Good Night From The Maldives…

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…And to think it only cost me 60K United miles and $20 tax to fly one-way from Cleveland in business class on sublime Singapore Airlines for the flights that took me to paradise.  Heck, I got 55K and $50 cash for opening a single card and spending $1,000 in my last 3BM.

My 2 nights in the Maldives are coming to an end and it’s off to Singapore tomorrow. If you’ve been there let me know the highlights of what I need to cover in less than 2 days.


Photos taken on my $99 Elph and are not touched up whatsoever.

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how many points to stay in that bungalow?


Beautiful pics!

60k each way Or roundtrip

In Singapore you should definitely go to sentosa and go to all the stops and there’s plenty to see and do there. As well as marina bay and go to the top by the infantry pool which usually costs to go up there unless ur going to the bar.


Hey Dan, Make sure to check out sentosa beach, it’s the lowest point in continental asia. also check out the jewish center, JBC on waterloo st. awafi restaurant. there’s a coffee bean on the corner that is kosher (not chalav yisrael). the bird park is also pretty cool…


He probably used his 2 free Hyatt nights ing any category for being Hyatt Platinum when he got the Chase Hyatt card.
It’s what I’m going to do sometime this year!


tell us about that hotel you’re staying and what you paid for that!!!! enjoy!


can’t wait for the trip report!


How did you pull off getting tickets for 60k miles?


nice photos!
elph is the way to go!
pun intended…

glasses dude

dont take to long for the TR


You can use chase hyatt 2 free nights for OWB in the Maldives.


@shmu: huh?

Stacy Smith

I really want to know how to visit Maldives from US for 60k..even in Coach

Dans the man

Thats the exact trip i want to do with my wife this summer!!! how did you get from Male to the private island?


oooh, I hate you.

#not really.


I am forwarding to my friends in Singapore to see if they have some advice.


I just got approved for 3 credit cards applications(chase united explorer, chase ink bold, chase ink plus) by 3BM. But the ink plus card has very low credit line. Can I reallocate the credit line from some of my personal credit cards into the business credit card?


What’s the best way to get to the Maldives from TLV? Can’t find any decent routing (will not go to IST). Please advise. Or to go TLV – EWR – Maldives – TLV in Business/First using any miles. TIA


Where are you staying? And why did you only go for just two days???! Hope you are enjoying though. Beautiful place


Dan, you are the best.


I would certainly do the Singapore flyer. Bring your SQ boarding pass and save 25%. Loof is a good place to have some drinks. Prepare yourself mentally for outrageous beer prices. a bottle of Tiger beer at a 7-11 is $5. Cheap bars have it for $6, most bars are $9-13.


@mark: the real q is, how did you find biz availability on a SQ operated flight using UA miles!


Make sure to go daven with mynian in the morning @ Maghen Avoth the shul @ # 24 waterloo street (stunning shul) and send my regards to Rabbi Abergel. you can get kosher dinner @ the JCC next door and kosher breakfast @ the coffee bean & teal leaf on the corner of waterloo street and bras bassa road. go to the marina bay sands to the pool, take your bathing suite along, have a drink and a swim in the infinity pool, take photos fm the pool. dont miss that !!! walk up & down orchard road. go for high tea to the Raffles hotel. and make sure to go to changi airport an extra hour earlier so you can enjoy this spectacular airport. check out the singapore ferris wheel, its called singapore flyer, you MUST make a reservation, book at night, the view is spectacular. Go to the Fulleton Bay hotel at night and enjoy the view across the water of marina bay sands, SPECTACULAR !!!! Go to clarke quai and boat quai. and the marina bay sands casino also spectacular. have fun !


@levi There are often seats on the SQ (SIN-MLE) flights available in J.



Why do u think that u can use 2 Hyaat nights for this? I don’t see them being a partner with Hyaat



Do you know if one can reallocate the credit lines between chase personal credit card and chase business credit card. I want to increase my chase ink plus business card credit line.

American Express

what would be the best way to do the 3BM since I tried it with American Express and I got 3 seperate pulls, any way to call them and have them fix it?
if anyone knows what to do email me please at


can someone tell me what it means “3bm” or 5bm” whats bm???


i got that elph for 96$


@Ari: I was asking re the first flight ewr-sin and for that matter all long haul international SQ flights


@Ari @Levi – Singapore releases J Class that you can book with UA miles and the like on their flights operated by their older planes like the 777-200, 777-300 SIN-MEL. To book the 777-300ER and A380 you need to use SQ points.


@yolleven: BM = browser method. Check the forums.

A Shame

What a shame, you use so many miles and fly first class to get to this exotic place and you cannot afford a hotel with a proper roof? whats next? you fly to India and sleep in a shanty?


@DealsSeeker: Istanbul is not as bad a stopover as people make it I went there a few times gonna be there soon it’s really nice and not as anti Semitic as we Jews make everything out to be and it’s got a full terminal of duty free


@Tzvikie: It is safe MOST of the time. I won’t give them ANY control over my life, thank you very much. Have you not heard that recently they detained 40 jews at the airport and strip searched them?


@dealseeker. WHAT????? WHO did this. and how would anybody be identifiable as a Jew?


@dealseeker. In 2011 40 Israelis were detained on a flight from tel aviv.