HOT! Fly From Newark, Chicago, Denver, Houston, San Francisco, Washington DC, And More US Cities To Tokyo In Standard Economy From $225 Or 15K Chase Points Round-Trip!

Tokyo, Derrick Brutel, via flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]
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Earlier today, American had dirt cheap basic economy fares from the US to Tokyo. Those fares couldn’t be changed.

That was a gamble, as currently Japan is closed to tourists.

But now American and United has standard economy/main cabin fares that can be changed for free!

Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit and there are even kosher restaurants there! Here is the DDF Master Thread on Japan travel.

American/JAL: Newark to Tokyo $225 standard economy sample dates:
October 26-November 2
November 2-9
November 9-16
November 16-23
November 22-December 2
December 1-13
December 7-13
January 16-25
January 23-February 1
January 30-February 8
February 1-10
February 14-22
March 8-16

Miami to Tokyo $225 standard economy sample dates:
October 5-12 on United
October 12-19 on American or United
October 19-26 on American or United
October 26-November 2 on American or United
November 2-9 on American or United
November 9-16 on American or United
November 16-23 on American
November 24-December 1 on United
January 19-26 on United
January 25-February 1 on American or United
February 2-9 on United/ANA
February 8-15 on United/ANA
February 16-23 on United/ANA
March 2-8 on United/ANA
March 9-15 on American

  • Fares are also available from other cities to Tokyo on most dates from October-March, for example:
    • Charlotte-Tokyo for $223 on United in standard economy. Sample date: November 17-24
    • Chicago-Tokyo for $225 on AA in standard economy. Sample date: November 2-9
    • Denver-Tokyo for $225 on AA in standard economy. Sample date: November 2-9
    • Houston-Tokyo for $225 on AA in standard economy. Sample date: November 2-9
    • Washington DC-Tokyo for $225 on AA in standard economy. Sample date: November 2-9
    • San Francisco-Tokyo for $225 on AA in standard economy. Sample date: November 2-9
    • Philadelphia-Tokyo for $225 on United in standard economy. Sample date: November 9-16
    • Fort Lauderdale-Tokyo for $225 on United in standard economy. Sample date: November 9-16
    • Dallas-Tokyo for $225 on United in standard economy. Sample date: November 9-16
    • Phoenix-Tokyo for $225 on United in standard economy. Sample date: November 17-25
    • Cleveland-Tokyo for $274 on United in standard economy
    • S. Louis-Tokyo for $279 on United in standard economy
    • Pittsburgh-Tokyo for $305 on AA in basic/$385 in standard economy
    • Post what other cities you find!

Using Chase Points:

You can pay for the ticket with “hybrid points” such as AMEX or Chase points with a card that allows your points to be used at an increased value for airfare in addition to be able to transfer points into airline miles.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve® card you can redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards travel. If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred you can redeem points for 1.25 cents each towards travel.

You can login to your account and redeem Chase points for travel here. The round-trip cost will be 15,044 points with a Sapphire Reserve. That rate include all taxes and you will still earn flight miles as well!


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I always wanted to go to Japan!

Which of these airlines’ standard economy cabins are the best?


Any way to upgrade to business after buying?


When you say changed for free, what does that mean if the country is closed? Money back, or voucher or?


Can this be cancelled within 24 hours on travelocity?


Who plans trips 8 months in advance?


If I book with Chase points and need to change flights or cancel, what happens to the points?


A shame it’s not ANA. Last time the was a crazy gate like this I flew ANA from Chicago for just under $300 RT. Went skiing in the Japan Alps instead of Colorado 🙂
At this price I think it’s worth it even if you can go for just a week!
I wonder what will be open if these tickets actually end up being usable….

Oren Pollak

I booked on ANA through Chicago


Why ANA preferred?


ANA service is a world above the US3 — seat’s about the same, however.


This is amazing, it wasn’t available from PHL earlier today but it is now!!


I am United Silver. Should I book a flight using only United or one with ANA. From my basic research, it seems United operated flight is the way to go so that I get Premium Economy.


Booked 4 tix PHL-HND for winter break in December, $293 each RT! 🙂
Thanks, Dan!


I booked with a 3 day fare lock…hoping EWR flights become available instead of PHL.


One way bookable too. I booked one way for 7K points. Planning to go to South Korea too


All my PHX-HND flights get to put in your name section and then they disappear. Anyone else having same problem?


This deal prompted me to dust off dormant flight search skills.
Found Chicago to TYO (layover in Germany) TYO to Chicago (hidden city) in March 2022.
Round the World for $535 all in.
Biding my time while Earth pursues herd immunity.

Oren Pollak

I was seeing Pittsburgh on UA for $246


PHL-HND $203 RT for many dates. Connecting either through ORD/IAD/SFO/LAX
Either United or ANA


Similar fares are also available from ABE.

Some of those flights involve a bus connection (as a ticketed United flight) from ABE to EWR. I live in New York City, so obviously starting at EWR would be easiest. Will United cancel the rest of the itinerary if the bus leg is missed and if I just start at EWR (as if it were an actual flight), or can I ignore the bus segment?

(Obviously, in the other direction, I could ignore the bus segment.)


Genius – I would really like to know this as well. I doubt the bus company tells United but not sure.


I looked into it further and it seems that you do need to take the bus. I’m really hoping they put EWR on sale to avoid all of this as right now I am driving an extra 2 hours to Philly and then connecting through Chicago.


Flyertalk seems to indicate that you’d have to call united to fix the ‘missing’ segment – they do scan your boarding passes. Also they check the baggage into the bus on the way back. so does not seem as easy as the ZFV hack.


Too bad no flights departing from Chicago. Many have a stopover at ORD, but not as origin city.


Chicago and EWR added. EWR added just for American…hoping United matches.


i was able to find multiple dates in March for EWR to NRT via American for 7K miles each way on the iPhone chase app.
But on the Chase website these prices (7K miles) were not available.


If I book with chase or amex points and the flight doesn’t end up going, do I get points refund or airline credit ?


Has anyone discussed the massive chance of this being a play by airlines to get individuals to book these flights and then the user end up cancelling and changing them for credit due to not being able to enter the country ? Japan is unlikely to open this year so it’s an interesting thought.


Seems unlikely to me.

If the flights aren’t cancelled but most ticketed passengers can’t travel to Japan, then the flights will be sold out until just before departure, when everybody will cancel for credit, and the airlines won’t be able to resell those seats for a higher fare.

If the flights are cancelled, then ticketed passengers are entitled to cash refunds.


Any idea if one can connect in Japan even if they are closed to tourists?


I have Jetblue Mossaic. If I book an American flight for November – do you think they will be giving some cross-status recognition? Thanks!


Dead? Anything I try with Google flights, when I get to the booking stage, it says, “Unfortunately, the price you saw on the previous page has changed” (now $1,000+).


EWR and PHL deals dead for Feb/March.


Chicago – Tokyo is dead.




CHI is dead as well


anything not dead on this? from anywhere?


Still seeing some availability from CLE for Oct-March on UA/ANA. I was able to book for 2, thank you!

Michele adams

I was able to book Feb 21- March 3rd on UA from Philly for 225 this morning, I also rebooked my Nov trip and since the Fare was lower by $400, UA send me a travel credit for the $400. Pretty darn good flight find, I booked it at 230 this morning!