5/16/21 News Roundup: Violence In Israel, Meron Thoughts, Get Away With Murder, Inflation, Chinese Vaccine, Delta Abuse, Nazi Escape, Rental Car Shortage, And More!

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Some stories and deals don’t get their own post, but should get some coverage. Here are some quick takes on stories that caught my eye. Let’s hear your thoughts about them in the comments below!

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Featured Trip Report

ponash123’s trip reports are always a fun read, and her Guatemalan Getaway is no exception!

Violence In Israel

The violence in Israel and the response of moral equivalence is just nauseating.

Yes, the loss of life on both sides is just awful. But if Hamas didn’t launch rockets from civilian areas, there wouldn’t be any loss of innocent lives in Gaza, other than the loss of lives from Hamas’ own 400+ rockets that misfired and fell into Gaza. Shooting rockets from schools, hospitals, and residential areas is just a cowardly and horrific thing to do.

The so-called disproportionate civilian death toll is by design. If Hamas launched rockets from empty fields, the vast majority civilian death toll in Gaza would be from their own misfired rockets. Instead they can get the world to rally around their own terrorism by launching from residential neighborhoods, not only without a care for the loss of life, but that being the goal.

DDF member Yehuda57 also wrote an excellent piece on proportionate response to terror. 

If someone asks why is Israel responding, just ask how would America respond if Mexico starting bombing “occupied” Texas or “occupied” California. Would America just accept rockets sending its citizens into bunkers for countless times a day?

Or in the words of Joan Rivers:


I think Naftali Bennett did a great job of putting that narrative in its place as a media hoax. There is no moral equivalent when one party wants you dead and one party doesn’t want to die.


Or as Mendy Pellin eloquently put it:


This must-read 2014 Atlantic article from a former AP reporter shows the AP’s absurd biases in reporting on Israel. It also says that AP reporters would see rockets being launched from beside their Gaza offices while only writing in their articles that Israel “claimed” Hamas was launching rockets from residential areas. Cameramen would film civilian deaths, but would have to stop recording when it came to Hamas deaths to give the illusion that only civilians were dying.

Even Hamas now openly admits that their funding and missiles come from Iran. All while the US feeds intelligence and gives cash to Iran:

The apparent IDF ruse to get Hamas leaders to hide away from civilians, in their network of tunnels, before blowing up the tunnels was just brilliant! I’m just surprised Hamas has never watched Fauda.

But all of this proves that the Gaza disengagement policy was nothing but a failure of epic proportions. You can’t give away strategic land to people who want to murder you, more than they want to build something of their own.

The start of negotiations has to be Israel’s right to exist. Without that, there’s nothing to talk about. Or as Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel”

What can you do for Israel? Write to your representative in support of Israel’s right to defend itself and get a friend or neighbor to put on Tefilin and light Shabbos candles for peace in the holy land!


Israel’s iron dome on the left takes on the indiscriminate rocket fire from Hamas on the right:

What Can We Learn From The Tragedy In Meron?

Vehachai yiten el libo. It says in Koheles 7:2 that the living shall take it to heart.

After a tragedy, we need to examine what went wrong and how we can improve.

What happened in Meron was not a stampede as some media outlets reported. And it wasn’t some grand conspiracy either, though I understand the need that people have to come up with one as a coping mechanism when it seems there is nobody to blame. Rather, it was a crush and crowd collapse. There were just too many people in too small of a space. When a crowd is too dense, the gap created by just one person slipping can have a ripple effect where holes are made as people are pushed against their will or control on top of others. The exit down a slippery ramp leading to a staircase was a disaster waiting to happen and it’s a miracle that nothing happened until now.

A DDF member went to the scene a week later and shared just how bad the setup was even without throngs of people.

There have been funerals in Israel where this has happened on a smaller scale. Hopefully the lesson will be learned and the situation rectified. But even when authorities sign off on an event, people need to have the personal responsibility not to put themselves in a situation where this can happen.

What is the message for us?

I would never dare to assume what led to this tragedy or why bad things happen to good people.

As Rabbi Avtzon beautifully shared in this story, these are things that even the angels can’t understand, even if they’re perfectly clear to G-d.

But surely some introspection is in order.

We celebrate Lag B’Omer as the day that Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 students stopped dying from a plague. Rabbi Akiva was famous for saying to love your fellow as yourself is the basis of the Torah. And yet, his students perished because they didn’t respect one another.

