British Airways Chase Visa Signature: Get 100,000 Miles!


Update: DEAD!!!

Worth noting: Last week I signed up for 3 Chase cards at the same time using 3 different web browsers (The BA Card, a Hyatt card, and a United card with IE, Chrome, and Firefox.  I already have 2 active Continental cards and a Freedom card although the Sapphire Preferred card and Southwest card can be good choices as well) and was able to get approved for all 3 by making a few calls to Chase’s reconsideration department (see comment #3 for some great Chase reconsideration contact numbers)
Only one hard credit pull was made.
Talk about a hat-trick, this one was worth some $3,000 in signup points!

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Link removed.

You’ll get a total of 103,125 miles after spending $2,500 on the card, more than enough for 4 free US49/Canada round-trip tickets on AA with no added fuel surcharges! Just 1,875 miles short of 3 free tickets to Hawaii (35,000 miles each) with no added fuel surcharges and you can always transfer AMEX points to BA to make up the difference.

-Get 50,000 miles for signing up and spending $1.
-Get another 50,000 miles for spending $2,500 within 90 days.
-$95 annual fee.
-No foreign exchange fee.
-Earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent.
-Get a free companion award ticket after spending $30,000 (valid only for travel on BA, not on partners)

BA allows one-way ticket awards at half the miles of a round-trip. While AA doesn’t generally allow stopovers on any awards anymore using AA miles (except at the north american gateway city of an international award) You can use BA miles even while traveling on AA to take an unlimited amount of free stopovers, even on a one-way ticket! You can theoretically fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, stay there for a couple nights, then to Dallas for a few nights, onto Chicago for a few nights, and Cleveland for a few nights before finally flying to New York. And you can book that whole one-way ticket for just 12,500 miles and $10 tax!
A stopover ticket like this would have to be booked over the phone. You can check award availability on BA will have access to the same sAAver awards that shows availability for.

Now here’s the thing with BA miles, they do collect fuel surcharges when you travel on most carriers. If you want to travel on BA those fuel surcharges can be quite heavy, especially on long-haul and on connecting flights. But you don’t have to travel on BA.

BA is part of the OneWorld alliance so you can also redeem to fly on OneWorld airlines (American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, JAL, LAN, Malev, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, and S7 Airlines) and they also have non-alliance partners like Aer Lingus, Alaska, and Kingfisher.

You can book some partner travel online but they don’t make it easy, you will probably need to book over the phone at 800-452-1201

Fuel surcharges are worse on some airlines than others.  While flying on BA can be very expensive you can fly on some partner airlines for much smaller fuel surcharges.

They do not currently charge fuel surcharges for travel on AA unless it’s a trans-atlantic flight. They also don’t charge fuel surcharges for travel on LAN.

BA allows families to pool miles together into a “household account.” Up to 6 people at the same address can pool their miles together!

So what are good uses for the miles? There are a few gems.
BA does not charge expedite fees. When you book an AA ticket within 21 days of departure you pay a $50-$100 expedite fee. When you book an AA flight with BA miles you don’t pay that fee.
-You can fly on AA within the US49 and Canada for just 25,000 miles with no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly on AA to Hawaii for just 35,000 miles with no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly on AA or LAN to South America for just 40,000 miles with no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong or China for just 50,000 miles.

Business class is double the coach miles and first is triple the coach miles.
A Cathay Pacific First Class (150,000 miles) ticket may have $250 in fees, but that’s still not bad on a ticket that sells for a whopping $18,000 normally!

In summary, tickets between North America and Europe or Israel will have high surcharges but there are some very good deals to be had for other tickets.

This offer is scheduled to be alive until May 5, but is subject to end at any time.

BA has a number of award charts, here are links to them:

BA Award Chart: Traveling on BA only

BA Award Chart: Traveling on one partner only

BA Award Chart: Traveling on BA and one partner

BA Award Chart: Traveling On Multiple Carriers Round The World Chart

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if you get rejected for the card, does it still affect your credit? thanks dan!


If your saying i only get the 100,000 miles on the statement after, than when can i cancel the card to get credited for the fee and also keep/spend the 100,000?


@asherg & dan

I believe Israel is considered Europe according to BA classifications (see chart dan posted)


Dan – I applied for Continental, United and BA visa cards with 3 browsers, and I got an instant response on all 3 that they are reviewing my application. Does it make sense for me to call the reconsideration or status numbers at this point, or should I only call after I get a rejection from any of them?


