British Airways Chase Visa Signature: Get 100,000 Miles!

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Update: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts here!

Update: DEAD!!!

Worth noting: Last week I signed up for 3 Chase cards at the same time using 3 different web browsers (The BA Card, a Hyatt card, and a United card with IE, Chrome, and Firefox.  I already have 2 active Continental cards and a Freedom card although the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Southwest card can be good choices as well) and was able to get approved for all 3 by making a few calls to Chase’s reconsideration department (see comment #3 for some great Chase reconsideration contact numbers)
Only one hard credit pull was made.
Talk about a hat-trick, this one was worth some $3,000 in signup points!

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Link removed.

You’ll get a total of 103,125 miles after spending $2,500 on the card, more than enough for 4 free US49/Canada round-trip tickets on AA with no added fuel surcharges! Just 1,875 miles short of 3 free tickets to Hawaii (35,000 miles each) with no added fuel surcharges and you can always transfer AMEX points to BA to make up the difference.

-Get 50,000 miles for signing up and spending $1.
-Get another 50,000 miles for spending $2,500 within 90 days.
-$95 annual fee.
-No foreign exchange fee.
-Earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent.
-Get a free companion award ticket after spending $30,000 (valid only for travel on BA, not on partners)

BA allows one-way ticket awards at half the miles of a round-trip. While AA doesn’t generally allow stopovers on any awards anymore using AA miles (except at the north american gateway city of an international award) You can use BA miles even while traveling on AA to take an unlimited amount of free stopovers, even on a one-way ticket! You can theoretically fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, stay there for a couple nights, then to Dallas for a few nights, onto Chicago for a few nights, and Cleveland for a few nights before finally flying to New York. And you can book that whole one-way ticket for just 12,500 miles and $10 tax!
A stopover ticket like this would have to be booked over the phone. You can check award availability on BA will have access to the same sAAver awards that shows availability for.

Now here’s the thing with BA miles, they do collect fuel surcharges when you travel on most carriers. If you want to travel on BA those fuel surcharges can be quite heavy, especially on long-haul and on connecting flights. But you don’t have to travel on BA.

BA is part of the OneWorld alliance so you can also redeem to fly on OneWorld airlines (American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, JAL, LAN, Malev, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, and S7 Airlines) and they also have non-alliance partners like Aer Lingus, Alaska, and Kingfisher.

You can book some partner travel online but they don’t make it easy, you will probably need to book over the phone at 800-452-1201

Fuel surcharges are worse on some airlines than others.  While flying on BA can be very expensive you can fly on some partner airlines for much smaller fuel surcharges.

They do not currently charge fuel surcharges for travel on AA unless it’s a trans-atlantic flight. They also don’t charge fuel surcharges for travel on LAN.

BA allows families to pool miles together into a “household account.” Up to 6 people at the same address can pool their miles together!

So what are good uses for the miles? There are a few gems.
BA does not charge expedite fees. When you book an AA ticket within 21 days of departure you pay a $50-$100 expedite fee. When you book an AA flight with BA miles you don’t pay that fee.
-You can fly on AA within the US49 and Canada for just 25,000 miles with no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly on AA to Hawaii for just 35,000 miles with no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly on AA or LAN to South America for just 40,000 miles with no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong or China for just 50,000 miles.

Business class is double the coach miles and first is triple the coach miles.
A Cathay Pacific First Class (150,000 miles) ticket may have $250 in fees, but that’s still not bad on a ticket that sells for a whopping $18,000 normally!

In summary, tickets between North America and Europe or Israel will have high surcharges but there are some very good deals to be had for other tickets.

This offer is scheduled to be alive until May 5, but is subject to end at any time.

BA has a number of award charts, here are links to them:

BA Award Chart: Traveling on BA only

BA Award Chart: Traveling on one partner only

BA Award Chart: Traveling on BA and one partner

BA Award Chart: Traveling On Multiple Carriers Round The World Chart

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Think we can avoid the $95 annual fee is we cancel within a short time?


I don’t think Chase will prorate an annual fee like AMEX will.

I’m not sure if the Chase cutoff is 30 days or 60 days from when you get billed for the fee, but if you do cancel before the cutoff you will get a refund of the annual fee.
(Update: It’s 60 days according to a commenter below)


In case guys have problems here are some useful Chase contacts:
Chase: 800-432-3117 (Application status)
Chase: 888-270-2127 (Application reconsideration)
Chase: 877-781-3109 (Card combining & card type changes)
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst reconsideration)
Chase: 888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Office)

If you have a Chase checking account you can also ask a banker in a branch to send in a reconsideration request form if you are rejected for a Chase credit card.


It’s worth noting that if you want any other Chase mileage cards if you apply for multiple cards at the same time it will still just count as 1 inquiry on your credit report and people do get approved for multiple cards that way. Just use different web browsers (Like IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and hit submit on one after the other.
Other Chase cards include:
Sapphire Preferred (points transfer to BA, Continental, Hyatt, etc)


You will actually get 103,125 miles for spending $2.5K, no?


Just applied and got this response:

“We have received your application. Our analysts are currently reviewing your application, and our goal is to notify you within 10 days of this application. Notifications are usually sent within this time, but in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days for processing.”

Is there usually instant approval so i’m out of luck or is this the normal process?



It’s perfectly normal to not get instant approval. Just hang in there and hope for the best!


just open a new british air mileage number and use it on your app and you’ll get the miles again.


60 days to get fee refunded, I just canceled my BA card from last year and had 60 days from when fee was charged. I don’t think you can get around the first annual fee and keep the miles


can you but gift cards to qualify for the 2.5k spending?


I saw this deal a couple days ago on the website, but very nice summary of the details dan!


I’ve never heard of any bank ever actually taking back signup bonus miles for canceling a card.
If you get the miles within 60 days you should be able to cancel if you don’t want the card.

Sure, you can buy AMEX gift cards to spend the $2,500 quickly.

No problem!



This a for sure thing? Or there is a chance that all will be denied and possibly blacklist yourself?


Many people have done it successfully with Chase, AMEX, and Citi on the DansDeals Forums. For all of them only 1 inquiry posted for apps mads at the same time like that from the same bank.


dan, just got the chase united card about a month ago. do you think i will get approved for this one so soon after? thanks


Try waiting 30 days between Chase apps unless you do them simultaneously.


@chaim: So if I had this card last time and closed it and want to be eligible again.
Here are the steps to get the offer again:

I need to create a new BA account.
Apply for the card using the new BA number
I will then get the new miles applied to my new BA account.


Dan, Does Chase consider Mint coins as a valid purchase? Which banks dont?


Yes, Chase does count Mint coins as a purchase.



I have not seen your answer. If I signed up last year can i get it again?


