BREAKING: Finally! CDC Guidance Will Allow Fully Vaccinated People To Ditch Masks In Most Circumstances!

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Thanks to Israel’s rapid vaccine rollout, we’ve known that mRNA vaccines work fantastically well to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However the CDC has stubbornly clung to guidance saying to keep wearing masks even after you’re vaccinated.

I’ve long thought that the lack of incentive is a big reason why the vaccine uptake rate in the US is anemic.

In Ohio, there will be 5 raffles for a million dollars each for vaccinated people 18 and older and free college tuition raffles for those 12-17 who get vaccinated. But I’m not talking about that kind of incentive.

Rather, the CDC is about to change their recommendations to allow fully vaccinated people to ditch their masks when indoors.


Reportedly, you’ll still have to mask up in crowded places, like on buses and planes and in hospitals, but it’s a start. The CDC is slowly figuring out that people need more incentive for why they should get vaccinated.

Hopefully the CDC will also lift the need to have a negative COVID-19 test upon returning to the US if you’re vaccinated as well.

The full CDC guidance will be published later today.

Of course the big question is how to ascertain if someone is vaccinated. In Israel you need to show your digital green passport, but no such creature exists in the US. It’s one of the reasons that some countries haven’t yet opened to vaccinated Americans and why Israel requires an antibody test performed in Israel to prove that you were vaccinated or recovered.

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Dan\'s the man

6 months late! lol


Practically speaking, what switched?

Ze\'ev Jabotinsky

Nothing switched medically or scientifically. The entire cloth and surgical mask has been an anti-science political power play.

Zero studies showing masks work. Zero. That’s been true for decades of mask studies with corona and corona-like viruses. Proof, the non-masking states did better or there has been zero difference:


Keep snorting the hydroxychloroquine


Sorry to disappoint you, buy there’s more evidence that hydroxychloroquine helps covid then dumb surgical masks!


It looks like you posted the wrong link by accident. That one explains how coronavirus causes dementia.


Thank God!
Finally some sanity from this administration.
It’s time for the constant panic mode to stop!


It’s not from this administration, it’s from CDC. This administration has no clue what’s going on


Neither does the CDC


Learn more about how following the CDC’s COVID guidelines and OCD hand washing can help protect you and your loved ones during this pandemic.


This is not good. We need to be living in constant fear. Especially with all these variants. Just work from home people! Make a difference!


Does anyone still care what the CDC says? They have lost all credibility with the way they’ve been flip-flopping on every guidance.


It’s just for official purposes… not for reality.


Question is when the big box chain stores, local transportation authorities, airlines etc will allow those people to ditch masks




Here in Ohio, as of June 2nd, all mandated restrictions will be lifted. We’re at about half of all adults vaccinated. After this announcement today, I would suspect that most states with high vaccination rates (although different states may define that differently) will follow suit and eliminate most restrictions. It’s nice to see things slowly getting back to normal.


Change the rule for planes and then someone like myself whose 27 and had COVID-19 will take the time to get vaccinated.

And how about they change this idiotic rule of 2 year olds needing masks.


I would agree- if there was a way to verify who is vaccinated, it would make sense to allow vaccinated people to skip mask-wearing on planes. It would also provide a huge incentive to people who haven’t yet gone to vaccinate- I bet a lot of people would vaccinate if it meant they could go on a plane without a mask.


This is the whole problem. People who don’t want to vaccinate probably also don’t want to wear masks. If you can’t ask or tell who has been vaccinated or not, then many people without masks will be the unvaccinated. They then raise the rate of possible infection for the entire group.
If there were a way to really verify vaccination, I’m all for removing masks in most places.
Public transportation:. For a short bus ride, sure. For the subway, I want masks to be available in case you get stuck betwen stations. That can be a long time.
Plane rides. Pre-COVID I got sick half the time I was on a flight to Europe or Israel.
Maybe we can get to a point where like seatbelts on a plane, it’s best to use it at all times. But if you need to take it off for a few minutes, people don’t go crazy.


