What Will You Get With This Year’s $400 AMEX Business Platinum Dell Credit And Targeted 10% Off At Dell?

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The AMEX Business Platinum card normally offers $100 Dell credit to spend every January-June and $100 Dell credit to spend every July-December. You need to register here for the Dell benefit.

Due to the difficulty of using airline fee credits this year, they are doubling the Dell credit to $200 to spend in May-June and $200 Dell credit to spend in July-December. There is no need to register for the extra $200 credit.

Plus, all of my AMEX business cards are targeted with an AMEX Offer for 10% back at Dell through 8/31/20. It’s good for an unlimited number of uses until you get a total of $1,500 in total statement credits!

You can also see if you’re targeted for AMEX Offers that will award 4 bonus points per dollar and/or 1 bonus point per dollar spent at Dell.

To see if you have AMEX offers in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

Offers can fill up at any time, so be sure to save them to your account today!

You can stack the 10% off and $200 off offers! Note that if you spend between $201-$222 and earn 10% back as well a $200 credit, AMEX may claw back money so that you don’t wind up making a profit.

Dell allows you to split a charge among 3 credit cards at checkout. If you have multiple Business Platinum cards that means you can get a $200 credit+10% back on each one by splitting the charge among multiple cards.

If you and a colleague both have Business Platinum cards, consider using each other’s cards in the 1st first and 2nd half of the year. For example if you want to buy a $440 item, one of you can get $400+10% back for a purchase now and the other one can get $400+10% back for a purchase in the 2nd half of the year, that way you’ll both get the item for free!

Sample deals after $200 and 10% discount:

Post what you’ll buy with your credit!

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Is this an additional $200, if you already used the 100 earlier? Also what happens if you already used the airline credie?


No, it’s an additional $100 per half year.
You can still use the airline credit.


Do you need to do anything to get the extra $200?
My business platinum cards just show the regular $200 no mention of extra $200?
Maybe can you post some screenshots of where to enroll in the bonus $200? Or explain a drop more?


No, it’s automatic.
No need to enroll again. There is a link in the post to the AMEX FAQ where it talks about the extra credit.

Instructions unclear

By mistake bought a house


does that also work from TLV?


You can also buy a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox


Link to PlayStation or Switch?


They’re OOS. Post a comment if they’re back in stock.


Does this offer apply to the delta business platinum? I’m only seeing the 10% off offer.




I have 2 business platinums. It shows $100 and $100 on both cards but would only allow me to enroll on one card. On the second it shows enrollment required but when I click continue it switches back to the first card and ‘Already Enrolled’.


Try an incognito browser.

AY Zelik

They do the same on my phone and my computers.
It seems like a restriction if you have multiple cards on one login profile.

Tony c

Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker $199 retail. DansDeals price. $0.00.




AMEX is sometimes weird. My business platinum card has a few Dell offers:
1a) $200 credit (May – Jun)
1b) $200 credit (Jul – Dec)
2) Get +4 MR, expires 7/31/20
3) Get 10% back, up to $1500, expires 8/31/20
4) Get +1 MR per dollar spent, expires 12/31/20

So, if I spend $223, I’ll get $22.30 back from offer 3, I’ll get $200 back from offer 1a, I’ll get 223 MR from the purchase, another 223 MR from offer 4, and another 892 MR from offer 2. I think this is correct. Any comments?

Also, if you only spend $200, it is possible that Amex will deny or claw back the amount received from them over $200. That’s why I chose $223 for my example.


Yup! Pretty awesome!


yes they will claw back IME


If you use 3 Business Platinum cards: Free after $592.90+$254.10 back.

way 254.10? 30% back???


If you have 3 cards.


I did not understand. If you split the payment into three credit cards. Each card will be charged 283$. 10% credit=28$. How did you get to your numbers?


Quarantine brain 🙂

Fixed, thanks.

Aaron dahab

What if I already used 100 dollars before this came out. can I use the extra 100 dollars still?




Does it work for Nest thermostat?



But, curious. Would using this be problematic for Shabbos? Does the home/away assist start the cooling/heating when it senses motion?


The new redesigned xps15 laptop which should be released this month!


Dell gift Card ?

Nate the Great

Dan, I just downgraded, can they Reactivate without signing up again? Any tips?


I just used my 3 biz plat cards to buy the NEST WIFI +2 extenders.
Price is 349 online.

I just used them 5 weeks ago to buy a new $550 laptop for my wife who is a teacher (i simply asked for a discount on chat and got 12.5% off just for asking.)

We need to petition Dell to start selling kitchen appliances…


How can I get the additional 10% off? I don’t have it offered on my business platinum and I called Amex to ask for it. They said it was only for certain ppl. Any suggestions?


Did you already save it on another card?
Do you have 100 AMEX Offers showing available on your card?


Any good tablets ?


How about the Amex amazon card?


It’s valid for what I said it’s valid for.


if I spent 100$ at dell on the credit between Jan and June do I get the 200$ between May and June?


No, you get a $100 bonus.


Will Dell let me make a payment plan and pay half now and half in July? Like if I want to by a desktop for $1000 and use both $200 credits…


When do the credits post?

Shliach mitzvah

if I apply now am I eligible or is this only for current card holders?


Dan How do you manage to save 10% offer to all your cards. You write I have offer on all my biz Plat Cards?

That ?????????? Guy from b4

Thanks Dan
I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.


Amex told me I didn’t qualify for the extra bonus because my card renewed in April and this was only for cards that renewed between May and December, has anyone else heard this?


They’re talking about the $200 statement credit, not the $200 Dell credit.


I got the Bose 700 Soapstone(white with gold accents). It is 299 at Best Buy, Amazon etc. I got Dell to price match it. Came out to $69.10 (plus taxes) after $200 credit + $29.90 back AND 4x points. This is same price as QC35 II’s.
Only downside is, I couldn’t get the 10% CB. But I might be getting too greedy 🙂
Good deal, nonetheless!


Can I use 3 credit cards when ordering on the phone?


i have a BP for 7 months, i only got $100 dell for 2019 and $100 for 2020.
how do i get $400 dell??


Can a free additional card of AMEX plat business register under a separate login and get the same benefits or is that just wishful thinking?

Brian C

I miss the monitor deals from last year that come with free visa gift cards 🙁


The 10% only works on 1 amex they block it on other unless it’s different name..cmiiw dan

Heshy K

Can I use the 200 in 1 transaction? I was told that it would have to be 2 separate transactions of 100


Yes. You were misinformed.


Can I buy multiple items totaling $200, and still receive the credit?


Any one now if is it item specific Like would it work for a DSLR camera or drone