[Save Even More With Uber Gift Card And Check Your Receipts!] HOT Postmates Coupon Codes! Save Up To 50% On $100 Orders, $30 Off $35, And More!

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Update 3/16: Readers are still getting incredible deals with the discount codes below. Additionally you can save 13% on your orders by purchasing a $57.50 Uber gift card for $50 here

Some readers are reporting being charged the full price after receiving their orders. Be sure to check your order receipts and chat with Postmates for a refund or $100 Uber credit if that happened to you!

For breakfast today I ordered 2 Acai Bowls and 2 Avocado toasts from Jus by Julie in Miami. Both items had buy one get one free promotions, but the original price was over $50 making it eligible for the $30 off $50 coupon below.

That means the total is $30 minus a $30 discount, plus taxes and fees for a total of $9.14 shipped for $56 worth of food!

Update 3/15: The 50% off code is no longer working to alcohol orders. But you can still save big with other codes below and you can even save on meat and more from places like SoHo Deli in Miami.

Update 3/14: The discounts are still active. Some accounts the codes are not working for while other accounts can’t seem to checkout due to payment errors, but for many the deal is still going strong!

If you are located in Miami, Kosher Wine Warehouse just came online and is available for orders.

Original codes are:

  • Save 50% off with code, valid 5 times up to $200 orders each time: FEAST
  • Save $15 off $35 with code: SAVINGS15
  • Save $12 off $35 with code: EATUP
  • Save $15 off $35 with code: TIME4FOOD
  • Save $15 off $40 with code: SAVENOW
  • Save $30 off $35, valid 3 times, with code: LA30
  • Save $30 Off $50 with code: SAVINGS

Postmates added more discount codes in honor of Pi day, those codes are (all codes are digits of pi):

  • 30% off up to $15 max discount. Valid 3 times: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937
  • 30% off up to $15 max discount. Valid 3 times: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993
  • $10 off $25: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399
  • Free delivery on $15 orders: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939
  • Free delivery on $15 orders: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693
  • 40% off $25+ orders up to $15 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169
  • Free delivery on $15 orders: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643383279
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846264338327
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433832
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643383
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846264338
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626433
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462643
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846264
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384626
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238462
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323846
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932384
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793238
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979323
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897932
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589793
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358979
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535897
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653589
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265358
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926535
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592653
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159265
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415926
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141592
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14159
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.1415
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.141
  • 25% off $25 orders up to $10 max discount: 3.14
  • Free delivery on $15 orders: 3.1
  • Free delivery on $15 orders: 3.
  • 3.14% off up to $100 max discount: 3

Update 3: The Boozery, a liquor infused ice cream shop in Crown Heights, reached out to let us know that customers can order a $200 gift card to their store on Postmates and put their address (420 Troy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213) as the deliver address. They will then email you the gift card which never expires! You can reach out to them via SMS at 718-415-9717 or via email at grownupicecream@gmail.com. They will be open until midnight tonight to handle orders.

Additionally pics of what readers have scored are coming in, see more on our Instagram, what did you order?

My cocktail bar is now fully stocked 🙂

Update 2: Reader Zack points out you can save BIG on alcohol in the app with this promotion, just search alcohol in the app to see eligible stores near you! Additionally some report that this deal did not work when ordering with a Chase credit card, but it did work when changed to an AMEX card.

Even big savings on kosher wine:

Update: Reader Johnny CPA points out you can use the codes below to save on gift cards from Patis Bakery. What other stores did you find that sell Gift Cards?

You can also order a two $100 gift cards, and save even more if you order in New Jersey:

This also works at Sprinkles in Lakewood for gift cards or The Boozery in Brooklyn.

What other stores did you find that sell Gift Cards?

In the Postmates App apply the codes below:

You can login with your Uber account.

These are working on new and existing accounts even if it says it’s for first orders! You can schedule orders for a later time or date.

  • Save 50% off with code, valid 5 times up to $200 orders each time: FEAST
  • Save $20 off $24 with code: OURYEAR
  • Save $15 off $35 with code: SAVINGS15
  • Save $12 off $35 with code: EATUP
  • Save $15 off $35 with code: TIME4FOOD
  • Save $15 off $40 with code: SAVENOW
  • Save $30 off $35, valid 3 times, with code: LA30
  • Save $30 Off $50 with code: SAVINGS

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What is postmates?


