[More Reader Success Reports] Rejected For A Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card? Try Opening A Chase Checking Account

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Update: Several more readers have emailed me that they were rejected before opening a Chase checking account and were able to get approved after opening one! Be sure to try this out before the 100K offer ends!

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Originally posted on 7/5:

Back in the days before Chase made their 5/24 rule, bankers were able to submit a special reconsideration form if you had a checking account with Chase. Having $10,000 sitting in a Chase checking account meant that you were pretty much always able to get approved for a new card.

Several readers and commenters have been told by Chase that they can’t get approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card as they don’t currently have a Chase checking account.

Having a checking account is certainly not a requirement to get the card as many have been approved without one, but apparently for borderline cases, Chase wants you to also bank with them before they’ll approve you for the card.

If you have been rejected you should first try calling Chase at 888-338-2586 to get approved. But otherwise, try opening a checking account and then call Chase or apply again after funding the checking account and waiting a few days.

Just remember not to abuse the checking account. As I wrote in this post about avoiding getting your accounts shutdown, depositing excessive cash or money orders or having suspicious or excessive wires can cause Chase to close your checking account and all of your credit cards.

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can i open a (doesn’t have to be chase) account online from abroad? how?


As long as you have a SSN and a US address you can open an account online.
I have done it more than once.


As capital one 360
What about chase?


Wow thanks Dan! Chase closed all my credit cards a few years ago, since then I tried to apply a few times and always got declined, I opened a checking account a few weeks ago and now after seeing your post I applied and got an instant approval!

Bud shaw

Did you declined or a letter saying that we don’t have a good relationship because of “abuse”


I have had a few accounts (checking/savings) with Chase for many years, but am still being declined when applying for a credit card.


During convid Chase declined my business credit card application. When I called the reconsideration number they told me I must open a checking account up be approved.


I was seeing something for a Citi personal checking customer where the low balance, low use of an old Citi checking account meant a low credit card line from Citi even as Chase and Amex were giving the person a lot of credit line even as there was no Chase (nor Amex) personal banking relationship in the picture. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, not sure — but if it’s not a coincidence, perhaps checking account balance/use history matters for some credit card applications?


My cc were shut down 7 years ago after I sold points
do you think this could help me?


Is a savings account good enough?


but 5/24 still applies correct even with checking account?

Kobe Bryant



When can you apply for a chase card after they shut down all of your cards?


When can I upgrade the sapphire reserve card I downgraded back to a reserve after getting approved for the preferred (used your link of course)?


would jointing an account be enough to be considered having a 10k checking account?


I know plenty of people that were banned. They never give you a reason. They assume it is for moving large amounts of money in and out of business accounts. Them and anyone attached in any way including minors. Can anyone report that they let people back in at some point? I am talking about closing checking accounts, not necessarily credit cards.

Raphael Rosin

When you say that having 10,000 in the account will help approval odds, is that an actual threshold for getting approved or just an example? Will just keeping the 1500 minimum to avoid the fees still help? Also, any ideas on how I should respond to the reconsideration dept. when they tell me that my file is too thin? I’m only 18 and I opened my first card 6 months ago.


Wondering the same thing. Got rejected because I don’t have enough cards. I opened my first credit card 6 months ago. I opened a Chase checking account today. Would love to finally get a proper credit card.


Were you able to get approved for the Sapphire after opening a checking account?


Anything I can do about getting rejected for this offer and the reason they told me is because I opened a Chase Saphirre card 2 years ago– but I had downgraded at least a year ago to avoid the yearly fee


Chase closed my credit card over a year ago for no reason, even though I have a business checking acct with Chase. Since then I tried to apply a few times and always got declined. Do you have any idea for me.


Hi Dan, do you know if there’s any way to figure out when the last Sapphire bonus was received to be eligible for a new sign up bonus? Thanks!


Do i must open/have a personal checking account to get approved for personal cc or I could have a business checking account and get approved for a personal card?


Would this also apply a Chase collage account (With $10000-$15000)?


I was shut down by chase in 2014 along with my wife. We were both denied checking accounts around 2017 and then in 2019 we were finally approved to open checking accounts. A few months later I tried for some credit cards and they were denied fast forward to a few months ago and my wife was approved for sapphire and another chase card. I tried my luck but it kept saying I already had the sapphire card so it was an auto deny. I did get approved for the sw card. I spent about 12 hours at the chase branch over a 3 day period and nobody can figure out why it shows I have a sapphire card.


my wife is an additional on my sapphire preferred for a couple of months, is that enough to get her approved for her own card or does she need her own checking account?