For Chase I find that @chaim is correct.
Good luck!


hi Dan,Can I open the credit card on somebody else’s name and get the miles to my BA account?


Up to 6 people at the same address can pool their miles together with a BA household account:


Can the Travel Together Ticket you earn for spending $30K be used with an award from a partner airline?


As I wrote in the post, no.


The mint thing is still going on? I thought that was very old. What other cards is it good on?



I know this is not the right forum but was wondering if you know of anyone who got in on the fairmont platinum deal whether they got any verifying card/paperwork to attest to lifetime status?
I haven’t received anything from fairmont or livingsocial.

btw if u can post a link to where this topic is being discussed i’d appreciate it.

Thanks dan!


The Mint thing does still work….more discussion can be found on the DansDeals Forums here:

The Fairmont deal is also being discussed at the DansDeals Forums. Here is the direct link:


while chase does consider mint coins valid purchases, they have been known to shut down peoples accounts who use them for large mint purchases.


The Mint only allows $1,000 orders these days so it would be hard to make too large of a purchase.


Does similtanious mean having 2 screens open at the same time or applying 4 2 cards within a short period of time. If its the latter what is the time frame?


It means having 2 or 3 different web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) open at the same time and clicking submit one after the other.


Seems like the real beauty of BA miles is their unlimited free stopover policy. I’ve updated the post with more info about that.


Does anyone know how many miles and how much of a surcharge it costs to get to Israel?


From the terms of the offer “This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.”


65,000 miles.
The surcharge will depend on which airline you take.

Every credit card offer says that…and yet I have still managed to get hundreds and hundreds of signup bonuses 😉


Lets say I need to buy tickets to Israel, and to the west coast for me and my wife, in the next year. I open two cards (one for me, and one for her) spend $5000 in 90 days, plus $190 (annual fee) and walk away with 200,000 miles.
1. How much am I looking at additional fees to get to from NY to Israel and the west coast (separate trips).
2. How soon can I get (and redeem) the miles?
3. Is there any risk involved?


When does offer expire?


I see Mitch asked about that, where can I get a list of surcharges for each airline?


1. NY to the west coast will be 25,000 miles and $10 tax.
NY to Israel will be 65,000 miles but the taxes for trans-atlantic flights is very high.
You will likely be better off using other miles (like from the AMEX Plat card) for trans-atlantic and Israel flights.
Figure on anywhere from $350-$800 depending on the airline and class of service.
There is no list, you just have to search online or try calling to figure it out.

2. You will get the miles soon after meeting the spending requirement and can use the miles right away.

3. Why would there be any risk? Enjoy the miles!

Please read the post.


using other miles is nice if you have them, but do I have a better bet for travel this summer if I’m starting from scratch?
Also, I hear mile tickets are hard to get in July and August?


Apply for some other cards at the same time as the BA card (see comment 3) and get the AMEX Plat as well:

You can get to Israel for $40 in fees instead of $400 if you play it right. And you’ll be flying free for quite a while!


I recently got the Chase Continental card. Should that be a problem if I applied for this card?

Green Card

I got a social about 1 yr ago. I havent done much with it. I joined my self to my wifes checking bank account (which she has held for years), and added my social details a few months ago. Will this give me a chance to apply for this (or any) card, or will i get denied?

Is it worth trying to apply?


The 65000 miles to israel is that roundtrip or one way?


does BA miles expire?


can i open a card for my wife and i and use the same ffn bec you can have a family account. however we still have different last names? will it be a prob


See comment 17.

@Green Card:
There’s no way to know without trying…
You should try to get your social added onto a credit card of hers though.

It’s 65,000 miles round-trip, before fuel surcharges.

They don’t as long as you have any account activity every 3 years.

Why not just each have your own BA account and then join the BA accounts via a household account.


Can I just leave FFN blank and they will automatically open new account or will they link it back to mine?


When d the BA miles expire? or do they have the same expiration rules as AA?



Please see comment 49.


would it not be smart of me to do the 3 web browser shtick if i’ve had to call up in the past to get some chase cards pushed through?


Can the miles be transfered to my AA FF account since they codeshare?


Hard to say. You can always try and call to shift around other cards into newer cards to get the new cards approved.

Miles generally can’t be transferred to other airlines. Only points like AMEX Membership Rewards of Starwood Starpoints can do that.
But BA will be happy to book you on an AA flight.


Great comprehensive article as usual!



If I just got the BA 50K offer within the past few months, any chance I can call cust service and ask for the difference? Anybody have any experiences around this? Thanks


Hi Dan, I recently opened an AMEX platinum card and a Chase Sapphire card. I am concerned that opening too many cards withing a relatively short time period will affect my credit negatively. I currently have very good credit. What are you thoughts? Am i right for being concerned? should I be concerned?



You can definitely try sending them a secure message asking for the additional 50K.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned. If you’ve seen my credit card collection and credit score you wouldn’t be either 🙂

Applying for a new card will drop you a few points but the extra credit line and lower credit utilization you have will raise your score even higher.


@Dan: what’s the email address please?


See this post for instructions:


So basically if i got it last year and applied now again(and was approved)but used the same BA number as last year, i wont get the miles?


I currently live in South Africa and can’t stand having to pay foreign exchange fees every time suing a credit card. Which cards do you suggest would be best for foreign travelers?

Also, is BA good for travel between SA & USA or Australia or Israel mileage wise?

Thanks for a great post!!


@Ben: Ben –

American Express Platinum cards no longer charge foreign exchange fees!


Hi I still have my ba account no. But is closed the account a few month ago is there a any way that can get this card ?


is this a type of card u need to have good credit to get approved?




@adamSmiles: Let us know what you say, and what Chase says. I’m in the same situation, except that I applied only 4 DAYS ago! That was some bad timing. 😉


Hi dan I need to go to austrellia for smicha how many miles and how much wulde it cost to go with qwantes and can my uncle get the card and give me the miles plz reply


Does sapphire transfer into AA?
And can you transfer sapphire points into someone else’s mileage account, like AMEX points?


I love the idea of being able to go to Asia on Cathay Pacific for 100k business or 150k first using these miles, even with the fuel surcharge, since as you said, the charge pales in comparison to the actual value of the ticket!

I was trying to decipher American’s award chart for AA miles, since they seem to be a bit different for north america to asia trips – is BA better?


The baggage section of the site says you get 2 free bags for travel within US with AAnytime mileage awards. Does that apply for flights on AA books with BA miles.
If not, how can you avoid those hefty baggage fees?


Can i transfer the BA miles to aa, or united/continental?


How soon can I close the account, and what do I do with the miles so they don’t disappear when I close the account?


@AJ: Become an elite member with one of the One World airlines. AA started doing matches about a month ago.


