Palmolive 28 Oz. Dish Soap For $1.67-$1.87 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe & Save

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Update: Back in stock!

Update: Sold Out!

Palmolive 28 Ounce Crisp Orchard Burst Dish Liquid For $1.67-$1.87 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe & Save

-OU Parve

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Except no free shipping and not the same scent.


Hi Dan, Random question. I wanna go to Israel For Lag B’aomer. Is Royal Jordanian Safe?




@Dan: Thanx, is it one of those things that you have to wear a cap? is a hat and jacket too dangerous? Is there anything else, i need to know or that you’d recommend while traveling to these places? Thanx again!


If you’re not leaving the airport you can wear whatever you want.


Hey Dan do you wear pants


“Only available from third party sellers.”


Alive again




Dead again


looks dead again 🙁


As Bones says in Star Trek “It’s dead, Jim.”

just wondering

Why does the post mentioned that its ou pareve? Soap doesn’t need certification


Ajax Anti Bacterial Dish Liquid Orange 90 oz is 5.09 at Target. Order a few (usually there is a max) and you get close to the $35 for free shipping.


Not sold out


back in stock!

Hot cups

Got 50 hot cups today was supposed to get 1000.
any body else?


In stock and Alive




@just wondering – why wouldn’t it need certification? You are using it to wash your dishes! Would you want to wash dishes with treif?


bottle came broken and leaked all over my refunded me.
yay. wasnt worth it


Running low, just in time! Thanks Dan!


This version is not concentrated. The original twin pack in 32.5 oz size is a better deal at $5.07.