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Update #2: Registration is now full.


Update, Things I’ve learned:
-I can now confirm that I have received the credit multiple times using the same Facebook account by unsyncing and resyncing a new card.
-I just tested unsyncing and resyncing twice even before receiving the first refund. I did get the email confirmation for both purchases, so that appears to work as well, though I won’t know that for a fact until later this week.
-This will work on a Costco cash card.
-If you don’t have a Costco membership you can buy one when logged into a friend’s account. You can use a Costco cash card to shop at Costco stores even if you do not have a membership.
-The credit will post within 4 days of the charge hitting your account.
-This will work on primary and secondary cards.
-This will work even if you don’t get a confirmation email from AMEX for spending on each of your cards.
Thanks again AMEX for 25% off everything at Costco, I’m stocking up on all my cards. It’ll be interesting to see how long several thousand dollars at Costco will last us…

Originally posted on 10/31:

AMEX Link, Like, Love on Facebook

Register for the Costco offer and spend $100 at by 12/31 to get a $25 statement credit.

I’ve already registered and purchased a $100 Costco cash card.  I’ll update the post in a few days to let you know if it worked!

You’ve got to love the plethora of AMEX promotions like Small Business Saturday, Link, Like, Love, Foursquare, Twitter, Gift Chain, NYC Mix-n-Match Promo, and tons of other promotions that American Express runs all year long.  Plus they all work with additional cardholders as well, making the annual fees on their cards easily pay for themselves and then some.

Forgot which card is synced to your facebook account? You can unsync and resync cards here.

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Can I do this for multiple AU’s on the same card? Thanks.

Levi Hodakov

Why dont I see the same deal?


Sure, but it’s 1 card per facebook account. Unless you unsync and resync I guess?

@Levi Hodakov:
Worked for my wife and for myself.


just linked. but i have 2 amex cards and i’m not sure which card is synced


If I don’t have Facebook??


I also see only other offers, but not costco


i dont see it either, i saw it previously but forgot which card I had on here, once i relinked it disappeared theres only 5-6 options of retailers now.


Does this offer work in store or only on the website


guys if u have the amex app for the iphone/ipad you can load it onto any card via the special offers area. Much easier to navigate and you dont need facebook. Dan this is a much easier way.


Linked, Liked and now I Love!!!

I too purchased a $100 cash card, I already got an email from Amex thanking me for spending at Costco. Thanks Dan


Can you purchase in store for this offer or is it online only?


Still don’t see it, but see $5 off $50 for Target. Not same value however.


Hi Dan, (or anyone who knows the answer)

Is there a way to see which card is linked to the facebook acct?

Thank You,



im also seeing differnt offers. either its dead or targeted based on your card


could it be gone dont see it either… tried a few times


Use this direct link if you cannot see the offer


Facebook is the devil


do you need to be a member to use cash card?

Mimi K.

Just did it w/ a $100 cotco cash card!
hope it counts!


can i use the same card on 2 facebook accounts?


@Mimi K.:

You do not need to be a Costco member to use a Costco Cashcard at Costco

Rivka H.

Does it work for Amex pre-paid cards?


i just placed 2 separate cash card orders using the same Costco card but different Facebook accounts and credit cards, my wife received an acknowledgment email from amex but didn’t? maybe only works for 1 order on


do i have to have a facebook account to get this offer?


also signed up for the 10 back from 50 – that’s in addition to any other macys savings


someone told me it has to be amex credit card issued by amex and not eligible for costco gift card purchase.

Not for amex issued by citi or boa and no amex prepaid cards either.
so good luck!


@jeff: Who is ‘someone’?


to bad i just spent 480$ today at costco.. i guess ill have cards for the next time i shop! thnks

Avid Reader

Got the thank you email from AMEX the same minute I got the order confirmation from Costco! Pretty fest I’d say. ow I just hope I’ll get the 25% back. Thank Dan.


I guess the below answers the question of in-store or online only:

Program FAQs

How it works:
American Express takes what you “like” on Facebook and gives you offers you may love.

Sync your Card to the program
Select the offers you love by clicking “Get Offer” and following instructions

Use your synced American Express Card in-store or online and receive a discount or have statement credits issued directly to your Card account depending on the offer.


I’m not on Facebook and I don’t have an iphone, so I guess I’m out of this deal.
Dan, can you explain what is foursquare? Is that also a mobile phone app? I only have a simple cell phone — only for calls and text.


Does Citi Amex cards usally work for these type of offers? Thanks


as a dan fan I follow instructions….but, I dont understand which of my 5 amex cards are synced/linked. what do I do now?


Can you use a cash card to fill up on gas if you’re not a member? If yes do you get the same price as members?


can u use the $100 on costco gas? do i have to use the $100 at one time?


When and how do we sign up for amex small business saturday?