Dan, sorry to go more OT, but for the AA mileage rates to Asia (70K Coach, 110K Business, 135K First) – is that good on Cathay similar to how BA is? If so, it seems like it would make more sense to do first with AA vs BA if you’re flying Cathay Pacific, right?


I’d be happy to discuss it (and any other off topic questions) more at length at



Not the right place possibly, but i am looking to get a world master card for insurance on car rental in israel. I got my first *review wih answer in 10 days* from citi, are there any other card which offer rental car insurance in israel?

BTW used 150k Continental + 50K venture miles for 2 adult tickets and two infant tickets to israel 🙂

Thanks for all the assists everybody


Thanks Dan for going thru the sugya for us as usual!


See comment 79.

Your welcome!


thanks dan i got approved on the spot i plan on going to isreal with these miles!!


So can i get this straight: if i already have cards with BA as long as I put in a new british airways executive club account number, I will still get the points?


Also is anyone else having trouble getting on to the application page?!


Can anyone apply for a new BA executive club account number?
How about if they had one in the past?
What is the link for that?


@ #84
yes, the same thing works with other chase cards like continental and united.
no problem with the app.

@ #86


@Dan: worked like a charm for my wife’s card which is still open.

Any experience trying to get it for a card that is now closed? I opened mine in Jan, spent the $2500 and closed it on 2/1. Any advice? Should I offer them to re-open my acct and try for the additional 50k? Thanks Dan


@Matityahu: Just got an email back saying the 50K will be posted next month!


dan how do do with your cc that u still have a good credit u close it or keep all of them ?


HI Dan
Is there anyway to give BA miles or Tickets purchased through miles as a gift?
I.E. is there any way to capitalize on miles?



Many times I can transfer the credit line on a card before I close it so that my credit utilization ratio stays low. Or I convert it to a fee-free card.
But I also close cards all the time and my score is still excellent.

Sure, you can use your BA miles (or most any miles for that matter) to book a ticket for anyone you want!


@Dan: any suggestions how to phrase the question to them?


Are there any no-fee Chase credir cards to apply for at the same time as applying for the BA card? I want another credit card, but not one that I’ll have to cancel after a year to avoid the fee. Thanks.


@Dan – coming from your link to BA app, and clicking “Apply Now” put me into a loop/redirect. I tried it on Chrome and IE as well, still no go.



“Many times I can transfer the credit line on a card before I close it so that my credit utilization ratio stays low”

Dan, I thought those days were over? Isn’t each one of those a big fight?




@adamSmiles: Excellent! Me too. I just got my secure message center reply. Chase is giving me the 100K offer, even though I applied last week under the 50K offer.

And thanks again for all you do, Dan!


@Matityahu: wasn’t as lucky on the card I closed on 2/1/11, they said it was opened over 60 days ago. 🙁
Guess I can always open another card with a new BA# 😉


do i need ba account to open this card



No. They will create one for you if you don’t already have one


Hi Dan,
For one way ticket with stopover, can you change date for the rest segment after you complete the first segment?
For example, after arriving Las Vegas, you decide to stay for a couple of more nights before leaving to Dallas, can you change the flight date from Las Vegas to Dallas?

You can theoretically fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, stay there for a couple nights, then to Dallas for a few nights, onto Chicago for a few nights, and Cleveland for a few nights before finally flying to New York.


I want to apply for 2 cards at the same time and get the maximum out of it with only one inquiry so what’s the best cards and with what cards will I get the most worthy of miles
Thank you dan


tried to apply but the application doesnt load.


please dan <i already have a british credit card and want another one by my continental i tried with a new one pass number and it didnt work they wrote me that i already have a continental card and wont get another do you think it will help if i close my old one ?


Chase Freedom gives $100 cash back after spending $500, has no annual fee, offers 5% cash back in rotating categories, and 1% cash back elsewhere:

Try Firefox? Or try clearing out your browser’s cache/cookies.

Read the post please.

All airlines allow you to combine accounts if the name is the same.

See comment #4. They’re all good!

Just close the old card before applying for a new one!

Chaim #2

If I already had this card and canceled about 5 months ago, should I open a new BA Executive account and then use that number on my new application, or should I apply without giving my Executive number and they’ll automatically give me a new one?
Please help!


Only have 2 credit cards- a Capital One no-rewards card that I got in 2007, and and AMEX PRG card I got in Oct. 2010 (which I may not keep if they do not waive the annual fee for next year). I want to get these miles but don’t want to adversely affect my credit score. How long should I keep this BA 100K card open for to minimize the credit score hit?


How long does it take on till you get approved???

Loshon Hora

I have a BA card some time, could I open another one & get the bonus again?
If yes do I need to open another BA millage account & would they open a new one for me with the same name & address?


Yep. Link to BA app is in loop/redirect again. Will try later again tonight.


Is this deal dead? “Apply Now” does not lead. I tried it with Firefox, Chrom and IE. I cleared the cache still doesn’t work. Can someone please help


It’s still alive but they must be having some problems with the link.

Just keep on trying from all 3 of those browsers and you’ll get it to work!

dan fan

i tried all 3 browsers and nothing. hopefully its not dead


Hey Dan I hope you can help Me. I just got approved for this card and I want to get the 100,000 miles with this us mint deal. How does it work? are there specific coins I need to buy?


can i get same BA chase card, if i never canceled the one i did last year


how high of a credit score do u think i need to get approved


I applied for the BA card and was told will notify you within 30 days what is the likelihood of me being approved since I currently have a continental card

Question 4 Dan

DAN: Lets say my official name is Joe as appears on my license passport etc. but I go by and everyone calls me yossi and all my credit cards show yossi. Is it ok to apply as yossi, which means my miles acct will also show yossi. Would this allow me to buy a ticket with the miles under my official name thats on my passport, which is Joe ? Or should I apply for a card under joe?


Wait and pray!

@Question 4 Dan:
You can book a mileage ticket for anyone or any name.

Question 4 Dan

Also thanks for that quick one… also more thing if im applying for the platinum and this one.I only have IE so can I open another tab in in private browsing (tools, in private browsing) and submit both after another?


@Question 4 Dan:
That trick only works for applying for cards from the same bank.
As you’re applying for an AMEX card and a Chase card there’s no need to do anything special.

Question 4 Dan

Thanks!so I it doesnt matter if i apply for them at separate times ? lets say one 2day and other tomorrow?


@Question 4 Dan:
I would still recommend if you are applying for multiple cards to do it the same day so that the other companies don’t yet see how many cards you are applying for.

But it doesn’t need to be at the same exact time like if you apply for multiple cards from the same bank.

Also banks only pull your score from 1 agency, so if you’re in a state where they all pull from different agencies then you’ll be able to get many more cards then if you’re from a state where they all pull from the same agency. Then you have Capital One who pulls from all 3 agencies, which is a good reason to avoid them as it’s 3 times the inquiries of any other card.

