Ends Tonight! Get Walmart+ For Just $49/Year After 50% Off Discount For A Limited Time!

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Update: The 50% off Walmart+ deal ends tonight!

The Black Friday sale is live and you can view the deals here

Get Walmart+ For Just $49/Year After 50% Off Discount For A Limited Time!

Walmart+ has a ton of great benefits, including early access to Walmart+ Week sales starting on November 8th.

Offer expires 11/8/2023.

Note that AMEX Platinum Cardholders and Business Gold receive free monthly Walmart+.

Once signed up you can also signup for In-Home Delivery which has great benefits such as no tips and:


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Is this for new members only or cash I use it for my upcoming renewal ?


Was wondering the same thing.


*Pay $49 for the first year of an annual membership. Not available to InHome members or current, paid annual members or members with a current plan through a third party offer other than those offers through YouTube, GamePass, and Panera. Offer expires 7/13/2023.




So, I went to cancel this AM (really didn’t use it as much as I thought I would), couldn’t figure out how so I texted them. They offered me 180 extra days instead, which I took. This way, if it’s like last years, I can get a first look at their Black Friday sales-

Optimus Prime

Anyone paying for both Prime and W+? Any benefit to having both?

Reb yid

W+ includes same day grocery delivery (although not necessarily fruits and vegetables), with Prime you need a large minimum order (Fresh) or delivery fee (Whole Foods). Also Walmart will send you many food items 1-2 delivery (even like a jar of something), whereas you know the food situation on amazon (mostly 3rd party sellers with jacked up prices and large quantities).


Maskim to all the above.
A couple points I would add is that walmart+ won’t get you overnight deliveries and amazon generally has a better selection ofproducts outside of groceries.
With Walmart+ there’s an option to spend 5 or 10 dollars extra to get things in less than 3 hours from the store
Basically, the perk of walmart plus I find is that you get in store walmart prices (not inflated prices like amazon fresh or instacart) for all groceries delivered to your door


Is this for existing Walmart+ customers?




According tot the small print in the link “Not available to InHome members or current, paid annual members or members with a current plan through a third party offer”

Reb yid

Interesting re: existing members–chatted with CS rep who said offer will be open to existing members on July 10th. We’ll see.


I got this offer 2 years ago through Amex and signed up, but then I didn’t renew at $99 because I don’t live in an area with home delivery, plus a lot of the Walmart brand stuff was only available on pickup. But I just resigned up with this deal.
It’s worth it for me to pay $49 a year but not $99

Optimus Prime

So even with W+ you couldn’t get delivery on many items or many items you wanted were pick up only but if you have W+ delivery is free?


Correct, for items that are available for shipping. If the item says pickup only, Walmart + doesn’t help


This has not been my experience but it could be that it depends on the area. For me, anything that is available for pickup is available for delivery


Completely worthwhile if you’re patient . Service in greater Lakewood is terrible . . They mess up my order so often and don’t deliver on time/ deliver the wrong item and then when chatting many offer $10 promo code … I’ve more than made back what I spent on my membership 🙂


Not sure what part of any of this has to do with in home with Walmart+ alone tips aren’t required and the returns you mention aren’t limited to in home either they pickup returns free with no packaging or labeling etc for Walmart+ without in home


Maskim- never understood the whole marketing gimmick of no tips- you never have to tip if you don’t want to with walmart+


Your kinda misleading the whole thing with in home is letting strangers in your home when your not there you can do the same returns with no packaging without the stranger in your house as long as your home


Is there anything I need to do to get the monthly credit for Platinum members? (besides sign up with my Platinum card)
Also, If I sign up for the yearly option for $98, will I still get q 12.49 monthly credit?


Signup here to get $20 off a future purchase: https://www.dansdeals.com/go/walmartdan/

Need to do monthly.




How do I get it for free with business gold


I wanted to sign up so when I took a look at the fresh groceries on the app, I found many items out of stock which made me not want to sign up. Thanks though


Can you get this and use on the renewal for your Walmart+ membership? It doesn’t look like you can purchase this item if you have an existing Walmart+ membership.


Same question.
I clicked on the link and nothing (I’m a current member)

Oh well.

Pyrex fiend

I’ve been on a monthly plan for a few months, just trying it out. Was able to claim the offer by upgrading to annual.


“Signup here to also get a $20 Walmart credit for signing up.” I signed up, but where do I get the credit?


Can anyone in Brooklyn share their experience with W+? FWIU everything comes from the nearest store which is Bayonne iinm.


Is there an additional discount that you can get for W+ if you have WIC? Someone mentioned something like that to me once…

The heart wants what it wants

With Walmart+ Assist, qualifying government assistance recipients of SNAP, WIC, Medicaid & more can always get a W+ membership for just $6.47/month or $49/year!*


Amex plat business card members do not receive it for fee. Only consumer cards.


When do non members get access to today’s deals?

Michael S

Anything actually worthwhile in this sale though?


does it pay to get Walmart+ in New York City?
There are no Walmart stores nearby.


If/when this deal is back, does anyone know if you can get it even if you’ve had a free trial?