The Longest Flight In The World Returns To Newark On October 11; Here’s What I Thought Of The 19 Hour Flight When I Flew On It

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Singapore Airlines will resume flying the longest commercial flight in the world from Newark to Singapore on October 11. The 9,534 mile flight takes a whopping 19 hours to fly.

It will be operated daily on an A350-900ULR with 67 business class seats and 94 premium economy seats. There will be no economy or first class offered on the plane.

You can redeem 70K Singapore miles for a one-way saver award flight between Newark and Singapore in premium economy or 92K Singapore miles in business class. A standard award in business class would run 135K Singapore miles one-way.

Singapore currently flies nonstop from San Francisco to Singapore on the non-ULR A350-900 and United flies nonstop from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Singapore on a 787-9. Singapore plans to restore nonstop Los Angeles to Singapore service on the A350-900ULR as well as add another nonstop destination.

In 2013 I redeemed 60K United miles to fly business class from Cleveland-Newark-Singapore-Maldives. Back then the flight was operated by an A340-500 with 100 business class seats. There were no other classes of service on the flight back then. It was an excellent way to get to the Maldives.

What did I think of the 19 hour flight?

You can read the trip report here, but in short, I loved it.

Business class seat from Newark-Singapore, February 2013:

The problem with flights to Europe in premium cabins is that there’s not enough time to enjoy a meal and still get a good night’s sleep.

On this flight there was plenty of time for me to eat, drink some wine and scotch, surf the web, watch Argo, get a full night’s sleep, eat again, watch Lincoln, and then land in Sinagpore.

In fact Singapore served 3 separate kosher meals on the flight. The plane was split into 3 sections and I was one of the only passengers in my section, giving the flight an almost private jet feel.

Business class seat from Newark-Singapore, February 2013:

I emailed Singapore if they have kosher wine on the flight and they even catered kosher wine for me!

I’ve flown Singapore in economy, business, and suites class and the service has always been impeccable. The flight attendants seem to know exactly when to bring you another glass of seltzer and when to leave you alone. It’s my favorite airline to fly in any class of service.

I had ordered delicious Sesame Chicken from New Kosher Special with free delivery to Newark Airport and the flight attendants were happy to store it for me in a fridge and warm it up double-wrapped (BYOK).

The sign of a great flight is when you’re sad to have it end. And even after a 19 hour flight, I was sad to have to deplane. Though I sure enjoyed the showers in the Singapore lounge.

Will you book the longest flight in the world when it returns?

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How is it possible that is only 1 hour longer then the LAX-SIN route?

Ronnie Kalatizadeh

when you’re going over the north pole it makes sense


Sounds amazing for a flight experience. Espcially given the stories on the news these day 🙂

I wish I could transfer BA points to get a flight like that given that they’re so devalued. Any ideas or suggestions?


Singapore airlines is worldly known for their comfortable seats and professional outstanding service
I wish all airlines will take classes from them


Except for business class seats on a350 – the current ones are the worst and tightest flat bed config out there and I’m assuming they will keep them for ULR. I couldn’t wait to get out of that claustrophobic box on my IAH-MAN flight. As much as I’d love to do this longest flight as an avgeek, I’d have to pass :/


Yeah,their service looks top notch, hope to fly them one day, and they dont have those foolish amenity kits, I just dont get why people go crazy over a few tubes of hand cream..


Isnt 92k for a one way business ticket way higher than it should be? This route is like 60k miles using UA miles, no (if you fly a different plan/ airline)?


Do we know when shall we be able to book this flight (using Singapore miles)?


Will singapore allow alaska miles to book their bussines class ? any idea on rates ?


Hey Dan,
For this flight will I have to buy my own way from Cleveland to Newark or will my Krisflyer points include this leg to Newark and then to Singapore? Just join KrisFlyer program.


Amazing to hear you enjoyed a 19 hour flight so much on my flight from New York to Johannesburg I thought I was going to walk off the plane it seemed endless and just about everybody else was sleeping


“And even after a 19 hour flight, I was sad to have to deplane.”
You’re one in a million.


We flew business from Toronto to London on Air Canada, London to Singapore on a sq380 and Singapore to Melbourne on a sq380. The service was unbelievable, food out of London was beyond amazing, including wine. We had 3 suppers and 2 breakfasts all together and my husband had to daven shacharis 3 times in 36 hours but it was the best trip! We booked with mileage and it was either this or flying to LAX, 10 hour layover and then United to Melbourne. There was no way i was going on United when i could go Singapore and it took the same amount of time all together.


Btw, this was 5 yrs ago, when you could still book Singapore Airlines on Aeroplan and cost us 135k each round trip. Ahh, those were the days!


So there will be just 101 seats on the whole plane???

Dan Fan

Total 161 Seats
67 – First Class
94 – Premium economy


The sesame chicken from New Kosher Special in Elizabeth is the BEST!

Rephael Chaim Simcha

Is there any kosher food available in Singapore?