Question 4 Dan

Dan-Just applied for the british one ( says ill be notified by mail) but figured ill wait a month for the amex bec. it doesnt look good to apply for a few CC in a month.

Question 4 Dan

So i should apply today and not wait?


@Question 4 Dan:
I would.
I’ll often stack multiple apps on the same day.

Question 4 Dan

Got approved for amex but not for chase( notify me by mail)


is this dead? It doesn’t seem to be working?


@Question 4 Dan:
Congrats and good luck!

It still works. Try keep trying in different browsers like Firefox or Chrome.


dan i just applyd for this and the continental and i only got approved for british why?


dan my credit is 820 any idea why I didnt get approved ? they said theyl notify me by mail


do I have to see the offer for the 100k miles on the actual application or is it enough just to see it on the link you posted? (when I click to open the application it doesnt mention anything about the signup bonus)


Call 888-270-2127 and ask them to split the credit line between the Continental card and the BA to get approved for both.

You can still get approved, even if they don’t give you an instant approval.

As long as you see the 100K offer after clicking on the link in the post you will get the 100K. It does not say it on the actual application page, but that is not a problem.


i was wondering – if i opened two accounts, would i be able to get the bonus twice?

need some advice

I tried opening 2 cards yesterday
one british airways and one continental. The BA said approved but when I call now it is pending.
what should I do? The continental was pending too!


I wouldn’t open 2 simultaneously.

@need some advice:
Don’t worry, have some patience and see how it plays out.


Thanks Dan! wish me luck, I think im going for the United and Sapphire as well 🙂


Good luck!


Thanks dan I called them and they told me that the continental didn’t get approved cause of duplicate and for splitting the credit I still need to wait till the card gos out of pending mode even u get approved on the spot the card will be pending till the set it up


Dan I got this CC last year (with the 100k offer), I closed my BA credit card around 2 months ago. Last week I reapplied with my old executive club number and I got approved (I was able to check by logging into my chase account.)Is there a chance that they will not credit me the 100k miles since I used this offer once already?


What Chase number is best to call to combine this new card’s credit line with an existing card in your account? Is it 888-270-2127 ?



they will not give the bonus points again. You will get a letter in the mail after your card arrives that says you are not a first time card member and therefore not eligible for the bonus miles. Sorry.


How come you didn’t open a new BA number?
There’s a chance you may get the miles, but the odds are significantly better with a new number.


@Dan: So technically, I can open one card for myself, one for my wife, spend 1$, get the miles, combine the two accounts on BA and then cancel withing the sixty days and still get to keep the 50,000 miles each without the 95 dollar fee? Correct? Thanks loads for all you help and insight!

Loshon Hora

I have a BA card now.
How could I get another one & the millage?
I asked B$ no one answered.



@Loshon Hora:
You would need to cancel your current card, get a new BA mileage number, and apply again.


Hey Dan I got approved for the card But I haven’t received anything in the mail or via email, the only info I’m getting is from BA. Is that normal?


It can take up to 2 weeks to get a card.
You can try calling Chase to get the card expedited.


Dan have you ever gotten the BA promo twice by applying for a new BA account number? I think it is a myth that is being started here.


Thanks Dan!!


“But it’s known that Chase tracks bonuses by mileage numbers”

That is news to me. I suppose i will give it a shot using that method.

Because i have been turned down for other Chase card bonuses due to previous cardholder status. But, i never tried opening a new miles account first.

Will report back in a week or two if it worked


I always got my hope up in the past after getting approved and than i get that dreaded letter in the mail, saying that i won’t get the bonus miles but i can keep the new card!

Wish me luck


Hang around and you’ll learn plenty more tricks like that 🙂
I’ve never gotten that letter when using a new mileage number…Good luck!


Dan, Is there another way to meet a spending limit besides actually spending the money or buying the Amex cards?


i applied for this credit card 5 DAYS ago _ i never recieved reply if i was approved or not – what do i do?


Dollar coins from the mint?

Have some patience. Credit cards can take up to 2-3 weeks.



Ok, I am going for it as I missed the Business Capital One double;-)


Capital one cards come with 3 credit inquiries vs. just 1 inquiry for every other card out there=1/3 of the pain here.
And remember just 1 inquiry for applications made for cards from the same bank at the same time with multiple web browsers (see comment 4)

Consider opening a new BA mileage number first and good luck!

If you are declined and need help getting applications approved, just try calling the numbers in comment 3 where they can close old cards or shift around credit lines to get new cards approved.


Oh how does the US mint coins work?


Dan – can you give us some sample fuel surcharges on nyc – lhr, nyc – tlv, nyc -hkg routes in biz and first. Also, on the $30k companion ticket, I’m assuming they’ll make you pay for the fuel surcharge as well?



If I open new cc accounts and then close them quickly, will that cause my credit score to drop, and if yes, what do you recommend I do to get around that?



Dan tanx for all the grate info.
could u please explain a bit about shift around credit lines to get new cards approved?
If my 2nd card is still pending & i didn’t give them a new ba number could i open now a new ba acc now & call them thy should add it the app? (i still have my card from last year and don’t wanna close it)


what is the great uses for BA u found now


if i keep open my old BA card and use a new FF # will i get the bonus miles is it YMMV or for sure want get it i am at 12k spending for the companion


When u say to give them a new ba number is that if u cancel your old “credit card” or even if u still keep it?


i’m using the companion only in First as i posted;topicseen#msg77062 reply # 179


does anyone if chase signed me up to ba’s miles program if that means I’m approved for the card


Not sure if this was asked, but I got this card last time the had this offer and still have the card open. Do I have any options to get this one now? For example could I close the card i currently have and turn right around to get this one? Or could I just open a second one and combine the miles on the accounts somehow?



Close the card first and then open a new one.


So just to be certain, in order to cancel and not pay the annual fee, i will need to cancel the card within 60 days of receiving it or within 60 days of receiving the bill after the first year?


got rejected! crazy, maybe because i just opened the 25-50k BA card a few weeks ago…


Within 60 days of the first bill.

You need to wait 30 days between Chase applications if they’re not done at the same time.



Having a hard time searching their website. Keeps telling me I have 0 points so I can’t get the accurate information. Can you give us one sample on the FC companion ticket – let’s say NYC – SYD; what the mileage and fuel surcharge would be.


Even if you have 0 points it will still tell you the miles and taxes required.

You can only use the companion cert on BA, so that would having to fly from New York to London To Singapore to Sydney. The surcharges for all that flying on BA will be massive and the flight will be torture. Better off flying on their OneWorld partner Qantas without the companion cert…


Dan: I have 22000 points from my amex gold.. What do you advise me to do with them? I have other cc such as aadvantage,platinum and continental, should i combine?


just curious. is cx or qf a better first class experience. overall, am i right to assume 150k for cx first is the best redemption value (if you hit both hkg and pvg/pek)?


