Finally! Canada Is Set To Open Borders To The US On August 9th!

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Canada will finally be open its borders to fully vaccinated US citizens on August 9th who have completed the full course of Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccines 2 weeks before entering the country.

Canada’s borders have been closed since March 2020.

Fully vaccinated Americans will not have to quarantine.

Unvaccinated minors younger than 12 traveling with vaccinated US parents will not have to quarantine either.

All travelers will need to provide a COVID-19 PCR/NAAT test from within the past 72 hours. That will include the Abbott IDNOW test which doesn’t require a deep nose swab. I took that test from Walgreens for free before traveling to Hawaii and had my results back in just 2 hours.

Canadians must take a COVID tests upon arrival, but that will be waived for most Americans and vaccinated Canadians starting August 9th.

International travelers should be able to enter Canada beginning September 7th, but that’s subject to change based on the COVID situation.

Will you travel to Canada?

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Fully vaccinated Canadians have not had to quarantine upon return to Canada since July 5th. See here:


“While Canadians also must take several COVID tests upon and after arrival” Only 1 arrival test for fully vaccinated, but that’s being waived starting the 9th.


It’s great news, and I would love to go for Sukkos, haven’t seen my parents in almost two years, but spending serious money on flights and not knowing if the rules will change is so risky. (All 12+ are vaccinated). Sigh….


if your parents live in canada you can go now


the week after the Tosher Rebbe’s Yahrzeit!


Can non-US citizens/permanent residents currently in the US also enter Canada? I.e., someone in the US on a student visa?




How are you sure the IDNOW test will suffice? The Walgreens website calls it a rapid test and I thought that Canada does not accept rapid tests.


Just used that exact test to enter Canada this week ( I’m Canadian). No issues.

Steven Kastner

Be great if Psaki would report on the US making a decision for when Canadians will be allowed into the States. Still no word. Could be as early as July 22 but who knows??


Canadians have been allowed into the States since before COVID- they just have to fly there. They only closed the land border to have it be reciprocal with Canada. So it stands to reason the land border will be open by Aug 9, at least for the vaccinated- hopefully we hear soon.

Steven Kastner

Yes, the land crossings into the States have been the issue. Flying one way and driving back has been the only way to shop in Buffalo.

Joe Shmoe

She’ll have to circle back to you on that one.


Lol her go to answer

Steven Kastner

Pshaw, Psaki. 😉


How is the situation in Canada? Is everything open?

Steven Kastner

We’re at Level 3 now. Spent yesterday at Canada’s one Cedar Fair chain park, Canada’s Wonderland. 30 minutes to get in with a reservation at a set time, then a bit shorter line ups than usual-the kicker is a season’s pass holder needs to wait over a month another reservation to get in. Better than last week when, at Level 2, they were only letting one person on a 4-in-a-row roller coaster ride, then skip a row-HOURS of waiting. 🙁


Better late than never I guess


What about Canadian citizens who are not US citizens, when will the US let them come into US??? I have grandchildren in NY I haven’t been able to go visiting ever since


There is no problem flying also if 1 parent is canaiden they can come to toronto


If you can prove that you have a business meeting in Canada they will let you in now.


Without quarantine? Just any random business meeting?


What a mix up?
If I’m a us citizen not vaccinated what do I have to do to get in after August 9th?


Get vaccinated or a pcr and quarantine upon arrival


What do I have to do

Herman jordan

What about non vaccidated livestock

Joe Shmoe

They’re fine, just no unvaccinated bats.


my husband (who is canadian) went July 5th when they opened up. What they don’t say on the site is you have to quarantine for 2 days until you get your PCR results from the border test! Then, their system is so antiquated even though rules change you still get the 14 days of reminders of quarantine and someone actually checked on him on day 8, when he was long back in the US. This is a challenge……we would like to take the kids to see their grandparents, but one son who is 12 and not vaccinated…not ready yet. Younger ones, no problem (which also by the way isn’t stated on the CA gov’t website yet, just media outlets)


I went in June to visit my parents I got a email after 4 days that I am now in the system and have to answer calls by then I was back in the us and was able to email to take off the list!
I have many friends going back and forth the last couple of months the whole thing is a joke


This is no longer true. I’ve had many relatives fly into Canada in the last week and they were all told there’s no quarantine while they wait for their test results.