We’ve been through a year of plague, where everyone is related to someone or knows someone who perished. We’ve bickered about everything from masks to vaccines and said hurtful things to one another by what we think is the ideal response. Where anyone more strict than us is a fascist and anyone less strict is a murderer. Did we learn to be any kinder,  to respect one another, or love your fellow as yourself?

And then on Lag B’Omer we watched 45 more souls tragically pass away.


Have we learned the lesson yet? It’s certainly nobody’s fault, but how can we overlook that they were crushed by people who physically couldn’t make space for one another?

It’s time that we learn to truly love one another as yourself and make space for other people and their opinions. We can disagree, but it can be done respectfully. Some of the comments made on this site that aren’t published, especially on contentious topics like vaccines,  are so vile that they make me want to remove the ability to comment altogether. But I’d rather have respectful dialogue with readers and I strive to foster an environment of respectful disagreement.

As I wrote last week, DDF member “HelpMe” is not Jewish, but shared the agony we felt and he offered to match $500 in donations to the families of the Meron victims, which got the ball rolling to over $31,000 in donations from DansDeals readers to the families of the victims who need the support.

Another lesson though has to be the importance of life insurance.

Just before the tragedy there was a DDF post in a thread on Life Insurance saying “If death was only planned so nicely.” Mere hours later, we learned about the tragedy in Meron. We never know when our time will be up, so the least we can do is make sure our loved ones are provided for by taking out a substantial life insurance policy to cover the unexpected. Hopefully this will become something everyone does when they get married and more coverage can be added as their families grow.

If you don’t have life insurance, talk to someone about signing up now!

Inflation Nation

The Consumer Price Index jumped by a whopping 4.2% in April and it’s only expected to get worse.

Used cars are up by some 21%, gas is up, houses cost a fortune to buy or build thanks to skyrocketing lumber and labor costs. Companies making diapers, cereal, and toilet paper are warning that prices will go up significantly this year due to rising raw material costs.

Usually the fed would increase interest rates to combat inflation, but after a shockingly lethargic jobs report, they will be loath to do so.

There is a real cost to all of the stimulus checks and increased unemployment benefits and we’re about to find out just how high it is.

Costco, Trader Joe’s, And Walmart Ditch The Masks, If You’re Vaccinated

In the wake of the CDC’s updated guidance on mask wearing, chains like Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart are ditching mask requirements for people who are vaccinated.

But unlike when you’re trying to fly to Iceland or Israel, they will work on the honor system and not make people prove they are vaccinated.

No, Lockdowns Did Not Cause Increased Suicides

One very common argument against lockdowns was that they would increase the suicide rate. Not only did that not happen, but the rate was the lowest it’s been since 2015.

The US experienced some 504,000 more deaths in 2020 than in 2019. COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in 345,323 Americans, though JAMA notes that the dearth of COVID-19 tests in the pandemic’s early days caused underreporting of total COVID-19 deaths. They also note that some diseases weren’t caught early enough to prevent death due to disruptions in healthcare and hospitals being overwhelmed with COVID-19.

The US has lost another 240,000 people to COVID in 2021 to date.

Israel Needs Direct Elections

Israel appears to be on a collision course for its 5th election in less than 3 years. It just doesn’t appear possible to get a ruling coalition with the Prime Minister being so contentious.

I’ve said for years that Israel should switch back to directly electing a Prime Minister. Doing so would remove the most contentious part of the negotiations from coalition building. By taking that off the table, it would reason that the other pieces would be easier to fall into place.

Finally, Bibi is backing the idea.

Sure, it’s self-serving. But after 4 elections, it’s the definition of insanity to keep trying the same thing. Systemic change is needed.

If You’re Stoned In France, You Can Get Away With Murder

Sarah Halimi was murdered by Kobili Traore, as he screamed Allahu Akbar, beat her, and threw her out of her apartment’s window.

His defense was that he smoked marijuana before the murder. Shockingly, France’s highest court agreed that under French law, he could not be held responsible for his crimes.

So if you do want to get away with literally anything in France, just do it while you’re stoned.

Pfizer’s CEO Shares His Parents’ Escape From The Nazis

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has helped the world begin to heal from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Jerusalem Post tells the harrowing story of how his father and mother managed to escape from the Nazis.

And now some 70 years later, he teamed up with a German company, BioNTech, to create one of the most popular and efficacious COVID-19 vaccines.

But the mRNA vaccines won’t end with COVID. Pfizer and Moderna are going to use it to fight other viruses and even cancer. The jumpstart in mRNA development may turn out to the the ultimate COVID-19 silver lining.

