Select Coffee Bean Locations At LAX Drop Kosher Status: Roundup Of Which Ones Are Still Kosher


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations in Arizona, Southern California, and Nevada have previously been exclusively kosher under Kosher-LA. Coffees, teas, bagels, and sandwiches at those locations have all been kosher.

Effective this week, franchise locations can opt out of the kosher requirements. This link will be updated with locations that are opting out.

Coffee and tea are still kosher, but the bagels and sandwiches will not be.

LAX locations are owned by various franchisees and many are still deciding whether to stay exclusively kosher. You should always ask to see a location’s kosher certificate as they can drop the kosher requirements at any time.

Landside refers to the terminal before you clear security. Airside refers to the terminal after you clear security.

LAX locations that are no longer under kosher supervision include:
-Terminal 1 Airside
-TBIT Landside

LAX locations that are still kosher but will no longer be kosher as of 5/1 include:
-Terminal 5 Landside

LAX locations that are still currently under kosher supervision include:
-TBIT Airside
-Terminal 6 Airside
-Terminal 7 Airside
-Terminal 8 Airside

Of course you can always Uber food from LA’s plethora of kosher eateries. An Uber from Jeff’s to LAX should only run about $15.

HT: Rivkie M and Yehoshua, via DDF

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Gavin S



Dan, what is jeffs?


What’s with the cofffe brand in Brooklyn, are they kosher?

Shaul Yaakov

There are other “franchise” locations, including the one on the Santa Monica pier. While that’s NOT been rumored to be changing, it could under this policy, so be sure to confirm Kasharus as Dan suggested.


What about the one in Vegas in the Pallazo?


the one on Santa Monica Pier is a franchise location. They are certified (as of Jan 2017) but do NOT accept coffee bean gift cards. The one on 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica does take gift cards.


Whatever happened to all those kosher coffee beans in NY that all closed?


Does anyone know if there will be any Starbucks like issues now with the coffee. i.e. brew baskets and dishwashers?


@Leslie: They all closed. Any1 ever tell you that you’re very observent?

@Judah: of course!


@Sol: The best food in Los Angeles.


Does a restaurant have to be on uber eats to uber- never tried before


FYI, many kashrus organizations don’t recommend eating any food that is heated up in any of the coffee bean locations even if they have the kosher certification. When I was in Vegas at a convention I called multiple organizations on the east coast to verify the status since I was not familiar with any on the west and I was told that I can eat the things that are cold since they all come from the same place that has good certification, but that I should not get anything heated up. Not saying what to do, just saying to ask your LOR