My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone.

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Update #3, 01/25/13: The OBi100 is currently on sale for just $37.99 and the OBi110 is currently on sale for just $39.99 shipped from Amazon!
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Update #2, 12/26/12: Google has once again announced that US and Canada calling will remain free throughout 2013!
I also use GrooveIP on my Android when abroad to make free calls back to the US via Google, so that will remain free for 2013 as well. Thanks Google for the gift that keeps on giving!

Update #1, 12/20/11: Google has announced that US and Canada calling will remain free throughout 2012! My OBi110 continues to pay dividends, hopefully it stays free for years to come as well!

Originally posted on 03/28/11:
OBi100 Linky

OBi110 Linky

If you used to be landline-free like me, don’t forget to also pick up a phone like this VTech Dect 6.0 cordless phone with caller ID for $19.95, or the 2 handset version for $29.96, or the 2 handset version with a digital answering machine for $39.99.

Quick FAQ’s about this device:
-It works with any regular phone.
-It makes regular outgoing and incoming calls with caller ID.
-Calls are free from anywhere in the world to US and Canada numbers.
-You can call international numbers for very little per minute. Israel is 2 cents per minute to landlines and 10 cents for cell phones. All rates are listed here:
-You can only port a cell phone number to Google, so if you want another number you’ll have to first port it to a prepaid cell service (page plus, att, tmobile, etc) and then port it to google.
-It costs nothing per month after you buy the machine.
-You don’t need any other phone service, just broadband (DSL/FIOS/Cable) internet service.
-You do not need a computer.
-You do not need a phone jack.

Thanks to the heads-up of David, a DansDeals Forum member, I purchased the Obihai OBi110 from Amazon back on March 7th.

The device is a conduit between your broadband connection and a landline phone for free phone calls with no monthly service fee and no cost for making calls!

It performs all kinds of tricks, but the main feature that I got it for was its very easy setup with Google Voice.  It works with any regular or cordless landline phone for free incoming calls, free outgoing calls to the US and Canada, and Google Voice’s dirt-cheap international dialing rates. Your computer does not need to be on for your phone to work.

You can also plug in a landline phone, or another VOIP service like Ooma or Magic Jack, into the device and you’ll be able to access multiple different lines of service from your landline phone.

Here’s what I did:

-I bought the OBi110 for $49.99 and a Vtech Dect 6.0 cordless phone with caller ID and speakerphone for $19.54 last week. Additional cordless phones are available for just $14.95

-I opened up a new Google Voice account (there’s a limit of 1 per email address) and got a vanity number. (Google Voice allows you to search their database of free phone numbers for any combination of numbers or letters)

-I charged the cordless phone for 24 hours and then set it up.  With the easy instructions I was able to set it up in less than 15 minutes and the call quality has been very good! It displays the caller ID number for incoming calls and Gmail will even notify you of and transcribe voicemails!

Google has already announced that the free calling will last through 12/31/11. After that nobody knows, but here’s hoping Google continues to allow the free calls forever!

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do u know if gv will allow u to port ur home phone #?


Slightly misleading-50 bucks for the device plus u have to pay for broadband. Not exactly $0.

reb dan plz help

i live in israel and hav jivetel for a u.s. line @$25-month can i get this and cancel my dsl phone line?
can u port a number?


so if I currently have optimum for internet and 2 line home service, how much would i save if i did this?


Do you have dsl or cable? Im wondering if this will be good enough on dsl.


I currently use Magicjack in Israel with a cable line to feed the whole house with phone service. Can I use this instead? How is faxing with this device?


You can port your home number to an AT&T gophone:

Then you can port any mobile number to Google Voice for $20.

It’s $0 per month and 0 cents per minute.
My post is pretty explicit that you still need to buy a $43.99 or $49.99 device to make it work along with broadband internet.

@reb dan plz help:
It’s possible that if you login to a gmail account in the US with google voice that it will then work abroad.

If it doesn’t work abroad then you can have someone keep you logged into gmail in the US and then the device should work anywhere int he world. Or you can get 2 OBi devices and have 1 in the US and another where you are and that should work.

I have cable, but it should work with any broadband internet.


I have a Google Voice account, but haven’t used it yet. Is this the only easy way to use the Google Voice?


Will I be able to transfer my current phone numbers to this plan?


where do i get cheap internet though??



cable is $50 for internet $60 for internet and phone so………..


I’m curious about faxing as well. Also will the device still work if the computer is turned off?


All of you in Israel (or any other non-US country) can get a VPN service or VPN router to give you a US IP address. This will let you use GV unencumbered, and is good for many other things, too.

Take a look at (I don’t have anything to do with them). There are many others as well if you google.


I don’t have any landline in my apartment, only cell phone. Can i buy a phone and do this? if so, how? and will the phone have to be plugged into my computer always since i dont have a landline?


Do you know what the difference is between the two devices?


With a phone this is the easiest way.

Please read the previous comments.

$29 cable for me.


No idea about faxing, but it works fine even without a computer being on as I already wrote in the post.

The OBi100 won’t support an additional line-in for a landline jack or other voip device.

They both will work with google voice just fine.


why is this better than something like ooma? i also dont pay a monthly fee


The ooma is much more expensive, doesn’t work with your google voice number, and there is a monthly charge with ooma after 12 months.


@Dan: how get cable for so little?


What cable is $29?


There is no cable for 29$, only optimum but that is only if you get double play-$59….


Life in the small city…


Now $69.99 on Amazon


Do I need a wall phone jack in order it should work


Dan, do you know if i can use google voice thru my ooma


Doesn’t your GV number fwd to another number? During setup it asks you for a number to fwd the calls to…


Does anyone know if the service will be ok with verizon 768K dsl service or will it be too choppy?

reb dan plz help

from Witopia’s website it would that they dont have service for israel!!


I don’ think this product is going for $49.99 this time. It is in stock and selling for $70 this time.
Dan, do you know if they officially raised the price?


@Dan: so basically this only a deal if live in cleveland?


Yes, you can have GV forward to another number. Then it would ring the other number as well as you landline.
It can ring as many numbers as you want.
Or you can just have it ring one of them, your choice.

I would guess that 768 may be a bit too slow for a good connection.

It needs to be exactly $69.99 for the $20 coupon to work. It was that price for a while last night, but is dead for now.



