My Experience Using An eMed/Abbott Telehealth Antigen Test For Entry Into The US

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I had a blast in Iceland 2 weeks ago with 4 DDF members on my first trip abroad during the COVID era, though I did have to go through COVID testing to go to Hawaii earlier this year.

At the time, the only requirement to fly to Iceland was a vaccination card or proof of recovery from COVID. As soon as I uploaded a copy of my CDC vaccination card onto the United app’s Travel-Ready center I was able to check-in and get a boarding pass for my flight.

But travel requirements change rapidly in this era and just a day later Iceland added a requirement to have a negative COVID test in addition to a proof of vaccination or recovery.

I bought a 6 pack of eMed/Abbott telehealth antigen tests for the trip and they arrived just a day after purchase. The regular Abbott tests sold at drugstores don’t include telehealth testing, which is required for travel. At the time the only option was to purchase all 6 for myself, but I read that people had no problem splitting them up among other people. I also downloaded the NAVICA app (Android, iOS) in the US as I read that some people had problems downloading it outside the US.

I landed in Iceland on Monday and was flying back Thursday, so I could have taken the test on Monday, but waited until Tuesday just in case I wanted to stay for an extra day in Iceland.

I tried taking the test from my phone, but that gave an error message that I needed to take it from another device, so I did it from my laptop.

While some people have complained about wait times, I had no wait time to get a rep. With my laptop’s camera pointed at me, I followed the steps, and after a shallow nose swab and dipping the swab into the included testing solution the 15 minute test timer began to countdown. There’s no need to wait there for 15 minutes and after the end of the 15 minutes you can click to get a rep to confirm the results.

After confirming the negative results with a rep I got the negative COVID documentation in the NAVICA app, which I was able to save to my phone.

I tried uploading the results to the United app’s Travel-Ready center, but it was rejected. I figured that might have to do with the test showing uploaded the day before the date on the the results due to time zone differences, and sure enough the upload was accepted when I tried again later in the day when the dates matched up. I was able to check-in and get my boarding pass on my phone without issue.

All 4 of us had no problem using the tests, though one person went to Italy after Iceland and did have a 30 minute wait to get an agent when he tried using his test the next week.

But considering that you can wait while you are in your hotel room doing other things, that’s still not bad. It beats taking the time finding a testing center and overpaying for a COVID test!

Note that Israel requires a PCR to exit the country, but that requirement is waived if you have Israeli proof of vaccination or recovery, which you can get by testing for antibodies in Israel. With proof of that, you can just show or upload your antigen test results from the NAVICA app to your airline to fly to the US.

It’s worth noting that while US airlines accept these tests, your mileage may vary with foreign carriers.

Have you used the eMed/Abbott telehealth antigen test to return to the US from abroad?

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Phil DDF

Yes, it required one-hour of wait time on a smartphone. Perhaps using a laptop is a way to cut the line?


I’m literally about to do this for my trip back to the US. Perfect timing, thanks for posting


Interesting as my wife and I flew back from Iceland July 24 and at that point the US required a PCR test for Reentry and didn’t accept an antigen test. Has that changed ??


We flew back from Europe on 7/23 and used these tests without issue.

Emed customer

I purchased @ 5:30 pm day before my flight to Israel and got the confirmation email that order is approved @ 5:55 pm, they claim orders approved before 6 EST get delivered overnight however I received it 1 day late had to get it through my friend …. was able to use it for my wife as well.


I went to Canada on Monday by car and came back on Wednesday and was not asked for any tests on the way back in to the US does the US only require a negative test if you are coming in by air?


Is there an example of what the results page looks like? I had a 24 hr trip to Mexico last week, so has the test done in the US. The airline in Mexico rejected the result because it didn’t show the doctor’s registration number on the form, so they made me get a new test at the airport.


@Dan Are you saying that if I took a serology test in Israel after entering and received a positive response (which I used to obtain my Green Pass) then I caa as n use the same result to leave Israel, three weeks later?


Is an antibody test recognized as proof of recovery by European countries?
I’m currently definitely with covid according to all symptoms, but it’s impossible to get tested (FL…)
Would no positive test have an effect on anything?


“With my laptop’s camera pointed at me”

Do they compare your face to your ID?


Yes they do


I used these for a european trip in July. I have 4 extra since we only needed 2. I experienced no wait time when calling and had no issues with getting the results or using them on United.


