Verizon Is Offering Unlimited Data Plans With Free North America Roaming And Intro Prices From As Low As $30/Line For A Limited Time!

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Update: If you switch from another carrier and trade in select phones as described here you can receive an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel, Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Force Droid, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, or LG V20 for free!

An alternate trade-in offer can be found here.

Verizon Unlimited Plan Linky

I had a Sprint phone from 2001-2011.

I started off with a plan that was $39.99/month and included 350 anytime minutes and 2,150 daytime minutes. I signed up for a 3 month trial of free WAP internet that allowed for 3 lines of text only internet on my phone. As far as I know I was the only person in my yeshiva at the time that had a cell phone and I became the source of information for my fellow students and teachers some 2 weeks into the school year on 9/11, the day that will forever live in infamy.

I loved learning various systems in my free time and during my yeshiva years in YOEC in LA from 2001-2003 I racked up millions of airline miles and also delved into the cell phone system when I wasn’t studying. Soon enough I was getting a new Sprint smartphone every month and was running an 18 line business account while renting out cell phones to my fellow yeshiva students. It was all rather lucrative. My Rov used to call me the Sprinter Rebbe.

In 2011 Sprint figured out that selling me 18 lines of service for about $300/month wasn’t all that profitable and they gave me 30 days warning that I had to find another service provider.

I jumped ship and opened a business account with Verizon just before they discontinued unlimited data.

The difference between Sprint and Verizon was night and day. I no longer dropped calls. My phone worked in the basement and in places it had never worked before. Data was much faster. The monthly billing mistakes went away. I was thrilled to have switched.

It reminded me of earlier that year when Mimi and I were in Tasmania looking at baby penguins returning from the ocean in middle of the night. The guide asked that anyone with Telstra please silent their phones and anyone with any other carrier not to worry about it as there was no way they would have service anyway.

Verizon then became somewhat hostile to us grandfathered unlimited plan holders though.

They got rid of our ability to upgrade our devices without jumping through several hoops.

They constantly battled with FoxFi to stop them from allowing us to use our phones as WiFi hotspots. Though I still use my Note Edge as a hotspot.

They didn’t allow us to access benefits like TravelPass or NBA League Pass.

They raised the rates for unlimited data for consumer plans from $29.99 to $49.99. However because we’re on a business plan the charge remained $23.39/month after a 22% discount.

And that’s why I’m somewhat shocked to see that Verizon has done a complete 180 and is once again offering unlimited data plans. Clearly T-Mobile is eating Verizon’s lunch and Verizon feels compelled to respond.

The new unlimited plans offer:

-Unlimited talk, text, and data to and from anywhere in North America. There are no roaming fees anywhere within the US, Canada, or Mexico. However after you use 500MB of 4G data within Canada or Mexico you will be throttled down to 2G for the rest of the day.

-Video will be full HD as opposed to lower quality video that Sprint and T-Mobile currently offer on their unlimited plans.

-You can switch from any older Verizon plan to the new unlimited plan.

Plan costs are as follows:
(Prices include a $5 discount for paperless billing and autopay on single lines plans and a $10 discount on share plans. When you purchase the plan online it won’t reflect this discount, but you can opt into the discount afterward).
-1 line: $80
-2 lines: $140 ($70/line)
-3 lines: $160 ($53.33/line)
-4 lines: $180 ($45/line)
-5 lines: $200 ($40/line)
-6 lines: $220 ($36.67/line)
-7 lines: $240 ($34.29/line)
-8 lines: $260 ($32.50/line)
-9 lines: $280 ($31.11/line)
-10 lines: $300 ($30/line)
-Smartwatches: $5/device
-Tablets and other connected devices: $20/device

Note that the Verizon website only allows you to purchase 5 devices at a time, but you’ll be able to add more devices and lines later on. There is a limit of 10 phone lines and 20 connected devices per plan.

These are introductory rates that will be available for a limited time only.

-Yes, Sprint is much cheaper. They offer 5 lines with unlimited data, talk, and text for $90 or just $18/line. You do get what you pay for though as far as network speed and breadth, plus video streaming isn’t in HD.

-T-Mobile is slightly cheaper than the new Verizon plan at $70 for 1 line to $40 for 4 lines, but they also doesn’t offer HD video streaming.

Then again, Sprint and T-Mobile have far more customer friendly international free roaming than Verizon does. Though I use Google Fi when abroad which has worked perfectly for my needs and costs practically nothing. When I’m home I just pause the service and pay nothing until it’s unpaused. I still use the Google Fi line when I’m home as an additional Whatsapp number for groups that I don’t want on my main line. It works perfectly over WiFi even when service is paused.

-While the old grandfathered unlimited data plans don’t have any limits, the new unlimited plan says that Verizon reserves the right to deprioritize your speed after you exceed 22GB of data per month on a single line, but only if there is network congestion. So it is unlimited, but they may lower the priority on your data if you use too much bandwidth in a month and the Verizon network is busy in your area.

-The new unlimited plan also includes 10GB of 4G data over WiFi hotspot so that your other devices can stay connected. It also includes unlimited 3G data for your hotspot after you exceed 10GB of monthly 4G data via hotspot per line.

The new unlimited plan also allows access to TravelPass which allows you to use your phone in other countries for $10/day. Calls and texts -will be free and you can use 500MB of 4G data per day in other countries. After 500MB of daily data you’ll receive 2G data afterwards. Google Fi is a better deal when abroad, but TravelPass is convenient.

-The new unlimited plan doesn’t offer any subsidized phones, so you need to pay full price or a monthly leasing fee.

-The new unlimited plan doesn’t offer any employee discounts other than military/veterans discounts.

-Verizon is still selling their old S, M, and L plans online and will still sell their old XL and XXL plans over the phone.

-If you are under a contract that receives subsidized phones you can switch and continue to receive subsidized phones, but you’ll pay an extra $20/line.

I’m a bit conflicted about whether it will be worth switching from my 2011 grandfathered unlimited data plan.

-Newer phones don’t work with FoxFi as a WiFi hotspot, so that will be nice when my beloved Note Edge kicks the bucket.

-Free Canada roaming would be great as I usually find myself north of the border a couple of times every year.

-The NBA league pass and access to TravelPass would also be nice.

-I don’t currently use 22GB of data in a month, but who knows if I might regret switching after 5G data is launched and video streaming moves to 4K. Then again, they can always force the grandfathered unlimited plans onto the new plans in the future when prices may be higher. Or they can start deprioritizing our data speeds as well at 22GB/month if they wanted to.

-I’ll have to do a full comparison on the plan prices, the additional price to keep getting subsidized phones, the loss of employee discounts, and other factors to see if I should switch.

In short though, this is a nice benefit of the US blocking AT&T from gobbling up T-Mobile. Competition makes for healthy markets. I’m sure AT&T will be forced to offer unlimited data as well to match this. If AirTran, Continental, Northwest, and USAirways still existed the airlines wouldn’t get away with their constant devaluations, hub closures, and consumer unfriendly policies…

Will you sign up for a Verizon Unlimited plan? Will you switch from your grandfathered unlimited plan to the new unlimited plan? What is your favorite plan? Hit the comments!

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The Pixel is also free with trade in (in my case, a Galaxy S6). The problem is, that’s only for new customers. A Verizon rep told me I can get away with porting out one of my lines and porting it back in in order to qualify.

Do you think I’ll be successful? There isn’t an end date on the promo


No way. In my area T-Mobile service is now actually better than Verdon and the service is cheaper plus they just eliminated taxes/junk fees.


I hope AT&T falls in line now.


You quoted T-mobileONE pricing, T-mobileONE for business is even cheaper.

“-T-Mobile is slightly cheaper than the new Verizon plan at $70 for 1 line to $40 for 4 lines, but they also doesn’t offer HD video streaming.”


The 5G standard won’t be set till next year at the earliest. Additionally, it will primarily deal with increasing network capacity and not speed. The LTE Advanced Networks and the 4.5G Data is about as fast as anyone could practically need.


How dose this deal work with the people that are grandfather in with unlimited data



What was the reason you switched to Verizon and not ATT when you ditched sprint back in 2011?