Can you port your number to GV without cancelling your contract?


If Gv will be acting as my landline, how can i recieve incoming calls to my landline? I dont have a number to enter during setup.


No, you just need a Cleveland phone number, but you can live wherever you want. Read Dan’s original post!


@Chaikel: huh?

for most people this will only save 10 bux off cable bill,,,,,no?


optimum offers cable alone for 29.95 a month.


@smurf: link?


hi dan! i clicked on the link to the att go phone thread but didnt see anything about porting a number. I have a number that ive had for years and would like to keep- it was originally a mobile # then was ported to vonage. I dont use the vonage acct & the monthly fees are insane! I’d like to port the number over to a cheap/free service pref one that will allow me to forward the calls to my current number. (i cannot get rid of the current # for other reasons). What would you suggest? Thanks alot!


Optimum does not offer cable alone for 29$ a month.


i dont understand how this gv integration works, i have been using gv fro a long time now having it forward to whatever cell im using


are you saying that you can dial directly from th phone and it will be through google voice? and the receiever will see my gv# on their caller id?


i see 29.95 for firt yr for new customers but notin else wtvr


@Dan: @reb dan plz help:
For those who are international, I can tell you from personal experience that although you can only obtain a GV voice number from a USA or Canada IP, nevertheless, once you have it, it works anywhere in the world. [At least where I have travelled.] So if you are internation, get someone in the US to sign up for you.


I ordered the OBi100 and chose a google voice number. I don’t however, have a landline at all at this time. I want the phone that I’ll buy and the google number I chose to be my landline number. What do I do then when it asks me which phone number I’d like my calls to ring through to?



Will my fax work with this?


How do I connect my vanity # to the phone


i got everything and now i need to connect it together help pls????????


Try this tutorial:
In step 7, the username and password is admin.
Let us know when you set it up!


I went on the link u sent and I followed the steps I tried getting my ip# and it says not available wat do I do now??


Dan, did you see my post above re porting & call forwarding? Can you suggest anything to help me out?


U know dan its not right we buy the deals and it doesn’t work


Wats the policy to return to amazon??? How long do we have to return it???


Care to elaborate? did you actually setup the box? do you have a Google voice number? Do you have a gmail account?

scroll down and you’ll see ool for 29.95 for the first year.
If you only have internet with them call to cancel,since you have nothing to lose(your phone number isn’t with them)they should lower you to 29.95


i have a google voice # i have a gmail acct


how do i port my number to att go phone?


@smurf: wat u do after first yr????


does the ac adapter have international voltage? can it be used overseas where the voltage is 240V?

Abe Da'Babe

Seriously, this is simply awesome. I just got it and i love it.If you are a nutty Google voice fan such as myself then this will be the great telephonic device you buy ever. To be sure, it will make your home phone system able to use the google voice number to receive and place calls.
In case you dont know, google voice gives u free texts, free calls usa and canada, and MOST IMPORTANTLY lets you treat each contact UNIQUELY. Meaning lets say you put every telemarketing, collections, or other annoying caller into a contact, i.e. TRASH. Then u can have them go straight to spam, voicemail, or busy. NO MORE HARRASING CALLS. all i did was forward my house number to my google voice number and THAT IT. No more annoying calls from Mr. Chase, Ms. BOA, or the Big Gap. STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL. u can also record your call by pressing 4. I LOVE GV and thank you DAn for this offer and explainging it. I was scared that it would not perform but it is SIMPLY AWESOME. Australlia $0.02 a minute. Thank you again.


I am paying for hi speed anyways.

NJ Macman

Is it reliable to send and receive faxes?


I don’t have a fax machine, but people on the forums have been using it with a fax machine:


The OP should say 12/31/12 not 12/31/11.
Thanx for this great article. !!!


“Originally posted on 03/28/11:”

Abe Da Babe

@Abe DaBabe
This is a 7 month update. I am simply in love with this system. The obihai and google voice are the best thing to happen to the internet after I use this for my house phone and for my business line. The Iphone app and all the trimming make this the greatest thing EVER. For all of your that can not understand this or think its too complicated i feel very bad for you. But that is how lawyers like us make it, by people being too lazy to think. Enjoy and the international rates are amazing we call Australia all the time.


@Abe Da Babe:
Have to agree, it is 100% amazing!


@reb dan plz help: I live in Israel and have the google voice # and obi box and it works perfectly. All you need is somebody in the States to set it up for you because you cant set it up from a computer here. Another option might be, but i never tried it myself, is to have your internet provider block your IP address temporarily or something like that (not my field at all)so that Google cant tell where you are logging off from. Good luck!


@levi: I use it in Israel with an adapter


I’ve been using this for a long time already, its great! I was able to connect all the jacks in my house to the obi 110. All you have to do is disconnect the 2 wires in your outside phone box from the incoming service line, and plug in the additional line to one of the inside jacks,from your obi,and viola! All your house jacks will now work!
One thing everyone needs to be aware of, currently obi/Gv does NOT support 911 calls!


heres a landline to GV port demo;

Port your existing landline to PP for free through their website( )

select I want to port my existing number
Then fill out the port form and wait a couple of days for it to go through

After the port completes you should have an active PP line with 2 dollars credit in the account DON’T WASTE IT!! you’ll need it to accept the call to verify the GV port

once the port is complete you can initiate the GV port verify the number and that should do it


Thanks Dan just purchased it
it’s now 49.99 on amazon


when setting it up, do i have to dial through my computer on google voice, or can i dial as normal from the phone?

Sounds gr8

Let’s say I can successfully port my landline number to GV, will I ever be able to port it back from GV to a regular land line?


yes hi dan, i am moving to israel and i have been reading the posts, i am a bit confused how this is going to work. i am going to buy the OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter (49.99 on amazon) and then plug it into my computer and then get the cordless phone and plug it into the OBi?

also you wrote about keeping a computer on in america and have it transfered to israel, i didnt fully understand that.

thanks a million


@Yak: hi YAK my name is tzvee i just got married around 3 months ago and am moving to israel in jan iyh, i have a goggle voice number and i actualy use it often here….so now what do i do? should i go but the OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter (49.99 amazon prime) and then just wait tilll i get to israel? u wrote it needs to be set up…..whats that mean? thank you soooooo much!! ur a tzaddik! i really appreciate it! maybe you can e mail me direct at thanks a million


@reb dan plz help:
I used this obi hai with google voice in israel it worked perfectly but the voice account has to be initiated in the states


Dan – Is there a link somewhere on your site on how to use Google voice ? Their website is terrible & there is not customer support. We tried to use it a couple of years ago in Europe & connected it to our cell phone & ended up with a huge bill from the cell phone carrier. I would love to know how to do this properly. Thanks so much.