Dan, this is not a question but would like to share my experiences with playing the credit card “game” to get the intro bonus miles/points. My father discovered the loophole that if you wait 90 days after canceling a particular credit card that you are purged from their system as being a previous card member and can re-apply for the exact same card again and receive the first time member bonus. Well, I started doing this back in 1999 and was able to rack up 160,000 miles on AA in less than one year just by cycling through the numerous cards on the citicards website. At the height of my activities i was getting about 30 cards/year. I had to throttle back for a year or so since my credit score started to drop significantly but it rebounded quickly since the inquiries don’t last too long on your report. It really felt good when I booked a trip in 2008 to Tokyo first class on AA for 120k miles and saw that the sticker price was over $15,000 for the ticket if I were to pay cash. It has def. been a great hobby that PAYS!!!! Just thought I would share my story with you and your readers.



With us mint can you buy any coin or does it have to be a specific one?

need advice

I was approved for the british airways but denied for the continental since they will not approve 2 cards at the same time
any ideas how I can get the continental approved


I wasnt approved: the reason is;
“too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”


Cathay Pacific First is better than Qantas First.

And using some free stopovers with BA miles to go to the far-east is great!

Definitely a hobby that pays!

The dollar coins are the ones you want.

@need advice:
Call the Chase numbers in comment 3 to get a rep to split the credit line between another card to open the BA card.

Try calling the Chase numbers in comment 3 for reconsideration or an analyst.


finally approved… I first applied on April 3rd… my credit monitoring service reported the inquiry was made 10 days later on April 13th… so if it’s of any use to anyone who got a delayed response to their application… that might shed some light as to why some approval are instant, and others aren’t.

need advice

Dan- I called them and asked them if I could split my credit line and they told me it’s nothing to do with that
they just won’t approve 2 credit cards right after each other
any other suggestions?


Dan: I have 22000 points from my amex gold.. What do you advise me to do with them? I have other cc such as aadvantage,platinum and continental, should i combine?

need advice

Hey dan I followed your advice about applying for 3 chase apps simultaneously from 3 different browser. I applied for BA United and Continental. The problem was that in the continental app I didn’t fill in the home phone number and employer etc as it wasn’t starred. As a result the united and ba apps went simultaneously but the continental didn’t.The answer from United and BA were: “Pending” Only then I realised about cont. so I quickly filled in the necessary info and hit apply for continental.I got the same answer; “Pending” Did i mess up, as all three weren’t done at the same time? If yes is there anything I can do now? Thanx Dan your awesome!


Is there anybody who got approved for both cards? (when applying simultaneously)


Does anyone know if you can sell BA miles? I’d like to spend the 2500 bucks and then just sell the 100000 miles


@Dan: Dan – on the 150k CX First reward to the Far East, how many stopovers are allowed in each direction?


Check out for questions such as that.

Yes. Look on DDF (DansDeals Forums)

Unlimited as long as they’re along the route!


@Dan: One more q! – if China is my destination, can I fly JFK – LHR – TLV – HKG – PVG – KWL – PVG – HKG – JFK? What is considered “along the route”


Avi – If you happen to know how many miles and fuel charges are need to a trip to China from US I would appreciate it.


need advice:

Let us know what happened. How quickly did you submit all 3 apps from each other and what type of browser(s) did you use?


Dan, i applied for my wife for the ba cc and got approved,
is it possible to apply for me as well and recieve the 100k miles?
and what about the annuel fee can in cancel anytime and stay with the miles?


You can definitely apply for yourself.
If you cancel within 60 days you should get a refund and keep the miles…


Dan, I had the cc last year and tried with a new BA number, as suggested above. They first denied me credit at first and then I called in and got them to approve and I did get approved.

I then sent a message to them to make sure that the bonus offer was correctly assigned to the card. But they wrote this: The 100,000 miles enrollment bonus offer is valid for
first time cardmembers with new accounts only. According
to British Airways, you already received an enrollment
incentive of 100,000 bonus miles on a previous British
Airways account.

So, what is going on? Has the information about different BA numbers been *verified* or just a rumor? If verified, what information (such as different address or name) has not been spelled out completely? I feel like there is some “you must read between the lines” going on that I’m missing!

Please help!


Is it possible to apply for the same BA card on 3 browsers (300,000 miles)??


i did my new ba account with a different address and got no such letter so far.


@Amy: sure..I used firefox chrome and internet explorer. The ba and the united apps went simultanously and the continental one about 12 seconds later…


Applied 4 the wife for both co and ba got declined 4 both. called and they told me i was declined for both since they were similar cards?! they asked me which one i would rather have. i told them ba they approved it . i guessi will wait to receive the cardand then try and get the c approved as well

please help

can anyone please advise me how I should proceed I got denied for 1 credit card stating that I had applied to two credit cards the same day
they were 2 totally dif cards
what should I do?


What type of credit score do you need in order to get approved for a card like this?


can someone please help me
me and my wife are looking to go to Israel for suckos and we want to get a free flight or as many miles as possible, we have never used miles before and dont have any credit cards now.
what credit card should we get for the most miles


anyone receive the caed yet got aproved for me and my wife two weeks ago still didn’tget the cards?


I am an American living in Canada and would like to apply. Can I apply using a Canadian address?..or do I need a US address, which would be my mother’s or sister’s that I really don’t live at…just as a mailing address…is this OK? what’s the best way to do it?


@dovi: I would suggest you should wait for Dan’s answer, since he’s a bigger expert. But, as my suggest you should apply for the Amex platinum card for both, receive 50,000 for both, then apply for the chase continental as described in this site, that would give you a total of another 50,000 for both, then merge both the amex into the continental, you’ll have over 100,000 for both, that’s far more then enough for a economy class ticket. but again, Dan will be able to advise better.


Is there airline lounge access with this card?


@Dan: If BA fly the same route as AA, can u choose to fly with AA using your BA miles, in order to pay less taxes or will they insist u fly with BA? Or am I totally misunderstanding how u book the flight? Thanks


@please help:
Call the numbers in comment 3.

Check out where you can search for questions like that that have been discussed at length and you can ask questions as well.

I would give your parents US address.

Not with the BA card. You’ll want the AMEX Platinum for lounge access.

Yes, you can definitely choose to fly AA or any other partner airline to avoid the high BA taxes.
You may need to call BA though.


I applied and they denied, than got them to reconsider and agent said he will put in a recommendation for a low credit limit approval.
Its still in pending a few days already but today I recievede an email from BA welcoming me the executive club and membership no. Etc, does that mean they probably will now approve it?


I have a 2 other cards from chase (freedom, and quicken) will that prevent me from getting these miles?