No, you don’t need a mask for turbulence. You do need a seatbelt. So hopefully we get way past that point.


Giving an incentive at the expense of public health? The CDC still does not know how long the antibodies will last and if vaccinated people can transmit the virus. What is the difference then between the vaccinated and the recovered? Let us wait a year and see how things develop just like they did for the recovered.


It’s amazing to me the amount of “incentives” needed to get the vaccine if it’s truly needed. My workplace doesn’t require vaccines so how in the world could they manage something like this? Also why is there never any talk about protection of those that have already had it. Until I start seeing significant number of reinfections I see no need/rush to take any risk (no matter how small) on a vaccine


Politics starting to catch up with science.

When will they consider COVID-19 recoverees fully vaccinated after only 1 dose?


I’m not sure the science supports that idea- vaccination has been shown to produce more antibodies than the virus itself.


A response to your question paraphrased from the CDC (don’t ask me to explain). Learn more about why people who recovered should get 2 doses even though 1 dose in a previously infected individual provides a much stronger immune response than does 2 doses in people who never had the virus. This may help you and your loved ones during this pandemic. This is because experts don’t know how long immunity from a previous infection will last and are also still learning about the effectiveness of the vaccines and how long vaccine induced immunity lasts.
Also learn more about how getting vaccinated is a safer path to immunity than natural infection. Learn more about why experts who don’t know are experts purely by virtue of the fact that they don’t know.


‘In Israel you need to show your digital green passport’

In my part of Israel, no-one wears masks anywhere. Vaccinate and not.

People just woke up and stopped going along with the this scam.


Yup I haven’t been asked for the green passport once


This is good news, but your last paragraph hits the nail on the head.

This could easily work in settings where everybody is known in advance and can prove vaccination status – an office, an airplane, a shul that requires preregistration, etc. It’s hard to see how it can be applied in public settings that people can just walk into, like a supermarket or subway train, without the stupid antimaskers/antivaxxers lying.


In places like Costco, where they check your membership card on the way in, they can check your vaccine card as well.


Perhaps, but then are they going to follow people around that aren’t vaccinated? What prevents them from walking 10ft and taking mask off

Dan\'s the man

When enough people are vaccinated it doesn’t matter if some aren’t. Look at Israel! Remember meron had close to 100,000 people and there were tens of thousands of kids under 16 that weren’t vaccinated and yet nothing in the news about new cases. In the US are a little behind Israel but we are now there. We could go back to pre covid life and the pandemic would still be ending.


I think the news out of Meron on Lag Baomer was focused on something else for some reason.


Thanks for calling me stupid. I don’t need to wear a mask!


It’s not about lying, even if an unvaccinated person comes into a supermarket with a mask, he can take it off a second later and who will realize? Same for any other situation. The CDC was only giving a recommendation for people making personal health decisions based on their recommendations.


I got mine at CVS. After the second dose they emailed me a copy of the details of that dose with information. Still not accessible on but I would think the picture of the CDC vaccination Card plus email copy should both prove vaccination.

Slow joe

So bottom line, the message is the vaccine most likely works but we’re not totally confident so you still need masks on planes , buses…


When it is 90 degrees outside the women wear hats or wigs, long sleeve shirts, woolen leggings . The men wear hats, wool tzitzit, long sleeve shirts and dark dress pants.

But a strip of cloth on the face? Oh the inhumanity, how can we ever survive and conform to such a dress code?


One covers the mouth and nose which we use to breathe out of the others don’t


It’s a mask, not a plastic bag. One can breathe through a mask.


I guess it boils down to if you care enough to make the effort and get used to it.
Ask the average person on the street, they think the wool leggings or tzitzit is ‘impossible’ to wear in the summer.


There is a magical place called Denver where people live normal productive lives with less oxygen in the air because of the elevation. Another magical place is Winnipeg where you wear masks whenever you are outside because it is so darn cold.