China Admits Their Vaccine Is Not Very Good

China rushed out several COVID-19 vaccines, but their top disease control official admitted that they’re not very effective. He also praised mRNA vaccines after spending months downplaying them.

Indeed, countries like Chile and the Seychelles are not seeing the reductions they expected after administering Chinese vaccines.

Goodbye To The T-Mobile Gogo Workaround

For a long time, you have been able to use Gogo WiFi on flights by just entering a T-Mobile number, even if you didn’t have T-Mobile.

Alas, those days have come to an end. You now have to receive a PIN code on your phone in order to verify your account.

Did you use this trick while it worked?

Goodbye To The Etihad A380

Etihad’s A380 was revolutionary with first class apartments and a butler equipped residence with a private bathroom and bedroom.

I didn’t find the first class service to be as polished as Emirates and the shower was not nearly as nice as Emirates, but it was still a great experience with a large suite.

Etihad A380 First Class Apartment, Abu Dhabi-JFK, March 2017

Indeed, Etihad is the only airline that did something similar with first class to what Airbus imagined in their model A380 in Toulouse:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by DansDeals (@dansdeals)

Alas, it appears that Etihad’s A380s will be a COVID-19 victim. Etihad’s CEO previously said that it was very likely that they would retire their A380s. And now they have been removed from Etihad’s fleet page and cabin page.

It sure seems like we’re quickly coming to a world where only Emirates, Singapore, and perhaps Qantas will still operate the super jumbo.

Delta’s Hold Times Have Become Absurd

Delta long vaunted operational excellence has been under pressure. They have gone through several holiday meltdowns with hundreds of cancelled flights. And their hold time has ballooned to as much as 41 hours…for a Platinum elite member!

While United has fast and easy Twitter and SMS options, Delta has no easy way to reach someone. For an airline that prides itself on operational excellence, that’s just unacceptable.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian should take a page out of Jeff Bezos’ playbook and call customer service during an executive meeting to prove the point that their hold times were unacceptably long. Bezos waited 4.5 minutes and was livid. Delta’s executives may want to pack their pajamas.

Abusive To A Delta Employee? You May Lose Your Miles

People misbehaving on planes have increased by orders of magnitude since the mask rules came into place.

Delta has updated their program rules to say that abusive behavior will lead to a closure of your SkyMiles account. That includes threats, profane language, insults, slurs, or destruction of Delta property.

On the same note, I heard from a reader who in frustration let a F-bomb fly at an AMEX rep and had all of his cards shut down!

So, think twice before you lose your temper at anyone, but especially at someone that can strike back at you for abuse.

Hyatt Is Coming To Vegas In A Big Way

Hyatt already has a unique partnership with MGM, but you don’t get all Hyatt benefits when staying in MGM properties and Hyatt has no full service hotels in Vegas.

However the enormous Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino will renovate and rebrand as several Hyatt properties.

The Rio has 2,510 rooms. One of its towers will become a whopping 1,501 room Hyatt Regency. It’s expected that several other full service Hyatt brands will also be part of the project!

Man Sues Hertz For Failing To Produce Receipt That Could Have Saved Him From Jail

How crummy is Hertz?

They failed to produce a return receipt that showed Herbert Alford returned a car at the same time he was accused of murder.

Only after Mr. Alford sat in prison for 5 years did Hertz come up with the requested receipt.

Mr. Alford is now suing Hertz.

I guess I’m just a bit surprised that a car rental return receipt proves innocence. Anyone can return a car, it’s not like an ID is required to do that! If that’s a valid alibi for murder, people can well, get away with murder.

But either way, shame on Hertz for failing to provide the receipt in a timely manner.

The Great Rental Car Shortage

Car rental agencies sold off their fleets last year to raise capital and stay in business. They didn’t anticipate things turning around so quickly, but they did.

And now unless you are eligible for corporate rates, renting a car may cost more than your flight and hotel combined.

Still, it’s worth checking rates through sites like CostcoTravel and Autoslash daily as rates can fluctuate wildly. You can also use Turo to rent someone’s private car, though you credit card insurance won’t cover you in case of an accident.

Or, there’s always U-Haul.

Travel Deals, Points, Miles, And a Jewish Burial

Lubavitch.com shared some more background details about a story that I wrote about here, when the DDF family got together to help with a Jewish burial.

Is it time to open the DDF detective agency?

