Updated Polycom OBi200 With Google Voice For $39.99 Shipped From Newegg After $10 Coupon: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month!

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Updated Polycom OBi200 With Google Voice For $39.99 Shipped From Newegg

Use $10 off code: EMCTCWU27

Check your AMEX Offers to see if you’re targeted for 30% off at select technology partners, which includes Newegg! That would drop the price to just $27.99!

This is an updated model of the Obi200, it is now a Google Voice Officially Supported Device.

This sells for $50.50 from Amazon and has very good 4.4 star ratings.

Here is an easy tutorial is set this device up with Google Voice for a free landline phone.

  • Google Voice Officially Supported Device
  • Easy to Set-Up Using OBiTALK.com
  • Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric, Voip.ms, etc.
  • Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:

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Is it possible to use this in Israel, perhaps with VPN? Anyone tried this?


Works from Israel without anything special needed.


I use this as my DSL in Israel, but my Google account did not let me set this up from here, I had to have someone in the US do it for me. Now it works perfectly with US number.


Is the caller ID like a cell phone that only shows the phone number or like a landline that shows the NAME and phone number?


Used VPN to set up. Worked just fine


it works perfectly in israel. excellent choice for US citizens who want a free US number in israel with an existing gv account


This was the best change I made. Can’t believe I paid over $50 per month for a phone plan all those years. Now every 3-4 months, I reload $25 onto my google voice account for international calls (usually 1 or 2 cents a minute) and that’s it!


@Dan, Google has lowered the price on calls to Israel mobile
Update post

Sam Finkelstein

IIRC this can’t make emergency calls.


You would need an e911 plan for that.


How do you set up e911?


There are a few ways.
Here’s one: https://www.obitalk.com/obinet/


See, if it was an authentic landline, that would never be a question.


Check your Amex offers if you are targeted for 30% back at newegg.com.


Cut the bluff. This is not a real landline and you know that. This works over data like VOIP. Completely different than a real landline. You can discuss the merits perhaps of this over landline but at least be honest with how you present it.


Landlines today are nearly all VOIP and are still advertised as landlines. Copper landlines are being phased out. It’s a landline as opposed to a cell phone.


Ah, so because they use deception you can too?!

Any honest expert will agree that VOIP is in a class of its own. It’s perhaps VOIP as opposed to a cellphone, no way vs. landline.

You can call me crazy, but no VOIP or cellphones can compare to the voice quality of real landlines. It’s a different creature.

Shalom Porges

There are many VoIP business service providers who support HD voice/sound which are way more clear than a POTS or how we naturally refer to as landlines.


Chances are that the person you’re speaking to in the other end is either using a cell phone or VoIP, so call quality will be degraded no matter if you have an actual ‘landline’.


@Jffgrg7 Completely incorrect.


Dan, could you explain what they updated? Is it just black and officially supported now?

The issue I have with my OBi200 is when the internet goes out, the device power light starts blinking and unless I do a power reboot, it doesn’t re-establish the connection. Have you encountered this?


Seems that way.

I have not experienced that.


Anyone know if you could add this to an existing office VOIP Polycom phone (ie Ring Central or Vonage) as a second line?


How come my caller I’d doesn’t work, my google voice number just shows up every time someone calls?


That has to do with your settings. You can change that in your google voice account.


Calls to Israeli mobile numbers are now only $0.03 instead of the $0.10 stated, makes a nice difference.


Just for a FYI… 99.999% of all communication, worldwide, goes over VoIP. That’s a fact! Telecom industry revenue has funded the vast majority of every government budget for decades. There is no way that any Government would lose revenue because the ‘ol POTS was bypassed by the internet and VoIP. How do I know? I invented VoIP. Just look up Patent US6016307 and see who uses it as a reference, and how it’s used. Even AT&T was consulted by the US Treasury Dept to come up with a way to add a piece of informaton to every data/voice/video packet that is sent, to collect tax revenue. Please don’t knock VoIP. It was created to be an inexpensive way to share Torah Thoughts that were faxed from Yeshivot to others (l’shaim shemayim) at a deep discount to save money, and then morphed into the telecom (communications) systems we have today… landline, and wireless. This is a good deal from Dan’s Deals.


This is amazing!


This comment is amazing….just another reason I love dandeals.


Allen, I’m very excited for you that you supposedly invented VOIP technology, and I understand you are rightfully very proud of it. However it doesn’t change the fact that the call clarity on POTS is still superior to typical consumer VOIP. Also most typical consumer VOIP won’t work during a blackout.

It’s ok for people to admit that not all new technology is perfect. Otherwise we’d never see improvements and innovation.

On a similar note, it’s infuriating that smartphone call clarity keeps getting worse as the “smart” aspects of the cellphones keep getting better and better (on many Androids).


Obi to work over WiFi, do you need to have WiFi? Or it works by his self?


Is obi working by his self??
Or you need to have WiFi?


Just to make sure this works only with internet?


when getting a Google Voice number it asks which phone number im linking the number to?


Hi is that any way to use this in Israel with Israel number for free or can it only use Google voice