Dan, I’m very interested in this, however i only have a wireless connection… will that work with this or any devices maybe?

bright point

get here VTech Two Handset Cordless Phone System
USUALLY FOR 37.99 now 24.99 SHIPPED!


@Naphtali: thanks naftali, but whats that mean i have to initiate it in the states? what am i starting up? i already have a GV number now what?


The obi110 allows me to use my landline phone as a regular phone. Nothing is plugged into my computer, you don’t even need a computer.
You plug a landline phone and your internet modem into the obi110 and it works like a regular phone, but with no bills and free incoming and outgoing calls.

You need to set this up in the US, but once its set up in the US you can use it anywhere in the world.


Does this work with Fios or a Cable Modem ?
i havent had a regular land line (copper connection) in a long time and no regular jacks in the house. So can this just be connected to a router ?


It will work with Fios/DSL/Cable.
You don’t need to plug into regular jacks for it to work.


thanks so much dan, i suppose i will get it now and try it out see if it works. i wonder if its even wrth it for israel, bec dsl lines, i think, work off the internet too, (ohhh but its costing me for the dsl as well as the internet…i see) and if i plug the obi110 into the modem can i also plug my computer into it (for internet use as well?)


also does it have to be cordless? or can i have any phone? sorry to be such a bother ….


Costing for dsl and internet? Huh? dsl is internet access so I’ve got no clue what you’re talking about.

Anyway you can have a computer and obi110 share a modem of course. And you can use any telephone.


sorry. your right. my bad. i meant to say if i get internet in israel do i need obi (bec in israel u have to pay for internet and then an american nmber – but i see, this way i can use obi and just pay for the internet,)… thanks so much dan! i am going to order the obi this sec! hatzlacha and thanks again, 🙂


Google gives you a free US number and Obi allows you to use that number on any telephone as long as you have a modem.

Remember this must be set up in the US first before it will work in Israel.


Abe Da'babe

@ All Confused People
For anyone who does not understand what this is or how it works all i can tell you is read my posts and Dan’s posts. if u still don’t understand then DO NOT GET THIS, as you are then extremely confused and bewildered by this amazing product and will hate it and blame me and dan for your hatred of all things amazing in the world. Once you set it up, all you need is a regular or cordless phone plugged into the box, a internet connection, and electricity then you have a FREE PHONE for US and Canada and amazing international rates with NO FEES! dial like a regular phone it is amazing, no 911 like previously mentioned.

@People who have this
Learn about porting all your numbers into this and the codes needed to dial out with those codes. I use Google Voice for my business as well and us my house phone to place business calls using that number as the outgoing number so people think i am calling from my work, yet i set it up in a way that NO BUSINESS CALLS ring the phone by disabling it within GV. This is for advanced users of Google Voice FAQ it and you are good. If you need customer service or want to talk tot someone about GV or Obi then please DO NOT GET IT! there is no need for that ITS FREE. stick with Att – Verizon – or the Bell Companies and continue paying $100’s a month, you can afford it.


thanks, i am leaving in a month so i will set it up monday (when i get the obi) thank you. pls come visit us 🙂 (and thank you so much for all the other gr8 deals i have been getting and using )

good shabb!


when dialing out do you first have to call your GV # then press 2 then dial the # you want, like you normaly have to do with GV?


from amazon review:
“Note: this product does NOT provide access to 911. If this is needed, it is available through several Internet phone service providers. I used CallCentric, which provides enhanced 911 for $1.50 per month.
The OBi online wizard provides easy setup for CallCentric and other Internet phone services, and configuring the device to place 911 calls through this service was fairly easy.”


Does it work for incoming calls?



How do I accept the call? do I need a PP line? (can you setup an online forward)


Does this device work with a wireless connection?


hey dan, any way to get optimum to let me drop the double play but retain the 29.95 promo for just internet?


I don’t currently have internet service in my house. Anybody what the cheapest internet plan is that would would be good enough to “power” obi110? Which provider? I’m located in NJ.



Did you figure out if you can use it for fax?
Can i use my verizon home # and cancel the verizon plan?


To all people who don’t understand, check out the diagrams on amazon it should clarify things…


I live in Australia and have the ooma as an american line which cost $3.47 tax every month and often stops working.

Will this work in Australia to make free calls to america??


why is this any better than nettalk? with their device you dont need to plug into computer either. or have computer turned on.


GrooveIP for Android works the same way.
You can use it with a cheap Android from Ebay and WiFi no phone plan needed.


Do I need to switch from cable to dsl for this. Presently I have comcast cable internet with a voice oip from them as well….but it costs me big bucks.



I don’t know what nettalk is, but this does not require a computer either.

This works with Cable or DSL.


Dan, does your caller Id show any info (ie name) besides the actual number? I can’t seem to get that to work. Thanks!


@Abe Da Babe:

can u call any landline or does the person also have to have a OBI110 box


How do I port my Vonage number to google voice?


cann you call international calls with this?


Can I keep my home phone # with this? Also, will it allow for 2 lines and will I be able to still have a fax?


Do you lose your phone numbers? Also, can I do this for 2 lines and can I still have a fax hooked up?


do you have to leave it plugged into a running computer always like magic jack? that is a problem because it kills the computer battery life


oh and to use in isreal do you need a isreali phone line also or just a internet connection?

Abe Da'babe

all calls to any number in the US or Canada are free, including landlines.

i cancelled my vonage service thank to this product as this is 10times better IT FREE!

I send huge faxes with this NO PROBLEM. it might take longer than usual but who cares.


is there anything better about this that i should switch from ooma – or its just the initial price?

David B

OBi110 Sale Price: $44.88 Use Coupon Code: OBIGREAT (Ends 12/25)

Code works on


the code ‘OBIGREAT’ doesn’t seem to be working on amazon for me.


