Targeted: Sign Up For An Uber Eats Pass Trial And Get $30 Off Your Next 1-2 Orders, Plus Stack With Buy One Get One Promotions, Get Up To $120 Off Food For As Low As Free!

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If you’re new to Uber you can signup via JJ’s referral link here.

Open the Uber Eats app and there will be a banner at the top of the app, to see if you are eligible swipe through the banners until you see an offer for an Uber Eats Pass free 30 day trial. Sign up for that trial, and targeted accounts will automatically receive a $30 off promotion on their next order.

The banner will look like this, it may offer 50% off orders, or just a free trial, but it will give targeted accounts $30 off their first order as well:

Even if you previously had Uber Eats Pass you can sign up again for $9.99 and be eligible for the $30 discount, you will not know if you are targeted until you sign up.

You can set your subscription to not auto-renew after signing up with the toggle here:

You can either checkout with $30 in your cart or go to the promotions tab to view if you received $30 off your first order, it may take a few minutes to get the $30 promo after enrolling:

Some accounts receive no discount, some receive $30 off their next order, and some receive $30 of their next 2 orders.

This will stack with a buy one get one free promotion that select restaurants offer, you can search the type of food you are looking for, for example “kosher” and scroll down to look for restaurants that have this “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” box:

For example I ordered 4 pies of pizza for $15 each, which came out to $30 after the buy one get one promotion, then the $30 off discount was applied:

The total is just $2 for $60 worth of food with free delivery after fees. If you select pickup the total will be free!

This also works if you are targeted for other promotions such as $20 off $25, you can add $12.50+ of food with a BOGO discount, and you will get $20 off making the total free.

Were you targeted for this promotion?

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$10 for unlimited free delivery is great deal! Prob is I don’t see any banner for Pass in app?? @Dan


Thank you !
I “only” got one $30 off promo in addition to 50% off promos for the rest of June .




Any roundup for kosher restaurants that have uber eats service?


Thanks so much Dan. Just got $30 of food for free and used my Uber cash to pay for fees and tip. Can’t imagine how much money you have saved me !




I see a promo for 1 month free, but I don’t see anything about 50% off. If I sign up, will the 50% apply, or $30 off, both, or neither (or is it unknown)?


Signup and let us know 🙂


Thanks Dan! Got $30 added to my account!




Got $30 plus a lot of 50% for June


I got the $30 – Will I lose $30 if I first use the referral promo for $7 first ? Tyvm


I got targeted for $30 off and BOGO, and 25% off 1st 2 orders. Do they all stack? So it will be $160 total free?


Can anyone let me know which kosher restaurants in the NYC/North NJ area have the buy one get one free promotion?


To add… because using the search option “Kosher” brings up restaurants that are clearly treif, it’s a tedious process to look at various different neighborhoods for the kosher options. Apparently restaurants which serve lobster, crab, and cheese burgers are “kosher”, who would’ve known!

matt matt

got 30$ off promo added to my account, thanks a lot dan!

also how come ur order dosent have tax? whats the trick for that?


Move to OH 😀


Signed up, turned off auto renew. $30 credit showed up after I logged out and logged back in. thanks!


What if i had trial will i still get?


It should work yes.


Got $30 on 2 accounts! Thanx so much!

no tax!!!

Ohio im on my way


Limited sign up ?
Ok in a few days ?


Dan you ROCK!!


I don’t see how to sort BOGO by kosher

Off auto renew sufficient not to continue?

non smartphoneyid

this is only in the app?


No BOGO for kosher
In Lakewood or other nj community


@dan Got 50 coupons of 50% off up to $25 plus the $30.


Pass has low cost delivery
But $5 service fee!
To help w delivery cost
Highway robbery


What pizza place in Cleveland is on there? Every place I checked was not available?