The same as Uber eats


Got them all except “OURYEAR”!!


Delivery orders only


Account isn’t eligible for this promotion


FEAST said I’m not eligible and SAVINGS said I used the code previously


Most work besides FEAST 🙁


expensive for delivery.


Depends how far you are from the store


Most say it’s for new accounts only


It’s working even on existing accounts. Go make a order or schedule an order while it works.


Only got to work


FEAST does not work for me whether in the promotion area of account settings or while placing an order






Their only letting me schedule until Sunday.
Any way to schedule for next week Tuesday?


Only got 3 to work *


FEAST , OURYEAR and LA30 – Works only for first time users.


Do you tip based on actual price or pre discount price?

David Rosenberg

I felt bad for the guy shleping 2 cases of wine, but I made multiple orders and it was picked up by the same guy so I went lower on the further ones


Payment not going thru, why? Tried several

David Rosenberg

I had it earlier and then I was randomly able to get another 2 orders in. I guess keep trying

Johnny, CPA

worked on Patis GC.


Can’t find patis in Postmates


Sprinkles Lakewood has GCs


What is patis?


Fantastic bakery chain located throughout NY metro.


can’t find gift card on the menu

Johnny, CPA

only ave m


Sprinkles in Lakewood has gift cards


Works on PS5 controller from GoPuff


Feast does not work on existing accts!


Try an AMEX or a different card.


Promotional code gets entered in account its not related to card..

Been There

I got all! Thanks!


Can’t find Patis on Postmates


Don’t see patis on m listed


They removed themselves. (Probably ran out of food)


When today?
Any other stores sell gift cards?


Works for me.
I was told they’re open til 10PM


They opened it again


You were able to use coupon? Said “The promotion couldn’t be applied to your order”


Patis not accepting orders now


Do these gift cards expire?


Just bought 5 bottles of Glenlivet and 1 bottle of Smirnoff for $114 total.
Let the farbrengen begin!


What location?


Total wine in South Florida

Mark B

Sorry, but how are they charging tax on a gift card and then again on the purchases made using the gift card?

David Rosenberg

US tax codes. Gei farshtie


First: Sales tax is not US, it’s state-level. Second: This sales tax is not even being collected according to the state rules. It’s a glitch in the system. Stores on Postmates are not supposed to sell GC (it’s food delivery!), so it thinks GC is just another food items subject to sales tax.

Now who wants to take bets on how long before someone complains to Postmates and they crack down on the GC?


How do you use code on future orders?


Are the Patis GCs good at all their branches or only in NJ? Only for delivery (w. postmates?) or p/u? Eat in? as well. Do the GCs expire? TIA for the responses.


They told me all branches.


I bought some wine for Pesach. Thanks!
Let’s see if it delivers

Aaron heideman

FEAST is not an available promo anymore



“The promotion couldn’t be applied to your order”


Works on groceries?


Any way to use this deal for shmura matza? Come on, Dan’s Deals army, get creative

David Rosenberg

You can flip some alcohol ‍♀️


Let’s make sure to include a tip. Screenshots in the post don’t show any tip and it can encourage people to do the same.


Screenshots are of the cart price, before the tip is added.


What tip is recommended for 2 gift cards?


You’re tipping for the delivery. It doesn’t matter what they’re bringing you. The app will show percentage options.


Buy 1 get 1 got me 4 baked ziti 2 Mac and cheese 2 sesame crusted salmon 2 Caeser salad 2 broccoli baked potato + $10 tip for 90 bucks


Wow that’s a lot for $90, Which place?


Tried gift card and got:

“The promotion couldn’t be applied to your order”


if you sign up for uber one it should be free for 1 months then cancel right after all get cheaper for delivery feee….


I can’t check out with neither Visa, MC or Amex or Paypal.
Anyone has this issue?
I’m on a desktop does this make a difference?


I’m having the same issue from the mobile web on my phone



David Rosenberg

I had it 2 and than I was randomly able to put in 2 more orders


Anybody else seeing the full amount charged when going back to order tracking?


Yes me, they removed the promo after the delivery


Patis ave M is open till 10pm today


What a steal for those eligible for the 50% off!!


