Shabbat Shalom From The Southernmost Shabbos On Earth!

Iceberg in Antarctica. HT: Moishebatchy
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We’re currently cruising around Antarctica and will enter Shabbos somewhere around here.

One of my jobs has been figuring out the zmanim and of course those are incredibly complex in Antarctica.

Luckily, we’re not going to be far enough south to get into the real thorny questions of when to start Shabbos when there is no Shkia Haniris (sunset at the horizon) or Shkia Amitis (sunset below the horizon) as we will have a shkia according to all opinions. Of course had I known that beforehand I could have saved myself from hundreds of emails and calls figuring out exactly how to handle various scenarios based on our coordinates.

Over 50 of us will be spending Shabbos with gefilte fish, matzah ball soup, brisket, cholent, and of course a sefer torah during the Southernmost Shabbos Minyan on Earth.

Every day we set new records for the Southernmost Farbrengen and for the Southernmost Daf Yomi Shiur:


Southernmost Hei Teves Farbrengen and crossing the Antarctic 60 degree line:


Southernmost Chofetz Chaim shiur for women:


Southernmost shiur on the halachos of being south of the Antarctic Circle:

And even the Southernmost friendly poker game played on a deck of Continental Presidential Plus playing cards::

We’ll bring in an “Early” Shabbos at 9:20pm tonight, but it won’t end until 1:01am on Sunday!

On the bridge, plotting shabbos zmanim with the navigation officer:


To all of my readers that are north of me (And yes, that means everyone!), Shabbat Shalom!

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Isn’t a polar day there?

yide blum



Good shabbos! 🙂


How awesome. Safe waters and Shabbat Shalom!

Daniel Mammon

Will you drive an Israeli flag into the ice for eternity or until global warming causes the glaciers to melt.


That way they can blame the Jews! 🙂


Fyi, Dan is an American citizen.


Good Shabbos from Baltimore, stay warm:)

Deal Guy

Enjoy, and stay safe down there!

Daniel Mammon

Or possibly leave a copy of Tanya? That’s a real
עד שיפוצו מעינותך חוצה

Yossi Stein

Or at least print a tanya

Aizik Medayek

Being so organized, Dan’s probably getting that done, too.


Done already. Google it…


A Tanya was already printed in Antarctica


More like ופרצת… ונגבה


A gut shabbes!


how was the Drake Passage?


Drake’s Lake… with a tiny hint if how it might have been.


From the picture from the bridge it looks like you got the Drake Lake. Hope it continues for everyone.

Nisht A Magid Shiur

The first thing you would have learned in the halachah shiur is that Antartica defies the halachic dateline, since the lines (both halachic and civil) hits Antartica at some point it’s not known which side of the dateline it should fall. Therefore you have to hold 48 hours of Shabbos as you would do in Hawaii or Japan, being even more machmir because there is no local minhag to define “Saturday”.



מי כעמך ישראל !
שבת שלום

Yitz Weiss

I’d say this is cool, but that probably isn’t cold enough to describe
This is totally AWESOME!


Y u no take me


Ahah! You forgot the poker chips. Chess pieces for poker chips. Very innovative. What did you use for Dreidel games? 😉 Enjoy. Awesome updates.


wow! Didn’t expect to see ladies on the trip! I’m jealous now!


Absolutely amazing
Good shabbos!


Everything looks absolutely beautiful. Shabbat Shalom!


Nu, so what time is Shkiah?
Shabbat Shalom. Relax

Brian C

Animal life Dan? Penguins? Orca? See that once on land?


dan, looks like you guys are having a blast, but i’m confused by why you had to bring a caterer if you brought all the food with you. didn’t you say the boat was loaded with things during the summer time in canada? you mentioned you brought all the food in suitcases. please clarify.


They only brought the food for the shabbos before the trip

DZ the Telzer

Dan you should reach out to the person running this website ( or you can still if you have any questions)
He is one of the biggest experts on Zmanim and international dateline.
He is also computer programmer so he created a program that you can get all the Zmanim. He has many very interesting posts related to Zmanim, international dateline and many similar issues.


Love the hay races farbrengen


Confused about the headline, are you on earth or ocean?


So funny story actually, and this may blow some people minds.

ALL oceans on planet earth are actually located on earth!

Go figure.

Nisht A Maggid Shiur


Indeed all oceans are on Earth. Not sure they are all on earth though.


He meant to ask. Are you on land or on water

Jack out of the Box

I’m really impressed at how you’ve gotten all those complex details worked out conclusively. But I’m not surprised. It’s how you always do it.



How many miles did you move over shabos?


Still waiting for updates about the fueling issue!

New Posek Arriving

Obviously they filled in falkland islands


So, at 6 foot 8 inches, can Morris Hersko get the Guinness World Record for tallest person to ever visit Antarctica?


Is there anything to DO there besides, learn?! I mean no shopping…

Jeff B

Dan please take a picture of the end of the world so that we can prove to all that flat Earth is true! I am sure you can sneak past the NSA and CIA dressed as penguins and snap a picture of the cliff at and of Earth

Nisht A Maggid Shiur

Of course flat Earth is true. If it wasn’t, all the water near Antarctica would simply fall into space. 😉


“and crossing the Antarctic 60 degree line:”
The Antarctic circle as well as the Arctic circle are actually at 66 degree, otherwise big cities such as Oslo, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Reykjavik and Anchorage, which are at 60 or beyond, would be in the Arctic circle.

Nisht A Maggid Shiur

Antarctic Treaty is at 60°. At that latitude you are in Antarctic territorial waters.


First ever and southern most BMG fundraiser


Wow! Every Beracha, every mitzvah, every word of Torah picks up Nitzotzot from places that were likely never before visited by Mitzvot! What a zechut!


I seemed to have missed the conclusion to where you were going to refuel. Did you write about that?


The ship refueled in the Falkland Islands while went to visit with penguins and got some shopping done…


I a waiting ever so patiently for the next installment, but my patience is wearing thin! Maybe tomorrow during the never before 24 hour asarah b’teves fast?? I really hope so!


Hope everything is ok in Antarctica, it’s a long time didn’t see any update… or they have to of a blast they don’t have time to think of us


Very cool!


I literally check back daily…..we NEED another update. I think I even saw a childhood friend’s Mom in a picture. D.S.? Enjoy




Today’s WSJ had article about scientific expeditions under the ice in Antartica. Last week, two separate people completed unassisted treks across Antartica for the first time ever.

yide blum

a1 thats good