Rebbe 123

Canada is non factors


Wake me up when they allow the unvaccinated or at least those with antibodies… Unfortunately, I’ll probably be able to sleep a long time. The CDC has lost me and millions of other americans by not being medically honest in regard to antibodies. First they denied antibodies so everyone should wear a mask now it’s vaccines.

Steven Kastner

If you’ve had the virus within the last 180 days, and show them proof, you can get in to Canada August 9th.

Uncle Runkle

Fortunately the desire to go to Canada is about the same as the desire to get vaccinated.


Do we have to show proof of vaccination?


Yes! You need to log it in the arrivecan app, images of both vaccine dates


I would not vaccinate for this. Canada will keep rolling down the date. Delta variant etc they will find an excuse. I’ll just keep ignoring quarantine like anyone with a little brains…


If you’re avoiding vaccination, “little brains” is on the mark.




A) Read what I wrote “for this” don’t think this should be your deciding factor till it actually happens.
B) I happen to be a recovered patient, any proof that vaccines are more effective than natural antibodies? Or are you just following along “the science” what we call a no-brainer…


As a protein biochemist who studies Covid-19, someone who is “recovered” will not be protected against the new variants, and you may not be protected against the original strain that infected you, depending on the length of time that has elapsed since your infection. There is a published, peer-reviewed study, that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that one who is “recovered” has increased protection with a vaccine compared to a “recovered” patient who is unvaccinated. Also, there is data that is starting to come out that there are long term effects to one’s genes, so saying you are “recovered” would be incorrect. The genes that are upregulated are ones that have implications in many different diseases, cancer, etc.. We do not know, and it will not be known for a while, what “recovered” actually means….. That, in this scientist’s opinion, is the scariest part of this pandemic. The lackadaisical behavior, especially in the orthodox Jewish communities with regards to safety, is at the very least a tremendous Chillul Hashem, and in my mind, criminal.


No where do you propose that there is any proof that a recovered patients antibodies aren’t as effective as a vaccine. A recovered patient taking a vaccine is similar to someone who never had it taking a 3rd dose. Please, post links to support your science. Is there any study that suggests that vaccines are more effective against new variants than natural antibodies? And btw, the vaccines are not FDA approved, rather authorized for emergency use, the FDA notes that there may be risks, but says the benefits outway the risk. Their calculations on the risk factor are based on the risks of contracting COVID, but do not factor in the fact that indisputably a recovered patient has much less risk in contracting, or becoming seriously ill. So please explain, and provide a link to the studies, how we know that there is a difference between a recovered patient, and someone who never had it but is vaccinated.

Chalom Loeub

I wonder when the USA will allow the same?


Right after bein hazmanim ends!


Not sure why Canada is taking the heat and not USA. The Canadians have been allowing united states citizens that are married to a Canadian spouse in for many months already…. whereas the USA doesn’t allow Canadian spouses in.


The US allows anyone to fly in. Doesn’t require any quarantine. Whereas the crazy Canadians will force you into a quarantine hotel if you fly.


Can non Vaccinated US citizens enter (and quarentine)?


After august 9th yes. 2 week quarantine. Till now you had to have a valid excuse for them to let you in. 2 sisters drove with their American husbands for their mother’s Levaya and the border didn’t want to let the US men in saying a funeral wasn’t a good enough reason. They had to get misaskim etc involved to let them in … and they almost missed the Levaya but finally got in. And this was just about 4 weeks ago

Makes no sense

If the wives were Canadian they should have been allowed in, no reason needed.


Um,not so fast
UPDATE: CANADA: The US-Canada border won’t reopen on Aug. 9 as planned but will stay closed to nonessential travel at least through Aug. 21 amid Covid fears.


How much do they charge for the test at the border?