Currently enjoying my Texas Nachos + 2 cans of coke delivered for (practically) free from Bun in Lakewood!
Thanks Dan!


Bunn is allowing GCs as well


How do you get a GC from them


How do you get a gift card?


I’m eligible but I can’t check out with either CC.

David Rosenberg

Seems like you can only have 2 open orders.
So probably use the big ones first even if it’s not best value.
Already saved like $350 with 4 orders


I have 2 liquor store orders in. One is on way. One scheduled for morning. Some of the stores although closed now let you schedule order for tomorrow. Some you can’t order until they open in morning. There seems to be limit on number of bottles with some.
I saved enough on Pesach wine to cover 2 bottles of half price Scotch!


Does your order tracking show the discount?


Just ordered a $50 BOOZERY GIFT CARD for $32.54. Scheduled pickup for tomorrow.

If you haven’t tasted their stuff yet, its awesome!


This post came at the perfect time. Sprinkles and Savings got me excited and reminded me that today is my son’s birthday. I ordered a cake and it arrived shortly after. I am not an “ubereats user” and have never taken advantage of this convenience. Today you made a little boy very happy 🙂


Warning: Received 2 patis gift cards. One is not valid amd the other has a zero balance.


They said you have to come down to the store to replace them


How did you check the balance?


Scanned the QR code on the card


Oh my how do I know what I got?


It would not let me place an order on desktop regardless of payment method, but went through OK on mobile/app


FYI this can be done 5 times (might be first 5 orders on your account)


Thanks just got 2 wine orders all set for pesach and set for Shabbos for the next few months. Also got a 100 dollar gift card from patis.


Anyone have luck with alcohol in Lakewood?

David Rosenberg

No kosher wine available. You can order hard liquor from 1 or 2 stores during the day


I was able to add the promos to my account but when I tried to view my available promos and use them it shows as loading, but doesn’t load.


no liquor stores near monsey:(


Liquorland – Suffern


How long are these promos good for? I created an account and added them, and they are showing as sitting on my account available for at least 2 weeks. (One of the $15 off says it’s good to Jan 1 2024!)

Are these on my account to be used at any time, or are they first-come-first-served and will go away once used up?

These are great offers, but unless I can find something worthwhile to spend on (as in, something I would buy anyways), I am better off not buying anything just to get a deal. Buying something 50% off saves you 50%. Not buying something altogether saves you 100%!


Feast is good till 4/17


Just got $200 worth of gc from sprinkles delivered to my door and I just went for doubles!

Thank you Dan


@Dan How can I use this in Cleveland?


Anyone know of deals on uber one or postmates unlimited memberships to save on delivery?


I don’t trust these coupons. Last time there were coupons like this that weren’t supposed to be used by everyone and Uber went back to charge people the ‘discount’.


Really? When? Is that even legal?




I’ve placed 4 orders no problem, trying to place the 5th and it’s saying the “payment isn’t possible with the selected method”. No fraud warnings on the card… I’ve tried 2 different Amex cards (it’s for liquor)


i had the same issue. apparently postdates flagged all my payment methods for fraud and can’t tell me why or when this will be resolved


anywhere to order wine near lakewood


Lots of Liquor


Ordered lots of wine!


I got 101bottles of Bartenura for $88 delivered. Not bad.


Where can I order Alcohol for to Brooklyn 11230?


Keeps saying not eligible for promo. Any ideas why?


Same! Even new account gave an error in checking out


Received 12 bottles of 1 litter Benedictine 4 various Gins and $200 too boozer @Dan thank you! Last time I got this pricing was at the Canadian bored 10 years ago…

J rosen

Anything gift card / alcohol in the monsey area ??


With prices on the app much higher than in store prices on alcohol, and with fees and tip, its only a few $$$ difference per bottle price


I had a store near me with the same prices as in store, and with an Uber one membership was basically half price

tom tom

FWI BUn BUrger in Lakewood Has a Gift card in the appetizer section




Do they expire?


No, they do not expire


Worked like a charm!!!


do you know where I can find it


not seeing it


How do you get free delivery and free tax?

