[Update: Route Cancelled!] American Now Selling Tickets From Dallas To Tel Aviv!

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Update, 5/26/22: American writes to DansDeals that,

“Due to soft demand, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel planned service between Dallas/Ft. Worth and Tel Aviv (TLV). American is committed to Israel – we currently serve TLV from Miami and New York-JFK. We’re proactively reaching out to customers scheduled to travel on affected dates to offer alternate travel arrangements.

Also related to TLV, earlier this month added additional service between JFK and TLV for Yom Kippur. Extra flights to TLV will operate Oct. 1-3, 6, and 18-19, and the extra flights to JFK will operate Oct. 2,-4, 7, and 19-20. These flights will operate with a Boeing 777-200.”

Update, 2/21/22: American is pushing off the launch of Dallas-Tel Aviv flights once again, this time from 5/7/22 to 10/31/22. 

Update, 1/9/22: American is pushing off the launch of Dallas-Tel Aviv flights once again, this time from 3/5/22 to 5/7/22. Unless Israel’s entry policies become less restrictive, I’d expect that to get pushed back again.

With El Al and Delta slated to face off in Boston in what’s sure to be a bruising battle, I have no idea why this Globes article concludes by asking if American will also fly nonstop between Boston and Tel Aviv. There’s not a chance that will happen.

Update, 11/7/21: American is pushing off the launch of Dallas-Tel Aviv flights once again, this time from 1/6/22 to 3/5/22. Unless Israel’s entry policies become less restrictive, I’d expect that to get pushed back again.

United has also pushed back the resumption of Washington/IAD to Tel Aviv service to 3/25/22. That flight has not operated since March 2020.

On the other hand, United will upgauge UA90/91 redeye to/from Newark and Tel Aviv from a 787-10 to 777-300 on 2/11/22 and their UA84/85 to/from Newark and Tel Aviv from a 787-10 to 777-300 on 3/26/22. That’s generally good news for business class passengers who will get a more spacious seat and bad news for premium economy and economy passengers who will get a narrower seat.

United will also resume daily 787 service between San Francisco and Tel Aviv on 2/11/22. Chicago to Tel Aviv service remains at 3 flights per week.

Update, 9/12/21: American is pushing off the launch of Dallas-Tel Aviv once again, this time from 10/31/21 to 1/6/22. While Dallas-Tel Aviv was planned to be their initial flight to Israel, they have launched service between JFK-Tel Aviv and Miami to Tel Aviv in the meantime.

While Dallas-Tel Aviv was slated to be operated by a 787-9, American is now scheduled to fly this route on a 777-200, the same plane that also flies from JFK and Miami to Tel Aviv. It’s a larger plane that will be harder for American to fill, but it also gives American more flexibility to swap aircraft in Tel Aviv when things go south. American has already had some legendary delays on their Tel Aviv flights, and it takes time for them to reaccommodate everyone, especially as they don’t typically rebook on other airlines.

If Israel doesn’t reopen to tourists, I’d assume that this will get delayed again.

Originally posted on 12/8/20:

American’s exit from Israel had its drama and its return has had its fair share as well.

American pulled out of the Tel Aviv market on 1/4/16 after they merged with USAirways. It was a curious move as USAirways had bragged about how successful the flight had been.

For years there were rumors of American wanting to fly to Israel again.

They finally announced in September 2019 that they would return to Israel starting in September 2020 with 3 weekly flights between Dallas and Tel Aviv. That schedule would miss the peak summer season, but would likely take advantage of planes that wouldn’t be needed as demand to Europe slowed seasonally.

Word got out that American picked Dallas as they would get a nice subsidy to launch service to a new city with at least 3 weekly flights for one year.

They started selling tickets in October and just a month after they started selling tickets they changed the flight to daily service.

But then a week later they backtracked and went back to 3 weekly flights.

In April, they announced that they would not launch the route in 2020, due to COVID-19.

In July, they dropped the bombshell that they would fly nonstop between JFK and Tel Aviv in 2021, in addition to Dallas-Tel Aviv.

And now American announced that they will fly their inaugural Dallas to Tel Aviv flight on 10/31 on a 787-9.

Sadly, that means they will once again plan on missing the peak summer season.

American will fly from Dallas to Tel Aviv on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at 9PM and arrive the next day at 5PM.

American will fly from Tel Aviv to Dallas on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 9:40PM and arrive the next day at 5:15AM.