Why can’t people read previous comments?
-It works with any regular phone.
-It makes regular incoming and outgoing calls.
-Calls are free from anywhere in the world to US and Canada numbers.
-You can call international numbers for very little per minute. Israel is 2 cents per mnute to landlines and 10 cents for cell phones. All rates are here:
-You can only port a cell phone number to Google, so if you want another number you’ll have to first port it to a prepaid cell service (page plus, att, tmobile, etc) and then port it to google.
-It costs nothing per month after you buy the machine.
-You don’t need any other phone service, just broadband (DSL/FIOS/Cable) internet service.
-You do not need a computer.
-You do not need a phone jack.


When you add the device to your cart be sure it says “Sold by Obihai Technology, Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon”

Abe Da'babe

That’s what i have been saying…Why cant people read previous posts. So does this accept incoming calls or not…oh wait i can read the 30 messages that say IT DOES! wow thanks for the advice…u mean actually research something before i buy it.
Thank for all of your hard work and this small machine u told me to buy many moons ago, has now saved me money more than any other deal.


on the right side of the page you will see a box with “more buying options”, one of the sellers are Obihai – click add to cart from there to able to use the coupon code.


@Abe Da’babe:

Thanks for the info on faxing, this sealed the deal for me.

Faxing has become a huge annoyance in the last ten years, as many people are relying on cell phones or VOIP which don’t do fax, and yet so many corporations, schools and organizations STILL use fax!!! (Why they can’t use email is a mystery to me)

Furthermore, there aren’t any free E-fax options out there, as the ones that are “free” typically have ads attached, and limit the number of pages you can send.

The fact that the OBi110 does fax is amazing.


@Dan and @hey – thanks that worked on amazon. The standard free shipping over $25 didn’t work, so it added up to almost the same cost. It will work out to a 10% discount if someone has amazon prime for free shipping.


Standard free shipping works fine. You just need to select “FREE Super Saver Shipping.”
Plus they don’t even charge tax for NY!


Will this work if house doesn’t have internet?


during the summer i ported my phone to an ATT prepaid card-i bought the card for $10 in an att store and at the time requested them to prt my # i think it cost $10 then i was able to port it to GV


just set up my obu and im excited it works!!!!!! just a slight delayt in the phone but otherwise its gr8!


Wow thanks dan. I set it up and everything is great other than a little delay. Its worth it even just for fax.

Is there a way to setup the incoming fax to goto email like Efax?


Hi Dan,
Is it complicated to port your number out of Google Voice? in theory if I want to go back to the old fashioned land line.


anybody know about that obi110 thing with using google voice to get free calling. Do you have to get rid of your old number or can you somehow still keep it. Does it matter if my old phone number was through another voip provider?


is it normal for google to charge me $20 for porting.
is there a coupon for that.



Hey this is a note i found here:

“You can’t be logged in and also use the OBi110. That’s why we set up a dedicated Google account for this device. Guess what? You’re done.”

is this something anyone has experienced???????

it might be a big issue for me because the gv# im using is associated with the gmail account im logged in all day!!!



Chaim, I am also trying to figure out if its a problem that i am using an everyday gmail account with google voice which i connected to the OBi110.

@Dan, Please advise if i can take that google Voice # and use it with a new gmail account.


I set it up like that for my grandparents and it appears to work just fine.



Whats the proccess?


dan the 41.73 is dead


@Dan: is it possible to port a line to an existing cell phone (not prepaid) that i don’t really use that much?


Hi dan

I’m new to this I live in a building and me and my neighbor share wifi and the router is in his house can I hook this up with out plugging it in Thanx


sorry, i didn’t have time to read above comments so i hope i’m not repetitive but what’s difference between ob100 and ob110? which is better?


Yes, if you can run a phone wire from his modem into your house.


What is the difference between the obi100 and the obi110?


It doesn’t seem like any major differences to me.

From Amazon:
OBi110 only:
– Allows you to keep your current land line service yet take advantage of the OBi device’s VoIP services.
– Provides for an emergency calling services route when connected to a service supporting the same.
– Acts as a gateway and bridge to the PSTN for calls originating on a VoIP service from a remote OBi device or soft phone.

The OBi110 & OBi100 Both Have:
– One Phone Port: For connection to an analog cordless or corded phone
– The OBi Phone Port Can Power All the Phones in Your Home
– One Ethernet Port: For connection to an Internet router
– Support for up to 2 Commercial VoIP services
– Support for SIP
– Support for Google Voiceâ„¢
– Support for OBiTALK
– Message Waiting Indication – Visual and Tone Based
– Speed Dialing of 99 OBi Endpoints or Numbers
– Three Way Conference Calling with Local Mixing
– Hook Flash Event Signaling
– Caller ID – Name & Number
– Call Waiting
– Call Forward – Unconditional
– Call Forward on Busy
– Call Forward on No Answer
– Call Transfer
– Anonymous Call
– Block Anonymous Call
– Do Not Disturb
– Call Return
– Repeat Dialing
– OBiTALK Managed VoIP Network for OBi Endpoint Devices & Applications
– High Quality Voice Encoding Using G.711, G.726, G.729 Algorithms


If I just want to make outgoing calls and dont care about the caller Id can I just use this device or do I still need to hook it up to google voice?


Can I use a few of theses to give me access to a few lines? Can I connect 5 to my network router and then I have 5 outgoing lines? Or will I need to have a few Cable providers?


Does it work with a router and wif hooked up?


Since there’s no answering machine on the $20 phone does it ring untill you pick it up?


if i pick up my wifi from somewhere else ie i not from my own modem or router will it still work for me


You need Google Voice.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to hook up multiple OBis to the same router.


No, your Google Voice online voicemail will pick it up.

No, you need your own router.


but if i have my own router but pick up wifi from somewhere else ie not my own internet will it still work ?


It won’t work as far as I know as you need your own router and internet connection.


Thanks to all the comments, and thanks Dan you Da man…I purchased this a few weeks back, have it all set up and ready to go, it works as good as everything else out there


Happy to help, enjoy!


Wondering if anyone can help me out- i set up my Obi and it works great for outgoing calls but everything incoming goes straight to my google voicemail!