Also one gives you brownie points with G-d; the other doesn’t


Correct. One saves lives, the rest is mostly done to look like your friends. (Yes, certainly, halacha does define some aspects of one’s dress, but not most of what is standard among the segment of Jewry that can’t be bothered with masks.)


Yeah Tzitzis protect you, while wearing a mask is just following the herd 😉


Masks save lives:

Tzitzis don’t protect anyone – enough with the narishkeit. Tzitzis are required by halacha on four-cornered garments, and the minhag today is to deliberately wear a four-cornered garment with tzitzis so that the mitzva isn’t forgotten. The explicit reason given for tzitzis (we recite it twice a day) is לְמַֽעַן תִּזְכְּ֒רוּ וַעֲשִׂיתֶם֯ אֶ֯ת־כָּל־מִצְוֹתָי וִהְיִיתֶם קְדשִׁים לֵאלֹ-הֵיכֶם – nothing about protection.

Nobody’s telling you not to wear tzitzis, but wearing a mask in public spaces if you’re unvaccinated or if a mask is required is hardly an imposition in comparison.


Show me a study please where a mask is saving lives – and dont give me any bs about stopping the transmission of a virus.

Also why not always a wear a mask, vaccinated or not? I mean the vaccine is only effective in stopping major symptoms, so they say, and it’s not 100% effective in that realm.

So why stop wearing a mask? And if many are vaccinated, then why shouldn’t a un-vaccinated person have the right to not mask up, i mean the vaccine is suppose to stop the spread, no?

And tell me why numbers of positive Covid infections, in many places, spiked higher then previously once the vaccine was rolling out…hmm.

Also, while we’re at it, please let me know which masks were being studied in that “scientific study” you posted? I’d venture that a majority of people wearing masks or some other facial covering are either not wearing an effective mask and/or not wearing it properly to do anything.

It’s like the TSA, its just theatrics…but hey keep believing the news and all the so-called scientists.


Am I really losing my freedom in America because I choose against an experiential vaccine?




Given what we’ve seen over the past year, I think it’s fair to say that those that aren’t vaccinated will lie about being vaccinated and really not be concerned about making others and children sick.


Sadly true.


No proof that people who aren’t vaccinated make others sick, as hundreds of millions of people had COVID and will likely not infect people for at least a year. If you never had the virus and don’t get vaccinated your point is at least somewhat valid, as it isn’t fair to be anti-vax and depend on other’s who did get vaccinated.


“but no such creature exists in the US”.

In New York state there is an app called the NYS Excelsior pass wallet that looks your information up in the system and can provide proof of your vaccine.


What about toddlers/kids? Do we continue to force them to wear masks when they see adults/parents not wearing them?

Leah Hizami

Important correction: Israel is not a regulatory agency and as such does not allow or disallow anything. In this case, CDC collects and analyses data, and provides evidence-based policy recommendations to states and cities. States and cities then vote on regulations and laws.

Leah Hizami

Please correct “Israel” to “CDC”! You can tell what’s on my mind!


Honestly, CDC doesn’t hold any weight. They can’t dictate what I can and can’t do, as I am a free American with God given rights.

They think they can tell people what freedoms they do/don’t have when they do/don’t get vaccinated. Like, WHY in the world are we divided between unvax vs vax? Why does anyone care whether someone has a vax or not? Did anyone care whether people had TDAP, Flu, or Measles/Mumps/Rubella in 2019? Why do we care so much now? It’s been proven that for the majority of the population, the recovery rate is over 99%. A vaccination isn’t a magic wand for bringing everything back to normal. It will never be normal after the mental damage both the politicians, the CDC and the WHO have done to the public.

I don’t care if someone gets a vax or not. That’s your personal business. That vax for the wuhan virus still needs boosters, so you are never really “protected”, it just lessens your symptoms and possibly keeps you out of the hospital (unless the vax kills you) when you catch it again. It shouldn’t be anyone else’s business whether they have one or not. Vax aren’t “the golden ticket” and we don’t live in Willy Wonka’s world.