Let us know 🙂

Not at all.


does this card work for a buissness acount


I was approved for the BA card on 4/16 and just got the card. I also got a letter from Chase that says:

” You recently opened a new British Airways Visa Card account, which offered a premium after completing your first purchase using your new card…. Our records indicate that you have taken advantage of this offer or a similar offer in the past … ” ) ]”Based on this information, your new account is not eligible to receive the premium associated with the first use of your card.”

I used a new BA FF# and I applied. I guess Chase has updated the system. About the $95 fee. Do I just cancel this card now?


i would like to apply for this credit card but i don’t have any credit history since i never had a credit card
what should i do?



I got the same letter as Fetcher (comment 223) So shall I just cancel the card now? Or is that not good for the credit?Shall I call and say I did not realize its for first time only? Whay you suggest??


i was wondering if
a. i can use these miles for a travel this summer to BRU (Belgium)?
b. if not, and i would like to use it next year, am i better off selling these miles for cash because of the high fuel charges?
c. is it bad for my credit if i open a cad and close it within 90 days (to avoid all fees)?
thanks for this post and all of you posts…


Dan, I will soon be attempting this new FF# on CO being a previous bonus reciever. I’m afraid they may have some new relational database that now uses some other data as the primary key for the bonus awards reference.

need help!!

I applied for 3 apps Dan at once like you said and was denied for all of them . Is there anything I can do?



i have recd the ba bonus miles year ago. cancelled accot abt 30 days ago. how can i signup & rec bonus miles into my ff acct?



did anyone open the chase credit card and then close it?
did they leave the miles on the ba card?


The miles will stay in your BA mileage account even after you close the BA card.


Follow up on post 230:

Which other cards should I get from them? I already have a continental. What else is worth it for mileage? And will they just agree to transfer from BA to another carrier?

need help!!

@Dan: Dan thanx for the reply . Q . What do I tell the rep when she asks my why I applied for 3 cards on the same day? Also I don’t have other Chase cc ….what can I negotiate with them? Thnx!



At your post 207, you mentioned that your new BA number has a new address. Is the address the same as your address for credit card application? Or you changed your old BA number to a different address?


Your words above:
You can also open another Chase card and use the BA card as a negotiating tool to get approved for another card in exchange for agreeing to close and BA card and transferring the credit limit over to the new card.

Which other card besides continental would you advise to negotiate for?



See comment 4 for some other good cards.

Dan please help!!!!

I received the BA card. Unfortunately I received a letter in the mail stating for first time users. I opened a new BA number. what should I do? I was counting on these miles!


Dan i applied for 3 cards from chase like u said but was denied . What should I tell the rep as to why I applied for 3 cards on the same day? Thanx


Can I ask you?
When you opened the new BA Account:

Same address?
Same Telephone No.?
Same Email?
Same exact name?

As your current BA Account? And As your current Chase cardholder account(s)? Lastly, we you targeted or not?

Dan please help!!!!

I opened the account a couple of days before I applied. dif email address, same name…

Dan please help!!!!

and they put my old british airways number on my card how do I get them to switch that????


Dan, would you please let me know the total fees going on BA from Newark or JFK via London to tlv or there is a better way to fly ,i have 200.000 BA miles, thanx

no miles

I also got a letter stating that it is for new customers only. Its becoming difficult to get any chase promo. It used to be once a year for the new accounts but they are tightening up and going by ss


Does anyone know if BA miles can be used for hotels, rental cars, etc., or can they only be used for flights?



I applied and got approved and made a small purchase, when will I get the miles? They did not show up on my account.


When your statement closes.



I applied today and did not get instant approval. I called them trying to get the status and they said it will take between 2-4 weeks. Does this mean I was denied? If so, I can ask them to reconsider my application, but that will be after promo ends. Does that mean I won’t be eligible for the miles?

Thank you


Dan –

Can I use the BA miles to book an EL AL ticket through AA??
It’s a longshot, but you never know.



dan,i see everyone is saying that they picked up on non first time members even with new account do you have any new info on this?


@mb: Good luck 😉

trip boy

Dan, time is ticking, do you thing applying under dif email and slightly dif name will work if i already got promo last year??? or do they go by SS? (anyone else with insight welcome to comment, tks)




anyone know the fuel surcharge from usa to australia using ba miles to fly on qantas?


Hey Dan, 1) Are there specific coins from the list that I have to order (e.g. Circulating $1 Coin Direct Ship Rolls – Abraham Lincoln (Y16) ) Or can I order any from the list. 2) Can I technically order $30,000 worth of coins and meet the spending limit for the voucher for two or is there an order limit?


I have rcieved my BA Credit Card, and chase said i should get the miles after spending the 2500 and il see it between 6-8 weeks please advise if il cancel the card (to avoid anual fee) will the miles still go in the account after cancelling?


can i do a balance transfer instead of spending $2500?

yossi 2

Dan, looking to sell the 100k miles is it worth? And any idea where ill get best paid 4 it?


i just got my card i will make my first small purchase to get the 50000 but i am wondering how do i got about doing the mint coins thing can u post a link or something it will very helpfull


I was not instantly approved. Called Chase landing services and lady told me that she cannot approve my application, since I applied for 8 cards in last 12 months (my last app was with Chase in February). I asked to reconsider, but she didn’t want to even talk about it – she repeated and repeated that such number of apps is too much and even I have a perfect credit history doesn’t mean too much. What should I do?



As I was denied the rewards as a non-first time applicant I called chase to try to transfer my credit line to a new card. They will only transfer the credit line to another existing credit card that u have with them but not to a totally new card. They said u have to close the account and then reapply for another card. What you think about that?

need help!!

@Dan: I called Chase Reconsideration and they said they need a W2 form….I also called my Chase bank and the manager said she cant mail them any such letter as it is a different party that underwrites etc…any ideas?
Thanx Dan


@need help!!:

W2 has nothing to do with your Chase Bank, why not send them a W2 (just make sure its for what you stated on the application….after all you wouldn’t lie….)


@Dan: hi, a quick question….for someone without credit history who wants to get approved for a credit card-what’s the best way to build up credit? Does it help to be an authorized card holder on someone else’s card? Thanks


I keep on opening up the link and only the t&c are on the page not the actual offer. Any clues?


hi thanks for this great offer. i applied and less then a week later i receive notice that chase has randomely closed my freedom credit card that i had from before, reason: credit history not long enough, i have credit since 2007.
can this be linked to my application for the ba chase? is there anything that i can do for them to consider reopening it?



As long as you applied before the promo ends then even if you ask for reconsideration afterward you will still get the 100K promo.


@trip boy:
The only way to know for sure is by trying.

You can check on by booking an award ticket for the route that you want.

