HOT! Targeted: Galaxy Watch For Just $65-$70 Or Less!

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Login to a First Responder discount account, Samsung Educational Discount account, Employee discount accountGovernment discount account, or possibly any account and you will the prices below at checkout.

If you purchase multiple watches the price will be even cheaper.

There is no trade-in required to get these prices. And you will have to skip add-ons.

You may need to use an incognito browser to get this deal.

Save $30 off when you use PayPal checkout with an AMEX Consumer Platinum Card.

Post what you get!

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19 Comments On "HOT! Targeted: Galaxy Watch For Just $65-$70 Or Less!"

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Sites crashing


Got one!!


Is this the galaxy watch 1 or 3?


Before adding to cart the 46mm, does show up as $70 for EPP discount. After adding to cart and even right before submitting payment, price goes up to $279 before taxes. I guess my account isn’t targeted.


Dan I’m trying until the checkout and the price still 259 or 279

Chaim R.

Just worked, I clicked on the first responder login link but logged in with my regular account and voila the price was $70 in my cart!


Thanks, did the same


Got one. Is compatible with iPhone ? Is worth the $75?


42 sold out.
46 back to regular price

Digital Smart Watch Wearer

In for one 46mm at $70. Thanks!


42 mm sold out while checking out (smaller battery but more convenient and a better color) so I went with the 46 mm in silver.
70 with a bona fide education discount.
thanks JJ


Limit was 2

Ed Travel

Just ordered a 46mm, I wish they had the 4lte available. It is just Bluetooth…

Ed Travel

Just got another email:
Order confirmed
We’re preparing your shipment.


Got a 46mm for $70 with a new education account. Thanks Dan.

John Beckingham

is it worth the 70 bucks? especially without the lte?


43.75 for me


What did you trade in?