Got this a few weeks ago This works great (sound quality is almost as good as it was with Cablevision-though sporadically one side of conversation didn’t hear the other-this is more likely an issue with my Internet connection which has been faulty as of late). Hooking up was relatively simple- go to obi website. Cancelled my phone and tv service from optimum-got a Roku xds streaming media player instead- (Hulu plus, Netflix, amazon, hbo go, angry birds, etc…) paying $49.95 for Internet from optimum- saving myself $79 a month. Definitely worth it.
Got one for my parents too- primarily for international calls from google voice – dirt cheap and I think they count seconds for calls that are actually connected and not per minute and for unconnected calls like calling cards rip u off.
All in all get one as most people can probably get by with only a cell these days- no need toay for a phone.
Hope this helps


Dov- u have to change settings on google voice- had the same issue with voicemail when I called from my cell phone to house- went straight to voicemail- my cell is connectd google voice


Oh ya. Thanks Dan


i don’t think anybody asked this question
can i keep my current home number?
and if yes hoe can that be? Because if i cancel my service with my phone company, isn’t my number up for grab?
i enjoy this website very much


You would need to port your number to a prepaid cell phone and then to Google Voice.
It’s been discussed in earlier comments.


can i take a home number to a cell?
thanks dan




Whats the difference btw the 110 and 100?


back to 43.99


My phone is working great, thanks for a free land line.
Incoming caller id is only shows the phone number, does anyone know how to change it that it will also show the name, as it use to on my old landline?


Hi dan
I’m new to this I live in a building and me and my neighbor share wifi and the router is in his house can I hook this up with out plugging it in Thanx




do u know of any good but free e-fax service?


Ordered the device and signed up for google voice. Now I need to port my number over. Whats the best way to get a prepaid phone, i mean do i really need to purchase a phone and everything just to be able to port my number…whats the cheapest/esiest way to do this?


price is back to 43.99.


Has anyone ever tried porting a number FROM GV to another carrier?
If Google Voice stops being free (let’s hope not), can I port back my number to Cable or Verizon?


If i set up the OBi to my google voice and connected the analog phone to the Obi, how come the phone doesn’t ring and can’t make phone calls out?


Can any


I hooked up google voice with the obi… But for some reason it’s not connected to my phones. Does anyone know why???


Deal is DEAD!


Anyone living in Canada and using this? Do I need to set it up in the US?


@Abe Da’babe: can you please email me at ? I have a question for the pro- cant write it here.

mendel p

whats the diff btw bmi100 and 110
wich one the best to get?

can i use the same google voice acount in 2 diff machine for office and home?

will it ring on both how would that work ?

how do i get that my cell will be redirect to google voice and first ring to google voice?


How do I fax with the OBI and google voice? If I also use Callcentric for 911 service, can i set up fax service with Callcentric more easily?

Moishe Dovid

Can I import my vonage phone number to google voice? I now pay $35 per month for vonage phone


i live in isreal and i use obi110 (i set mine up in america first) but i am paying litterarly half the costs of iternet bec i have this!! its amazing! thanks dan!


did it, no name-caller id is a pain….


It does not work with my MFC 240C, I cannot send faxes but I can receive them fine. Anyone got any ideas?

rachel cohn

if i have current ooma for almost 2 years and am not paying any monthly fees, is there any reason for me to get this device? thank you.

Dan K

One issue I have which hopefully someone knows how to solve.
Incoming caller ID. I set up GV to show the caller ID of incoming calls but when i receive calls it just shows the incoming number with “NO NAME”. Anyone knows if it can show the name ofthe caller? Thanks


Dan and everyone else. I had a landline with Optimum. I ported that number to a att go-phone. I had an old phone so all I needed was to purchase $15 pre-paid credit on a new sim card. They assigned a random number to the sim card in the store. I then called the ATT porting hotline and they started the port ptocess which was complete in 2 days and did not sidtrupt my optimum service in the interm. I then paid the $20 to google and started the port process from the go-phone to Google Voice which took 24 hours. In the meantime I had all incoming calls to the number being ported being forwarded to my regular cell (via google voice.) The number is now my main GV number and is the one associated with phone that is conncted to the OBI.

I have one problem though, if anyone can help. Incoming calls go directly to VM and I got an istant email/text that I missed a call. I cannot figure out how to get the phone to ring on incoming calls. Any suggestions?


I set up my obi100 with google voice and it disconnects in middle of the call after a few minutes. Has anyone having or previously had this issue and knows how to fix it? Its really annoying. I have optimum with a D-link wireless router.

me of course

what is Google Voice?

me of course

Do You know if on the omni 110 I can add a UK LAND LINE (other than google voice voip) or only a US number y… I do know I have to set it up 1st in the US though)


Do I need electricity for this to work, or can I stay living in my cave?
If yes, why do you write that it’s free when I need to pay an electricity bill every month…?


If I have the cheapest internet will my phone calls still be clear?


Price is 49.99 again, just when I wanted to check out.


Now $49.99


I’m seeing $43.99


Dan, thank you for this information. I have a couple of questions please. If I now have 3 lines through verizon (home, fax, office), will I then need 3 google voice accounts and 3 obi devices? Once everything is set up thru google voice,can I cancel my verizon services?


Thanks again for all the great deal info and the website – has saved me tons…and is letting me go to my Rov’s son’s chasunah in zurich on miles!
I have read a lot of the posts but the one question that has been asked that I cannot find if it has been answered is whether one can port the GV number back to a POTS (regular phone line) if you don’t like how the GV/Obi system works. Can someone who knows theanswer please respond to this question?


Dan, I bought this device, but I’m unable to use my phones digital answering machine. Instead, callers are told ” the google voice mail subscriber is unavailable” Is it possible to use my phones digital answering machine with the obitalk device?
Thank you.

Me of Course

Set it up in US!
Brought it to Canada!
Now I have a US number in Canada!


HELP!! I had a high speed internet plan and a landline with Verizon and was paying about $50 a month. Then I setup this whole Obi thing with google voice and ported my landline etc. But now- Verizon is charging me $55 a month just for the internet connection since I have no landline!! I’m now in a worse situation than before! What can I do now?


@iym: Get a optimum internet plan for $30 per month.

BTW, the Obi100 that’s on sale for $39 DOESN’T allow line porting!!!!


What do you mean by line porting?