Any from the list, but the mint limits you to $1,000 a month now I believe.

The miles will post on the statement after you meet the spending requirement.

@yossi 2:
Try contacting the advertiser in the banner ad on top of


Try again.

Try opening a new card and have them transfer the limit to that card.

That would help.
Or open a store card like from Gap or open a secured card.

It works for me.

Call the Chase contact numbers in comment 3.


would this card work for small buisness?


i got 100000 miles last year from this offer could i apply again will i recive them again,{bec i know someone that did it the second time and didnt recive the miles


@yossi2 I contacted the dansdeals banner ad guy, and he said he would buy the 100000 ba miles for 1050 dollars


dear Dan, my application was accepted for the ba card. I also have a starwood Amex card with 60,000 miles. I will be traveling to London in august. How should I book my flight? Would u suggest I get the Amex platinum card to cover the foreign transaction fees?


is the promotion still good?


Sure if you apply with your personal information…

Seems unlikely at this point, although some have claimed that they opened up a new BA account with a new address and contact details.

I suggest you peruse



Hi Dan, I already have a AADVANTAGE ACCOUNT, Where will these Miles Post, they will give me a Different account specifically for BA? if so Can i join the Miles together to claim one Ticket? Say for example i have 50,000 with BA and 25,000 with AA, Can i buy a Ticket worth of 75,000 Miles?

Thanks 🙂


BA will book you on AA and vice versa, but you can’t combine their miles together into one account.


New BA account


hi how can i know if i do this and get the 50.000 if i can use it towards car rentals and hotels only? or do i have to use it for plane tickets?
whan does this promotion expire?



I got my credit card and activated it. How do i login to see my account?


Thanks Dan for ur Ehlp
Thanks Miles, as well! 🙂


hey dan, does the card need to b ordered by thursday or do you need to have it and use it by then… if i sign up now and get it in a week will i still get the miles?


Hey dan, the last day for This offer is may 5th or may 6th?

Also I plan on doing the double browser method, are there any other current chase offers going on now that I can do?



Yeah, go for the Continental 50k offer. It will be the last time it is offered before those miles become United.


@dov: British Airways from New York to Tel Aviv with a stopover in London is 65,000 miles in economy class (double that for business), and the fuel surcharge as of today 5/3 for flying in June (if you could find an opening) is $570 approximately.


how long after opening the BA card do i need to cancel not to pay annual fee?
If I opened AA visa (75k offer) 2 months ago can i open this also?


Will sending a friend a gift of $2500 thru PayPal funded with the BA card, do the trick as far as the 1st 3 month spending requirement to get the 100k miles? of course i will have them send it back to my account so i can pay the bill.


Help! I checked availability on AA and there were numerous flights available almost everyday but when booking on there were only like 3 AA flights most days. Is there a work around?


As long as you signup by May 5th you’ll get the miles.

60 days.
You can definitely do this card even with AA cards.

Sure, pick up the phone and call BA to book the flights.



Do you know to whom I can complain in Chase about rejecting for BA Visa? I received a rejection letter, called Credit Card services and the guy was willing to open a card (even asked me what kind of CC limit I want to have), but suddenly he saw `a note` from my conversation with previous resps who didn’t want to open a card due to ‘many new requests were made for new credit’. The guy had repeated again and again, that he will follow other reps’s suggestions. Even threatening to close my checking account and other credit cards (I have 3 with them) didn’t help. So, instead of writing a mail to Credit Card services, may I write a letter to someone with higher rank?


DAN can you please advise how to write to amex about getting additional miles from previous sign up bonuses that where higher. for example the 100k for platinum and the 75k for the gold


how do i set up a new British Airways mileage number?


Hi Dan,
I just got off the phone with a chase representative and she assured me that I would have only 30 days to cancel my British airways visa card from when the annual fee was posted to my account if I wanted to be refunded the annual fee, however she also said that by doing that I would be forfeiting any bones benefits I received by signing up namely the bones miles. She also told me that they do not have an option to combine this card with another card being that this is the only card they offer with British airways.
But I guess 100,000 miles are worth the $95.00 annual fee! 🙂


If you spend the money before the first statement you will get the miles on the first statement. You will then have 30 days to cancel and get back the fee. I’ve never heard of any credit card taking back the miles. They are in your BA account how can they get them back?


dan, where can i sell Ecards from AA?


It may be, that even if I spend the $2,500 on this statement the mileage won’t show up on my account for another month or so and by then the 30 days from the charge of the annual fee (which was already posted on my account on 05/01/2011) will already be over.
Basically they can stall with putting all the miles into my account until after the 30 days are up. Therefore if I cancel before the 30 days they will still be able to disqualify me from getting them altogether.
Anyway this is what the rep. told me.


Dan, I read the fine print on the bottom once you click on the link its says miles can only be used for europe, how do you know that you can use it for israel, just curious


Anyone know how long it takes for the 100,000 miles to post?


dan isreal is never avalabale with miles when should you start looking for tickets how far in advance and whats the cheapest way miles wise to go?


Does the 1$ Transaction have to Seperate from $2,500 or if i Bay a Bill of 2,500 i will get the miles Automatically, meaning 100,000?



Call more reps using all the numbers in comment 3.

Definitely not true. The Europe ticket is just an example, you can use the miles for anywhere in the world that you want.

On the statement after you spend the $2,500.

There’s always availability. You just need to know how to search for it.

1 bill of $2,500 would qualify.


if you get rejected for the card, does it still affect your credit? thanks dan!


If your saying i only get the 100,000 miles on the statement after, than when can i cancel the card to get credited for the fee and also keep/spend the 100,000?


@asherg & dan

I believe Israel is considered Europe according to BA classifications (see chart dan posted)


Dan – I applied for Continental, United and BA visa cards with 3 browsers, and I got an instant response on all 3 that they are reviewing my application. Does it make sense for me to call the reconsideration or status numbers at this point, or should I only call after I get a rejection from any of them?


How will opening this card then closing it after I’m finished to avoid the annual fee affect my credit?


Is what I wrote in #292 and #295 to be expected? It sounded like you meant we can can cancel the card and still get the annual fee back, or the number that you posted to combine the card.
Is there anyway around what what the rep. told me, mentioned above?

mah nishma

Anyone get annual fee waived?


You should have 60 days (ro 30 days according to some reps) from when you get billed for the card to cancel the card and get a refund.

I would wait, but YMMV.

Assuming you just juggle the credit lines back and forth to other cards the only effect will be the hard pull to get the card, which will cost just a couple points and will fall off your report eventually.

Obviously the rep won’t tell you you can do this…but you either have 30 or 60 days from the bill to cancel and the miles will post on the same bill if you spend the $2,500 right away.

@mah nishma:
Not unless you cancel it.


is there still a raffle going on if you apply for credit cards thru your links?