Baseball’s Former Commission Calls Out Manfred Over All Star Game Move

Former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent writes in the WSJ about the dangerous path Rob Manfred is taking by politicizing baseball.

But hey, at least you don’t need an ID to go to a baseball game. So I guess that makes MLB less hypocritical than American and Delta, both of which require ID to check bags for their flights. Well, is requiring ID racist or not?

A Water Bottle From A Spirit Flight Solves A Murder Case

Some 35 years ago Roger Dean was murdered in his home. While the murderer left behind a ski mask with a hair in it, there was no DNA database back in 1985. By 2020 though, investigators were able to narrow down the suspect list and law enforcement followed Michael Jefferson onto a Spirit flight, where they got the water bottle he discarded without him knowing.

The DNA test matched and Mr. Jefferson now faces first degree murder charges.

I’ve heard of murder mystery dinner parties, but murder mystery flights is a level of in-flight entertainment I didn’t expect from Spirit!

Are You Ready For 3D Printed Steak?

Israel’s Redefine Beef has raised $29 million to begin mass printing vegan steaks.


And yes, it will be kosher and parve!

Are you ready to eat a 3D printed steak? Ready or not, it will be coming to a steakhouse near you!

Carry An EpiPen…Even When You Don’t Think You’ll Need It

Osher Deri was highly allergic to dairy, but figured that going to a kosher meat restaurant was a safe place to go without carrying her EpiPen.

Sadly though, the restaurant in Rosh Pina ran out of parve whipped cream and sent an employee to go buy some more.

Osher uploaded a picture of the dessert to Instagram, took a bite, and went into anaphylactic shock.

The restaurant wound up serving dairy cream and Deri died soon after eating it.

Forget Nickel And Diming, Try $770 Million For Extra Legroom

An Australian comedian rocked Twitter when he showed his receipt for an extra legroom seat, for a whopping $770 Million.

Hopefully he’s using a Quinfecta strategy for all those points!

Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth On Flight To Hawaii

A woman who says she didn’t know she was pregnant, gave birth on a flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu.

Luckily for her, there were 3 NICU nurses and a Doctor onboard.

I just want to know more about the not knowing you’re pregnant for 29 weeks. Can someone explain to me how that’s possible?

Are Cryptocurrencies A Ponzi Scheme?

MSNBC argues that most crypto and NFTs are nothing but a Madoff-like ponzi.

Of course the major difference is that Madoff’s victims didn’t know it was a ponzi, while everyone knows that crypto is a slot machine. While stocks climb and crash based on profits, the crypto market climbs and crashes for no reason other than people going long or cashing out based on nothing.

As the greater fool theory states, it’s value is hoping that a greater fool will pay you more than you paid. It’s a fun way to gamble I suppose, but don’t risk more than you can afford to lose!

Think Twice Before Attempting To Carjack A Tesla

You don’t want to carjack a Tesla.

  • You probably don’t know how to open the handle.
  • The driver can accelerate faster than you can threaten him with a gun.
  • Smile! You’re going to be caught thanks to the Tesla’s cameras.

Secure Your Amazon Account, Or Your Kid Will Do This

A 4 year old ordered 918 SpongeBob SquarePants popsicles from his mother’s Amazon account.

He was using his mom’s laptop for remote learning when he figured out how to make the $2,619 order from Amazon.

The story has a sweet ending though. A GoFundMe page raised more than enough to pay for them and then some.

Think Twice Before Skydiving Here

The Skydive Lodi Parachute Center has managed to kill 25 people in 30 years of operations.

They have been investigated and sued over and over again, and yet, they’re still in business. Just be sure to do your research before choosing a Skydiving outfit…

This Is Some Impressive Drone Flying!


Here is a look behind the scenes:

Peter Santenello’s YouTube Series On Hasidic Brooklyn Is A Gem

Mainstream media coverage on Hasidic Judaism always gets it wrong. It’s not even trying to understand it, other than offensively labeling it as “Ultra-Orthodox” and as something alien.

Peter actually tries to embed himself in the community, and gives a refreshingly honest report of what it’s all about. Kudos to him for an impressive effort in trying to understand the dynamics of the various communities and giving people a fresh look at how they operate.

Kudos to Shloime Zionce, who is also on DDF as bluestrings, for his work with Peter on the series!






















Share your thoughts on these stories or post a comment about what other stories that I missed!

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Nice roundup. A print-optimized version of this, and you have yourself a DansDeals Magazine Shavuos edition 😀

Lakewood guy



Delta service has been disappointing on my last flight from Lga

El Capitan

Flew today and tried using my T-Mobile number for wifi but couldn’t get text in the air. Yes, I had wi-fi calling turned on.
Also, will my CC cover u-haul for CDW?