Read all the posts but only saw one opinion- how’s the call quality? Is it similar to an unclear “DSL line” from Israel to America or is it similar to a regular Optimum line?


I find call quality to be very good.


@Dan: If you currently have a lanline, and want to port that number into the Obi, you need the Obi110


OBi110 LINE Port:
– Allows you to keep your current land line service yet take advantage of the OBi device’s VoIP services.
– Provides for an emergency calling services route when connected to a service supporting the same.
– Acts as a gateway and bridge to the PSTN for calls originating on a VoIP service from a remote OBi device or soft phone.

For people who do not have a land line, the OBi100 is the perfect choice. It is smaller than the OBi110, yet features identical VoIP calling functionality.

Me, Of-Course!

This is the most unbelievable little device I have seen for a long time…

I set this up in the US:
Installed it in ENGLAND for my family at home:
Now I have a Free Incoming and Outgoing US number in London:
When I get back to US, I now don’t even have to pay 2 cents a minute to call my family in the UK:

All my other abroad family members just call the US number too, which is much cheaper than calling a UK number:

and Get this!: I use my US number to call a UK mobile for 10cents ! when to call using a landline to Mobile costs approximatel 30c!

We have family in Canada, takes away all their calling expenses or being stuck to a computer to talk

We have family in Monsey, he just calls a “local” number and it goes right through to England:

And guess what else, other than a new number that I set up for my family abroad, while I am temporarily in England I set up MY own Google Voice number to also go through to this phone, because you can set up 2 GV numbers on 1 phone:

I even set it up to join my Local line in London (obihai 110 only) and so now I have 1 phone that has incoming and outgoing UK and US line on 1 phone!

G-d is Good!


If I’m understanding this comment correctly that is simply untrue.

You can definitely port your landline number to the obi100, just like you can to the obi110, via a cheap prepaid cell phone you can pick up for $10. Or you can port your cell phone number to either as well.

Now if you want to keep both your landline and your obi and run them both through the obi then you need the 110 model.

But for most people, myself included, the 100 does everything you need it to do for free calling and for porting your number to it.

@Me, Of-Course!:


@Dan: Gotcha!! I misunderstood!!


Me, Of-Course!

@Dan: Yeah! and the call quality is very impressive and clear for voip


@gas: I use send2fax. after my one month trial I trid to cancel and they offered $2.99 monthly. its the best deal i was able to find…


Can someone please help me out. I already have the Obi 110 setup with my home number. I would like to be able to fax as well (outgoing is more important).

1) How do I set up GV for fax-the link on comment 62 is a dead one.

2) Can I use the Obi for multiple gv numbers (different email) at the same time-one of them setup as a fax?

3) can I use GV in any way to fax documents without the need for any bulky machine altogether eg send from my computer, through GV, a pdf to a fax number?

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


What’s the advantage of plugging a land line into the Obi110? Can’t you just plug it into the base of the 2- line phone and use the Obi100?


Dan, How many google lines can i connect into the the obi110?


does this have caller id WITH call waiting?


this week i got around to doing this.
took 2 days to finish the maneuvering, and it works great!
got rid of my TWC internet + local line, and now just have at&t uverse internet only.
used a virgin mobile pay-as-u-go phone ($10 on sale @ target) to do the porting and next day ported to GV.


#1 thanks again Dan

#2 i set it up with gv and i amnot getting incoming calls!!! goes straight to voice mail!! can someone help me? read thru all posts and searched online.



Sorry about last post…

Receiving Incoming Calls to Your Google Voice Number
When someone calls your Google Voice number, if you are unable to receive call on the phone attached to your OBi device’s PHONE port, check the “Forwards to: Google Chat” setting, in the Google Voice, Voice Settings, “Phones” tab.


Can i port my number from comcast to gv?


Quick Question:
I Live in Australia and i have a google Voice Number,
I have internet at home and a Regular Australian Landline, so all i have to do is buy this Device and that will give me a US Number (Phone)? Will i still have my Australian Home Phone Number, or will i need to buy a Additional Phone?

Thanks Dan,


price is back up,why is this not marked DEAD??


obi 100 not the same as your 110 will it work without computer on thx


i set this up last week and i’m having some issues.
appreciate any help.
1. when we pick up incoming calls, we can’t hear anything and the caller hears beep beep and that’s it.
2. we can make outgoing calls, but the phone takes 20 seconds to set after we press the numbers.

caller id is not working at all.

we have the obidata 110, with a GV number feeding into it.


does it work for fax?


What’s the difference between obi 100 and obi 110???


Absolutely nothing for most people.
Read through the comments if you want to get technical.


@meir: Yes it does – you may need to change a setting on your fax machine. Set transmission speed to 9600


Dan – I have been using a VOIP service the last little while. I want to keep my number. Is that possible if I buy the obi100? If so, how?


You can port the number to a cheap prepaid cell phone and from there to Google Voice/OBi.



Thanks Dan – now to find a cheap prepaid cell with no number attached to it yet. Is it simple to port a number to a prepaid cell? Does it have to be with a specific prepaid carrier?


Dan, can i use this machine with wifi internet alone that i use from my surrounding

uncle d

price is back up to $43.99


Quick Question:
I Live in Australia and i have a google Voice Number,
I have internet at home and a Regular Australian Landline, so all i have to do is buy this Device and that will give me a US Number (Phone)? Will i still have my Australian Home Phone Number, or will i need to buy a Additional Phone?
Thanks Dan,

Also 🙂 Only 2012 it will be free? What are the Chances it stays like that for 2013?
Thanks Again,


Could I do this if I live in Canada, how so?


-Calls are free from anywhere in the world to US and Canada numbers.

so i could send this to relatives in Australia and they could call me here in the u.s free?


It can be with any carrier and it should be straightforward.

I don’t think so as it plugs into your modem.

This will give you a US number, it will need it’s own phone.
It’s been free for a couple of years now, hopefully it stays free forever!

Of course.



what does the 110 add? what benefit do i have it i plug my house landline into it? does that mean i wouldn’t need a google voice #?


i would like to have that my cell phone which currently has google voice, should be my cell and landline. Will this help me? i want that when you call me it should ring both the cell and land line and also that when i make a call from the ombi it should be from my cell which is GV number, can that be done? basically i want a cell and landline with the same number so i can use the cell when out and landline when home but have only one number to be reached at. can you help me with that??


