[March Credit Ends Today!] AMEX Consumer Platinum Card Offering $30 Monthly Paypal Credit For The Next 6 Months!

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Update: Don’t forget to use your $30 March credit today if you haven’t used it yet! Donations via Paypal will work, you can donate to your favorite cause, my local shul, or leave a comment for any other worthy charity!

Or you can buy Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds for $19 after Paypal credit!

The AMEX Consumer Platinum card is offering a $30 monthly Paypal credit from now through 6/30/21.

No registration is required.

This potential limited time $180 Paypal credit is in addition to the card’s regular $100 annual Saks credit, $200 airline fee credit, and $200 annual Uber credit with Uber VIP status and a year of free Uber Eats Pass. You can read more about the AMEX Consumer Platinum Card benefits here.

The Paypal credit is valid when making purchases in US dollars using a US Paypal account. The terms exclude Gift cards and person to person payments even if you select that the payment is for goods and services, though it remains to be seen if that will be enforced. If you try it out, let us know how it goes!

Many stores, such as Walmart.com, offer a Paypal checkout option that would qualify for this credit. Or you can donate to charity via Paypal.

The terms state that it can take up to 12 weeks to get a credit, though I’d be surprised if it actually takes that long. Typically, AMEX credits post within 2-7 days.

It appears that this will replace the $20 monthly streaming credit and the $20 monthly wireless credit that the Consumer Platinum card has offered since May 2020.

This promotion is only valid on Consumer Platinum cards, not on Business Platinum cards. Secondary cardholders do not get their own $30 credit, but are able to get credited for Paypal spending on their cards towards the $30 max per card account. If you have multiple primary Consumer Platinum cards then you can earn the credit on each card.

How will you take advantage of the $30 monthly Paypal credit?

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If I apply now, will I be eligible?

reb yid

All these extras on the Consumer are starting to make the higher AF Business look undesirable.


But the business offers 1.5 miles on purchases over $5,000.


I’d venture to say that most people who visit this site aren’t in that stratosphere…..
We come for deals!


That’s nothing. The citi double cash gives 2% on everything.


Speaking of these AMEX platinum credits, I used my last $50 Saks credit on Dec. 26 for their post-Xmas sale. I was going to use my next $50 on Jan. 1, but they basically have nothing left on sale now and their regular prices are truly absurd. If I buy a $50 gift card on the Saks website to use later, will that trigger the AMEX credit?


no! only a physical gift card which the minimum is $150. Egift cards are not sold by Saks


If I recall correctly I think you can buy anything and then return it in exchange for a store credit/gift card. Thus, you can amex up with a $50 gift card that can then be used at off 5th too.


Yes — i do this all the time


Will paypal key work with this?


Are you sure? I used my amex with PayPal key last week, and it worked without a problem.

Ten Bucks a Week

I got email that works until the 4th of this month


Couple days left (1/4) to hammer it.


Are you sure? I used my amex with PayPal key last week, and it worked without a problem.


Amex offering now on new applications 10x points on 15k grocery/gas in first 6 months of card opening.


Schwab platinum eligible ?


I have same question


It worked for all the other $20 promo last 8 months. (Streaming/wireless) so I’d assume yes


WOW! that Nov upgrade promo from Gold to Plat is creating a nice ROI


Any stores/merchants allow you to make a $180 purchase that’s paid in equal installments over 6 months, with limited/no fee?


Crazy how many of the good perks are for platinum and not centurion! I don’t use most of centurion benefits aside from Saks, Clear and Hertz!


What card is best to convert to el al tickets


I have the CSR…

Sure hope they counter

Chase has been weak lately. Cmon… Bring it Chase! Show what you got!


Donate to your charity via paypal……


Does this work for fanduel funding?


would donating to charity via paypal work for this?


Question: When I make a purchase with Paypal during checkout , how does Paypal know I want to use my added Amex Platinum and not my regular bank ?


can i meet the $5k spend amount by buying visa prepaid gift cards (office supply stores)?


Can i use 0.01 or need to be $30+ purchases?


Where can we see this on the Amex website about the $30 PayPal spend? I don’t see it anywhere


I Have the amex green card and want to upgrade to the platinum. Would that prevent me from receiving a sign up bonus on the future?




Can my donation via pp for 30$ be counted towards maaser


I’d assume you would count $27 as Maaser for your other income, because you’ll need to give Maaser on the $30 itself.


Do ppl make this calculation when they give to these charity campaigns cuz there’s a percentage that goes to marketing expenses


Application page doesn’t mention airline fee credit…..


If the time you wasted for this setup accounts for reasonable time spent then sure why not.


Patreon is a good usage for this too


will it work to reload starbucks via ppl


Do you know if dell is 200 per half year or did it drop back to $100?


Dropped back to $100


I actually got yesterday the $200 credit for dell purchase of January 5th on my business platinum card so I’m wondering what’s with the $20 credits for shipping and wireless purchases for the business and personal plats for 2021? Did anyone try it?


So basically you can pay Netflix with PayPal…


Target app offers PayPal checkout. Does it work to trigger this credit?


Is the Charles Schwab card included in this?


Can you create separate login for each authorized user and add the offers?

Rebecca Raab

got the 30$ fromWalmart!!!!


Will this work to buy bitcoin in Paypal?


No cause you can’t use a CC to buy bitcoins, only debit or bank account.


does this work for business platinum? website does not seem to differentiate


Uber and left offer paypal payment, hope it will work for the $30




I paid for my Saks purchase with PayPal and that triggered both the Saks and PayPal credit. Good to know!

Yehuda Tucker

Will it work with my Israeli Platinum?


anyone tried person to person?


Does Paypal purchase post as Paypal on statement?


On these credits, if I do a purchase on Jan31st, does it still trigger credit based on purchase date or post date?

I ask because right now I am fighting this out with Amex with Dell credits on my business platinum card, I made a purchase on Dec 31st and it posted on Jan4th, Amex only gave me a $100 credit which was according them this year credit, It didnt post as a $200 that was available last year and Amex rep sent me the terms mentioning the credit triggers based on post date or purchase date.


Been there done that with saks on dec 31 which posted Jan 1. At the end of the day they gave me a bonus credit but I had to chat with them.




Dan, you should put a list of sites that accept PayPal.

Eugene Novikov

Are ebay purchases eligible? I made a $30 eBay purchase February 1st and still have not gotten the credit.


Is this combinable with any of the Amex offers? For instance, the $50 credit from Best Buy or Home depot? OR will using Paypal as payment not trigger the credits?


FYI. so t leave it for the last day. Last month on 1/31 I bought something with PayPal and it issued as a credit for feb.


In January I got the credit using PP at WM for GC but I didn’t get the credit for GC purchase in Feb.