SAS Temporarily Lays Off 90% Of Workforce, Will Suspend Flights Indefinitely

SAS 737-800 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, March 2016
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Scandinavian Airlines has temporarily laid off 90% of their employees and will suspend flight operations starting tomorrow.

SAS says that demand for flights is currently non-existent and that they will resume when things pick up again. They’re asking that passengers only call them if they have a flight in the next 3 days.

SAS is doing the classy thing, ahem United and El Al, and is offering refunds for cancelled flights.

My guess is that we’ll see more airlines around the globe announce similar suspensions over the coming days and weeks.

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21 Comments On "SAS Temporarily Lays Off 90% Of Workforce, Will Suspend Flights Indefinitely"

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Classy thing is to lay off 90% or workforce? Not refunding and using that money to pay workers is more classy.


That’s some twisted logic Mike.


Mike, and what about the passengers who own restaurants, bars, catering businesses and are now trying to figure out how to pay month’s rent? Your logic that every traveler and passenger has extra money laying around is incorrect, immoral, and inconsiderate. There are contracts to be legally respected, morals to be upheld, and responsible behavior to be represented.


Smartest move I’ve seen in the industry yet. Painful, but smart.

Not fest

What’s new


Is this the beginning of the collapse of many of the large world airlines?


We had a flight on SAS for Pesach, at least we got this good news that we will get refunded.


As long as the airlines do not go out of business, there is nothing to worry about being refunded.


So what should we do about United and elal??


Invite them to your Seder.


Dan do you think it’s time to buy shares in airline stocks, let’s see in the three big ones United Delta and American Airlines?


if they go bankrupt, you’ll likely lose every cent you put in.


If we have family members within the states that we need to get home for Pesach is this an indication to bring everyone home ASAP?