American Will Resume Flights To Tel Aviv And Will Add Casablanca And Other Flights Next Year!

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Update: The Tel Aviv route will begin on 9/9/20.

American pulled out of the Tel Aviv market on 1/4/16 after they merged with USAirways.

At the time they flew daily from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv on an Airbus A330.

American has announced that they are entering the market again starting September 9th, 2020, this time with 3 weekly flights from Dallas/Fort Worth on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

It’s an interesting strategy. At the time of the merger it seemed to make sense to add JFK or Miami service to Tel Aviv, but since then American has been killing off their JFK hub and El Al started their own Miami service.

Philadelphia was apparently ruled out due to its alleged lack of profitability the last time around, Chicago is getting El Al service next year, and Los Angeles already has El Al service, so American avoided those as well.

That left their hubs in Charlotte, Dallas, and Phoenix as the remaining options for Tel Aviv service. Dallas has apparently won that battle for American’s re-entry to Tel Aviv.

Dallas has by far the smallest Jewish population of any other North American metro area that has nonstop Tel Aviv service. It will be interesting to see if the strategy of avoiding competition pays off for AA.

American says that their interior of the US to Tel Aviv is underserved, so they’re hoping to take advantage of that lack of competition.

If it’s a success, expect American to make it a daily flight and add service from other hub airports.

Maybe we’ll even see some business class award space on the new route? We can dream, right?

You can currently fly between North American and Israel from Boston, JFK, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington DC. Next year Chicago and Dallas join that record setting list of cities with nonstop service to the Holy Land.

American also announced seasonal service next summer between:

  • Philadelphia-Casablanca
  • Chicago-Krakow
  • Chicago-Budapest
  • Chicago-Prague

Morocco has been on my bucket list since reading this DDF Trip Report, so it’s great to see US carriers start this route!

Will you fly American on any other new routes? Do you think Dallas-Tel Aviv will be a success?

HT: A mirrer, via DDF

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When do tickets for elals ord-tlv route start going on sale?


right now. head to or

Why would you fly ORD-DFW-TLV?


Sep 9 2020! Next year!


I think dfw has potential as it has very good connectivity for the Midwest (shorter connections the. Nyc or west coast)


Im confused. Why would the DFW be more profitable than PHL was? Its just a smaller Jewish community, away from the East coast and similar size hub. What makes DFW better? More connecting options? Seems doubtful that this has to do with profitability. You yourself doubted that the PHL route was scrapped due to profit issues as US Airways had boasted about the route being so great. Wasnt the AA lack of TLC service due to TWA dispute?


Supposedly, USAir made good money on cargo on that PHL-TLV flight due to Teva Pharmaceuticals which is near PHL


Hey look — the רשעים are back to flying to Israel




American Airlines who were very quick to cancel TLV routes twice (TWA & USAir) under less than upfront circumstances


“Dallas has by far the smallest Jewish population of any other North American metro area that has nonstop Tel Aviv service. It will be interesting to see if the strategy of avoiding competition pays off for AA”
In my opinion people travel to isreal more for tourism than Jews traveling to Thier holy land, so this does make sense.


IDK about you, Eli232, but on my flights to Israel, my fellow passengers were mostly Jewish (though not necessarily Frum).


From NY?


Orlando has fewer


What happened to the lawsuit after merged with TWA? Did they settle?


Maybe DFW has more evangelical mega churches than any other North America hub?


1. Who says this is aimed for jews DFW Metro ois 7th largest metro in US
2. Don’t they still owe TWA Pensions? I thought that was the main barrier for AA


Ted Cruz is definitely taking this one FTW. Lots of religious (Christian) Texans in love with the birthplace of יהושע


From USA Today:

Vasu Raja…….American’s long-range plan is to offer its own flights between the United States and other destinations in Africa, Raja said.

“We think there’s a huge opportunity there,” he said. “This is the first step along the way.”

American is returning to Tel Aviv after a four-year absence. It ended service between its Philadelphia hub and Tel Aviv in 2015 because the route wasn’t profitable, Raja said.

The new flights to Israel will operate from Dallas, the airline’s largest hub.

The technology industry is a big target for the flights, Raja said.


I am Jewish and I definitely plan on looking into this route. The only way I can currently fly non-stop to Israel is on United through EWR or on Air Canada with a minimum 12 hour layover each way. Dallas is about 1 hour out of the way but there are flights every hour and it is worth it for a new 1-stop flight with a short layover. This will be great for all of the smaller Jewish communities in the Central US and Dallas’ community is growing very fast. Also a good business flight.


Why is Dallas more convenient then Chicago will be when LY starts flying?