When is the Small Business Saturday registration starting?

Deals We Like

Keep in mind that the terms state that this is for so online purchases only, not in store.


Why not just signup for Facebook just to take advantage of money saving promotions?
Doesn’t even have to be with your real name…

Unsync and resync.


I’ll post when it opens!

@Deals We Like:
Hence the reason for my stocking up on cash cards 😀

Deals We Like

@Dan – right, but just want to clarify with some in the comments, as some were talking about getting gas, etc.


@Deals We Like:
Hopefully they mean getting gas with a cash card.


can’t figure out how to resync or check which card is synced.


@joey: On the iPhone app it’s only letting me link one card to the deal; on the iPad I can’t find the special offers section at all. I may need to update the AMEX app on the iPad.


Do you need to be a member to purchase a Costco cash card?


Is there a definitive answer if using the deal to buy a $100 Costco cash card online once I synced to Costco card/ FB would work????

6 percent

facebook is assur


do you know if the statement credit appears immediately? I did not get the email of thanks from Amex that you did, Dan, and while the 100.00 purchase appears on my statement, the 25. credit does not. When I called Citicards, they said it was not their offer and to contact Amex. Any advice?


actually just spoke w/ amex who said it’s a costco credit, not amex. Did anyone already see the 25. credit on their statements?


can i do this multiple times if I unsync/resync?


I don’t see why not but I can update when it goes through.
The real question is do you have to wait a week for the credit to sync/unsync or can you do it after you get a confirmation email?



+1 One can use the exact same card multiple times if unsync/resync after the credit posts?


@Dan: What do you mean by “update when it goes through”?


Highly unlikely.

When I get the credit after unsyncing and resyncing another card I’ll post another update.


@Dan: Why not just open multiple facebook accounts and do it all simultaneously. Wouldn’t that expedite the process as you wouldn’t have to wait the credit to post?


How do you use multiple cards with one facebook account, do you unsync right after purchasing the cash card. Dan how did you do your ‘mulitple’ cards?


How do you check which card you synched?

Deal Guy

When I add the $100 costco card to my cart, it says:

A Costco Membership is required to purchase this item.

Is that true?


Hey Dan,

I just placed an order a couple days ago on with my AMEX card and then saw this today… The charge is pending and hasnt posted yet to my card, do you know if it matters if I register for the promo now, will I still get the credit??


David R

@Dave: Facebook only allows one Facebook account per person.


Hi All-

Wanted to provide clarity on the syncing process with AMEX. It CANNOT be used with prepaid cards… only American Express ISSUED cards (lay off the Citi Cards, or other bank issued cards). If you have multiple cards, they will ALL sync up, regardless of your name. You cannot get multiple credits on the same card, obviously.

Finally, and just an FYI, there is a CAP on enrollments for all of these sync programs. Once the CAP is reached you will likely be informed but just be aware that if the CAP on enrollment is reached but you aren’t notified and don’t get the credit, call AMEX.

AMEX employee


@David R:

That is also correct. One card per account… I wasn’t clear on that earlier. Also, the statement credit typically takes 3-5 days to post to your account and you may not receive a thank you / confirmation that your purchase went through and that you are receiving the statement credit. Wait 1 week, max, and if it doesn’t show up, call.


I’m trying to meet the spending threshold for the 30,000 Starpoint bonus on my SPG card. Will the purchase of a $100 Costco Cash Card minus a $25 statement credit from American Express count as $100 of spending or only $75?


The $25 credit posted yesterday for me… (bought $100 costco gift card)





Can someone please answer if you need a Costco membership in order to purchase the $100 cash card from It seems from their site that you do, but is there a way around it? Also, someone above said “You do not need to be a Costco member to use a Costco Cashcard at Costco”. Is that true?


Are you allowed to use someone elses Costco account?


@YYK: Membership is required to purchase or reload funds to a cash card. Membership is NOT required to use the cash card for purchases in store, online, or at Costco gas stations. Personally I am not a member. A buddy of mine is. By logging into with his information, I could purchase a Costco Cash card with MY Amex card. Within minutes, I received a thank you message from Amex for using my synced card at


@Jason: Awesome! Thanks for the good news. Do you speak from personal experience?





if i unsync/resync can i do this deal again with same credit card?


Dan, should i get the AMEX business gold card or SPG Business card (or something else- chase sapphire?)? This is my first business card.


Will this offer work for Canadians on Thanks!


if i unsync a card, can i then use the same facebook account to sync a different card so as to save time by not having to create new Facebook accounts?


if i am not a member it says i will pay more to shop. also have to pay for shipping so do i really save anything?


I bought a $100 costco gift card but have not received confirmation of the $25 credit. How long did it take others?


Anyone know how long it takes to get the actual gift card?


Dan – When logged in to my Amex online, at the bottom he shows me “my offers” with one of them being the costco one and gives me the option with Redeem now and a link to the costco website. Makes sense that it skips the whole Facebook step? It doesn’t mention anything about facebook.
Please advise


When do I have to sync by? Tomorrow is the expiration date for syncing, correct?


I just successfully synced a citi card.


Can I unsync/resync before I even make the $100 purchase?

David R

When syncing an authorized user’s card number, did you enter the authorized user’s name or the primary cardholder’s name?


Can someone share their membership number so those of us without memberhsip can buy in?


i received my $25.00 credit from amex. I did it with offers from amex nothing to do with facebook. Can i do it again this time syncing to facebook ?thx dan


how do i unsynce and resync ?


@Mike: all the way on the bottom in greyed out print it says “unsync card”; click!


@Mark: got it within a few days, and statement credit appeared even before that.




How do I unsync my card?


The link is in the post.



I only have one amex card called the citi AA amex card and received the $25 credit.

Can I do it again for same card or it won’t work?




just call your citi or BOA card number and ask them to match the amex $25 statement credit on costco.

it is easy and no need to use amex card and no need of any costco membership numbers


I synced one card to my facebook and one card to my wife’s facebook on the first day this posted. I ordered two costco gift cards (one on each amex) and got two shipment confirmations. But only received one card. It’s now been a week since I received the first card so apparently the second one was lost in the mail. I guess I have to deal with Costco now. Lots of fun!



My wife and I both ordered $100 each on OCT 31.
She received her’s so soon in the mail, she got her’s about a week ago and not mine, I spoke to senior manager few times and promised to ship me one with UPS tracking.

I live in IL and it is shipped from MN, should have received long time ago.


Do you get the 2% for executive on these orders


@JEFF: Thanks JEFF for the info. Did you just give them the order number and they tracked it?

dans fan

you are the beast !!!


@Mow: @Mow: Would be really cool if you got the 2% for executive membership, PLUS another 2% when actually spend with the gift card. Any insight?


costco: you will get 2% if you get an executive membership, but not until a year from now. You won’t get anything when you spend the gift card. Christ-on-a-bike, you’re getting 25% now buying the gift card!


You don’t need facebook to sign up for the costco deal, just go to your online amex account, then click on a card (if you have more than one), then select “online statement” under the Statements & Activity tab. you should then see a box underneath “Manage Your Tags” on the right hand side that shows all the discounts. though it looks like you can only get one of these per credit card (the AU’s won’t work, you get an error message)..


@lbotez: Thanks!


how do i unsync on facebook

Tzvi Shuchat

Will this work with a Canadian Costco account and amex


Dan you rock! Did it three times and counting….


You can log onto and on the statement section/tab in right bottom there is option to load the offers on the card. You can use this option to load all the primary cards. I have loaded this offer on multiple card and have received the $25 cash back already. This option will not allow you to use add-on cards. Facebook trick can be used for the add on cards. Loaded up-to 10 cards till now.


Hey dan, I unsync then resync but it tells me that I loaded the offer on the card already. any advice?

David R

@S: You can also buy membership for yourself. If you find that you won’t benefit much from it, you can cancel and get a full refund.

Costco’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
On Membership: We will refund your membership fee in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.


is there a deadline for syncing cards?? Can i still do it?


What about using the same credit card account (i.e. SPG Business) and using 2 different authorized users (me plus wife) – will I get 2 credits?


Is it me or this offer is over? When I click “add to card” it says “Maximum number of enrollments is achieved”.


JK2 I’m getting the same message 🙁 Guess its dead?


Is this deal dead? I’m getting the same message I’ve already unsyched and re-syched a new card. Dan – can you confirm?

Levi Hodakov

We’re Sorry
Unfortunately the maximum number of Cardmembers have already registered for this offer.


I just got credited on my Citi Amex, in case anyone was wondering if it works on Citicards also.


Dead! Just out of curiosity Dan how many did u get to do b4 it went dead? I was going for another 5 last night when the said the deal was full! 🙁


Dan, why don’t you update if its dead?


I only got 4 🙁

Mark II

I signed up but I never received any emails what should I do? When I log in again in facebook it shows that I signed up


I tried today, and it says Maximum # has beren reached…is this only temporal



David R

I spoke to Costco today and got clarification about the 2% reward for Executive members and how it applies to Costco Cash cards. Executive members will not get the 2% reward for buying Costco Cash cards. Executive members who pay for items (except the items excluded here ) using a Costco Cash card at the warehouse or web site earn the reward, as long as they provide their Executive membership number when checking out. Remember that anyone, even a non-member, can shop with a Costco Cash card, so it is important to provide your Executive membership number when checking out so the purchase can be credited towards your reward.


Dan — if we registered for the promo before the cutoff, can we keep synching/unsynching cards now to use all my amex cards for this?