I just used this a few weeks ago coming back from Italy and it worked amazing Quick and simple. I actually bought this through online as because Emad was sold out. Make sure to get the one with ag card.
Worked great for me and my wife on our iPhones and with no wait time at all.
The same with uploading to United App and approved after no longer then 20 minutes.
Just make sure to follow the Direction that open package even partly and exterior package before being online because they won’t approve the procedure.
Good luck, thanks and safe travels!


Do insurance policies typically cover the cost of these kits? When overseas, do you need to make a phone call to telehealth, or can you do it via the web?

Chaim F

Will this work to fly from Canada back to the USA? Will health insurance cover this?


used these last week coming back from europe. there were two hour wait times to get to proctor! called emed to complain and they told me to use the spanish website – just use google translate. wait time was zero on the spanish site


Do you know anything about the Becton Dickson at home COVID tests?


Does anyone know if KLM accepts these at-home tests? I couldn’t find anything online or on Twitter.


@Arsen, I am not 100%, but it looks like its possible that KLM would accept. If I understand what this is saying, it seems that maybe the vendor that has Delta/KLM approval is using these types of tests ?

WOuld love to hear any first hand experience anyone may have, with KLM, considering we are going to be on them returning to US about 7 weeks from now.


My family just came back from Iceland this week. When trying to connect with emed in the evening Iceland time, we had a 2 hour wait for a rep. We tried again at 6:30 in the morning and only had a 45 minute wait. But the test was simple to do and worked to upload onto the United site.

Global Traveler

I used the emed test at the end of July flying back from Switzerland. In addition to having the pass on the Navica app, they also send you a pdf which you can print. I suggest printing it. The United rep at the airport had no idea what I was showing her. I explained that I had bought it after seeing it on the United app! I had no wait time and the experience was great. My friend waited in line for 3 hours at the Zurich airport for a test!


“I had a blast in Iceland 2 weeks ago”
Still waiting to see pictures;)


Link is not working


Am I correct in understanding that these are only for returning to USA?

What is needed for flying to Italy? Is a CDC vaccine card enough?


Dan, where/how do you get an antibody test in Israel? I plan to travel there when they drop the quarantine requirement …


Dan my airline provided this “ A negative COVID-19 Molecular: PCR, Antigen/AG test
Test must be taken no more than 1 days before your departure“

Wondering if this test would work?


Has anyone used this test to leave Israel?
I think you need to show a test result before entering the terminal building. And I’m afraid the guys outside won’t let you in if they don’t see the word PCR….


Dan – To use this, do I need to know if an antigen tested is accepted or specifically this antigen test is accepted? I am flying to Italy and according the United App I need a PCD or Antigen negative test.

David Samuel Benson

It may be too late for you, but United Airlines specifically advertises that it accepts the Abbott Binax home supervised antigen test. I’ve done it…easy to do


Can this test be taken, including also getting the results & uploading to the airline, just by a laptop w/o any other devise (for one who doesn’t have a smart phone)?

And to be sure, is it now good for traveling out from Israel to the US, *without* an antibody test in Israel?


Hi People, I need urgently input on the below, would appreciate your replies.

I just got an answer from Emed that it’d work fine w/ a laptop w/ mic & camera w/o any apps, for testing, submitting and getting the results.

Has anyone tried this successfully just w/ a laptop?

What concerns me as well are the last 2 points in this post:

1. “Israel requires a PCR to exit the country, … waived if you have Israeli proof of vaccination or recovery” – is this still the case now?

2. “while US airlines accept these tests, your mileage may vary with foreign carriers.” – Anyone has experience w/ flights from Israel to US (US citizens returning from Israel)?

David Samuel Benson

You said “urgent” so this may be too late but see my answer to the above question.

David Samuel Benson

I did the Abbott Binax Home antigen test in Feb. 2022 to fly back to US on United Airlines which has specifically advertised that they accept this test. Everything went smoothly, did it from my laptop. Israel has never, so far as I know, required an antibody test to leave Israel. The US sets requirements to enter the US and Israel follows them. Currently (April 21, 2022) (the requirement to enter US is either a PCR or laboratory associated (home supervised such as Abbott Binax accepted) antigen. I did not try to upload the result to the Travel Ready app. I find that app to be a pain in the butt and saves almost no time, as you can present everything to the agent at check in. Did you already return to US? How did it go?

Carmen Acevedo

Hi, we are quite nervous about finding testing sites in a small town in Mexico we are flying to in March with a 24 hour window and probably not the best wifi. I have a smartphone but my sister/parents do not and are staying longer that I am. We are flying Volaris. Does anyone know if they will accept this and whether my sister can do this on her Mac tablet and present the result this way? Nervous…thanks