David Rosenberg

Can do a free trial on Uber one for free delivery. Free tax you have to take up with Uncle Sam and he’s very stubborn


Ok it’s working finally!! Someone I know with an Amex card on their account let me use their login and it’s working now!! NEED AMEX TO WORK ON ACCOUNT, even though I checked out using my personal visa. Still need to have an Amex on file


After placing 2 small orders. All alcohol in my area now showing Out of stock. In all stores.


Bun Burger In Lakewood you can order gift cards through postmates.

Hang tight

When I check out at bun burger it says hang tight (as they are processing the order) but it doesn’t go through.


u were able to get a giftcard?



jason wang

all liquor and alcohol is cut

it went too viral


My order got canceled


Just ordered from lots of liquor

Johnny, CPA

i ordered this am no problem in brkln


Another 23 on taxes? Aren’t we going to be paying taxes again when we actually use the GC?


Can the alcohol trick be done in la?



Mia flyer

Butchers are working as well


Only works on the app? or desktop too?


It’s not working with any payment method now, at my second order. Just saying payment method not working. Tried Google pay and Amex. Any ideas?


Tried ordering alcohol in nj and I get the same measagw no matter what time I put in “alcohol can’t be legally sold
During these hours”


Not allowing me to order any alcohol at the moment. Alcohol stores showing all sold out besides cocktail mixers and stuff like that.
Anyone have any luck this morning?

A Stern

Sprinkles lakewood has Gift Cards all amounts


anything lakewood besides Sprinkles for gift cards?
Bun seems no longer has them?


DEAD, no longer works for Gift Cards.


Just ordered gc from sprinkles


looks like feast and la30 are dead


If you cancel your order will you get the Coupon back in your account




Put in 4 orders last night at a local liquor store. The app would not let me put in a 5th. This morning all were marked completed but I never received any. Called the liquor store they had no idea what I was talking about. My card got charged though. Postmates non responsive. What a nightmare


where u located?


Can you use uber gift cards for postmates? good may to start using your ink card…


I had 2 orders that were cancelled


Any gift cards in Brooklyn


Wasn’t working at checkout , reached out to postmates :

“I’ve looked into this and it looks like this promotion was deactivated due to a breach in Uber’s Terms of Use (https://www.uber.com/legal/en/document/?name=general-terms-of-use&country=united-states&lang=en).”


I just got $100 off alcohol this morning (been delivered already) from Total Wine in Boston area. Kiddush club thanks you.


lots of liquor in lakewood giftcards still working.


I don’t see any giftcard option by them


Got an ordered delivered from Liquor Galore on Ave J in Flatbush.

Jim S

FYI some orders getting cancelled b/c stores are overwhelmed ie they don’t have drivers to make deliveries etc. keep trying. and btw a lot of these promos expire in a month so don’t rush.


They expire when they feel like expiring them.


It keeps telling me to switch payment method. not accepting any cards.


seems dead

Jim S

yes – having this issue now with amex and chase..


Curious —- Any thoughts if this was a legit coupon? or mistake/intended for certain subgroups etc that was exploited?

Phil DDF

It was meant for new customers, so people like me, new customers, are legitimately able to use the code. I just used it for a second time tonight, as I got an email from Postmates reminding me to use it.


Getting errors when adding FEAST and LA30
“Oops, this promotion could not be claimed”


have about 50 bottles in my office between the guys thanks Dan


Tried multiple times on the web and kept getting errors. downloaded the app and worked right away. Just placed my second order.


We are such a clever bunch. Thanks as always

Jim S

if you are having an issue log out and log in and try a different card…worked for me finally..


which card?


any other places in lakewood that have giftcards?


The FEAST promo worked BUT people should be careful when doing the tip. It is a Percentage off the TOTAL not the price you pay. I fell for it and paid a very big tip for no reason and now I can’t get it back.


There’s no trick. The driver only sees the original price which is the full $200, not the discounted price you’re actually paying. And that’s what the tip is based on.


Any stores in bk that have gift cards besides patis


Feast isn’t working?


got 2, but 3rd order is giving me issues already 🙂


can I apply codes on website




anything in Baltimore


“the promotion you picked couldn’t be applied to your order”


Bun just called me to tell me driver is in store trying to pick up gift card but they’re cancelling it. Was a glitch yadiyadiyada


A glitch that took them a day to realize? Unlikely, there is no way they were not aware this was all going down.