@Abe Da’Babe: Quick question – when you say all you had to do was “forward my house number to my google voice number” do you mean directly or via a cellphone? Thanks for your patience; I really want this to work and I’m trying hard to follow the thread. This stuff doesn’t come naturally to me but I thank you and others who are willing to share.


@Dan: Would this make sense? Port my home number to a Boost mobile phone that I just bought but haven’t activated yet (I’m thinking this is where my stars align) and then port it yet again to the Google Voice leaving my Boost phone open and then I can port my Verizon cell number to the now vacant Boost? Would that work in theory? (Actually, I’m looking more for reality 🙂 Thanks! You have a special place in Heaven for saving so many people from debt. Seriously.


I think I got screwed, i moved my landline number to ATT prepaid cellphone and now GV is telling me they dont service my area which is BS because they offer to port my cellphone which is the same area code. Any tips?


Should work.

Never heard of GV not servicing an area. Where do you live??


608 area code, my cellphone is also 608 and they say I can port that so I dont know what it is. this link seems like some other ppl were having the same problem;prev_next=prev#new
Not sure what to do now…
Any tips? Thanks.


This is the google msg
“Porting your mobile number to Google Voice is unavailable
Your mobile number can not be ported at this time.
– This number appears to be from an area we don’t currently support for porting.” 🙁


Theres one problem with Google talk, sometimes when you dial out, it gives you a busy signal. And outgoing dosent work for some time. Otherwise, a great service. Its not a hundred percent reliable.


We bought the Ooma about a year ago and it has saved us a fortune. I paid roughly $150 for the system. You never have to pay a bill again after that. They charge $3 or so each month for governmenet taxes and that is all. You can port your home number. It has been great!


please clarigy how this device is different than a magic jack. you mentioned that you can connect a magic jack to this device. Why would you want to do that? What enhanced features does it offer when the two devices are used together?


I recommend that people optimize their router so the the obihai has priority on bandwidth, this makes huge difference.

Love this device works great!


@yitzchok: Anyone have success buying a 911 plan? I didn’t have luck with Callcentric – seems like you have to have a 6.95 a month plan…


i’ve been trying to set this up for a week and it just does not work with every router. the Obi internet instructions tell you to turn off firewall for some routers. not a good a idea. in order for this to work for me i will most likely have to get a new router.


Whats the differance between the 100 & 110


i am not sure how this obi 110 will save me $ , i have fios and landline and i can call to canada with tax it comes out
to $75 and i asked verizon how much is fios alone they said
$60 then plus tax it will be $70, dan is there a diff way i can save with this device?


@davido: dude, cancel fios and get cable.


hi dan would this work in israel if i have a router?


Can I put 3 lines on to one obi? Or do I need to buy 3 items?


Thank you so much. Got the Obi 110 from amazon on sale and set it up through obitalk and google voice and it works great! Thanks for the great free phone line tip!


@Yak: what type of electric adapter do i need if i live in israel and whats a good phone that is 220v?


I see everyone is excited and Dan, you say a few times that the voice quality is quite good.
By me though, the quality is so bad, it’s not functional.
Can anyone share their download speed so that I can see if it’s my internet connection? Does the upload speed matter?
I have Cable (Comcast) Download average 20 – 25 and upload 2-4. Thanks


Hi Dan –

Today, I just bought the 110 for 41.99, tax and shipping included. The price is 49.99 but with an $8 instant coupon. Because the seller is the manufacturer and only fulfilled by Amazon, there was no tax to NY and shipping still qualifid for FSSS.


Hi dan thanks, why is there no deal on the OBI202?


Dan –

I see you posted the deal just as I was commenting on the “old” thread. Just a quick question. I want to port my landline number and I know there is a way to do that with using a prepaid phone. Any good deals on such a phone now?


Do I need to attach the device to my router or will it pick up the wireless in my house? The reason I ask is because I don’t want the phone next to the computer/ router, rather I would like the phone to be in the kitchen or something…


im having issues with fax capabilities with the obi202 through google voice, any advice


@yup it sounds like u r not using obi rather straight through internet

Dovid Egert

Hey Dan,
I just wanted to say thank you for the heads up about the OBI. I actually purchased it a couple of months ago and have been enjoying free phone service.



Hello Dan,

I got the OBI 100 and I’m using it in Israel with GV and its working great. My question is, if I get a 2 line phone will I be able to use it with the OBI/GV and my Israel land line which connects through my router? thank you.


does anyone know of very clear instructions for 911 service for the Obi, i have already set up callcentric and funded the account and updated my Obi dashboard for Callcentric on Sp2, however it still does not work.
Help Please


You suggest porting a landline # to a prepaid.
Firstly, doesn’t it pay to open a new cell account and then port it and close it during the ‘trial period’ (if it’s within 3 days then I believe everyone even gives you the activation fee back as well) rather than paying a definite $20+?

Secondly, if that’s not an option for a reason I am not aware of, what’s the best deal on prepaid? I think ATT came to least expensive option $21


Does anyone have info about 2013?

Dovid Egert

Hello Dan,
During the storm, my google voice some how got disconnected and every call that I attempt to make says “NO SERVICE AVAILABLE” What do I do to fix the problem? On the dashboard it says that I am connected.


hi, any one know if I can add an additional line added to my current GV obi? i want to have a dedicated fax number.


btw one who has a obama phone can port landline in and out for 10 bucks I believe


can i keep my landline phone number?


A welcome announcement as I took the risk and switched to gv last month. Porting the phone was not easy but worked eventually. Phone calls quality is great. The only issue is that I bought a more expensive OBi202 because it claims a T38 fax support, but Google Voice itself does not support T38. My fax is now very Moody to the degree of nearly useless . Also, gv does not support 911.


Btw, Il share a tip that I read on the forum. For fax to work well on GV change the settings on your fax machine to the lowest transmition speed. Since I did that its been very reliable.

Me, Of-Course!

This is great news. I have an OBI HAI setup in England with a GV# and our whole family in the US call home for free and vice versa, it’s really an incredible device… $40 for the device, we must have saved hundreds of dollars already, at the end of this year thousands!!!
People in England, South Africa, Austrailia, Israel etc, …its time to wake up and get an OBI HAI installed to save majorly on international rates
G-d bless!