And yes, they need to remove the stupid mask mandate for Chikdren. We’re making them sick, and toddlers don’t even know what they are consenting to.


Wuhan virus? Seriously? Doesn’t matter what it’s call it killed over half a million Americans.


I dont need to be able to count to 500k if i can be proud of 99%. #math /sarcasm


You can blame Fauxci for that. No one else. Check the news. He’s going to be thrown under the bus and soon he’ll disappear.


So it doesn’t matter, so what are you commenting for!


“ we’ve known that mRNA vaccines work fantastically well to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

“We know”
“Fantastically well”

Where’s the science on these claims?

If you throw in another dozen superlatives or just one “Super Duper” I’m in!

reb yid

Even if there were a green passport in the US, that wouldn’t help with the mask situation in most circumstances. No one can look at someone in a supermarket and tell whether they’re vaccinated or not.

concerned citizen

covi pass next stop on bus!


It’s absolutely hilarious how people support the CDC’s announcement today that vaccinated people (two weeks after your second shot) no longer need to wear masks because the vaccine has shown it is effective against the mutations that have developed.  Yet, some of those same people refuse to follow the same CDC recommendation that children over 12 be vaccinated to protect themselves and others because we don’t have enough data.Make up your minds people.  

Be honest

Do you ever drive above the speed limit?


We’d all be safer if we kept to the limit. Even safer if we stopped at stop signs. Almost got run over last night because someone thought they were more important than everyone else and drove through the intersection without stopping. Drove around me so I would not dent his vehicle.

Be honest

So you’re not answering my question. I asked you a simple yes or no question. I’m trying to bring out a point.


Should I cherry pick what Rabbi I ask for halachic advice?  No, I should be honest and consistent.  

I’m not smarter than my Rabbi and I’m not smarter than the infection disease experts and virologist at the CDC.  I’m not going to cherry pick what CDC guidance I want to follow.  I’ll happily follow their advice to keep my children safe just like the advice that my vaccine is providing good protection against the new mutant strains of Covid.   


Your cogent argument gives my weary healthcare provider bones life. Thank you for being capable of articulating the nuance that our community now lacks


Its sad that many have forgotten what they learned in gamara class about analyzing the situation using logic. Instead they have learned from the internet a new way of thinking of using logic.

Kat man

what about shul

Matt Font

The CDC guidance is just that, guidance. You’re “headline” saying the CDC “Will Allow” is inaccurate. They have no authority to allow or not allow anything.
Second, Israel does not require vaccinations for recovered people. The US is telling recovered people to get vaccinated anyway, which is assinine.

Mendel Plotke

When are they going bro stop requiring masks on flights??


Just give me the million dollars and I’ll wear a mask


It is unbelievable how people take even a post about good news such as this and use it as an opportunity to insult safety measures and air their political grievances. Dan, maybe you should consider posting news updates like this without the ability to comment in order to prevent people from racking up sinas chinam points in heaven. Avoid dropping that stumbling block in front of all those of us that might be blind, so to speak.



Jerry Lewis II

What a disasters mistake. There is something called a gradual opening. This decision will not get more people vaccinated. It will just allow those who are not willing to get vaccinated to take off their masks and infect the infants and children who are nit yet eligible to get vaccinated!

In Israel...

… almost noone asks to see the Green Passport. It’s a gimmick.

And anyway, the war just ended the pandemic permanently.


On Friday after work in the US, the bars and restaurants in big cities and the countryside got packed like crazy with customers mainly going maskless. Not even 50% of the country has even had a single vaccine jab yet.

In the NYC area, a higher proportion may have gotten a vaccine jab than in NY as a whole, but the state itself has only seen around 50% get a single vaccine jab as of Friday. That means there are a lot of people in the area who aren’t yet vaccinated and have probably been maskless along with the vaccinated in social gatherings.

Let’s see if the CDC’s social influence modeling works out in driving up vaccination levels faster than it drives up the floor on infection cases.