaust, but too many cast doubt on the atrocities that happened in Israel.

That forced Israel to screen a documentary of some of the barbaric acts.








From the river to the sea is a call for genocide

Hamas’ charter isn’t vague. It calls for the extermination of all Jews in Israel.

The call of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is anglicized from the Arabic “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be Arab.”

There is no desire to share a state, it’s an expression of a final solution and hate.






Is a two state solution still possible?

President Biden has been speaking of the need for a 2 state solution to Israel’s problems. It’s a nice soundbite.

Of course, Israel has offered that and more to the Palestinian Authority on many accasions, which only resulted in further Intifada.

Israel accepted a 2 state solution in 1947 and countless times afterward. “From the river to the sea” is simply not compatible with a 2 state solution, it inherently calls for 1 state, one that is Judenrein, as happened in every other Arab country.

Is that a call for a 2 state solution or a final solution?




Only 13% of Palestinians in the West Bank support a 2 state solution. 

83% of them supported the 10/7 massacre. Is peace even possible?


The goal of every Palestinian organization even prior to 1948 was a holy land devoid of any Jews.

When you have a supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority that has failed to condemn Hamas and that even pays families of Hamas “martyrs,” how can that be the basis of a sovereign state?


Will there be a war on the Northern Front?

Attacks from Hezbollah continue to intensify in the north, which have been answered in turn by Israel.

The US has been leaning strongly on Israel to resist entering into a full-scale war. It has even led to warnings from the U.S. Secretary of Defense to Israel as the US thinks that Israel is trying to provoke a war.

But with drones from Syria flying via Jordan and hitting schools in Eilat, and the US sustaining over 50 attacks in the Middle East over the past month, a wider conflict may be inevitable.


Hatred against Muslim deaths or hatred against Jews?



Why Israel can’t just storm the tunnels?

Here’s why tunnels are a death trap:

Here’s a look at them from 2021:

Reminding the world of the Ramallah lynching

Protestors have been trolling US officials with bloody hands.

Are they oblivious or are they intentionally glorifying the disgusting Ramallah lynching 23 years ago?

Sadly, the world has long since forgotten the images.


What happened to Aziz Salha, the murderer with blood on his hands? Was he put to death by Israel?

No, Israel has no death penalty. He was one of the over 1,000 terrorists traded for Gilad Shalit and is a free man today.

Kibbutz Sa’ad

While Hamas had incredibly detailed maps of Sa’ad, this was one of the few kibbutzim that managed to repel its attackers.

Here’s how:


Nahal Oz Rescue




The United Nations Relief and Works Agency only has one mandate, to support the Palestinians.

When Hamas stole fuel and medical equipment from them, they Tweeted about it, but then deleted it. That’s not suspicious at all.

Sadly, the UNRWA schools have documented curriculum teaching kids to hate Jews.


Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says that the 10/7 attacks didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Nothing like some good old fashioned victim blaming there.

And maybe the UN should look at what its own schools are perpetuating?

The UN will have to face tough questions for why it hid its knowledge that Hamas operated from underneath hospitals:


Iran now chairs the UN Human Rights Council. Isn’t it great that our tax dollars fund this laughingstock?








Kidnapped posters

What moves someone to rip down posters of kidnapped American and US babies and holocaust survivors?

I have no words for the lack of empathy that we’re seeing. Do they not realize it could be their own kids?

Some have said they don’t like the litter. Do they also go around tearing down missing dog signs?







5 free Hostages, 239 to go

Yocheved Lifshitz describes what happened while she was in captivity.

Why were some released? Apparently, it’s part of the Hamas propaganda playbook.

It also was an attempt to buy more time and a ceasefire, but the atrocities committed meant that Israel was forced to dismantle Hamas and not play that game.

Of course, what would you say when the terrorists are still holding your husband captive?



1 was rescued, Uri Magidish was held in an apartment and 2 terrorists holding her captive were killed by the IDF:

And better yet, why isn’t there more pressure for the ICRC to check on the hostages? You can sign a petition here.


Over 100 family members of hostages took a private charter arranged by Chabad and visited the Rebbe’s Ohel, to pray that the hostages all come home safely.

They also attended the rally in DC to create pressure for countries to help bring them home. They will then meet with Congressmen and spread the Rebbe’s message of a strong and complete Israel to protect its citizens.



Black Hebrew Israelites

Black Hebrew Israelites are a notorious anti-semitic group.

But just having the name Israel in your name can get you attacked these days.

One woman drove her car into a Hebrew Israelite building, thinking it was a Jewish school.

And fights broke out between Black Hebrew Israelites and Hamas supporters in Chicago, with Hamas supporters thinking they were there supporting Israel, when in fact they were also there to protest against Israel. How’s that for irony.


Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: Anti-zionism is Anti-semitism

How right he was…


Why is Israel singled out? Anti-semitism

Read more in part 3.

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I met with President Trump last week Monday.

This is what he has told me.

Trump -Hi Rabbi

Trump -What has happened to your people should have never happened.

ME – If you were president it would not have happened.

Trump- Yes, And it did not happen.

ME- The Jewish people of Arizona are praying for you.

In that event he was talking about the turmoil in the Middle East and that how the world is in war .

And he went out to praise himself for takeing out Solomani and Albagazi..

I can tell you that he stand fully with the Jewish people and i cant wait for him to be president 2024