How will opening this card then closing it after I’m finished to avoid the annual fee affect my credit?


Is what I wrote in #292 and #295 to be expected? It sounded like you meant we can can cancel the card and still get the annual fee back, or the number that you posted to combine the card.
Is there anyway around what what the rep. told me, mentioned above?

mah nishma

Anyone get annual fee waived?


You should have 60 days (ro 30 days according to some reps) from when you get billed for the card to cancel the card and get a refund.

I would wait, but YMMV.

Assuming you just juggle the credit lines back and forth to other cards the only effect will be the hard pull to get the card, which will cost just a couple points and will fall off your report eventually.

Obviously the rep won’t tell you you can do this…but you either have 30 or 60 days from the bill to cancel and the miles will post on the same bill if you spend the $2,500 right away.

@mah nishma:
Not unless you cancel it.


is there still a raffle going on if you apply for credit cards thru your links?


Nope, that’s over.
The winner will be announced later this month.

reb dan plz help

help!!!!! united landing page only showing free 1000 mile upgrade not the 30k offer i tried in ie/mozilla/chrome????


Dan, I was hopeful when you gave the numbers and said to call reconsideration because I have bad credit. So which of the numbers should I call for that and what should I say to them for best results?


If I applied today and my application is pending, if I get approved after the deal expires am I still able to get the points?


@reb dan plz help:
That’s normal for Chase apps. As long as the first page says 30000 miles plus $50 cash back you will get that. You can also save a printscreen as a precaution.

100%, as long as you apply by today you will get the 100k miles offer.


Is today really the last day of the offer?? Or will they be extending it?


@Dan: Dan,
did you send emails to all who are included in raffle yet?
cuz i got none yet…


how do you juggle the @Dan: Dan can you explain the process of “just juggle the credit lines back and forth to other cards”?

reb dan plz help

applied, and got three app pending, can i call now to have them push it through or i wait till i get an answer in the mail??


i just applied and was told wait 10-30 days


From what they told me, today is the last day.

Call the reconsideration number in comment 3.

@reb dan plz help:
There’s no right way of doing it. Personally I’d wait, but you can try it now also.

Good luck!


dan im sure you applied for the card last time around if so whats the way you plan on getting it again??? would like to do same.


@Dan: its sayin error the app wont load


Dan, What do you tell the CSR when they say that you already have 2 cards and just applied for another 3 other than “I want to rip some miles off of you…”?
I successfully created many CC through you (and I used only your links)but i did them on my cousins/brothers/wife’s vchulu’s names. I wish I would have the guts to do them all on my own!
Please help me


You can try creating a BA account with different details.

Works for me.

They didn’t ask, but if they did I would just say I’m a miles addict.


if the app loads how do i know if i will receive 100k its after 12 (in the past i had case with ba that theyoffer on their site 3 weeks after it ex and they didnt honor it saying that in small print it had exp date


If it still loads you should be OK. It was supposed to last until May 6th, but then they decided to make it May 5th. I think for today you’re still safe.

Deal guy

how can you tell if it was only 1 hard pull or 3? Where do you see the amount of hard pulls?


@Deal guy:
AMEX, Citi, and Chase only pull once for multiple apps made at the same time.

You can look inquiries (hard pulls) using something like Citi identity monitor.


@Dan , @Anyone else:

I have already applied for the BA card at the beginning of April, and got approved after calling in, and pretty much being interrogated about my self-employment. However, I was interested in using the 3 browser method and applying for the following cards:
1. United 30k/$50 (then ask for 50K)
2. Continental 30k/$50 (then ask for 50K)
3. Continental 50k

So my questions were:
1. Do you think it’ll be possible for me to get any or all of these since I just got the BA card about just under a month ago?
2. How can I make the 3 browser method work successfully? (clean cookies, use Chrome-Firefox-IE, etc.)
3. What should I write to ensure I get approved? I have a decently good credit score, I think? I haven’t actually checked exactly (I don’t know how or where), but I’ve been approved for the Citi AA Visa, AMEX Gold Delta, AMEX Plat, Chase BA, all thanks to you in the past 3 months. I had a friend who stated he was a medical/law professional student to avoid giving any employment information and he was instantly approved where I stated self-employed and was given the 21 questions.
4. Other than these or instead of these, which cards do you recommend? I’m open to changing it up. I find the Hyatt, SPG, and Sapphire cards not that useful since I don’t spend much time in hotels and the cash back is so minimal.


if i want to cancel the BA card and the Amex plat. and still get the miles,
do i need to spend the required amount ( BA $2500, Amex $1000) the first month for the miles to post before I cancel?

