Goodbye To All Of The Kosher Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Locations At LAX; My Kosher Food Strategy At Airports

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Traveling isn’t easy as a religious Jew. You need to bring your own food for the plane, for your connection city, and if you want to travel anywhere interesting, food for your destination as well. And that’s not even getting into Shabbos and other issues.

In LAX all of the food at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf used to be kosher certified, but going forward none of the LAX locations will be under kosher certification.


Kosher LA Update

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Locations may still have kosher sealed sandwiches available.

My personal strategy when I need food at an airport is to locate the nearest kosher restaurant and ask them if they would be able to bring out an order to an Uber driver, sealed in kosher tape. When the food is ready I call for an Uber to go to the restaurant as the origin and use the airport as the destination. Then I message or call the driver to ask if they can take a bag of food from the restaurant to me at the airport and nearly all of the time it works out just fine. I’ve done this in Boston, Chicago, LA, Miami, NYC, and other airports.

An UberX from LA’s Pico area restaurants to LAX should run about $20.

NYC airports do sell kosher food and this exclusively kosher stand at United’s Tel Aviv gate is very impressive:

But at Newark I don’t even have to use my Uber strategy. The best kosher Sesame Chicken in the world (request the combo special with white meat) is delivered for free from New Kosher Special with a $40 minimum order.

On DDF there’s a thread with a Wiki that keeps track of other options for kosher food at airport here. If you know of other options not mentioned there please comment here or add it to that Wiki.

What’s your strategy for kosher food at airports?

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what happened that they took away certification at LAX?


I’ll bet it’s a TSA issue


Actually, maybe they just don’t want to pay for hashgacha anymore


The previous owner of the company (Sassoon) was a shomer Shabbat Jew. I don’t know who bought the company but the new owners don’t have that interest is my educated guess.


I was there in January and didn’t see a certification when I asked them


It makes sense. Shabbos is a big money loser.


Coffee bean locations are not closed on Shabbos

Hilchos Shabbos

They don’t have to be… Not owned by a Yid


why do you think they aren’t owned by a jew?




Thanks Dan,
I wish I knew of the option at lax when it existed.
I hope New Kosher Special will give you commission for posting them in the most popular jewish travel web page.;)

mark schwartz

the new united polaris at newark terminal C offers kosher food prepared with plastic etc. just ask for it and they make it in 5-7 minutes. during the 9 days it was a veggie choice. my suggestion- order, take a shower in their new amazing showers and come out and eat.

yitzie nussbaum

Traveling kosher is getting less and convenient in the west..
First they took away the free hot kosher meals and proper scotch from the Centurion lounges. Now LAX is no more convenient for early morning departures or connections. Will have to “get food” before.


There are some kosher stands (CIBO Express) in LGA airport. One of them is at the end of the terminal, so you have to walk till the last gate (I can’t remember which terminal). However, there’s a non-kosher stand at the beginning of the terminal that has a big sign “Kosher Sandwiches”, with some packaged sandwiches without any hashgacha. (The pakistani guy and his family are the mashgichim, I’m guessing).

Shaul Yaakov

Drinks are still fine, subject to one’s opinion regarding coffee shops that also sell food, though I don’t know if they will have hot trief which is potentially important.


Anyone know if the Venetian location is still kosher?

Harry Mayer

Yes. As of last week it was still under the hashgacha of LA kosher


Curious why this strategy is different than Uber eats (except obviously for stores that aren’t on Uber eats). In the five towns there are many restaurants that participate with Uber eats and I’m assuming would work fine for JFK for probably cheaper than a standard Uber.

elias weiss

In jfk term 4 they took away kosher food too in the store downstairs


Dan, The issue with your uber strategy is that you have to have a lot of time because you need to go outside security and wait by the door of the terminal, no? You wait by either departures or arrivals?


Normally departures is less crowded


this is great news for uninformed travellers who keep kosher.
kosher-LA is a 100% worthless hechsher, that only exists for the sassoon family & Coffee Bean Company. no one recognizes it’s legitimacy, including the “lenient” kashrus organizations.
Thank G-d they removed it from LAX, and will stop fooling people into thinking they are eating kosher.
According to many knowledgeable people, it is better to drink a coffee from starbucks than coffee bean because of the concept of “nemonus” which means a non-Jew has certain amount of trust when asked about a kosher issue. If there is a “hashgacha” it doesn’t exist. so starbucks with no hashgacha is better than coffee bean with a worthless hashgacha


LostinCa:Where do you get your info? It’s mostly bs to many Orthodox Angelinos.


There is more than just Coffee Bean under Kosher LA hashgacha. Milkys frozen yogurt was recently certified by Kosher LA too and the most yeshivish people my city of LA eat there. So idk about that…


Traveling as a Jew is awesome!!!


Does this have anything to do with OK buying out Kehila Kosher and raising the standards?


I think just the opposite. Kehila was better then OK.


$20 makes for a rather hefty delivery fee, no? Must be, what, half or a third of the whole order!

Shmuel Adler

I’ve used the Postmates app to get food from the Pico area delivered to LAX. We had a 3 hour layover and got our food in about 50 minutes after placing the order.

Very Hangry

I’m flying to lax on Wednesday I have an 1hour51 min stop over, uber eats? What restaurant


Dan: Have you done this food delivery option since TSA’s regulation change requiring all food (including packaged snack foods) to be removed and separated for screening? Has it changed what can get through TSA?


It’s a real big shame… live in LA used to always leave my house without eating knowing that I could go to the airport and grab a bite to eat before my flight, and also take a bagel to go and not be hungry during my flight… such a shame


Just stop at one of the dozens of CBTLs along the way, takes <5 minutes.

CLE Rocks

At least we still have the coffee bean in Las Vegas McCarran airport!


The AA flagship lounge in both JFK and LAX have kosher meals they can heat for you.
Wasn’t able to verify the hechsher of the meal in JFK, but the LAX meal was great.


Is there still a kosher coffee bean in san diego?




I didn’t read all the comments yet. Why don’t you use uber pool for the sammich?


Hi dan they just opened one up in Baltimore if you come in and we go out your coffee is on me!!!

Barry Graham

Familiar story. This happened with another large chain in California with a frum owner who eventually sold to another company and eventually none of their stores were kosher anymore. I hope that won’t be the case with Coffee Bean.

Barry Graham

Hopefully the kosher one in Baltimore is a good sign of things to come.