Should we be concerned that the receipts don’t show the discount, even on orders from last night?

Phil DDF

Check your online credit card statement ASAP. My receipt shows the discount.


Placed an order of overpriced paper towels and body wash from gopuff. Also used the free trial of uberone for free delivery. The final price was a little over 10$ for a pack of 12 paper towels and bodywash. The order came without the paper towels. Customer service messaged me that they will refund me 28$ (the original price) for the missing paper towels. Oy.


anyone still getting orders through? if yes any tips? been trying all day and not accepting any payment method.


Thanks, I got my wine for Pesach!


After trying numerous times, I finally got my order in.
However it doesn’t show up by the orders.
Does anyone know how long it takes to show up?


For anyone who couldn’t get an order in initially and then got it to work please can you post what you did for the rest of us who are having an issue getting more than 1 order in.

Thank you


its patched it now says for the 30$ off 35$ coupon 30$ off of 50$


Still works at Patis on Ave M


all codes are digits of pi
how do you enter this codes?


Flatbush Discount Liquors canceled orders.

Anyone was able to get their coupons back after the order was canceled? I lost 2 50% coupons after I had 2 orders canceled.


Thanks Dan I got 2 nights supper
A balvine 14 macallan12 and glenmorangie lastana(hope is good)


All good choices


Is glenmorangie Lastana kosher? I never heard of it before


Sherry cask. This is not the place to discuss if that’s kosher


Let’s add 8 wines ranging from 15-40 with 30 off codes Thanks Dan/jj


Promo didn’t work so postmates told me to manually place the order and they will adjust it, however now that refuse to as claim it’s a breech in their terms…


Many liquor
Stores think it’s fraud and won’t deliver. I had to go in person. How are people getting no delivery charges in examples above ?


Any liquor store that will deliver to Woodmere area that is accepting Feast promo code?


Tanya did

Eli a

Had 2 orders completed with feast,
Now can’t go ahead with other pending orders with feast,
I guess it’s gone..here in NY


think we could finally pronounce this one DEAD 🙁




Patis Bakery on Ave M still accepting Gift card orders


Website seems to be down this morning.

Bklyn Medic

Code still works but seems to be only for food. Can’t order wine anymore.


According to what I am seeing, they must have removed merchants that sell Alcohol and many other merchants from eligibility of the FEAST Code sometime last night.


Yes, I noticed the same


I ordered even though the LA30 promotion didn’t go thru, and reached out after and they refunded me $30.


sprinkles lkwd worked on GC
bun removed it


lots of liquer available for lakewood
30 off 50 and other smaller codes still work for schnapps
got Livet 12 for $37!!


Any food in Passaic?
best codes still working?


Not that I see
Main ingredients prices over this app are so jacked up regularly

And they don’t honor Thier buy 2 get 1 sushi..

Waste of time

All of these food delivery apps are a waste of time..


all pi didnt work today 3/15 for me – any working?
any wine in Passaic?


I got my delivery today from wine by the case, they removed the promo and charged me full price.

They are asking for a screenshot, but why would I have a screenshot? I got no email confirmation so I basically have nothing to go on.

The order did show the promo after the order was placed, but now it’s gone and I overpaid big time, any ideas or suggestions?




Did you try chatting with Postmates? I had an issue with one of my promotions not being applied as it was supposed to, so chatted with them, they said they saw the reason for the issue (I think it may have been bec my CC denied it until they confirmed with me it wasn’t fraud and I had to resubmit) and they refunded me the difference.


reach out to postmates. They refunded me the promo as an exception..


I reached out, they want a screenshot.

Why would I have a screenshot? I don’t take screenshots of evey order I place.

Plus they are telling me the the “feast” promo ended in 2022


Thanks Dan, they actually requested I provide them screenshot of the promo applied to my order.

But I’ll try this.


Jim S

had this issue, cancelled my order. got messed over by uber and they refused to cancel the $200+ charge. I called chase and just disputed it. Feel the policy for cancellation is completely unreasonable. It is not a restaurant so their is no loss to the merchant. merchant even confirmed that they did not ship it out.


Wine by the Case in Crown Heights raised all their prices when they heard about the coupon, very sad how they are taking advantage of the frum jews before Pesach.


Taking advantage? No one is forcing you to order from there. Supply and demand…


Yes taking advantage, on Postmates prices were always 20% more then in store. Once the coupon went viral they raised many items by another 20%, I would say this not honest.


Wild to think that. Go into any kosher market and everything is more expensive now. In LA no kosher market offered wine (via postmates promo) it was from 4 random liquor stores I was able to get 18 bottles and each store prices were different but about the same or more expensive than going into kosher markets (before discount).


are there any other restaurants in brooklyn selling gift cards? also, any liquor stores with any liquor in stock in brooklyn? I can’t find anything left in liquor stores


Trying to order my shabbos in Lakewood wish there was a take out on here looks like crunch time has the best selection

Mia Flyer

soho in miami no longer offering raw poultry on postmates


Code doesn’t work even with new accounts

Johnny, CPA

ordered wine and shabbos for delivery later today
hope it works out


who sells Kedem WINES cases in Flatbush/ Lkwed / Monsey
with promos still working?


I bought the Uber gift card from Kroger, still haven’t received it after 45 mins… my postmates changed the promo to a list of restaurants only (a few kosher options). Thank you Dan for assisting with adding some decent kosher bottles to my wine collection, I just wished I acted faster, it took me awhile to go through every liquor store to find some random kosher bottles.


did soho deli take butcher options off their menu??


What an incredible share on the 50% postmates code. Huge, huge savings. I had a free uberone code for additional 5%-10% and free shipping.
Saved well over $500 on liquor.


In NYC or NY-Metro they seem to have changed the 50% off coupon’s acceptance from yesterday. I was able to order from 2 separate liquor stores, using that coupon in the past 2 days but now it’s not accepting it for any liquor store (i.e. that code is only selectable for restaurants).

Thanks Dan

I put through 3 orders using code: LA30 and then I tried to use a different account and it said I can add the same coupon but when I try to press checkout it says the coupon could not be applied. Anyone know why or how to get around it?


I was able to apply FEAST for 50% for alcohol delivery but when I got the receipt today, they charged the full amount. Now I am fighting with them over chat and they want a screenshot – I showed them the screenshot from my account.

Any other recourse?


Message then via Twitter, I got a response that way within a few minutes.

Still not sure if they will honoring the promo, but at least I got through to them.

Jim S

yes – don’t message them. call them – had much better success with this.

Johnny, CPA

My receipts for wine, ordered yesterday or day before, OK
Restaraunt today, OK
Bakery, ordered yesterday for today delivery- OK
Patis gift card- OK


which codes today? what % off? with delivery and fees, ended up paying same as pick up with no discounts or coupons – does that make sense?
sent them a question how they reached number, waiting for their response


How do i get free delivery?


Will using the other codes before the 50% off
Mess up the code?
Because the 50% says on first 5 orders


Bought bunch of scotch in Denver CO (multiple orders at half off). Had to buy an extra luggage to bring to NY 🙂

Alan Maleh

This is Jus by Julie ave M in brooklyn – I sold over $50,000 in gift cards over the last few days with promo code FEAST , it’s still active and working. These gift cards will never expire, so take advantage before the glitch of discovered….


Congrats. But glitch?!


Hi, are any of these codes still working to order with Jus by Julie


I did a 42$ Uber eats Postmates order and used the 30 off 35. Showed cost 12$ or so for whole purchase so I did it. Right away I was billled 42$ or so on cc. So I chatted online with them and quickly cancelled order. After confirming they said thank you and the charge for canceling was 31 or so. What’s the best way to handle?


Just had the same problem with the code reflecting when i placed the order and they charged my cc full price. Chatting people refuse to do anything and said they can’t help me. I had all the screenshots with proof and nothing doing. Going to dispute it with my credit card


Let us know outcome


Prime Avenue in CH now has gift cards as well!


I don’t see it listed?


NVM…found it right at the top!


Looks like 30 off 35 is n longer working on alcohol
and looks like liquors galore is off postmates?!

liquor store owner

uber will be charging all participants as they discovered the glitch that u all discovered. stores did not get their payout on time bc of fraud accusations and it is my understanding that uber plans to reclaim their money thru their customers


they finally caught on it seems!!!


says 30 promo applied but price did not change when in checkout?