Wake up? I’m in Israel and bought it when Dan mentioned it last year!


Same question as Brooke. Can I keep my land-line existing phone number or do I have to start fresh with a new number?


I don’t mean to break bad on this deal, but just remember – in the event of a power outage, you will have no phone service at all if you don’t have a land line with a classic phone(one that only requires a phone jack to connect).

Just ask the thousands of people in Far Rockaway, Seagate, etc. , who had no usable phone – even cellular – for over 2 weeks after Sandy hit – anybody who had VOIP service was out of luck.

Me, Of-Course!

@Chaim: That’s good Chaim (I feel really silly now that I said that) ha


@Eli: @Eli: @Eli: Yes you can keep your land-line existing phone number . Porting procedure is thoroughly described on the obi web site and includes two steps, first port to a prepaid mobile provider and second port to GV. Check obi web site for details.


guess what, most people have fios or cable as their phone provider and that doesnt work too long after a power outage either…they give a battery backup but it goes fast..

the only landline to work after a major storm would be copper verizon lines which are not really supported or used anymore..

Jonathan R

Actually Google’s announcement was specifically for placing calls through gmail, there has been no announcement as to Google Voice being free in 2013.


Thanks Dan.
I have terrible cell reception in my house and i had to get a land line. It was either pay $30+ a month or your fantastic find…

Thanks again


ok i will be in thailand for 2 weeks i wont carry my phone with sim card in due to international roaming charges.

i have google voice number on my cell phone.

how can i make and receive calls to and from US without getting hit with any fees?


Whats the differance between the 100 & 110


@sam: can you get a canadian area code number with google voice

Me, Of-Course!

@Shmuly: read above comments! 110 allows you to also attach a pre-installed local line to the same phone


What is the minimum recommended speed (DSL) for this to work .
I used to use voip (vonage) and I found that although they claimed the 750mb saw sufficient it really wasn’t reliable unless I had at least 2.5.
Also I was wondering how jnet or other filters would get in the way

People should also note that for instances of blackouts one can always get a very cheap landline without any added features (caller ID anyway won’t work in blackout) that will still save you many a dollar


Dumb question for newbie:
Whats the difference betweenn the OBI 100 and 110? I would like to do this.


look @ 2 posts before u


I ported my landline number over to a prepaid, but then GV had a message about them not servicing my area yet??? After searching and searching on forums I realized that it is tuff luck and switched back… So beware, GV transfer does not work for everyone. (And I don’t care for a ob100 if it won’t work with my existing number)


woohoo! just connected mine! couldn’t figure out why it kept on saying ‘backing off’ but then i realized i put it my old email pass :-/


if i dont pay for any internet network, can i also make it?


good 4 u


Will it work with a windows 8 laptop?

if i have a prepaid cell phone can this landline still work like normal?



disregard my previous post i actually read through half the comments or more to understand… im not tech savvy so bear with me; im confused, if i have a pre-paid cell phone is that whats needed for this to work? i really dont get the process of the prepaid cell and the google voice number?

i dont want to mesh my cell and google voice number is what im trying to say. thanks.
anymore info for a confused-tech-human do share 🙂


I think you need someone to explain u what google voice is I wish I can explain you it all here on a post but I am afraid you will need a lot of background information which I would be happy to explain you but not thru a post
Try reading more on this (it has nothing to do with your cell phone )


Thank you…got the obi set up and running
But 1 question:

Google voice says I have to have another real phone that it forwards to. But I don’t want my cell phone (or any other phone) ringing when people call my house. This might be a dumb question as I see no else had this problem, but hey, I’m an old lady and can’t believe I even got it all set up this far.

Thank again!!


i would like to know, if i do not pay any internet service in my house, can i use google voice & avoid my landline bill??


@yakov: I pay 19.99 for Cable and 19.99 for unlimited US Calling from Time Warner Cable. It was easy to drop the price with the rep since I was switching from Verizon. And he waived all fees for me too.


Does caller ID work normally with this for both sides?

Meaning – when I call someone does my name and number show up normally on their caller ID? And when someone calls me, does their info show up on my caller ID?
Thank you


@Anonymous: i just signed up for optimum online in monsey for $29.95/month for the first year


@Dan if i have optimum, all i need to do is buy the OBIi110 and a handset and im ready? im ok with a new number, so porting isnt an issue.


I only had problems with this devise since I got it AWFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT


Finally bit the bullet and set this all up… been wanting to for a long time, but finally made the jump! Obi & Google Voice working happily together & house number is officially ported. Yippee! I especially love the voicemail-to-text message that you can set up to get on your cell when someone leaves a voicemail. Awesome.


@Atara – if you’re still reading this…

The purpose of the prepaid cell is only if you want to have your existing home telephone number transferred to Google voice (called “porting”). Google voice can only port a mobile number; you cannot directly send your landline number to them. So… port (transfer) your existing landline number to a prepaid cheapy cellphone. Once that is complete, you now have a mobile number that is eligible to be ported to Google voice. Once the second port (from mobile to Google voice) is complete, you no longer need the temporary cell phone. Hope that clears it up for ya!


If my wireless router is in one room and landline phone in another, any suggestions on making router-obihi-landline phone connection be wireless? (w/o having to purchase OBiWiFi Wireless Adapter for OBi202).

Igor Ivanovich

To those who asked, the plug (electricity) is usable in Israel, just needs a little piece to adapt for the size of the plug. Just look on the adapter (the plug thing) and double check – it should say the electricity in is 110-240 volts. That means that it can run on electricity in the USA and Israel.

Just for good luck I will add a joke here – Dan, what is the difference between the 2 models? Can I make phone calls with it? How do I connect it to a computer? Will it drain the battery? What if I have no internet connection but I have unlimited calls to the USA on my Israeli cell? Enough!!

Anyway, thanks a million!!! I finally got this set up! Thanks to the one who helped in the usa! It took me a while until I realized that I should order already, then I got it and just set it up! Thanks also to the one who brought it here! Thanks everyone! Dan you should continue to be blessed with MUCH patience! Safe trip!


I set this up and I’m very happy with the call quality.
My only problem is that I can’t check my voicemail from my home phone. When I call my number I get a busy signal. The settings are all correct.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue?