Alive Again! Polycom OBi200 With Google Voice For $39.99 Shipped From Newegg: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month!

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Polycom OBi200 With Google Voice For $39.99 Shipped From Newegg

Use code: 6PFNTECH343

This is an updated model of the Obi200, it is now a Google Voice Officially Supported Device. I use an OBi200 to get free landline service and it works great!

  • Google Voice Officially Supported Device
  • Easy to Set-Up Using
  • Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
  • Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:

Do you use an OBi200 for free landline service?


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Is it hard to set up?


Does it have caller ID?


is there tax each month?

Man Dar

google voice doesn’t offer 911 calling, but you can easily add it through anveo $2/mo, callcentric $1.50/mo, or gv911 $1/mo


Excellent for overseas. provides easy access to US number


I’d love to learn more – an elderly relative made Aliyah and while I managed to port her US number over to Google Voice I can’t seem to find a way to get a device in Israel to ring when someone calls it. Would this answer my problem?


Yes this would be it!


Can someone point me in the right direction on how to set up a fax machine with this as well? Thanks!


I literally just unplug the phone and put the wire in the fax machine on the rare occasion that I need to send or receive a fax. It’s that simple.


I believe fax only works with line 2.


How does this compare to Ooma?

Yechiel Z

with Ooma you pay $4-$6 a month …
Also, using my landline phone number I always had … not using my google voice numbers.

some people may be uncomfortable giving their landline number to google jurisdiction…


Personally found the “Google Jurisdiction” way better than the Optimum brats.


No monthly fee with GV and an OBi device.


Unlike ObiTalk where you don’t even need to provide a credit card at all, Ooma charges at least $5+ per month for the basic plan and doesn’t let go of customers too fast (you can’t just click cancel). They are also sneaky, like not showing how much you’ll pay for a service or accessory until you already agreed to buy and completed the order.
The upside to Ooma would be that there’s actual live customer service to speak to, unlike ObiTalk, where you mostly rely on forums and slow responding email customer service which can be hard to get to. Ooma also has way more features. ObiTalk may also be glitchy more often, though issues are often solved by rebooting the device, or at last resort rebooting your router or modem.


Does this work with a T-Mobile hotspot?
Or does it need a special port?


It should work as long you connect the device to the ethernet jack on the hotspot.


How about a hotspot that does not have a ethernet jack? Are there any ways around it?


See the 8th bullet point in FAQs above (in the post)


Or get the Wi-Fi adaptor


Is there another free voip service besides google?


Not that I know of.
But from experience, Google is better than the ones you pay for.


Ooma is also free after purchase of devise and you can port any number inclding land line


Not free, they charge “taxes and fees”. It’s also $40 to port a number.




Alive, in stock


thank you!



I currently have an Obi device connected, can I add this device and have a separate google voice number. This way I have, in essence, two lines.


I’ve been waiting a while for this to go on sale!

Yitzchak rayman

I’m in israel will this work for me?


If you don’t have a Google voice number yet, you might need someone in the USA (or access to a computer in the USA) set it up for you.


I want to buy this for a new shul, but as far as I know there is an Xfinity hotspot but no one is paying for internet inside the building, I do have my own xfinity hotspot at my home though. So, (1) Can this work for the shul? (2) Do I need to buy the wifi adapter?

a brooklyn magid shiur

I have similar Question, I BH don’t use any internet in my house, Can i use this or i must have Wifi to use it? Please help a Magid Shiur save some money Thanks


Maybe a neighbor you’re friendly with can let you use his wifi if there’s a strong enough signal. Or maybe by using a good wifi mesh system, with one node by you and the Obi plugged in directly with an ethernet cable.
If all else fails, you can get a cellular home phone service (where you plug a regular phone into a device), which can be around $20 per month or less.


Even with the USB adapter that allows it to work with WiFi, I doubt it will allow you sign into xfinity. Even if it does, it would not be a reliable connection as those networks are designed to boot you every few hours. You need either a wired connection or a reliable WiFi network for this


Gv911 (from BulkVS) gives you 911 for obi @ 12$/year:


Dumb questions, what’s a google voice number and where do you get it?

Use your gmail credentials to log in.
(If you don’t have a gmail account, it might be k’dai to open one…)


Google voice opens up so many opportunities. Even if you don’t use if for this arrangement it is great for handling voice mail as well as a call screening number. I give out my GV number to solicitors and random businesses that I work with. I have full control of how they reach me. I usually run Do No Disturb and everything goes straight to voice mail. I also use it to send and receive texts so it can also work for 2 factor authorizations if needed. Read about it because it is so simple yet can do so many things for FREE.


With the whole quarantine matzav, I’ve recommended this to several people in order to add 2 landlines to their home for all the children learning through phone conferences.
It’s been a lifesaver!
A lot cheaper than monthly cell phone plans or anything else.


same here!
(even showed them how to run it off of public optimum hotspots and extend it into their homes….)


Hi, I’m trying day and night to connect it to optimum but it just won’t find my optimum hotspot (my computer connects to optimum seamlessly)
any ideas?
would greatly appreciate it!

Moishe Rabeinu

We used this when our boys needed multiple phone lines for class during quarantine. What’s uber neat is that you can use the same GV phone number to place multiple calls. So one child called into his conference from my laptop under my GV number and another used a cordless phone under the same GV number. AND, another child used the same GV number on a tablet etc! With the OBi option that has two lines, we were able to have lots of kids in school! And for free! The only thing we had to pay for was a new house with enough rooms for each child so they could concentrate 🙁


For 2.50 a month callcentric gives 911 + name caller id


could you please tell me how to do it?


does anyone have experience in transferring a Vonage number to google voice?


I did, a few years ago. At the time, the easiest and cheapest way was to buy the cheapest pre-paid T-Mobile phone and port the number over to T-Mobile, then port to Google Voice. I don’t remember if there was a way to return the phone to T-Mobile to get back some of the cost for the intermediate port. I will say that T-Mobile made it easy enough that I moved my entire family (now 8 lines) over from AT&T a few months later.


this code 27STKNGT52 doesn’t work.

do you have another one?


These things are awesome. I used the old model for five years. I never had a problem. I highly recommend.

a brooklyn magid shiur

A month after i posted my question, but unfortunately got no answer, i’m repeating it: I BH don’t use any internet in my house, Is there a way i can use this, or i must have Wifi to use it? Please help a Magid Shiur save some money Thanks so much!


how do you think it works??? with satellite???



Plain and simple.

Wait a minute, if you don’t have internet how did you post this question in the first place??


Some people have internet at work or will go to someone’s house to use it. Does that make sense?


There are plenty of ways to use the internet without having it at home. I got a big prime day HT here for the 80% off handyman services on Prime day a few years back using a public computer:)


Does this model only support one line? If I need two separate lines, is there a model that supports that?




Back in the beginning of Covid when all the kids were home I bought 2 of these and actually wired it into my existing phone jacks which in effect gave a total of 3 lines anywhere where there was already a phone jack, i did this by making a separate feed for each line, e.g. for line 2 i made a speacial phone jack that was only hooked up to that line, not too difficult check out


I bought it, and I’m trying to add the device for a week already and it doesn’t work!!!
Any advice???


Same problem, for 3 weeks. Customer service is unable to help, they say it’s a problem on their end and they don’t know when it will be fixed.


Can anyone please explain how to set up caller ID with the name even for a fee. Thanks


Works fine for me straight off Google Voice.

The user forums on the OBi site are much better than the “support” line

Maybe helpful

CNET article on porting your number to google voice:

or just skip to the ObiHai page it cites for step-by-step instructions:


So, if I don’t have any landline or any wifi in my house. Can I just buy this and the router and any phone and that’s all I need??


if you have an internet connection and a regular landline phone, this will work. Follow the instructions carefully, I’ve been using this before Dan 🙂


What year did you start using yours?

We’ve been posting these since March 2011 🙂


If you don’t have an internet connection, it can’t work.


Sorry but I am a real עם הארץ when it comes to technology


Will this work if I use it in Israel?


Should work anywhere!


thanks for the offer (as well as all good stuff you put up) i am wondering if i only have a wirless hot spot which my computer runs on can i still connect to the USB from obitalk? if i switch the wifi from my pc to obitalk, wont i lose internet connection since the PC is disconnected from my hotspot?


Any answer on this?


comes up at $49.99 for me, and the promo code is not recognized by Newegg. Same devise on amazon is $49.99


Now it’s $49

yonah steinfeld

Can this work with jetpack mifi ?


Is the two line one also on sale?


Thank you Dan!
We use it already more than a year which means you saved us a minimum of $300 so far!!!!
Works great almost never had a problem.

And for dose who find complicated to port a landline to Google voice here is how to do it

Before you start click on this link to double check if your number really can’t be ported direct to Google voice,

If you get this message: Ooops! We currently don’t support porting from your carrier.
just follow these 3 simple steps that helped me do this,

1) I ordered a Sim card kit from [you’ll usually get a popup with a promo to get it for free if not you can chat with them and ask them for one],

2) I ported my landline number to them [for free] paid $1.50 for a plan that gives 50 text messages [so I can later receive the code that google will send]

3) I went again to above Google number porting link entered my number and got this exciting message, Congratulations.Your mobile number can be ported. followed the instructions paid $20 and now my number was ported to google,

From there just do the regular setup for your obi device
And then just simple FREE CALLS from your LANDLINE handset!!


how could I get caller id with name even for a fee?


Living in Israel, Does anyone know if i connect this to my Bezeq Router will it work for US calls?

The United States of America

Yes it will work.


HMM… we can’t seem to find promo code 93XRF76 on our end. Check again?

The United States of America

Stay away from this if you reliability. You pay for what you get. This can have issues setting up. It will then definitely have issues down the line service wise. If this is just a backup line, then it’s fine.


Can you call 911 with it?


Any chance there is a new code? The one listed now hasn’t worked since Friday.


Promo code above isn’t working today


My Google voice landline number is link to my cellphone, I can never call from my cell to home as Google doesn’t differentiate… any tips?

dr irv

can we get a post addressing the end of life of this product?


Is it still possible for me to get a free landline for my home phone ?


is the OBi200 still working ??
or can someone pls recommend another device that will work instead??