My friend who doesn’t have tmo usually uses my tmo number in the air. He tried that again recently and I got the confirmation code on my cell on the ground. I was able to guess who it was and sent him the code on whatsapp. Gogo let’s whatsapp through.

So basically, now you need a friend on the ground to get the SMS and forward it to you on the plane over whatsapp. Even if you have a tmo number yourself.


Re the Hertz receipt, it’s not about proving innocence, it’s about creating reasonable doubt.


DL does have a messaging option for those with iPhones and it’s fantastic! Faster then waiting on the phone


Came here to post this as well. The iMessage option beats united for me personally. JetBlue has it, too, if I remember correctly


Apparently women not knowing they’re pregnant actually happens! A rabbi from Israel told me about an extremely overweight woman he knows that was cooking in her kitchen, felt some weird stuff going on, and promptly gave birth on her kitchen floor with no pain. She did not know she was pregnant. Apparently she attributed pregnancy changes to just regular body changes! This rabbi is not one to exaggerate.


Considering that pretty much anybody in the US that desires to get COVID Vaccine at this date, can. With exception to some ages.

It should be left to personal choice now, if your worried about contacting COVID get the vaccine and wear a mask to sleep, shower, socialize and shop, etc. Why is there a need for an honor system?

Will the CDC flip-flop next week or month and we are back to masking?

Why get vaccinated if you still have to wear a mask, because you might catch COVID ? I thought the vaccine was supposed to prevent you from contracting COVID.

The logic utterly baffles me.


educate yourself, this is the best way to make your own determination what makes sense. I can tell from your question about contracting Covid after vaccine tells me you haven’t done much research but are following chatter. Good luck


You mean like the Nine (9) New York Yankee players with “breakthrough” cases of CoVID – breakthrough cases are those who contact the virus even after being vaccinated.

CDC “guidance” is that those vaccinated should be fine going mask free – if comfortable – those that are not vaccinated or comfortable getting a vaccination – shouldn’t be shamed for that position.

COVID has been overly political since January of 2020 – too many bad arguments and worse local government guidance…..ad nauseum


OR maybe ask:
Why get vaccinated if you can wear a mask? OH the masks don’t really work!!


Missed these roundups. Thanks for the shoutout!


I.dont think Auto Slash has good rates
See below my potential reservation…
I know rates went up but not to $325 a day for a minivan…

New York John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on 6/20/2021 at 8:00 AM
New York John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on 6/21/2021 at 8:00 AM
Vehicle size:
Minivan or higher

1. Avis

Pick-up at airport rental center: Shuttle needed
Pick-up at airport rental center: Shuttle needed
$322.72 USD


Dan, for as many controversial topics that you touch, I really enjoy that you have an opinion, but seem to take the “reasonable” stance with fact-based opinions to back it up…much appreciated! In a world where it seems that you need to be on one extreme or the other, it’s refreshing to know that there are others out there that take the time to consider both sides and listen. Keep it up!


Re: Hertz.

Read the linked story.

It’s not about the physical return, which can be done by anybody without ID and doesn’t prove anything.

It’s the full rental receipt (showing pickup time, which is when the incident happened) which can only be done by the named renter that’s important.

But the pickup receipt with time stamp should’ve been given when the car was pickup up, not just when it got returned.


Dan love the roundups! Always some stories I hadn’t heard and it’s helpful to see other opinions about issues discussed rationally.


Thanks. I think the info about rental cars deserve its own post. its relevant to many people making summer plans and there’s a god chance they will miss it here.


Regarding the sudden CPI rise and inflation- inflation was so suppressed during the pandemic that it is just now catching up, and that if you average out 2020 and 2021 so far we’re still below the targets. There may be occasional price disturbances in goods such as cars (weird things happening there such as rental companies having sold off their fleets along with the silicon chips supply shortage, causing some cascading effects) but we’re far from out-of-control inflation territory.


Wow, I never noticed these roundups! I really enjoyed the read! Great combo of posts.
Thanks for a treat Erev Shevous..

Good Yom tov to the whole DDF and especially Dan and JJ for your amazing work put forth to make DD what it is today!


The Hertz thing has worked to my advantage when an insurance company wanted to put fault on me but needed my rental receipt, they were BEGGING me for it and I told them to try with Hertz, they had no luck!