Nope, that’s over.
The winner will be announced later this month.

reb dan plz help

help!!!!! united landing page only showing free 1000 mile upgrade not the 30k offer i tried in ie/mozilla/chrome????


Dan, I was hopeful when you gave the numbers and said to call reconsideration because I have bad credit. So which of the numbers should I call for that and what should I say to them for best results?


If I applied today and my application is pending, if I get approved after the deal expires am I still able to get the points?


@reb dan plz help:
That’s normal for Chase apps. As long as the first page says 30000 miles plus $50 cash back you will get that. You can also save a printscreen as a precaution.

100%, as long as you apply by today you will get the 100k miles offer.


Is today really the last day of the offer?? Or will they be extending it?


@Dan: Dan,
did you send emails to all who are included in raffle yet?
cuz i got none yet…


how do you juggle the @Dan: Dan can you explain the process of “just juggle the credit lines back and forth to other cards”?

reb dan plz help

applied, and got three app pending, can i call now to have them push it through or i wait till i get an answer in the mail??


i just applied and was told wait 10-30 days


From what they told me, today is the last day.

Call the reconsideration number in comment 3.

@reb dan plz help:
There’s no right way of doing it. Personally I’d wait, but you can try it now also.

Good luck!


dan im sure you applied for the card last time around if so whats the way you plan on getting it again??? would like to do same.


@Dan: its sayin error the app wont load


Dan, What do you tell the CSR when they say that you already have 2 cards and just applied for another 3 other than “I want to rip some miles off of you…”?
I successfully created many CC through you (and I used only your links)but i did them on my cousins/brothers/wife’s vchulu’s names. I wish I would have the guts to do them all on my own!
Please help me


You can try creating a BA account with different details.

Works for me.

They didn’t ask, but if they did I would just say I’m a miles addict.


if the app loads how do i know if i will receive 100k its after 12 (in the past i had case with ba that theyoffer on their site 3 weeks after it ex and they didnt honor it saying that in small print it had exp date


If it still loads you should be OK. It was supposed to last until May 6th, but then they decided to make it May 5th. I think for today you’re still safe.

Deal guy

how can you tell if it was only 1 hard pull or 3? Where do you see the amount of hard pulls?


@Deal guy:
AMEX, Citi, and Chase only pull once for multiple apps made at the same time.

You can look inquiries (hard pulls) using something like Citi identity monitor.


@Dan , @Anyone else:

I have already applied for the BA card at the beginning of April, and got approved after calling in, and pretty much being interrogated about my self-employment. However, I was interested in using the 3 browser method and applying for the following cards:
1. United 30k/$50 (then ask for 50K)
2. Continental 30k/$50 (then ask for 50K)
3. Continental 50k

So my questions were:
1. Do you think it’ll be possible for me to get any or all of these since I just got the BA card about just under a month ago?
2. How can I make the 3 browser method work successfully? (clean cookies, use Chrome-Firefox-IE, etc.)
3. What should I write to ensure I get approved? I have a decently good credit score, I think? I haven’t actually checked exactly (I don’t know how or where), but I’ve been approved for the Citi AA Visa, AMEX Gold Delta, AMEX Plat, Chase BA, all thanks to you in the past 3 months. I had a friend who stated he was a medical/law professional student to avoid giving any employment information and he was instantly approved where I stated self-employed and was given the 21 questions.
4. Other than these or instead of these, which cards do you recommend? I’m open to changing it up. I find the Hyatt, SPG, and Sapphire cards not that useful since I don’t spend much time in hotels and the cash back is so minimal.


if i want to cancel the BA card and the Amex plat. and still get the miles,
do i need to spend the required amount ( BA $2500, Amex $1000) the first month for the miles to post before I cancel?

Is there still the amex gift card option?



Well, I did apply for 3 cards (AMEX Platinum, BA Visa and US Airways MC) one after another in 5 minutes timeframe. Banks are AMEX, Chase and Barclays. Was instantly approved for the first application only (for AMEX Platinum). Last two were under consideration and when I called to them, they already saw other inquires. All of them used Experian. I pulled up my credit report from Experian the next day, and all three pulls were on the credit file. So, I don’t know is it really work to apply for several credit cards in one day.


still up. going to use your link and get me some miles.


Does anyone know if American Airlines has a promotion that waives checked baggage fees within the United States for AAdvantage members? I know that Continental has the promotion but I’m flying AA in a few weeks and wouldn’t mind some free bags.

can anyone help me

I applied and they put my old BA number on it.
I am trying to get them to change it but they told me it is nothing to do with my BA number, it is if I received a promotion in the past. Can chase verify that info?


it seems deal is still live can anyone confirm?


Links not working for me, but if it is for you then go for it.

I don’t understand why people always procrastinate so much!


Deal is now dead


@ swiz, how do u plan on asking for 50k on the united was there a deal that offered that?


I got the card and on the same day received a letter stating that since i applied for this promotion in the past i will not receive the miles. can i fight them?


I received my credit card in the mail a couple weeks ago, but have not yet activated the card (or made any purchases), will the miles still post to my account if I got approved for the card before May 5? How do I know I will get the bonus miles (the paperwork the cad came with did not mention anything…)


just pushed it through today by splitting my credit balance with other cards. do i still qualify for the deal?


I Just received this letter: 🙁

” You recently opened a new British Airways Visa Card account, which offered a premium after completing your first purchase using your new card…. Our records indicate that you have taken advantage of this offer or a similar offer in the past … ”.

Any ideas why this happened to me and not the many others out there?
Should I call and try to get the bonus or is that a waste of time?


@Crunch:were you able to avoid the $95 fee, did the 60 days cutoff work.


I got the same letter


I got the same letter even though I used a new BA account number.


By the way its not dead. you can still sign up. look at its still posted there!!!!


i had the card last year and closed it and i applide for a new one i was sent a letter from chase that they would not give me the singing up miles so i called and told them this they said they would give it to me on the phone 2 months have passed an i called in they say they cant give it to me and they dont see that i called what can i do dan ?


@Dannyboy: dan, i called chase to cancel my ba card and the rep told me that chase reserves the right to take back the miles!do you think there is anything to worry about,or i can just cancel?


I applied for this British Airways/Chase card in April and have spent about $5k on the card. I only got the original 50k miles (my mileage balance shows 55,269). How do I go about getting the other 50k miles?


I’ve gotten 100,000 miles for this card a year ago and have closed it. I applied again and got approved. I didn’t create a new executive club membership before opening. Chase is saying that I wont be able to get any miles on this card not for signing up or for spending 2,500 in 3 months. Any suggestions as to what I can do.


I just received the 100,000 miles that was promised to me by a senior manager in June. Is there any good way to use this to fly to Israel? I would like to get 2 tickets.