Is there still the amex gift card option?



Well, I did apply for 3 cards (AMEX Platinum, BA Visa and US Airways MC) one after another in 5 minutes timeframe. Banks are AMEX, Chase and Barclays. Was instantly approved for the first application only (for AMEX Platinum). Last two were under consideration and when I called to them, they already saw other inquires. All of them used Experian. I pulled up my credit report from Experian the next day, and all three pulls were on the credit file. So, I don’t know is it really work to apply for several credit cards in one day.


still up. going to use your link and get me some miles.


Does anyone know if American Airlines has a promotion that waives checked baggage fees within the United States for AAdvantage members? I know that Continental has the promotion but I’m flying AA in a few weeks and wouldn’t mind some free bags.

can anyone help me

I applied and they put my old BA number on it.
I am trying to get them to change it but they told me it is nothing to do with my BA number, it is if I received a promotion in the past. Can chase verify that info?


All of your questions are very YMMV. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to churning.
Personally I think the Hyatt card is great. Places like the Park Hyatt Paris or Sydney that normally go for $1,000 a night can be within your reach with it.

And SPg is great even if you don’t stay in hotels as 20,000 SPG= 25,000-50,000 miles

It would be a good idea to spend the spending threshold asap.
There is still the AMEX GC option.

Wow, I don’t think you are understanding my 3 browser method at all.
1. All applications need to be from the same bank for it just be 1 credit pull. All 3 of your apps were from different banks!

2. Ideally you should do it with 3 different browsers, fill them all out, and hit submit as close as possible to each other.

Only if you are elite.


it seems deal is still live can anyone confirm?


Links not working for me, but if it is for you then go for it.

I don’t understand why people always procrastinate so much!


Deal is now dead


@ swiz, how do u plan on asking for 50k on the united was there a deal that offered that?


You’ve mentioned an aid to churning Chase card is to create new ff accounts and use those numbers. What is your trick? I tried to add a United account and I got the message that I already am a member and have I forgotten my user name and password.


I got the card and on the same day received a letter stating that since i applied for this promotion in the past i will not receive the miles. can i fight them?


I received my credit card in the mail a couple weeks ago, but have not yet activated the card (or made any purchases), will the miles still post to my account if I got approved for the card before May 5? How do I know I will get the bonus miles (the paperwork the cad came with did not mention anything…)


just pushed it through today by splitting my credit balance with other cards. do i still qualify for the deal?


I Just received this letter: :(

” You recently opened a new British Airways Visa Card account, which offered a premium after completing your first purchase using your new card…. Our records indicate that you have taken advantage of this offer or a similar offer in the past … ”.

Any ideas why this happened to me and not the many others out there?
Should I call and try to get the bonus or is that a waste of time?


@Crunch:were you able to avoid the $95 fee, did the 60 days cutoff work.


I got the same letter


I got the same letter even though I used a new BA account number.


By the way its not dead. you can still sign up. look at its still posted there!!!!


i had the card last year and closed it and i applide for a new one i was sent a letter from chase that they would not give me the singing up miles so i called and told them this they said they would give it to me on the phone 2 months have passed an i called in they say they cant give it to me and they dont see that i called what can i do dan ?


@Dannyboy: dan, i called chase to cancel my ba card and the rep told me that chase reserves the right to take back the miles!do you think there is anything to worry about,or i can just cancel?


I applied for this British Airways/Chase card in April and have spent about $5k on the card. I only got the original 50k miles (my mileage balance shows 55,269). How do I go about getting the other 50k miles?


I’ve gotten 100,000 miles for this card a year ago and have closed it. I applied again and got approved. I didn’t create a new executive club membership before opening. Chase is saying that I wont be able to get any miles on this card not for signing up or for spending 2,500 in 3 months. Any suggestions as to what I can do.


I just received the 100,000 miles that was promised to me by a senior manager in June. Is there any good way to use this to fly to Israel? I would like to get 2 tickets.