You understate the Delta problem.
My record is a 5 hr 24 minute hold time (not happening). Several calls were dropped. My award ticket flt back from Israel to the US has cancelled 4 times. Now flying El Al to Amsterdam then United/Lufthansa from there. Just learned from Delta Tel Aviv office (03 5138000) that I need to call the US #s to get my miles refunded. Gag me.


Great roundup. Always enjoy the interesting and sometimes comedic tidbits. Bibi wants a direct election bec he knows as well as anyone that 9 out of 10 Israelis trust Bibi (mostly with the Arab issues) more than anyone else


Wow I really need to work on my drone flying skills after seeing this video.


Where can I learn more abut corperate rates?


Very enjoyable roundup! Thanks for taking the time.


Crypto, is one of the most controversial topics ( after Vaccines…).
I have a cousin who swears by it and is heavily invested in it.
Many big big investors are all into it. I would love to get to the bottom of it.
What is your personal opinion Dan?

Moishe NYC

I sent an email last week to the Israel Consulate for permission for my wife any myself to fly to Israel. Does anyone know what happens if the Israel Consulate refuses to give us permission to fly – do they notify us that they are NOT giving us permission or they just never respond to us with permission? How does this work?


Why does the title say ” Nazi Escape”? Did I miss something?


Frankly every time this “war” happens when Israel is about to have elections i try and keep my head down and avoid raising too much noise chanting that this is and always has been a slaughter of the Palestinians. The Zionists continually steal land and wonder why a fed up dog attacks when you keep stealing its food. Why not just nuke em and get it over with?! Fine you’ll have to deal with the blowback but u can always accuse anyone who criticizes you of anti-semtitism right? Put them back in their place, Israel is not to be questioned by anyone. Yes i am muslim, yes i hate the Israeli govt with a fierce passion. I hate the House of saud with an even greater passion because of their complicity and lack of any care as long as they remain fat, happy and in power.

Your War-mongering Bibi has served to divide and conquer ever since he came onto the scene in the late 90’s. This war criminal never wanted peace, he wanted domination. And as politicians do, he drew ur anger and manipulated the Israeli nation. Peace died with Yitzhak Rabin and some israelis even want his zionist extremist killer to be let free, Long Live Yitzhak Rabin! he tried.

You care about the dead kids is a nice thing to say… thoughts and prayers right Dano… But your zionist type will never push for peace, because Goyim are beneath you. A wolf doesnt consider the thoughts of a goat when taking its stroll. It takes what it wants.

You zionists are no different than Apartheid-pushing South Africans. Palestinians aren’t allowed to vote but Israel supposedly has a democracy. A Palestinian/goyim vote is laughable right. What do their freedoms or wants or rights or children deserve? Whatever Israel gives those scumbag terrorists right.

I support a land for the Jewish people 100% but i will never support a government that has for decades maligned a minority group of people and has its eyes on its genocide under the cover of night and media manipulation.

Publish this post if you want, i just get tired of the lies and made up defensive narrative while Israel continues to break the backs of its occupied prisoners.

Btw, that French ruling allowing a psychotic pothead to go free. Unacceptable. But Also i don’t just want the best things for my people while completely ignoring my peoples transgressions. Fairness doesn’t require strategy or ploy it requires blind justice.


The violence against Jews in the holy land started long before 1948 (like the massacre in chevron in 1929) and long before bibi came to power!
The land of Israel is G-D’S gift to the Jewish people (source the Bible).
In 1948 when the Arabs on all sides of Israel attacked with the clear intention to “push the Jews into the sea” the Jews fought a defensive battle to protect themselves and offered the Arabs living in the land at that time to stay (unlike the Jews in the Arab countries, throughout the Middle East and past that were kicked out with the bare clothes on their back’s), the only thing the Jews asked for was peace! But the hate continued, each time they tried to win Israel in battle they failed thank G-D! so they came up with a new tactic called the Palestinians that unlike the 800k Jewish refugees from Arab countries that were welcomed in Israel and integrated these Arabs were never allowed to integrate so they can always be the so-called Palestinian people that everyone is screaming about and fighting for.
If you really care about the facts, I would suggest you do some real honest research and see for yourself how the Arab leaders have never been there to help the so called Palestinians rather only to help themselves..




interesting roundup Dan. thank you.


+1 on the DansDeals Magazine Edition. Love the articles and appreciate you putting this together


Great round up! Thanks Dan!

Lakewood guy

Yay the roundup is back! We missed it!


Love these. .. Hint