Flights on the route are now available for sale, though end of scheduling is currently November 3rd. A one-way flight from Dallas to Tel Aviv on the inaugural 10/31 flight is $477.

American hasn’t yet released saver award space on the route, but they should cost 40K miles in coach, 62.5K in premium, and 70K in business class each way. American had web specials from Dallas to Tel Aviv for as low as 20K miles, so hopefully we’ll see a return of those as well when we get closer to the flight launch!

Meanwhile, American says that the JFK to Tel flight launch date and plane type are still up in the air, but the route launch is still planned for 2021.

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Looking forward! How would you compare aa biz to United biz in the hard product on this route


We should try to patronize Delta and United who have supported the Israeli routes for years. Not AA who did the opposite every time they bought an airline


Sadly we in Chicago are left out


Will the added JFK-TLV help drive down prices, now that LY and DL (plus UA from EWR) are all competing for same route?


They’re going to have to fix that schedule.

a yid

will they bring back the PHL – TLV as well?


I really miss that flight!


The Mike’s have been waiting for.this opportunity

Binyamin Terenyo

Great flight to TLV I will be good customer


Can you use the jet blue free healthcare workers voucher for this flight


I was booked on that DFW-TLV flight for the the Fall of 2020. I still haven’t made the trip. I’ve postponed it 3 other times already! Maybe next year? At this point, until Israel reopens, I’d save yourself the hassle and just wait to book.


Hey all. I was booked 12/14/21 and 1/10/22 with both going from tlv thru dfw to fll. They have now changed both those returns now thru jfk on the 12:50 am flight. Certainly helps me as i only booked the dfw flights cause they were way cheaper biz seats then thru jfk. Lets see if this holds now.


Does the 777-300 have the same premium economy as the 787-10?

Alan Ira Silver

Dozens of Chabad shluchim were reportedly harassed on a flight to Israel by an American Airlines flight attendant as they returned home from the recent Chabad kinus in Crown Heights.

According to several shluchim on the flight, the harassment began immediately upon boarding the aircraft, and reached its climax when the shluchim got up and stood in the plane’s aisles to daven shacharis.

The many shluchim standing in the aisles blocked the passage of one of the stewardesses, who promptly announced that food and drink would no longer be distributed; only passengers who came to the plane’s kitchen and specifically requested food or drink would receive any.


Good for them! Stop the Anti-Semitism!


IAD to TLV on United is gone for good. It’s not temporary.


We were booked from IAD to TLV on 1/24 and got notice it was cancelled. We rebooked from DCA to EWR to TLV. Disapppointed but glad we are still in the running to go!


Were gonna miss the 787s….


Why postpone again? Isn’t Israel essentially open at this point to boosted travellers?


Are American business ever available on Alaska miles?


Is it possible in the aviation industry for an airline to continuously push off the start of a new flight destination, eventually scrapping the flight altogether. I wonder if there is something more to the story.


look at the stats only 17% of people choose to fly AA between usa and tlv
firstly their connections within the us are frightfully expensive for their inferior product secondly they are AA..


How do they know that there is soft demand if they didn’t even start the route yet


Tell’m to start a nonstop from WAS


How about the old PHL?!


That would be huge for the central Jersey crowd! I miss those US Air PHL-TLV flights as well.
Dan, any thoughts on who may make that a reality?


I second that! between proximity to Lakewood and its many many Yidden the tristate area and even Baltimore (most of the time, given traffic it is about the same as Baltimore-Dulles; timewise) as well Philly Jews. Nonstop from Philadelphia seems a no brainer.

@ Dan, what am I missing? gate rights? proximity to Newark?


Dallas honestly seems a bit of a random pick. I guess it’s a big airport to connect to, but still. They should go toe to toe with United in Chicago or fly out of LAX.

Mia Flyer

stupid decision from day 1
they should have offered some other popular market . no one has ever flown reg flights from the midwest to israel
philly,washington may make sense


I find it funny that they say their accommodating for Yom kipper yet they still have the Tuesday night flight for sale scheduled to land in TLV at 5 pm on Yom kipper, I guess they’ll just circle for a few hours.


@Dan how bout more airlines to fly out of ewr? driving to jfk from Lakewood is a real killer


United and Elal already fly out of EWR. AA has such a miniscule presence there, which wouldn’t make sense for them to go up against United. A better option would be for you to move out of Lakewood.


why in the world would he do that? Everybody is trying to move into lakewood torah capital of the USA


American (USAir) used to fly out of Philadelphia. Used it numerous times!!