TSA: You Can Now Travel With A Recently Expired Driver’s License

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The TSA announced that you can now travel with a driver’s license that expires as of 3/1/20 if you aren’t able to renew it due to COVID-19.


The TSA says this advice is valid for up to a year after expiration, plus 60 days after the COVID-19 national emergency ends.

I guess that means the TSA thinks the COVID-19 emergency won’t be ending anytime this year? The wording that they used is a bit confusing, but what matters for now is that you can still fly even with a recently expired driver’s licence.

As previously noted, you can travel through TSA with hand sanitizer bottles up to 12 ounces as they are temporarily not a threat to aviation safety.

If only we could travel with more than 3 ounces of water as well.

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Dan\'s the Man

Something tells me the real ID act implementation will be pushed off once again….

More bang for your buck

It’s TSA, did you expect anything intelligent? Thanks for everything!


Can I drive with one as well? My license is expiring next week.


I know in Colorado most people can renew online without an issue…. Not sure if that helps, but throwing it out there.


In NYS you can renew it online.


true, but need eye exam first.


Most optometrist (even in glasses stores) can take that test and renew your license online for you. For about $15


Sunshine pharmacy in crown heights is authorized eye exam
$10 and they send to DMV on the spot

MD License

In Maryland, due to Real ID, most ppl need to make an in-person appointment for license renewal. They told me this week that they will allow driving with an expired license until 30 days AFTER the end of the Maryland state of emergency.
Hope that helps.


A variety of US state DMVs are doing the same kind of thing as Maryland, but the printed expiration date on the ID won’t change.


NYC has suspended alternate-side parking for now


I Went to my local MVC 4 times ( & 8 hours of waiting) until they accepted all my IDs for the update to Real ID as my license was to expire at the end of March. I’m glad I did it when I had the time. I thought Real ID was going to put a chip in the license or some special identifying feature that could not be easily duplicated but it doesn’t it’s just a gold star on my license.


Using relatively recently-expired ID with the TSA travel document check process has been allowed for at least most of the TSA’s life.

For at least 13 years, the TSA has been accepting ID from me that was expired by less than one year.

The TSA is mainly spinning the bulk of its long-standing policy and practice when it comes to ID as coronavirus-related relief for those who can’t renew ID.

Instead of extending its expired ID policy from 12 months past expiration (to 14 months past printed expiration date) what the TSA really should be doing is eliminating its passenger ID and boarding check since that is the part of the screening process where passengers are most likely to get infected by or infect the TSA screeners.

The TSA travel document check elimination would be a great form of social distancing during the passenger security screening process, and the TSA’s elimination of passenger ID and boarding pass checks would do the airport-using public a lot of good without compromising the search for prohibited weapons/explosives/incendiaries at the passenger screening checkpoints.

points baki

+1 I flew a few years back with a license that was OVER a year old. they werent happy about it but after them making faces at me and what not they allowed me through with a more thorough pat-down. Couldnt figure out what that had to do with an expired license tho…


This is a little misleading TSA always let you go with one year expired license. They extended for 60days which is 2 months they are expecting that if dmvs are shutting down there will be another month of back log.