Who codeshares with LY to allow good connecting flights and the airline taking responsibility for delays on the connection? It would be great if LY would code share with an airline serving its new routes domestically. (AA used to codeshare and they serve ORD and MIA as hubs, but with AA attempt to enter the TLV market the chances of them agreeing to codeshare again now is slim to none.)


EL AL has a partnership with JetBlue for connecting domestic flights, which is great for Elal’s flights to JFK and boston, which have large JetBlue hubs (in fact, EL al likely only started a route to Boston to begin with in order to take advantage of the many connecting jetblue flights there). It’s true that El al doesn’t have connecting options at their other destinations, but the truth is you can probably get to most anywhere in the US via JetBlue from either JFK or Boston anyway.


JetBlue does not serve the deep south or midwest (including where I live), These are the same people who are in prime locations to take advantage of this DFW flight. Delta also doesn’t fly many routes from this region to JFK so it limits that connection too. This is an underserved region of small Jewish communities, but very large religious Christian communities that are likely to take advantage of this new option.


will it make sense to use miles to go from NYC via DFW




Think of how many airports starting next year will be able to have one connection service to TLV. Do we know the flight schedule yet?


Which cities of significance and relevance are you getting at that will have one connection to TLV? Are you talking about Austin, El Paso, Galvastin?


Can we expect TLV fares to go down all across the board due to this?


I agree with some others who have previously suggested that the large evangelical population around Dallas and throughout Texas might help make these flights successful. Economically and demographically, the State of Texas has been growing massively, so perhaps there might be a large enough audience looking for a vacation to Israel. I still believe that United’s IAD- TLV itinerary will fail miserably, much because of several of the reasons why people think DFW might fail. Why connect in IAD if you have so many more options from EWR?


Here is what I’m thinking, Dallas/Fort Worth is used a lot in hidden city, AA thinks there is a lot of ppl flying to those city’s from Israel…


Their stock is up over 2% after this news broke

Carl Sherer

I think that’s because they finally did SOMETHING.


There are more Jews in Las Vegas than in Dallas/Fort Worth? You are probably right, although it is difficult to find accurate, up-to-date numbers. But evangelical Christian tourism to Israel is booming, and American knows its home town well enough to realize that it can fill planes with people who go to church on Sunday.


I like the comment from a reader in Denver who noted that it’s easier to make a connection in San Francisco than through an East Coast airport. At least in Business Class, do you want a long domestic flight followed by a shorter international one, or a short domestic flight followed by one that gives you time for a good night’s rest between dinner and breakfast?

So go beyond the comments that imagine connections only from other Texas cities. The Jewish population of Phoenix and Tucson is more than 100,000. Phoenix was American’s home town before Dallas, and is still a major hub. Ten percent of the passengers on those 787s will be connecting from Arizona, is my prediction.


Honored that my trip report added Morocco to your bucket list!
It is an incredible country and we absolutely LOVED our time there!

Hit me up in DDF if you have any questions.


even if like your saying their making a non stop from dallas, by the time that starts up american aadvantage wil be devalued so you wont be able to book at the current business class rate to tlv? iinm


anyone know when tix for next summer for Casablanca will go on sale?


I find DFW to be a much more attractive connection based on experience:
– fares are generally lower to DFW than northeast
– Plenty of availability across all major and regional carriers
– Less delays into/out of DFW due to ample runways/gates
– Security lines are shorter than major NE airports
– Staff and airline reps have been much more friendly and helpful in DFW


I can attest to the last point


what the flight time?

Perhaps, there is a Latin American play here too. While it’s true Miami is a large AA hub for LATAM flights where do all the Jews in Mexico, Panama, Argentina (300k-500k Jews) connect through? Miami? This gives them more options specifically Mexico City residents.

Motty Klein

I don’t think this has anything to do with the Jewish population of Dallas, Dallas does have is a big Christian population and that’s probably what went into their decision-making


From the Dallas Morning News: A nonstop flight between Dallas and Tel Aviv takes 12½ to 15 hours, depending on wind. American intends to leave Dallas at 10:15 p.m. and land in Tel Aviv at 6:30 p.m. the next day. Tel Aviv is eight hours ahead of Dallas. The return flight will leave at 11:50 p.m. and arrive in North Texas at 5:05 a.m.


Bible Belt Christian Pilgrimage Trips


I’m guessing it’s a combination of evangelicals/tech/lower competition/AA route efficiencies.

Honestly, it could work better than Boston.


Jacob R Ewingski (JR Ewing, of Dallas’s Southfork Ranch) is laughing in his grave at this great deal he got for DFW. Maybe it was Jerry Jones’ doing.


Dallas has small Jewish population but a super large we love Israel Christian population. Might make up for it.

Dallas direct

Think tech in Dallas – lots of Israeli ex-pats, can’t wait for a DFW direct flight and no EU connection on El-Al.