Amazon Honors $94.48 Prime Day Camera Price Mistake, Did You Get Yours?

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One of the highlights on Prime Day 2019 were $94.48 Mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Hundreds of readers with DansDeals SMS alerts enabled in the wee hours of the morning were able to nab insane deals like the Sony a6000 kit and the Sony a6000 dual lens kit for just $94.48 shipped after $628 in Prime Day Savings.

A few lucky readers also snagged other cameras that were on sale for $94, including $15,000+ camera lenses! Unfortunately that deal only last from around 3am until 3:40am ET, which limited the use to night-owls scouring Amazon for deals as Prime Day went live.

Was it a price mistake? Was it a publicity mistake?

We may never know, but 2 months after Prime Day, Amazon has decided to honor all orders and is shipping them out! Congrats to everyone who got in on the deal!

Did you receive your camera?

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69 Comments On "Amazon Honors $94.48 Prime Day Camera Price Mistake, Did You Get Yours?"

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Dr. Sammy

I got one of mine. My second is supposed to be arriving tomorrow!!! Thanks Dan and JJ!


Got it this past week!

Yo ssi

Arrived BH!!


Yes I did thanks dan


I didn’t get mine. I ordered it and it keeps on postponing the delivery date and it doesn’t look like it was shipped out.


Yup arrived on Thursday

Is that your picture?

Are those the cameras you got? Or is that a picture from someone else? (It’s a nice photo)


Mine, thanks 🙂


How did you get a silver lens?


Got mine also. 2nd one coming this week. Thanks Dan!

I’m curious if anyone got the $13k-$15k lens? I only heard about that recently. Congrats if you did. That’s definitely the deal of the year.


I got the 1 with the extra lense.. I’m thinking it was a closeout sale.. information printed for 2016.. nevertheless a Great Deal. I will keep .. actually recieved this week. Just in time for vacation Saturday to Puerto Rico and a 7 day Cruise… Thank you Dan!!

Hotels for the night before and after.. free airfare… all for being a Dan’s member for over 10 years… still haven’t figured out how to cruise for free…


Book via a travel portal (probably not the best usage of points though).

Camera happy!

We got ours!


Anyone want to sell me the lens?


I want.
Got the a6000 with 2 lens kit


I received last week for $94.48 the Sony Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 16-50mm and 55-210mm Power Zoom Lenses with 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card and Soft Carrying Case. My second camera order on amazon site says it says will ship next week Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera 24.3MP SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Black) w/16-50mm Power Zoom Lens


I got both as well! Not sure what to do with the second one. What are you guys doing with 2 cameras? Selling one?


I would gladly take it..

E Herbst

I’ll buy it from you.


Looking to buy a camera if anyone is interested in selling for a good price.


If anyone wants to sell plz pm me on DDF username is chess


Not “2 months later they decided to honor it”, they were shipping the whole time, specially all others that ordered other cameras then the a6000, as seen on SD, people were getting orders the whole time.
I’ve been checking SD & Amazon the past few weeks on almost a daily basis to see if there are any updates for me & others.
2 weeks ago they gave me already a date of Sep 5, but on Sep 5 they pushed it off to Sep 17.
Can’t wait.


Mine was supposedly delivered yesterday but it is nowhere to be found. UPS says it was delivered to my front door but says it is “driver release”.


Username smartymiki007 if you’re looking to sell a camera, PM me please.


Got 3 of the a6000 dual-lens kits


Maybe sell me one ?…

Yo ssi

Anybody interesting in buying?
DDF username Yo ssi


My 2 orders got “supressed” as the rep told me. Basicly they canceled it cause they thought there was unauthorized access to my account. Really frustrating. They wouldn’t reinstate it at the price I paid. Any ideas for me?


I had a 10-15 orders get cancelled the day after prime day as I used a new cc and they deemed the high volume suspicious. HUCA’d a bunch of times and spoke to some supervisors but no luck getting anything reinstated at Prime Day pricing. Most they would give was $100.

Moshe tovia

Yup bh got mine 2 weeks ago as I posted then on the deal page
Thank you for everything
Keep it up

Not that Dan

Mine still hasn’t arrived. They keep delaying the delivery date.

Shmuli Klein

Mine came today, all four pieces! You guys rock!! My friend also just got his today. Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

Dani W

Interested in buying, DDF name is 89mclarenstang


Had an interesting episode. The card I used to checkout on Prime Day has been maxed out now, and the payment was declined when Amazon was ready to ship it last week. Instead of notfying me so I can update payment method, they canceled the order. Afer speaking with 3 reps for 1.5 hours, a “supervisor” said he undertsnads it’s their mistake because they failed to notify me and he will get the price matching team to do something. Still haven’t heard from that team yet. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.


crossing your fingers is nisht yiddish


I got it!!! I got it!!!! Note to myself, on prime day don’t sleep at night

Funny Guy

Congratulations to all of those who got this deal!

Congratulations to rest of us who will still be able to sleep on future prime days!!


I got 2 so far delivered and the 3rd supposed to be coming this week.


Are you looking to sell one of them? PM me tmendy226 in the forum


Dan you are the best! With some quick typing on dual screens I bought 6 and so far received 4 in black with one white and one graphite still waiting to be in stock


Got mine thanks dan and jj!


“Not yet shipped
Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. Please check back again”

almost 2 months…


Mine originally said, estimated arrival between aug 25 and sep 25th.
So far it didn’t ship yet.


Got mine last week. Thanks


I got one order already. Thanks

Is this a good camera to use as a family camera (wife, husband, kids no experts at all)? Or should I sell and use the profit for something more simple?
What are some good simple point and shoot?


Got mine last week, Thanks!


Thank you so much @dandeals you’re just the best I got 2 Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless digital cameras already delivered and the 3rd one is on the way including a soft case

deals dealer

Thanks Dan! Got mine last week
What is the resell price?


If anyone wants to sell plz pm me on DDF username is chess thanks


i got mine with a lens kit!!! Thanks Dan!!

Elana Katyal



Got 4 with the extra lens, still waiting on the 3 without.


I got my first like 2 weeks ago. The other 2 are bound to ship shortly!

I have a long line of family members waiting to buy theirs off me. Sorry to all those who wanted me to pass it on. As mentioned in my comments in the original post, I will first offer it to family members, then sell it over here. Well, the line of family members is longer than the line of shipments I’m awaiting…

Thanks Dan


So far every year I try, and missed it again this year. If anyone wants to sell, my current camera is over 11 years old. Feel free to post a comment below or on the DDF (same username)


If anyone interested to buy, let me know. I have 2 to sell. Usename san


I am interested but i am not familiar with forums. How do i contact users in forums?


Never mind i Figured it out Already

Rena Wechter

Yes. I got mine


B”h mines finally shipped


If you want to sell plz pm me on DDF username is chess


Going to Israel next week and looking to buy one of these, in case anyone still has one to sell…

Email me – this name @ hotmail.