1 Hour Left To Enter DansDeals Reader Appreciation Giveaway, Win A Fabulous Vacation And More!

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The last chance to enter this giveaway is today at 10:59pm ET.

We are giving away an assortment of prizes to 115 winners!

  • 1 – Grand prize All Expenses Paid Vacation for two To The Outstanding Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. Including flights for 2 from the US 48, 3 night stay, $200/day food credit. Dan was just at this hotel in January and said it was the most convenient and relaxing vacation for a kosher consumer that he has ever had! It is a stunning resort with world class kosher food on site. ($2,800+ value, if the winner cannot do the trip option they can opt for a $2,000 cash prize or opt for a trip to The Confidante Miami Beach.)
  • 2 – Prizes of your choice! iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and more! ($1,000 value each prize)
  • 10 – $100 Amazon Gift cards
  • 101 – $10 Amazon Gift cards
  • 1 – Free 30 minute consultation with Dan about credit cards, vacation planning, mileage strategy, or anything you want to talk about! This prize will also include a lunch for 2 at Mendel’s KC BBQ with Dan for those who find themselves in Cleveland.

Winners will be announced on 3/20!

How to enter, 6 ways to enter, each one is its own entry, limit one of each per person:

1. WhatsApp. To be eligible you must have DansDeals saved in your contacts (216-302-4839) and be in one of our WhatsApp communities. If you are not already getting our alerts on WhatsApp join here and save 216-302-4839 to your contacts

Once you are added to our status post the following message on your own WhatsApp status and send a screenshot to 216-302-4839 once posted:

*Last Chance! Don’t Miss This Insane Credit Card Offer Ending Soon*


Best time ever to get this deal is right now *this is a no brainer* with great approval odds!


2. Instagram. Follow us on Instagram here. Like and then share this reel “https://www.instagram.com/reel/CprQ9S6Nhuu/” to your stories and tag @dansdeals. If your account is private DM us a screenshot. (Learn how to share a reel on Instagram here.)


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3. Twitter. Follow us on Twitter. Then comment, like & retweet this tweet:

4. TikTok. Follow us on TikTok and Like & Comment on this reel:

5. Telegram. Join our Telegram community here for an automatic entry.

6. Email. Don’t have social media? Email Giveaway@DansDeals.com with a story of how DansDeals helped you!

The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is an incredible resort destination. They have one of the best kosher restaurants anywhere in the world!

Dan stayed at the resort over winter break, this was his room:


The resort has multiple pools, water slides, swimming with sharks, flamingo area and so much more!

Here is some of the incredible food he ate:

All of their noodle and rice bowls are mind blowing.
Insane fried cauliflower with cauliflower chummos
Kosher Food Truck on the beach on the hotel serves milchig options.
In-Room kosher dining options are also available!

Cinkō Asian Latino Grill. Cinkō is Kosher certified under the strict supervision of Chabad of The Bahamas.

JJ’s note: We don’t do giveaways often, but I always hear really good feedback when we run them, so I hope to see interest and we can do even more in the future!

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Mia flyer

You have to do all 6 items for an entry ? Or each item is counted as one entry


Each one is its own


Which reel should I share? Link takes me to a random reel


Is there Zika there still?


What is the value of the 30-minute consultation 🙂


You can learn all the secret award hacks
To fly the world in business/first class for free or
Extremely cheap in my opinion worth more than a vacation
In the Bahamas!!


“1 – Free 30 minute consultation with Dan about credit cards, vacation planning, mileage strategy, or anything you want to talk about!”

Does this include UPS method info?


Long dead


Which tweet link?


I would love to join as I love DansDeals. BUT my kis school doesn’t let me have GOYISHE Whatsapp or Instagram!!


If I’m already joined on Telegram, is it an automatic entry or only for new people who join there?




Wondering the same


In for 3!
Thanks Dan & JJ!


Thanks, I was able to get 4 entries (don’t have instagram or tiktok)!


Will the winner get a 1099?


30 minutes for a consultation and lunch. You better eat the appetizers and entree pretty quickly in less than 31 minutes….


Where’s the DDF option??


Special $10k bonus trip included for DDF Platinum members if they are chosen to be the winner. 😉


What’s the cash value of the 30mn consult with Dan? I’d be interested to pay for that if I don’t win..


….priceless. For everything else, there’s Chase Ink. Sign up now for up to $5000 in points! Hurry, offer ends *redacted*.


Everything / everyone has a price, my friend

Phil ddf

Even though no 1099, you must still report winnings on your income tax return. But, I’d suggest that the value of the consultation would be $250; hence, no need for 1099 issuance.


I posted on my status do i need to send a pic with a certain amount of views or just that it was posted?


The consultation is definitely the most valuable prize!! Worth way more than 2800$


In for four! Thanks Dan!


JJ, any data points on using 3bm to get multiple entries using same method?


Thank you for having an entry option for those of us without social media. It is really appreciated!


Is this a ‘best story’ contest, or the winners are chosen at random from those who send in stories, no matter how unexciting?


I hope that Dan answers your question.


Thanks for the email option don’t have social media








yes finally we dont need to be left out, thank you!


Wow I’m blown away so kind of you! For me the 30 min conversation with Dan is worth more than any prize hope I win Erin of milvado!!!


Ein od milvado


When is the drawing


Who did you contact to get upgraded to that suite? I tried using a suite upgrade but they said they only upgrade to a grand king (which wasn’t available) and no other suite is an option even though other suites were available. They ended up upgrading me automatically to a grand king before I checked in without using the certificate lol


Hi! When I tried to share the reel in Instagram only allows me to share with friends in private message but not as a reel or as a story. How can I change that? Thank you!


Does your Instagram account need to be public for you to know it was reposted?


hmmm so in the spirit of this site I should be opening up multiple tik tok, instagram accounts and using incognito mode with 3bm and entering a million times…


Curious if insta profile has to be public did you to know we shared it ?


Dan, Spec. Thanks for adding the email option this time! Its very much appreciated!


@dan if I already joined telegram a while ago will I still get a entry?


Am I automatically entered if am already on Telegram following you?


How do I confirm that I am entered?


I also would like to know.

Fan Feels

Same here

benzy brown

I sent in a email entry over a day ago and my email is still unread i hope im being entered into the raffle


I added Danadeals number to my contacts. I joined WhatsApp group. How do I add you to my status?


Take a screenshot and post it to your status.
Or as dan says, “read the post?”


Sorry for being dense here, but the post seems to be too long to copy as my status, which only allows 130 characters (and no image option for a screenshot).


is it permissible to enter the sweepstakes with a few emails?


How do I know if I was entered?
I never got any confirmation …


Who is the winner?


So did I won?


Sooooo Excited!! Looks goo!!!