Is this for new plans only or can existing customers switch to this plan?


@Yossi: also T-Mobile includes tax and fees and you will pay exactly as advertised, unlike Verizon where you have to pay $20 line access fee for each line plus regular taxes and fees.



Sprint has come a long way since 2011. Their LTE speed in NYC is very reliable and very fast.

Still on SERO and still going strong.


Does the$30 include the fee for a line access for talk and text or is that additional fee per line


Is there any way that we can keep the grandfather unlimited data
and get unlimited talk and text


Didn’t Verizon discontinue subsidized phones even for grandfathered plans, at the beginning of the year?

Professor Alan

I made the switch today. Had 3 lines on a old grandfathered UDP, 2 smartphones and 1 basic. Monthly bills were over $230 with a 22% employee discount (which only applied to the primary line). Only had 2000 shared minutes. Estimated bill now goes down to 185, so a $45/month savings and the third line that was a basic phone with no data will now have their own unlimited dats- need to buy a new phone).


How do you get Project Fi for free? Is there a promotion?


Will you be able to use this line as a hotspot for a laptop?


Right now I am paying $62.40 for 16 GB for 5 phones with Verizon employee discount. We barely do 12 gigs plus we have carryover data


Is this an intro offer? Didn’t see it on their website. Want to go unlimited, but would rather not do now.


@Dan: Yes. My kids just bought 2 new phones last month and they had a BONUS – 2 GB/MO FOR LIFE Bonus data on each phone. I had a 12 GB plan unlimited talk/text Canada and Mexico 12 GB plus the 2 Gbfor life on each phone equal 16 GB


It’s interesting. I’m wondering if it makes sense to cancel my home internet and allow my phone to be a hotspot for my computers/laptops.


Hey Dan, great clear post.

Do you know if the 22gb throttle limit is after each line uses 22gb, or the all the lines together?

(10 lines on a plan will use 22 gb in no time)


@Dan: oops $62 was just account access. 5 phones total was $182.40


what if i have a six line family plan, 3 of them basic phones? any way to only get the unlimited for the smartphones?


If you still have any plans under Old unlimited that are under contract they will pay 40 a month instead of 20 per mo th until contract expires.
Basically for 2 or more lines the plan has a 110 access fee and 20 per month per line. Under Co tract phones are 40 until contract expires then go to 20


I’m currently under contract on 4 of the 5 of my lines. Therefore, Verizon told me my total would be $270+fees+tax for 5 lines. This is much more thank I’m paying now.


@Dan: yup. somehow i missed that. *oops”

on that note – once you switch, assuming you pay the extra $20, how could you continue to receive subsidized phones? Isn’t the nature of this plan that you can only pay full retail or lease? I assume you’d still go through the loops of transferring upgrades if it’s done, but where is subsidization even allowed in these plans?


Will this work for a Business account with close to 100 lines spread across 3 account levels?


Has anyone priced this out to see what it would cost monthly (taxes and all) for 5 lines? Either counting or discounting the monthly cost of renting a phone?


Dosnt say anything about a intro price, it may just be verbiage for the new unlimited plans.


Tmobile offers HD video. You just have to turn off binge


I’m on a grandfatherd UDP plan, 2 smartphones 2 basic phones. We never go above 15GB/month.

Any reason not to switch?


@Dan: When did you try T-Mobile? Two years ago they were terrible in my area. Now it’s faster than Verizon. I don’t travel too much but anywhere I’ve been have also been great service. If you try again make sure to try on one of their newer phones (from the last year or so) that have Band 12.


Hi Dan, thanks for the great post. I’m interested in the bullet point about employer discounts. I currently have a 22% discount from my employer, and pay $180/mo TOTAL for 5 lines. It seems like moving to the new unlimited offer would be at least $20/mo more, plus tax. But if they accept my employee discount then it is worth it to switch.

Would you mind to share the source of that information (no employee discounts)? I’m hoping you’re wrong (but not betting on it…)


My ATT family 22 GB 7 line currently costs $245 with employer discount, seems like VZ plan would be the same $245 before taxes and fees, Any idea the total in NJ?


I am with ATT and i have 6 GB of data and i pay 84 dollars ( tax included) my wife is with Tmobile and we pay 33.7 for unlimited everything on a friend’s plan, I am thinking of switching mine to VZW since they have the best service



No subsidized phones, I’ve played the different games in the past or just paid full freight.


If I live in Canada, would they let me keep my current Canadian number if I switch?


What does that no hd video on sprint? Im on sprint I never had a problem with youtube….


Will I get an extra deal besides for this if I switch in my sprint locked S5?


Is there added fees per line?


Any indication how long this promo may last?


Verizon is inundated with calls, cant get through. Tried MyVerizon>Manage Plan and continue to get their error page:


@dan if I have udp with Verizon. I buy my phones straight out. I never use WiFi. What would be my concerns switching to this new plan


No employee discount on the new plan. So with my four phones on a 16gig plan, I’d go from 172/month to 210/month to get unlimited.


@Dan: 5G standards will be set by 3GPP. These standards have not been set and will not happen until sometime between next year and 2020. There is some information that is already avaiable about what to expect. Yes Verizon and others are preparing for the ultimate rollout of 5g. But, it is most likely to be applied on the backend to manage congestion.


for those of us who still have the ability to upgrade our phone and not pay the full price over a 24 month period, will we still have this option if we switch to this new unlimited plan?


@Dan: T-Mobile is also testing 5G speeds currently. Based on the technological advances of T-Mobile over the last 2 years I’d put my money on T-Mobile coming out with 5G before Verizon but even if Verizon. Even if you want Verizon later you can switch back. Most good phones now can be used with any of the big 4 US carriers and there’s number portability.

Sprint discount

I am stuck with sprint cuz they say if I cancel I have to pay/ give back their Airwaves they gave me years ago that never worked and I don’t have them. I never knew I needed to return it?! Anyway around this?- or do you know how to get a discount on sprint? I used to have one but it canceled after upgrade


for the auto pay discount to apply, verizon writes, check or debit card only. any idea if a regular credit card works as well? thanks


Does anyone know if Verizon phones still have the same problem where you can’t use data while on a call? So, e.g., you can’t look something up on the Internet while in the middle of a phone call? That’s always been a dealbreaker for me.


Problem is that we all have GSM phones especially the iphone 7. I paid 700 with taxes, but if I sell it on ebay I will net around 450. If you buy an apple iphone 7 make sure it is simless, so it will work with Verizon and At&T and Tmobile.


Does it pay to get a used phone for this deal?
Eligible devices for free trade-in include: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung Note 5, LG G5, LG V20, HTC 10.

**Eligible devices for $5/mo trade in offer include: Apple iPhone SE, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G4, LG V10, HTC M9.


@dan Where did you see any price past 4 lines I have 7 lines and can’t see price on line


@lindnuck Your “dealbreaker” has been nonexistent ever since they switched on their LTE Network many years ago…


verizon and att will always be better than sprint and tmobil for voice (until they go totally digital) because they have higher frequency that cant penetrate buildings as well. verizon only has simultaneous voice and data because of volte which is essentialy voip, so if you are travelling where there is only 3g data you probably wont be able to talk and get updates on your waze.. just some data points. (I have sprint that roams on verizon (framily $25 a month and undecided if worth the hassle)


On the VZW website, is says my employee discount does not apply on the new unlimited plan. Is anyone else getting the same message?


Dan, I’m due an upgrade and would like to take advantage of the offer towards a pixel and switch to this new unlimited plan. I currently have2 lines a smartphone and an older phone. I have small 2gb plan to keep cost down but I would really like to use more data – does this makes sense to do if I only have one smartphone and maybe adding a second?
What’s the best way to do this?
I assume if I want to use google fi and/or Verizon I need a pixel, correct?
Would you be able to tell me which is most preferred pixel model out now and which one would be more elderly friendly?

I appreciate all the help thanks


@Dan (response to comment 69) I only ask because I went to a verizon store today and they told me that if i switch to the unlimited, then i WOULD lose the ability to upgrade my phone! Stirah??


does verizon pay for breaking a sprint contract agreement ?



how about moving both accounts to a friend’s VZW account who has 2 lines already so it will be 4 lines?


I am paying roughly $400 for 4 lines of unlimited data (stayed with old plan and got hiked!). Seems almost a no brainer that I should switch to the new plan. Is the 22 gig a month per line or per account?


IMPORTANT: If you are on any previous contract (from upgrade etc.), it spits out a higher price. The reason being, that they are still charging you $40 per line, (in my case), instead of $20. And that STILL continues even if you switch to the unlimited plan. The frustrating part of this is that there doesn’t seem to be any real “upgrade” plan anymore!In spite of the fact that you are on the plan which allows for upgrade pricing!! They just shift the numbers round by spreading payment for the phone over 24 months which seems to be the total price of the phone, in either case. Best Buy used to be a way around that, but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. So, to me it just seems to be another case of Verizon having very “unsimple” pricing for their “simple ” plans. Please comment back if you know otherwise.


What is the general timetable of an introductory offer? Does it mean verizon can say in two months from now sorry people it’ll now cost you 60 a month/each for 5 phones

Malki Sinensky

hi dan:
I too have the grandfathered unlimited. Currently paying around $450 month, for 4 lines, and no extras..(like hotspots etc)
I hesitate to switch.. but according to Verizon, if I switch, I could possibly save over $200 a month. We dont use our data that much.. I dont think we have ever (as a family) gone over 25gb, when do you think you will know for sure if switching is “worth” it, especially since this is a limited time offer…


@Yehuda: I think if u have t Mobile one you can’t turn off binge. I got unlimited before they switched to t Mobile one so I was able to do that


I spoke to verizon and checked the site and it would still be the exact same price for me to switch to unlimited.
3 lines $230 plus tax… so i don’t get it?
I am planning on switching to t-mobile next month unless something changes..


Can this be used as a hot spot to give internet for a laptop?


Besides for the free phone promo, will verizon still pay termination fee to switch from sprint?


@Dan, do you mean the NFL mobile ? I have had Verizon for a few years now and never had NBA League pass.


Are they offering cheaper rates for basic phones?

Would love to do it as now we have Total Wireless which us 4 lines for $100 but we don’t all use the data… Only 4 if the 8 phones use data.

Any idea?


To clarify, a few of the devices are basic flip phones. Also, what are the taxes like?


@dan Yes, you did mention that, however I’m not sure what you mean by “subsidized phones”. Are you aware of any actual subsidies still being given? Other than just spreading out the price over 24 months? Thanks for the info!!

David Long Beach

I’m currently on Verizon business plan paying $170 for 4 lines
32gb of data

Was planing on brining over the rest of the employees from sprint
But their telling me I need to pay for each line in contract $40 ..
Plus a line access fee of $100
Making 8 lines $420 + tax

Is this correct?


@dan how can you say that Verizon won’t go up on price if you sign up now. Didn’t you say they raised the price for people that had UDP?


Do they do anything with ETFs from say sprint? or do we eat that cost when switching?


I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but I don’t see Introductory anywhere on this page.

Just chatted with them… They weren’t quite sure what I was talking about

David long beach

So would it be better if I just buy my phones off eBay? To avoid the extra $20?
And 3 of my lines are out of contract will they still be paying $40 or $20??


Dan, I have 2 lines (i only need 2) and i am with TMobile. I have a grandfathered plan of 85 for the both lines but i dont think its great. Im torn, do you think i should switch?


How does this compare with $40 for Page Plus prepaid if I only have one line?


T-Mobile is now also offering HD and tethering for T-Mobile One and is 160 for four lines. If you go on T-Mobile one however there is no binge on therefore everything counts toward the 28GB after which they throttle speeds at peek locations and times. On the older plan with binge on barely anything counted towards the on network data.

Also with T-Mobile one there are no taxes and fees. Also if someone on the plan uses less than 2 GB for the month you get a credit for your next bill of (I believe) 10 dollars per line that uses less than 2 GB.


@Dan: yes but it expires 3/13 3 lines



To confirm: Any issue with adding ‘dumbphones’ to this plan?


i have 5 lines unlimited data with sprint
total with taxes 300 (employee discount) and subsadized phones.
my calc is that each subsasized phone is worth about $16 a month, so 5 x 16=80 value (80-100)
so net cost of sprint for 5 is 300-80 = 220 inc taxes
remove tax would be about $180
verizon would be $ 200 so we are same
not costing less
i know verizon considered better, but at my location sprint works, and like the device upgrade


1. I took advantage of this offer before you updated the post that you can trade in select phones (I own a 6+ phone). Is it too late to do the trade in if I already placed my order? Call do the trick based on your experience w/ Verizon?
2. The first link in your update to this post says the trade in is for New York. Are you aware if this is for any state (specifically CA) or do non-NYers have to use the second rebate offer only?


@Dan: Tax does vary state by state, BUT after taxes and fees, it’s approx an additional 20-30% on top of the nyc bills… pretty crazy…


Does it including calling TO/FROM canada?


@sprint:I have 10 Sprint lines – the phone subsidy is nice and needs to be taken account, but again, who knows how long that would last.


Will they accept a broken phone for trade in?


I use Sprint (since 1997, old Pioneer Plan). I have a dumbbell…I mean a dumbphone and live in area where neither Sprint or Verizon has coverage available. I do use the Airave 2.5 device at my home from Sprint at no charge – and for the most part, Airave works fine. Do you know if Verizon still offers their Weenie device which is similar to the Sprint Airave and how much Verizon charges, or do they wave the fee as Sprint does?

My first time posting and Thank You for all of the information you have shared through the years. It is very much appreciated!



T-Mobile offers the option on their website to turn off “Bing On”, meaning full HD video, at no extra cost.


@Party_Line: another option is to use WI-Fi Calling feature of the devices, assuming that you have access to a wireless router at home.


What is your opinion of the TelTik that’s an outsourced T Mobile plan. I have a pretty good T Mobile coverage where I live. Seems to me that their plans outbid Verizon. Your thoughts?


the prices above are before tax?


Dan do u think this is a way to get the final few people of unlimited data and once they are on the new plan they will make it difficult to rack up data on 4g… I’m a bit hesitant to switch even though it will save me about $40 a month.. also what is the best way to get free or cheap smartphones now


@jay: what are you talking about m this is unlimited data plan, right?


Do you know if I can have a tablet on a single line plan? Meaning can I pay $80 for the smartphone, $20 for tablet, so $100 total with both unlimited data? Or do I need a multi-device plan to add the tablet?


Does everyone pay for their account separately or one person pays all?


We only have dumbphones, so Wi-Fi calling does not work, hence the reason for the Sprint Airwave and/or the Verizon Weenie devices.

I thought I had read that the Verizon Weenie devices are now 4G.



Reduced to 3G speeds after 10GB. Does that refer to 10GB per phone or per plan?


I was informed by a customer care representative that once I start this plan, I can add phones at the current pricing anytime in the future (up to the approved limit), even if this plan is no longer available per grandfathering. Can anyone confirm with high confidence this will be the case based on how Verizon has done things on the post?


@Shmuli: per line


Fine print – prices Dan posted above is after $10 discount for using Autopay, which ONLY takes payments using checks or debit cards (means no cards) and paperless bills only . Is this BS or what???

point lover

i don’t know if anyone will see this post but i procrastinated on taking advantage of switching in my note 5 to get a free phone. by now the promo is over


How do you get to $30 a line for 10 lines verizon claims the lowest is $45 per line


@Dan: thanks Dan, didn’t even know thats awesome!


I regards to Dan’s comment on pausing his Google Fi service when not using it overseas, here is a link with the conditions on pausing Fi. Looks like there is a 3 month limit, and it’s not clear if you can keep position it every three months without charge:


Dan, thanks.

Btw, did you switch to the new UDP?

And, what’s up with the ‘limited time only’ part of this promotion?


@Dan any issue with putting on debit card, but overpaying bill with credit card?

big fan

so dan now after 3 months did you make the switch to the new unlimited plan?

alive or dead?

is this still working?


After it is activated can I switch to a non eligible phone?


I wish we can get a updated post like this now