Signed Up For An Uber Eats Pass For Free Food? Don’t Forget To Cancel If You Don’t Want To Pay A Monthly Fee

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Last month Uber made a strong push to get people to signup for a free trial of an Uber Eats Pass with up to $120 of free food and then another $45 of free food.

Of course the catch is that you’re on the hook for $9.99/month if you don’t cancel it after the trial period. Usually I’m pretty good at setting these things not to auto-renew, but I got an email today with a $5 promotion for renewing my Eats Pass, which of course made me go oops!

I cancelled the pass in the app, but I was already charged $9.99 for this month and it said I’d have it for another month.

So I went to Help>Accounts and Payment Options>Uber Eats Pass>How do I purchase an Eats Pass and wrote that I forgot to cancel the service and asked for a refund. They wrote back an hour later that they processed the refund and cancelled the pass effective immediately.

Will you keep your Uber Eats Pass?

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I sent them the same thing that you did and they refused to give me a refund.


Same here


I didn’t sign up last month so received a promo to sign up this month with 50% off ($20 minimum order, $15 max discount)


If when I signed up I turned off the auto renew, am I OK?

Ny metro

If auto pay turned off us that sufficient ?

Ny metro

I don’t see where it says cancel
Only auto pay on And off
Pls clarify


It happened to me – the same,
I can’t find the option on the app u wrote in order to write them and ask for a refund.


I did this a few months ago, set the renew to off in the app, and I was just charged. I go back into my app, my renew magically turned itself back on, isn’t that convenient for them. Good freaking luck trying to find a way to contact them, I went through all the help and could find nothing. If you are a driver they have a phone number, and other ways to reach them. This makes me really rethink using Uber at all, you cannot contact them. I finally disputed it with my credit card, if they cancel my account, oh well. I think they have taken the option to not care if customers cannot get customer service, if you dispute, or they lose you as a customer it’s a small percentage and they do not care.

Ny metro

I contacted them via Facebook
They totally lack reading comprehension
Don’t address question
Close case
Ask for feedback
3 weeks Exvhange of 30 mails
Zero cs
I am back to door dash
Uber just horrible
Coupons horrible
Offers horrible
Addressing issues below zero


Is there the same targeted promo that there was last month ($30 off) if you sign up now in July?


Hi Dan,
Do you have any new ubereats promo codes that you can share? It’s been a while since you posted those. Thanks!


Right now i been trying to cancel this for a while so i need help not to take this payment out my account any more


Same here. No option to cancel. Didn’t know how it was turned on. unable to call any number. Exchanging emails using all links from help articles and they jus reply back to the same article. Unable to cancel, unable to get a refund and unable to delete account