Don’t Miss Out: With The Exact End Time For The Incredible Sapphire Preferred 100,000 Point Offer Unknown, When Should You Apply?

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The Chase Sapphire Preferred is currently offering an unprecedented 100,000 points for spending $4,000 in 3 months. With a low $95 annual fee and new benefits like a $50 annual hotel credit, triple points on dining, streaming, and online grocery, transferrable points, and a 10% anniversary points bonus, the card is an incredibly good value. You can read more about the offer here.

We know the offer is ending soon, but there has been some conflicting information on when exactly the offer will be pulled.

After seeing a Chase ad on Google showing that the offer was ending, I reached out to Chase Media Relations and they told me that October 6 would be the final day for the offer. Other websites were also told of an end date today, without a specific time.

Last year when the Sapphire Preferred 80,000 point offer was ending, it was extended until early the morning after it was said to be over. Would that happen again?

Sure enough, the Chase ad on Google has been updated to show an October 7th end date:


So is it the 6th or the 7th? And what time will it be pulled?

Here’s my advice.

Don’t wait.

Every time an incredible offer ends, there are endless procrastinators who show up afterward. Don’t let that be you. This is truly an unprecedented card offer and you don’t want to miss it! Apply now and you won’t miss it. It’s as simple as that.

There are also reports of people being denied a couple of months ago, who are getting approved now, so you may want to reapply if you’re in that situation.

If you converted a Sapphire card to a Freedom card to make yourself eligible for this bonus as outlined in in these FAQs and in this post, current reports are that it is taking 2 days until you can apply and get approved for a Sapphire card.

If you converted on Monday, then you should apply now.

There are several data points of people who converted from a Sapphire Reserve to Freedom late Monday evening that have been approved for Sapphire Preferred this morning!

The only reason to wait until tomorrow to apply is if you converted yesterday or if you want to press your luck and convert now. There’s no sure bet the offer will still be around tomorrow or what time the offer may be pulled.

It’s also worth noting that just having a Chase checking account greatly improves your odds of being approved for this card, even if you have been rejected for it.

My gut tells me that this offer will likely be pulled sometime early tomorrow morning, but there’s no reason for most people to risk it. This is the strongest card offer at a low annual fee and low spend threshold that I’ve ever seen, so take advantage of it now!

You can read more about the offer here and in these links:

Have you been approved for a Sapphire Preferred card with a 100,000 point bonus?

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A chase representative told me 11:59pm Eastern standard Time tonight.

Alan Miller

If I converted from preferred to freedom on Monday night 11pm – is it better to wait until tonight 11pm?

M. Friedman

I converted to freedom yesterday around 3pm EST. Should I try to apply later today? Or not risk it. (If it’s a risk)


Let us know the results!

M. Friedman

Waiting for Dan’s advice first


downgraded on Monday… just applied and got instant approval! thank you!


I downgraded my reserve card about 36 hours ago and just applied for the Sapphire and was declined. Can I try again in 12 hours or so or have I lost all hope?

M. Friedman

What’s the reason of decline. Is it because it was too close to the downgrade or a different reason


I assume the downgrade was not fully processed. Otherwise I have good credit, don’t have too many Chase cards or any other reason to be declined.


I just downgraded an hour ago Dan. Would you suggest waiting till after midnight?


I converted my Sapphire card yesterday and just got denied because not enough time. Should I apply again after midnight or wait for tomorrow morning?


HI, thanks for all your info.. Sorry to bother you. I downgraded on Monday night after 11:00 PM. Applied now, Wednesday 8:10 PM, and got message that we are sorry but unable to approve. Will notify in 7-10 business days why. I have good credit and haven’t applied for another card in the time allotted. Should I reapply tomorrow or wait to see why or should I call Chase. Thanks for your help in advance.


I downgraded Tues at 5:30 pm. If I wait till after midnight tonight and get denied cuz it isn’t enough time can I try applying again a couple of hours later or will they see that I applied and will deny me for that?


I donwgraded Tuesday at around 1pm and applied and got denied. Will try tonight after midnight. Keep you posted


Same situation as aw…. should I wait until after midnight, or tomorrow later in the day?


Got declined right away


I sighed up for the card last night at 11:00 pm. I hope I get excepted!

Shmulies Neighbor

@Dan chase emailed me requiring proof of DOB & address. I submitted a pic of my license. is that sufficient? its been a few days and have not heard back